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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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orcahtfiitleinleoo rtenhs brtame aryspelethtzce e i staytrke e ld thle forthe woman sidear, but heoul and took her suv. the couple was picked up in georgia. the video appears fitzgerald abducting and robbing a female clerk. like the other victims, the clerk was released unharmed. >> there is no reason to harm people.
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shop and a grocery store. both 30-year-old criminals have a criminal history. fitzgerald spent time for burglary and harper pleaded guilty for driving while intoxicated in 2010. >> thecouple's run from the run started sunday after they allegedly kidnap add hotel clerk in tuscaloosa, alabama. concerns about the zika virus are having little impact on carnival celebrations in brazil carnival is five day, nonstop street parties, millions of revelers being urged to cover up their legs, arms and torsos because of the zika virus. the party itself is still going on. at least one city has canceled its celebration, spending that carnival money on mosquitoprevention. the government is going door to door eliminating pool water, launching tv and radio campaign. florida is the first state with
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surge in legionaire disease. governor snyder reported the information to the public last week. however, e-mails shows that it appears he knew about it last march. others knew about the spike and didn't say anything. a government spokeswoman still claims that the governor did not know about the increase. an outpouring of love and concern for a television news crew in california that was hit by a falling tree. it happened early monday morning as a photographer and reporter were out reporting about damage from the weekend storm. as steve furina report, the pair spent hours trapped under the 50-foot tree until help arrived. >> on crutches and back home now, mike gold is much improved. >> today, i'm feeling much better. it's still hard to sleep at night. >> reporter: he is grateful for the warmth he has felt since the accident.
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it's just been overwhelming. >> reporter: the world could have ended for him and reporter marie cornell early monday morning when a tree fell on them in between live shots storm. mike suffered a padly broken leg but managed to call 911. >> when the tree fell, the initial silence and me catching my breath and finding marie and trying to find out what to do. that's when i grabbed my cell call. >> reporter: he calmed marie as they waited for help. she was more seriously hurt, several broken bones and a concussion requiring six hours of surgery. >> i have been thinking about marie constantly. >> you know the bond of a reporter and the photographer. that was steve furina reporting. marie cornell suffered fractured bones from the top of her spine mid back.
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volcanos put on a spectacular show with a fiery blast. japanese television show the orange eruption on the side of sakurajima. dark gray smoke billowed into the sky. no reports of injuries. the mountain's last eruption was in september. let me try again. sakurajima. >> amazing. mazing to see that. >> at a distance, of course. >> yes. >> to see that at a distance, that's pretty amazings. >> we don't have much amazing. we had storms, thunderstorms, a lot of active weather. now, we are getting ready to settle on down right on through the weekend. several things that we are watching closely and i'll talk about a few of those in the next few minutes. let's jump right in.
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of the precipitation moving on. i hope that had we would get some snow showers out of it but all fell apart as we moved on through here. we had drier air moving through at about the same time as precipitation. tall tower camera looking west through wake county. everything looks nice and bright out there. sunshine for the remainder of the day. still a couple of folks seeing -- or several areas seeing some cloud cover but the clouds are moving on out. 44 degrees is the current temperature officially at the airport. mostly, we'll see wind out of the north-northwest and it will begusty through the afternoon. 42 in henderson. 43 in rocky mount. chilly compared to what we have seen the last few days. 45 in smithfield. 46 in stanford. that wind has a bite to it. precipitation coming through.
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air that comes in after the front, and that's going to keep things chilly for us for the next several days. high pressure builds in, bringing us sunshine and all that precipitation shifting onshore. let's kip through saturday and talk about sunday, too. you will have plans to be outside. most of saturday stays nice and dry. lunchtime saturday. dry through 6:00. after that, we start toey a low pressure system developing here offshore and spreading moisture on land. it's possible that it may mix with a little wintry weather as it moves on it. it's not likely that you'll see a lot of precipitation and the period is likely to be pretty brief. some of the computer models want to keep this offshore. the question when we have something like thinks how far inland will it come. we have showers, leading edge of this wintry precipitation.
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all of thinks completely offshore. we'll have cloud cover on sunday. 5:00 on sunday, seeing a band of rain coming in as far as the triangle area or so. again, that's the worst-case scenario. i would encourage you to tune in the forecast starting at 4:00 with mike may. we'll talk about that. s that sunday type of event. another system may swing by briefly with a little bit of light snow for us on tuesday. again, the amounts on that look very light. the big takeaway is the cold temperatures. we're going to start tomorrow morning at 28 degrees. very, very cold start for us. krispy kreme challenge, folks are supposed to dress up in costume, anyway. hopefully it will be something warm. nice and bright for us on saturday. sunday, super bowl sunday, around here, looking at a high of 44 degrees and maybe some showers, especially in the eastern part of the viewing area.
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santa clara, california. it's going to be beautiful weather for the game. around here, great weather to huddle around the tv and next week, a blast of cold air comes in. we'll talk about how that relates to normacoming up in a half hour. >> look at that 21 overnight. >> brrrr. >> thanks, elizabeth. plaintain it is, quinoa- dish love all of those. why one school decided to make the switch. >> you mean it's not quinoa?
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. mbanon t g ts" oowoles ral ac left fromthe y awarma be honored by the naacp. nominated elba for his work on beast of no nation. this year's nominations include latina actress, indian american actor and transparent creator jill soloway who is white. >> we begin our living the legacy series on wral and the
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individuals who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. tonight, we introduce you to a man who used his misfortune to help others get a second chance. the super bowl is not the only big game in town on sunday. the north carolina education lottery is joining 18 other states with lucky for life. the top prize in lucky for life is $1000 a day for the rest of the winner's life. tickets are $2 each and drawings will be conducted on mondays and thursday, the first new draw game offered by the lottery since october of 2014. winners of the lucky for life top prize may choose a lump sum for the top prize of $5.75 million. sounds pretty lucky to me, sure.
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new hampshire but the rhetoric between presidential candidates red hot. >> a day after bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated, both hit the campaign trail.
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