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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ou captioning funded by cbs when you see this symbol, you know you're watching a show that is occasionally and informational. the cbskrbss >> good morning. it's february 6th, 2016. welcome to ""cbs this morning" saturday." ready to rock in the granite state, the republican candidates prepare for tonight's debate ahead of the new hampshire primary. and one on one with hillary as her numbers drop. why she says bernie sanders is running a smear campaign. a terrifying crane collapse in new york city is caught on camera and on the eve of the super bowl the nfl commissioner talks about the future of the league.
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your world in 90 seconds. >> mother nature just can't help herself. she is sticking her nose into politics. >> snowdown in new hampshire, ahead of tuesday's presidential primary there i am against snow. >> bad weather on friday forced drumpb to take a snow day. >> trump is the one now phasing a blizzard criticism. >> a little snow wasn't going to damp ter spirits of democrats. >> in taiwan, search for survivors of the strong earthquake continues. at least seven people killed. now he's dropping it really quick. >> in new york city, a massive construction crane crash down onto the street, kafk in the rooves of cars an crushing a man to death. >> i felt it. >> a spectacular scene in japan with a volcano erupted. you see that? even caused lightning. [ music playing ] >> rumors are true, bruno mars
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coldplay and beyonce at the super bowl. >> that's my pick, because the bears aren't in it. >> i'm a girl playing tackle football, do you think if i'm good enough i can play in the nfl some day? >> yes. >> the polar bear at the zoo has a name. >> i can't wait to see. >> she a cutie. >> and all that matters. >> on the baseline, takes it back to grab, a late shot, avery, yeah! ravery bradley won the game. >> on "cbs this morning" saturday. >> voting finally started this week, iowa caucuses. >> i think hillary, i love her, just not good at this. in 2008, she lost to a plaque man with a muslim name. now she's losing to a 74-year-old jewish socialist. i mean, hillary, we're making
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everyone. we got a special show for you today. if we count down to tomorrow's super bowl here on cbs, including a story with a nice ring to it. we'll take you behind the scenes at the company that makes the treasured keepsake for the nfl champions. >> also, wish you could be at the game? well, these guys have been to all of them. we have been to the members of the never missed super bowl club to find out their favorite game of all time. >> not far from the super bowl. another 50th anniversary is being celebrated. san francisco's the philmore has now hosted a half century of rock 'n' roll history him we'll look back and have a special saturday session recorded live at the fillmore. first our top story this morning the presidential campaigns in both parties are tightening ahead of tuesday's first in the nation primary in new hampshire. >> tonight the focus will be on the republicans who face off in a debate in manchester.
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polls, marco rubio is gaining with ted cruz behind. the rest of the now reduced major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the question here is as still pm as it is startling. can donald trump hold a lead the last few months hovered between 15 and 20 points. days ago it was conceivable. now it's speculative t. odds favor trump. marco rubio and kasich are closing in, with ted cruz and jeb bush not far behind, bush pulling out all the stops, brought in his lost best campaign asset. barbara bush, a 90-year-old political matery arch who needs no introduction appears for the first time for son jeb. >> her son was the president and her next son. >> reporter: and at this stage of his underwelming campaign, jeb bush can no longer afford to distance himself from the family name.
