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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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veal the 6th man too walk on the moon has died.
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he died last night after a short illness. he was raleigh's police chief for five years. he is a consultant teaching police officers how to keep their cool. >> gilbert joins us live from our newsroom. gilbert spoke with us about the escalation training. reporter: david and lind a that is one of the hottest topics right now across the country for all law foemt agencies and hairy is -- harry is the master of the escalation. the course that's he's taught on this subject is already keeping them safe and his community safe as well. a nice packed village beat i have church to congratulate the recruits. he's a consultant. he taught the 14 rookies how to keep their cool in heated occasions. he says staying professional can turn a deadly situation around.
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here's your options. this is why i'm asking to you do this. whenever it's safe for me to do that, i want our officers to do that. when they do that, they turn to professionalism up one more notch. reporter: they agree since he came on board as a consultant, the department's use of force has gone down. >> they are doing a better job at communicating with individuals on the street both in criminal events and just in day to kaylyn ins with the community. it's making our relationship with the community that much better. >> the police chief says the success of the training is measured by the numbers. there were no officer related deaths reported in 2015. officers face several -- faced several armed suspects last year including one man that fired his weapon when officers arrived. >> they were able to apprehend that individual using techniques providing themselves good cover, good tactics and slowing everything down and everybody went home safe that day. reporter: despite all the negative images of a few bad
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internet, it's a great time to be in law enforcement. reporter: i remember harry when he was the police chief. he's always been a great community policer and he's had -- he set high standards everywhere he's gone including your officers up here in raleigh. >> he is missed around here. live from the newsroom at the fayetteville observer. thank you. the book he's say the carolina panthers are favored to win the super bowl. but what about the puppies. >> we head over to the spca of wake county to see their favorites. in honor of black history month, we begin our living the legacy series. we are introduced to a raleigh man who helped hundreds of men and women. winter is when it comes to sunshine this afternoon. what a gorgeous day. yes, it was cold. yes, it was windy. we're had for a cold night. the sun is setting on the sky.
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the freeway.
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when when rain returns to the that's the kind of reaction they get. two teams took to the field for
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all the pups were named after characters from the game ue. i might be asking how this works. the dogs have to get to the 40- yard line of the other team. this year there is a puppy hall of fame. it honors legacy players and it promotes the adoption of older veteran animals. how could you say no to a face like that. >> oh, my word. >> oh, man. >> we digress. >> yes. >> the puppy bowl is a fun and cute and sweet way to remind people to adopt dogs and cats from their local shelters. >> brian went to the spca of wake county to find out if their pups favored the panthers as the next super bowl champs. is there this is a big deal. reporter: it's a very big deal. we don't have cam newton with us tonight, but we have figure
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we have carolina panthers bowl and a denver broncos bowl. have at it. who is going to win? >> he's been rearing to go. who's it going to be? oh, the drivers license. >> confusion. >> oh, the broncos. >> okay. i don't know. reporter: he thinks it's the broncos. there was confusion. >> yeah. he did have to decide. reporter: lets see what puppy number two thinks. it is monroe. it's too bad they were out of cute puppies, huff. he starts with a little confusion out of the gate. this one or that one? reporter: we've got two for the broncos now. >> wow. you realize we are in north carolina. right? reporter: you want to get adopted, don't you? we have to make sure the cats are represented here. will they make a pick and go with the panthers?
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which one do you think is going to win? which -- any? sorry to interrupt you. wral news raleigh. >> what are you going to do? the spca of wake county is hoping football fever will help some cats find loving homes. super bowl sunday through sunday wear waving all adoption fees for cats three and older. if the panthers win, they will extend that offer through the end of the month. the american red cross is in the panthers home territory and having fun cheering on their team. >> the american red cross says go panthers, keep pounding. [ cheering ] >> video posted on youtube by the red cross chapter in charlotte. >> love it i love all the support. laugh night on wral, we aired keep pounding, a 30-
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stories and live reports about the carolina panthers. now, if you missed it, you can watch it online at website websites. you can join us tonight at 7:00 for another special. we'll take you inside what some are calling the secret weapon. we'll talk with some super fans who have been to every super bowl game. make sure you change with us for live team coverage on super bowl sunday. programming begins early. in fact, it begins at 11:00 that morning. live coverage from levi stadium begins that afternoon at 6:00. join us immediately following the cbs postgame coverage for a special one-hour edition of news. we'll have many live reports from the bay area as well as charlotte. postgame news conferences and much more, again, immediately following the game and the postgame coverage. it gets earlier every year. >> next year it's probably
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weekend. >> you can be a couch potato. >> you could be eating cake. >> a lot of cake. >> what a marvelous cake. >> i was at our lady of lord school to talk to the kids. one of the mother's there, lynn, baked me this beautiful cake and designed it quite well. that is fantastic. don't you wish it was 75 and sunny every day? that's the perfect forecast. >> you watch those children down and it looks like it is 75 and sun glee they are happy kids, smart. >> you say that cake weighs 13 pounds? >> it's a dense cake. boy, does it smell. >> that sugar rush. share some icing. >> i'm going to share this with the newsroom. hello to all the third graders there. i had a great visit today. great weather for the visit. this is my amazing pick of the day, too. so lets take a look at our fitness forecast for this evening. 47 was the high.
