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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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super bowl coverage, next at 11:00. across the country, it's america's favorite jackpot game. this is powerball.
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right now on wral the chance of winter weather creeping in on super bowl sunday. good evening. i'm lynda loveland. ken smith and kathryn brown are on assignment. let's get straight to meteorologist aimee wilmoth with the latest model for snow. we're getting some grief about this already. >> we're already getting reports of winter weather right now in southern sections of southeastern north carolina. take a look at our live dual doppler 5000. all of this is moving to the north and east focused on the south. cumberland county, down into -- down toward the lumberton area. we have had reports of ee from a couple of viewers. in bladen county we've had a few reports of sleet, all of this lifting to the north and east. i wouldn't be surprised in the clinton area if you hear some pings on the window with some sleet falling. this shouldn't really impact the roads. we still have more on the way though. take a look overnight. snow town in southeastern parts
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of the viewing area. that continues into parts of the morning hours and into the afternoon on super bowl sunday. futurecast down playing this a little bit for the raleigh area. however, i wouldn't be surprised to see a little snow mixed with rain for the triangle as well. we will likely stay dry in our northwestern counties. possibly all snow in the area in blue, all rain to the south and east. more on the timing of this system and when temperatures really start to cool off around here coming up, linda. >> thanks, aimee. durham police are investigates ago drive-by shooting that injured a 12-year- old boy. the boy was taken to the hospital. no word on arrests. a man died after complaining of chest pains during a charity run today. new tonight wral's candace sweat spoke with the man's friends. she joins us now. >> reporter: it happened during the krispy kreme challenge.
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friends tell me his name is jeff woods, but he was known to them as fafa. they didn't want to go on camera but they spoke to us about the kind of person he was. friends say this is a picture of jeff "fafa" woods just minutes before he started the krispy kreme challenge. the event, which is organized by nc state students, challenges participants to run five miles, 2.5 from nc state's bell tower down to krispy kreme. that's where they attempt to eat a dozen doughnuts, then run the 2.5 miles back. the money raised goes to the north carolina children's hospital. those who knew woods tell us he didn't run regularly, but they still weren't surprised that it was something he signed up for because it was for a good cause and seemed like fun. a spokesperson with nc state tells us woods was under a mile into the race when he stepped out complaining of chest pains. he was rushed to rex hospital where he was later pronounced dead. race directors released a
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statement that reads in part, "we are deeply sandied and wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to his loved ones." his friends tell us they're having a difficult time coping. his friends really saying this came as a shock. we spoke to them at length. they didn't want to go on camera but they said he was father and a grandfather as well as just a really good friend. linda. >> very sad. candace, thank you. it is the eve of the biggest football game of the year. the countdown is on to super bowl 50 in california. gerald owens is in santa clara and caught up with the triangle company preparing to run the graphics for the big game. >> reporter: smt stands for sports media technology. it's the company that puts the yellow line on the football field for a 1st down, but it's much more than that.
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this is a multifaceted company that drives much of what you will see on tv sunday. >> newton, to the sideline, and caught! >> reporter: smt is a company out of durham. they tell us how far the panthers have to go for a 1st down and produce all the statistics a fan could want. smt does it every week during the regular season but this is the super bowl. >> big push for the super bowl, there's more cameras. we move from five cameras to nine cameras. >> reporter: the ceo says every player. >> we have a football intelligence engine that examines the formations so you can see what one team is doing against another team, how effective they were on 3rd down, what the match-ups are. >> reporter: all that information is funneled to game announcers to use as they see fit ?iew. might not notice that left guard is now lined up on the right side. how did that happen? they may choose not to use it but we're trying to find interesting story lines.
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triangle roots. there will be extra pride in play come sunday. >> very few people are aware that the company that does the yellow line for the super bowl carolina. we're very proud to be from north carolina. involved. >> reporter: on a scale of 1 to 10, how close are you being ready to go? >> 10. >> reporter: the smt crew may be the only ones hoping for a boring, drama-free game. if that happens, they know everything went as planned. gerald owens, wral news. >> so much technology. the queen city is buzzing with excitement ahead of tomorrow's big game with all the panthers fans around. what's it like being a broncos fan in panther country? ken smith set out to find the answer. he joins us with what he discovered. did you find some broncos fans, ken? >> reporter: well, lynda, it wasn't easy, but we did.