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>> diner visits are a tradition, so is canvassing for votes, especially in the snow. donald trump supporters from new york and connecticut rushed to new hampshire as the campaign franticly frantically cut in half. trump cancelled his new hampshire event due to snow. he claimed he didn't get enough credit for finishing second in iowa. >> think of it. so the person that came in third, they said, unbelievable results, unbelievable, this is a huge victory! but i came in second and they said, trump didn't do so well. my total focus now is on new hampshire. next week my total focus will be right here in south carolina. >> reporter: marco rubio riding momentum from his third placed finish in iowa is closing the gap with trump. >> i would say to you tonight that this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we have
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>> reporter: john kasich also has his eye on second place here and could blunt rubio's momentum if he pulls undecided and leaning dependents. kasich told us eight months of grass roots organizing is about to pay off. >> what drives us here is the ground game. we built this over a long period of time. our campaign is built on granite. it's not built on sand and it's going to produce on election day. i feel fantastic. >> reporter: the final debate tonight before the primary on tuesday, donald trump returns to center stage. kasich told us the area is coming out of the trump balloon. that might make rubio and cruz the bigger targets, while trump gains traction. bush and chris christie must hope for a break through moment. fresher voter appreciation and genuine energy on the ground. anthony. >> major garrett in new hampshire. thanks. to the democrats the latest
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clinton and senator bernie sanders in a statistical tie, less than two months ago, clinton was doubling sanders' support n. new hampshire, sanders is way out in front with a 20-point lead. nancy cordes is in new hampshire, where she spoke with hillary clinton. >> reporter: madam secretary, when i talk to voters here who don't support you, one of the reasons they often give is because of your speaking fees, because of do nations from wall street. how do you change that perception? >> the sanders campaign has been running this campaign of insin wakes and innuendo. say it to my face. show me one view, show me one vote that has ever been influenced. i take my responsibility to people that i serve really seriously and i have always had that as minorth star. but i'm tired of this, you know, smear campaign that they have been trying to get people to buy into and enough is enough. >> reporter: why do you think it's been so successful? >> oh, look, i think there is a susceptibility for people to,
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that and that's why i'm answering questions. that's why i'm putting out my policies, that itself why wall street billionaires are running ads against me, they're not running them against senator sanders. >> reporter: if you knew you were probably going to run for president, why leave yourself open to that by taking these large fees on wall street? >> i didn't know, number one. >> reporter: everybody knew. >> i'm glad you did. look, i spoke to cappers, i spoke to heart doctors, i spoke to auto dealers. i spoke to a wide range of people who actually want to hear from formering iss of state. but that's not what this is about. what this is about is the implication that somehow i'm going to be in the tank for the campers of america or i'm going to go overboard for heart doctors. now, really, this is so unfair and wrongp. >> at the debate clinton was asked if she'd release
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speeches. she said she'd look into. i asked what she would look into, she said not sure, but it has to wait until after new hampshire and tuesday. >> tomorrow morning on "face the nation" here on cbs, john dickerson's dpeft will include both presidential candidates, hillary clinton and senator bernie sandersments the search for rvivors continues this morning after a powerful earthquake rocked taiwan. it registered 6.4 magnitude centered east of the city of tainan. the tremors collapsed a 17-floor apartment complex. an infant was among those killed. more than 300 people were injured, over 200 pulled out of the rubble. at least eight people are still unaccounted for, an investigation is under way in new york to determine why a crane collapsed leaving one person dead. this is a look in the tribeca neighborhood where the crane is still blocking the streets this morning.
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winds as it was being lowered to safety. three people were injured by debris. two of them seriously. several parked cars were crushed in the mishap. wall street worker david wicks died when he was hit by part of the crane. he worked at a computerized trading firm near the site. demarco morgan has more on the accident. >> there you go. now, he's dropping it really quick. >> reporter: cell phone video taken from 30 stories high captured the frightening moment. >> oh, it broke. rompblt the emergency cls immediately started pouring in. >> we're setting up triage on west broadway. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: she watched about 100 feet away. would have been crush. direct hit. >> it's almost slit in half from
