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tv   CBS Evening News  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> axelrod: republican debate round eight tonight in new hampshire. donald trump's primary concern bouncing back from his loss in iowa, while on the democrats' side, hillary clinton goes door to door in search of a new hampshire comeback. dramatic rescues in taiwan after a deadly earthquake flattens buildings. the outbreak of zika virus dampens carnival celebrations. we're on the ground in brazil. far from the bright lights of super bowl 50, a dark new chapter in "johnny football's" fall from grace. and how a minor spelling error made this american tourist a major celebrity in captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. three days before the first
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2016, seven republican candidates are facing off in new hampshire tonight in debate number eight. for front-runner donald trump it is debate number seven. he sat out the last one to protest what he called disrespectful treatment from fox news, the nasdaq that hosted that last debate. trump was then upset by ted cruz in the iowa caucuses. another developing storyline in new hampshire it's rise of marco rubio. makeis in manhattan manchester for us tonight. >> we had to move it to a bigger venue. >> marco rubio showing the same closing momentum that catapulted him to a third-place win in iowa, the biggest crowd of his new hampshire campaign. >> by the way, you if you get a call on tuesday night saying i dropped out. it isn't true. it's a lie. keep voting. >> reporter: that's a reference to ted cruz's campaign pushing stories during the iowa caucuses that ben carson was dropping out. cruz apologized, but the
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in some conservative circles. >> presidential candidate. >> reporter: the cruz campaign has invested millions in voter data mining and mobilization. cruz is looking for a top-three finish here. john kasich, angling for second in new hampshire, told us after his 100th town hall, tonight's debate is not key to his strategy. >> the problem with them is they never really give you a chance to show yourself. that's yet town halls have been so great. >> reporter: do you have any sense at all that trump is collapsing and you could find yourself in first? >> i think there is a little air out of his balloon. but, you know, we'll wait and see for election day. >> reporter: donald trump campaigned friday in south carolina of course leaving behind snowy new hampshire where his once-formidable lead has begun to melt. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. >> reporter: jeb bush trying to revive his campaign after a disappointing sixth in iowa, called trump an insult artist riddled with ipsecurities.
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psychiatrist, but the guy needs therapy. >> reporter: as for tonight? >> the questions on the debate e wirobabelly , to >>'s r in the p >>eporter: carlyrina notn abc, png t vidomuper supportingher camn. >> but on disney's abc,ve frozen carly out, turned the debate inside out. all the part of our mickey mouse operation. >> reporter: primary turnout here is far less conservative than iowa. four years ago, 47% of voters described themselves as moderate to liberal. only 21% as very conservative. and, jim, four years ago, 20% of republican primary voters waited until the last day to make up their mind. >> axelrod: major, thank you. now to the democrats and hillary clinton's hopes for a 2008-style comeback in new hampshire. eight years ago, she pulled out a stunning victory over then-senator barack obama in a
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her 10 points down. as chip reid reports, this time clinton trails bernie sanders almost two to one in new hampshire. >> so let me all sc all of you guys-- are you ready to make a political revolution? >> ( cheers ) >> reporter: at new hampshire's franklin pierce university, bernie sanders drove home the message that's made this 74-year-old so wildly popular with young voters and has propelled him into a stunning statistical tie with hillary clinton nationally. >> power of wall street, the power of corporate america, the power of the corporate media, the power of large campaign donors are so great, that the only way we transform america is how? how do we do it? together. that's exactly right. ( cheers and applause ). >> it's a beautiful day in manchester! >> reporter: clinton campaigned in manchester today, door to door, and i concord, with former secretary of state madeleine albright.
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appeal on women voters. >> we have to continue to defend a woman's right to make her health care decisions. >> and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: but clinton made clear she's still hoping to cut into sanders' lead with college students. >> we're going to make college affordable. you will have debt-free tuition, fees, and expenses at any public college or university. >> reporter: earlier in the week, clinton angrily accused sanders was running a smear campaign, butta this event, she didn't even mention his name. it's unusual for a candidate to leave a state the weekend before an important primary, but clinton is going to flipt, michigan, tomorrow to talk about the drinking water crisis and to enhance her credentials as a progressive, and sanders is going to new york city tonight to appear on "saturday night live" an effort to expand his lead with young voters. jim. >> axelrod: chip, thank you.