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light winds and the dry air and the clear sky, it is going to get cold quickly. we expect mid-30s. if you're going to run and practice for the krispy kreme challenge, it will be cold this evening and cold tomorrow morning. raleigh-durham sky cam, you see the sky out there. we started at 37 at the airport. then our high temperature was recorded after 4:00. it was 47. tomorrow we should be warmer and then expect to be cooler on sunday with the approach of clouds and a chance of rain. 46 right now at rdu. 52 in columbia and freezing at boone with 32. so we had a brief round of sprinkles this morning. some saw snowflakes. quickly moved out. we were left with sunshine and it was blustery. the winds are in the process of dying down. new york see-saw snow and so did bost. it's coming to an end there.
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night with winds. moving out tomorrow allowing for the next storm system to approach. we're going to use the water vapor imagery tonight. we have the dry air upon us. but the water vapor imagery shows where disturbances are in the upper atmosphere. we're watching this next one moving to the east and southeast and by sunday, it will give birth to an area of will not off the florida coast. this is what we're watching that may impact us on sunday. it will be moving to the northeast and the track of this system will dictate who gets the rain and who does not. it could be a tight gradient of who sees the rain. the bottom line is the closer -- closer you are to the domestic, the more likely you are going to get wet. there could be a little snow mixed in. here's 6:00 tonight. during the day on saturday, we
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the coast of florida and by sunday morning at 4:00 a.m., we will get snow. the cold air is limited with the system so we don't think it will be all day. changing over to rain by 8:00 a.m. or mixed with snowflakes at that point. by lunchtime it's rain. in the afternoon it's rain as well. on monday, we have another system coming in that could bring sprinkles in the afternoon and changing for snowflakes in the evening and then just an onset of cold air tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. you'll see that coming up. so tomorrow morning, mostly sunny. still cold. 28 by 8:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., it should be in the upper 30s. 50 for the high tomorrow. there's your precipitation on sunday with 46. sprinkles, maybe change over to flurries in the evening and then there's your cold tuesday, wince wednesday, and thursday with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. maybe jumping back up into the 50s by friday. we'll call it a half and half weekend.
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you don't have to go outside. sit and watch the game until oriencies comes comes on. >> eat that cake with a sugar rush. >> i can't wait to try that. >> it smells so good. it's february and in horn of black history month, we begin our living the legacy series. >> the program honors four remarkable individuals who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior. coming up, we talk to a raleigh man who used his miss fortune as an opportunity to help others get second chances. state leaders just ended a meeting where they were talking about a proposal that could affect health care costs. we look at the numbers that could impact allstate employees. it's official.
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anitamind minera. sureta lif a new device will allow the visually impaired enjoy a local museum. they demonstrated how bluetooth beacons can improve navigation for the visually impaired. the museum is holding an open house at the center tomorrow for guided demonstrations. scotty mccleary is return to american idol next week. he is returning to his roots in
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he spends time with two of the top 24 contestants and shares his own lessons from idol. you can watch him perform with those other could nottist ants during the show airing next thursday, february 11th, at 8:00 on fox 50. tonight we begin our living the legacy series. >> we will honor those outstanding individuals who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king. >> we are introduced to a man who build his career around second chances. reporter: if there's anyone that can understand the importance of a second chance, it's someone in need of it. >> i come to this work as one who was incarcerated. yes, i say formerly incorporated. reporter: in 2000, a businessman and law school graduate found himself serving 5.5 years for poor testimony
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the difficulties inmates face after release. >> we refuse to be labeled by our worst mistake. reporter: by 2004, he turned his mess into his message creating the community success initiative. >> rehelp people who are entangled in the criminal justice system. my experiences in that has helped tremendously. reporter: his program helped hundreds of former inmates by providing employment and housing opportunities. >> i'm never looking back at what did i in the past. reporter: they have two things in common. both have past prison time and fresh starts provided by the program. >> i was only focused on the streets. >> people like me that make mistakes in life deserve a second chance. we all deserve a second chance. some of us don't get it if we
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to support us and make it happen. reporter: he calls them his biggest success stories, and his proof that a second chance can change lives. >> it's always important that you do something that when people look at it later, 50 years, 100 years later, that you had impact. >> the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos at super this is a live picture from super bowl see. we talk to one leader the team can count on for super bowl advice. wral news at 6:00 starts now. they put the breaks on a plan that would affect health care costs for hundreds of thousands of north carolina. thank you for joining us. health plan trustees just ended a meeting to consider changes for 2017.
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