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down the. >> reporter: the massive collapse killed 38-year-old david wicks. investigators say the crane in place since last saturday was being moved due to high winds from the early morning snowstorm. "cbs news" has learned bay crane services, the company that owns the crane, has been cited four times for safety violations since 2011. inspectors delivered the site and called it safe. residents were concerned the crane wasn't secure. you have been complaining about this quite some time? >> we have been complaining. we filed a complaint with the city on sunday. >> reporter: there have been 228th fatalities due to crane accidents. >> residents in new england this morning are digging out from their first big snowfall of the year. the storm left more than a foot of snow in some places and caused big drobs on the roads. it brought down a tree limb in canton, massachusetts, kimming a
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yard. many power lines were down, leave contractor leaving tens of thousands without electricity. another big storm could strike the region next week. >> the search for wreckage and possible survivors from two maul planes that collided off los angeles will be extended this morning. helicopter and boats searched through the night for three people on board the aircraft. both planes took off on friday. both pilots were said to be experienced. a california doctor convicted of murder for over prescribing drugs to her patients is starting a 30-year prison sentence this morning. lisa sang apologized to the families of the three patients that died in court on friday. the case marks the first time that a physician was convicted on murder charges for prescribeing painkillers in this country. medical advocates say this could have a chilling effect by making
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patients suffering from chronic pain. >> if the sheriff of escambia florida, any reference to a crime spree of bonnie and clyde would be erased from social media. the fear is another copycat. david begnaud has more on the fiasco that was hundred suspect dead and another in the hospital. are you okay? >> am i okay? no, i'm not okay. >> reporter: her husband ian called in a tip to police. ez cambia county florida deputies shot and killed fitzgerald who is sheriff says used his girl friends as a shield against bullets. authorities say she volunteered in the couple's six-they crime spree from mississippi to florida, allegedly robbing, carjacking, holding people hostage over six days. they were caught on under surveillance camera, right before fitzgerald kicked down
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>> they were telling us why they were here. >> yeah. >> which is they were on the run, in trouble, needed somewhere to stay right now. >> reporter: they abandoned a vehicle near your house, they're in your house. >> yes. >> reporter: holding you hostage the police are driving around. they're watching it. >> yes, they're waiting for a break to go. >> reporter: april was in the room with the couple's two-year-old daughter madeleine. >> reporter: did you think they were going to hurt you? >> yes, of course i said, i did. of course, you know, somebody comes in with a gun in your house. >> reporter: for two hours, they say they were hemmed hostage by these suspects. at one point, they used the couple's phones. >> we heard those conversations. they said good-bye to their families. >> reporter: shortly thereafter this so-called modern day bonnie and clyde fled in their truck. within ten minutes a sheriffs deputy spotted them.
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>> not hatred. i feel sorrow. >> reporter: they were emphatic in saying the suspects never tried to hurt them. never even threatened harm to them. in fact, authorities say all eight victims in this crime spree were not harmed either. as for the female suspect friday night, she was listed in good condition here at this hospital in pensacola, florida. authorities say her gunshot wounds are not life threatening. for "cbs this morning" saturday, i'm david begnaud in pensacola. >> the labor department delivered mixed news in the latest jobs report. on friday. it said 151,000 found work in january. that was enough to drive the nation's unemployment rate down to 4.9%. an 8-year low. meantime, wages have finally started to inch upward 2.5% in the last year. >> wall street figured that
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index down 35 and the nasdaq off 146 points. that is the lowest nasdaq close that is lowest close since march 2015. march madness will not include the louisville men's basketball team. the school self imposed a self season ban. the punishment comes amid investigations into a sex scandal in which an alleged escort alleged a former staffer paid her and others and dancers, rather, to strip and have sex with players. rick pitino called the ban harsh. >> this the a team that is very much favored to go very far in the tournament so this penalty is quite substantial. much more. it comes with complete shock to me. >> bety no denies knowing anything about the amged parties, as you are no doubt aware, super bowl 50 will be played tomorrow at the san francisco friners stadium with the carolina panthers facing the
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the game is a cull 9 min nation for a successful year in the nfl. roger goodell addressed yesterday. we are live in san francisco with the details. not about assignment. good morning. >> reporter:. thank you very much. super bowl city here was so jammed last night. they had to turn some fans. roger goodell spoke about a mile away from here at the city convention center before all attention shifts 45 miles away to the game site tomorrow him roger goodell struck an upbeat tone in his annual super bowl press conference friday. >> sunday will close another season of competitive excellence. >> reporter: compare that with last season when most of the attention was still focused on the deflate-gate scandal. >> looking ahead, the future is bright. >> reporter: today, playoff