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of bed by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake. at least 17 people are dead in the hard-hit city of tainan on the southern coast. here's mireya villarreal. >> reporter: in the chaos and rubble, thousands of rescuers are working frant frantically and carefully for moments like this-- a baby pulled alive from a collapsed 17-story apartment building where dozens are believed still trapped. this woman says she jumped out of the window to survive, while another man says he barely made it out. "when i ran down from the third floor i found the whole second floor was gone," he says "and had to wait to be rescued by police." from the air, the except of the damage is clearly visible. nine buildings in tainan collapsed, but the damage is especially evident on the ground, cars crushed, twisted
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more than 500 now homeless. seismologists say the earthquake struck close to the surface, a large quake that shallow can be especially destructive. kate lao shaffner teaches flsh english in a town just south of the epicenter. >> reporter: the quake struck just as the taiwanese were preparing to celebrate one of their biggest holidays, the lunar new year. now it's a nation in mourning. it's mostly a grim task, but there's clear motivation not to give up. every time there's a rescue amid the rubble. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. >> axelrod: carnival is now under way in brazil, which is a huge draw, with at least one million tourists expected there to celebrate. and now a huge concern in the nation hit hardest by the zika virus.
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jon, a million tourists have come to brazil. a million will go home. so what does all this mean for the potential spread of the virus? >> reporter: well, jim, it's a great concern. because one theory about the way that zika actually came to brazil in the first place is that it was brought here in 2014 with the world cup soccer matches by someone who was infected with zika virus elsewhere, came to brazil, and then an uninfected mosquito here bit that person and got infected with the virus. now weg perhaps it could happen in reverse-- infected people here could then travel elsewhere and you would have local transmission in those countries. >> axelrod: scary scenario. so, jon, we learned a lot more about how zika is transmitted in terms of bodily fluids this week. what do we know now that we didn't before? >> reporter: it's been remarkable, jim. in just one week, we've learned first that it could be sexually transmitted. then it could be transmited by blood transfusion.
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out that in brazil, the virus has been isolated from urine and from saliva of people who have zika infection. now, i want to emphasize something-- just because the zika virus is present in saliva, for example, does not mean that by kissing somebody that you can transmit zika infection from one person to another. we simply do not know that, and research. >> axelrod: all right. at least 53 confirmed cases in the united states, almost all of them among people who have traveled abroad. dr. jon lapook in brazil. thank you very much. cks eti available for tomorrow's super bowl, but it will cost you. on stubhub today, they're priced between $2700 and $4700. of course, you could go big and get $175,000 seat in a luxury suite. of course, that does include food and drinks. super bowl money is a big topic of conversation in san francisco as in how much should the host
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here's genetic. >> reporter: when 70,000 football fans fill levi's stadium it will be the culmination of three years of celebration. >> we have credentialed over 40,000 people to work on the super bowl itself. >> reporter: peter o'reilly is the nfl senior vice president of special events. hasn't it? >> it has, but it really is just a testament to our fans and >> reporter: along with that passion, the fans have brought traffic tie-ups and grumbling about how much it's costing san francisco's taxpayers. >> our taxpayers shouldn't be left with a $5 million tab. >> reporter: jane kim is a member of san francisco's board of supervisors. >> i'm not against the super bowl parties. what i don't support is a subsidizing a party for one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. >> reporter: what does it cost the nfl to put this on? >> we invest tens of millions, let's just say.
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of dollars. that's the best i'm going to get from you? >> that's correct. >> reporter: but san francisco is getting no money from the nfl for expenses like police overtime and street cleaning. >> we know the nfl rakes in over $9.2 million bl a year. the nfl can clearly pay for their own party. >> reporter: how important is tourism to san francisco? >> it's our largest industry. >> reporter: kevin carroll, executive director of san francisco's hotel council, said the city is make lots of money, just not directly from the nfl. >> it increases the tax revenue to the city. it brings more people here that small businesses. >> reporter: hotels have raised average room prices to as much as $600 a night this week. the game's benefits may extend far into the future. >> the super bowl has a huge media market, and when people see san francisco, they might be trying to decide where they'ring if to come on their next vacation. >> reporter: no matter what team wins tomorrow, deciding whether this big party makes san
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won't be so easily decided. jim. >> axelrod: john blackstone covering the big game for us, thank you. cbs' coverage of super bowl 50 starts tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern, 11 a.m. pacific. during the pregame, cbs this morning cohost gayle king will introduce president obama and first lady michelle obama live from the white house. far from the super bowl festivities, the quarterback known as "johnny football" is the focusave criminal investigation. and where the lion sleeps tonight. a wayward sea lion, that is, when the cbs evening news inuean it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and skinny a ors een esibin mira for 10 years.
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a fews ofgris clly to out ood rtles so youre crtable confwhileat.sos not keepmy ds in boutping td les ou super poligrip free. myoid paicat wingside to a. that'sd-in tipa oic,feree ofconson. allyglin to finlief painfferctur ta tyourr about oic ancrip treat op johnny manziel. the 2012 heisman trophy winner is now under investigation in dallas for assault. this comes after repeated alcohol problems. as contessa brewer reports, "johnny football" is now one step closer to becoming one of the biggest busts in nfl history. >> johnny! congratulations! you just made history.
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>> reporter: the first freshman ever to win the heisman, the future was bright for johnny football. >> this is a moment i've dreamed about since-- since i've been a kid. >> reporter: but his problems started almost immediately, breaking n.c.a.a. rules, an arrest for brawling, and a fake i.d. still, manziel was a first-round draft pick, the great hope of the cleveland browns. but when he turned pro, the partying became more public, trouble with his team and run-ins with the law. but for a long time, his talent on the field spared him the consequences. >> he was magic with a football in his hand. that's plain and simple. >> reporter: don mcpherson was a heisman nominee, former nfler has spent time with manziel. >> anyone else with a track record of the behavior, the undiscipline disciplined behavior, the alcohol, the partying he exhibited, no one else would get away with the stuff he's gotten away with. >> reporter: it's catching up with him.
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police this week he hit her repeatedly at a dallas hotel and in a car. and a judge issued a protective order to keep manziel away from her. the browns publicly expressed their disappointment and seem poised to release their quarterback. even his agent, erik burkhardt, is dumping manziel. have you ever heard of an agent firing a football player because he won't listen? >> no. to have an agent say, "this guy is no longer-- no longer bringing in money, now he's a liability to my business," is a very telling sign. >> reporter: commissioner roger goodell sidestepped specifics when he was asked about manziel friday. >> we have young people that may have issues that need to be addressed for their long-term safety. >> reporter: and that's the concern of manziel's family. his dad says manziel refused rehab twice in the past week.
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newspaper: >> football enables him to be a star, enables him to be recognized, enables him to be the center of the party, no matter where he goes. so football's actually a liability at this point in his life. >> reporter: at this point manziel told m.z.z. sport, i'm stable and secure. he flat out denied he hit his ex-girlfriend. >> axelrod: contessa, thank you. up next, inside the rise and potentially the fall of daily asyrts. well youavcopd it ce hardeath an b to air ou which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she .lpeae be sttingn' a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant impr of yng fn.syis
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ax, nd >> axelrod: more bad news for the daily fantasy sports industry. citigroup has announced it will now block transactions fromactions from draftkings and fanduel in new york while the two sites remain under criminal investigation. armen keteyian is covering this for "60 minutes sports." >> a new accept every time you play. >> reporter: in a three-month advertising blitz tie to the start of the nfl season, draftkings and fanduel spent $230 million, running 44 different television ads, more than 56,000 times, all promising fast, easy action that could produce life-changing results. >> just pick your sport. pick your players. and pick up your cash. that's it. it's the simplest way of winning life-changing piles of cash. >> reporter: but last october,
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as many as 200,000 new players a day, explosive allegations of fraud rocked the industry. after this front-page story in the "new york times" detailed allegations a draftkings employee used inside information to win $350,000 in a contest on rival site fanduel, the company's c.e.o. nigel eccles knew he had a problem. >> when that broke, that's what really hairmed home to me, that we've not done a good enough job to make people aware of, you know, how we're ensuring fairness. >> reporter: because when the words "insider trading" are used-- >> because it absolutely goes to the core in that everyone wants to know the games are fair. >> reporter: a company-backed investigation found no wrongdoing but the integrity of the games were now in question. >> today, new york's attorney general opened an investigation of the fantasy sports industry. >> these guys got very big, very fast, and when my office and other regulators realized that
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anywhere in the country that was scrutinizing them, making sure they were following rules, making sure the representations they made to gamblers were true, we all had to move into action very fast. >> axelrod: you can see armen's full report on "60 minutes sports" tuesday night on showtime. a sea lion pup is dining out on her newfound fame. she was found asleep in a booth in a fancy restaurant outside san diego. like many a washed-up star benefit her, she landed landed in rehab, a special rehab, with friend. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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