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the mid-century mark game could set an all time high. the nfl is not without continued controversy. diamondback nosed cases of concussions were up 32% this season. >> it always starts and there is no higher priority than player safety. >> reporter: the league says it will experiment with new helmets and technology under turf to reduce long-term brain damage. goodell defended the league to move the rams to los angeles, leaving st. louis, san diego may not be far behind. >> we will do everything to support that. >> reporter: this as last minute preparations continue in the bay area. cbs sports has 550 people work income san francisco and the santa clara stadium site. there are 70 cameras inside levy's, including pylon cams. >> this camera looking down the side line, cameras looking down the goal line. >> reporter: in especially placed looks to create a 360
8:19 am
for fans, it's the story of a generational divide. a hall-of-fame quarterback who could be leading on top. it's a tantalizing plot line that will end with one champion and one very successful season. goodell yesterday also confirmed a game in mexico city in november. the leak's first game in mexico since 2005. >> all right. jeff lor in san francisco this morning. thank you. i covered the super bowl when it was in new orleans. it is unbelievable. the security. i remember hearing about snipers and all these things they had to take into consideration. >> we'll have more on the super bowl ahead in the show. >> cbs sports coverage as super bowl 50 starts tomorrow. just before the game, don't miss gayle king's interview with president obama and first lady mimpbl all that tomorrow. i can't wait to see this.
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we were talking about it yesterday. i'm looking forward to it too. she will do a great job. time to show you the headlines, the new york sometimes reports syrian government force and allied russian forces are making significant gains in the key syrian city of aleppo. the assault is forcing insurgents and thousands of civilians to flee to the turkish border, fueled in part by russian airstrikes in the region the search comes days after the united nations suspended peace talks in geneva. separately the reuters news agency reports syrian government officials plan to attend the talks within they pick up later this month. the palm beach post, rather, says astronaut edgar mitchell, a part of the apollo 14 crew has died. he was the sixth man to walk on the moon. he was on the lunar module pilot in 1971 when he donated his camera to the smithsonian in 2011, he was sued by the federal government who accused only of stealing it.
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efforts, the camera would not have returned to earth. w 85-years-old. usa today reports life after football has taken a toll on legendary 49ers quarterback joe montana. while he'll hand testimony coin toss of super bowl 50 in san francisco tomorrow the 59-year-old hall of famer says it's hard to do anything at all without feeling some degree of pain. montana says he retired 22 years ago in hopes of maintaining an active life. he says he's more of a spectator these days than a participant. >> it's incredible. his laundry list, his eye, everything. >> everything. >> "fortune" magazine reports a rare ferrari racing car has sold for more than $35 until at an auction in paris t. model was driven in premier motor races. the winning bid for the most expensive european car sold at auction came from the u.s.
8:22 am
of four of the 335 sports models ever produced. >> it is a thing of beauty. the bbc reports, ben stiller created a self portrait like no other t. actor attached a camera to a 28-foot, one-inch poll in london the other night, which became the longest selfie stick of all time. members of the guinness book of records, he used a 26-foot window cleaning poll as the mid-section. >> i thought when selfie sticks came out, i thought nobody would use them.
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>> they're very handy. coming up, a new plan to cap the gas leak threatening a los angeles neighborhood. area residents who fled their homes are skeptical. later, she has been rusting
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as re get ready for super bowl 50, wing bowl 24 in philadelphia is now in the record books. on friday, it was last year's winner patrick bertoletti over molly schuyler who won the event two years ago. >> i think you need pepto-bismol when you watch that. molly consumed 429 wings and patrick eight 408. for molly that is about 33 pounds of wings or, get this -- more than 77,000 calories! >> that is a month and a half's worth of calories! >> unbelievable.
8:27 am
she really jarvescarfed those down. california neighborhood has been forced from their homes by a huge natural gas leak. since october more than 80,000 tons of methane, the key ingredient of natural gas has spewed into the porter ranch area. they say the leak may be capped sometime this month but residents remain very much on reports. >> the thousands of families who have abandoned porter ranch are living out of suitcases. some crammed into tiny hotel rooms amid the gas leak, patience is wearing thin. >> what are we doing? we are getting poisoned and moved around! >> reporter: that is a popular sentiment in porter ranch. high school teacher cindy jackson is at her third hotel and says help from the gas company arrived only when the smell became unbearable. >> i couldn't breathe. i was coughing.
8:28 am
congestion in my chest. >> we know the impact this is having, unfortunately, on the community. we know the impact that it's having on the environment. >> reporter: so cal gas ceo acknowledges mistakes were made. >> we probably could have done a better job of letting, you know, the residents of the community. since that time, i think we have done a better job of making sure they know what is going on. >> reporter: would you live here? would you buy a house here now knowing what you know now? >> i would have no concern about living in porter ranch and i'm sure that once this is behind us, this is going to continue to be a great community to live in. >> reporter: it's hard for families to think about getting this behind them, while they are still caught in the middle. 12-year-old emily ohn says even when it's okay to return. >> i would still have concerns because chemicals are in the air and we don't know what are in the chemicals and we are breathing it in. knowing that the residents are very jittering and they want that assurance that when this is all over they can go back to
8:29 am
>> i'm sorry that they are going through this no one should have to go through this and we are working hard to regain their confidence. >> i'm not in my home. i miss my home! >> reporter: it will not be an easy sell. >> i will be hesitant. i don't know if i can stay there any more. >> reporter: fixing the leak may be just weeks away. >> what do we want? >> shut it down! >> reporter: restoring the trust of homeowners here could take much longer. for "cbs this morning: saturday," mireya villarreal, in porter ranch. coming up, when you visit the soon to open "harry potter" attraction at universal studios, what you pay to get in will
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in a first of its kind case, the family of a florida defense contractor killed in a november terror attack in jordan is suing twitter. the family contends the online social networking service has allowed isis to spread propaganda and recruit followers
8:41 am
>> cbs news justice reporter paula reed is investigating the case. >> she argues if it were not for twitter isis would not become what it is which is arguably the no notorious terror operation on the planet. she says twitter has given them a platform to recruit and fund-raise. she and her lawyers argue that under federal law they have given isis support. twitter says it has no merit. they say twitter have a team of people who will constantly looking for this type of material and they will take care of it on a case-by-case basis. now, they haven't filed anything official in court. but it is likely they will tried to defend themselves based on laws that protect intermediaries for content posted by their users. >> what is twitter doing, if anything, to combat the violent extremism we are talking about
8:42 am
according to the complaint isis had 27,000 twitter accounts as of december with 79 of those having official ties to isis. >> just yesterday, twitter announced since mid 2015 they suspended 125,000 accounts for promoting terrorist activity mostly related to isis. that was big. it seems that meeting a couple of weeks ago between top law enforcement official and tech executives, it seems it is bearing fruit. >> how serious did the terrorist community take the threat on social media? >> in talking to law enforcement here and in europe, i was very % surprised. i thought they would come out in defense of this. what they said is, look. twitter is a problem. certainly this is how they spread their propaganda area western concerned about it and if twitter has enough people to monitor this. they are much more concern about face-to-face contact. that is a much more potent way
8:43 am
you can turn a young person in a matter of weeks. they are concerned that twitter is used to send signals for people to go into covert encrypted apps where tha >> is the government. are you aware of the government having conversations with twitter to try to deal with this? >> a couple weeks ago, there was a meeting between top law enforcement officials and tech executives to discuss this. post-paris, post-san bernardino. it is clear isis plays a role in expansion across the globe. we are trying to come up with ways to serve the first amendment and protect people. >> you mentioned that. it seems like twitter is in a weird space between security and free speech. i mean, obviously, it's an issue that will come up more and more. >> absolutely. not just twitter, facebook and the social media platforms. there is no perfect algorithm for identifying people sharing those propagandas. so it is a difficult problem.
8:44 am
unprecedented meeting a few weeks ago means it's untrue. >> coming up, the ss united states was the fastest sleekest ocean liner afloat. then came the jet age. and now there is hope she will sail again.
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