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in the city that's home to the nfc national champions. they're headed to the super bowl. panthers gear everywhere you look. these fans say it isn't easy. in this south side sports bar known for its rings there have been some broncos sightings. >> according to the internet we're the broncos bar. >> reporter: justin owns d. d. pecker's. he confirmed the sightings, even going so far as to take pictures. >> we've had 10 or 12 show up all year, and we were nice to them. >> reporter: among those, shaun and melissa and their girls, emma and emily. >> this last week and a half has been rough. >> reporter: no kidding. the girls had to endure carolina panthers day at school. >> it was hard. people kept saying that the panthers are going to win. there's only three people who are rooting for the broncos. >> they wore their broncos stuff. they stayed true to their team. i was proud of them.
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>> reporter: truth be told this broncos-panthers match-up can divide friends and family. >> my brother and i grew up in colorado. when we moved heater went well until we finally met each other in the super bowl. >> reporter: in the queen city the super bowl craze is all about the panthers which makes it tough for broncos fans to find anything orange. >> finding a shirt in carolina is real tough. >> reporter: finding a broncos shirt. >> yeah, finding a broncos shirt. but i got lucky. >> reporter: while broncos fans will always be welcome at d. d. pecker's, he maintains this is panther territory. >> when they get their wings here this is the spot. we support our team. >> reporter: and get this, cullen and his son michael were at the hornets game tonight. cullen tells me that whenever the other team was shooting a free throw, they would put a logo of the broncos on the jumbotron so the crowd can boo
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louder. so that's how tough it is to be a broncos fan in panther country, lynda. >> that is brutal, and a great idea, too. ken smith, live in charlotte. i love it. >> reporter: exactly. >> thanks ken. pregame programming begins tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. with super bowl 50, before they were pros, then at noon, road to the super bowl. at 1:00, phil sims' all-iron team super bowl edition. at 2:00 the super bowl today. all that leads up to the championship game in santa clara. coverage begins at 6:00. and you can't miss our special one-hour edition of wral news. we air right after the game. we will have live reports from the bay area and charlotte, plus post-game news conferences and much more. it will be fun. just ahead, how the u.s. and other nations are condemning north korea's launch of a long-range rocket. plus -- >> apartheid is not the way for our representatives to be elected.
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throwing our state's primary elections into turmoil. hear from people for and against the ruling and what it means for next month's primary. and here's another look at your winning powerball numbers. 13, 4, 36, 31, 52, the
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in the chanship onsh 's that feeling. multiplied.intr muipliatch-offs. a cto win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling meteorologist aimee wilmoth with us now. we have been anxiously watching the weather tomorrow for a few days now.
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>> right now it still looks like we'll probably have fairly low impacts with this storm system. i like to say "probably" because i have been burned in the past when you get some of these quick bursts of heavy snow. you can get some accumulation, so it's certainly possible. but take a look at the radar right now. we have some stuff going on down to the south. we just had a report from a viewer down in hope county saying they're getting sleet and some light snow at the moment. so this area of rain mixed with some sleet and snow is moving to the north and east, moving into cumberland county. and something that i want to point out also is that you see this area shaded in the brighter colors? this is probably what we call bright banding. our radar site is right up here. it's shooting out its band higher in the atmosphere so why it looks like it's coming down so heavily is the snow is starting to melt and turning
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into sleet, and it's showing up as a brighter dot. so it does look like it's coming down heavy but i think this is what we call bright banding. and we have had reports of sleet to the south. we've had some reports in bladen county and now in hope county. that was a few moments ago. all that lifting to the north and east not causing any big issues. temperatures on the roads are in the middle and upper 40s sought shouldn't be a big issue. super bowl sunday, bottom line, snow will be possible. the time willing be in the morning and the afternoon. the system then pulls away to the north and east. we could have some accumulation. i think for now they look like they're going to be light. the best chance would be south and east of the triangle or south and east of the raleigh area. oddly enough it's not roxboro. this is usually the area that we're keeping a close eye on. you might stay dry in roxboro. 3 at the airport, east to northeast winds at 3 miles per hour. it is coldest to the north where we have clear skies, 28 in south hill, 38 in raul lee.
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temperatures in the low 40s down to the south. even though it's in the low 40s it's still coming down as sleet. we're getting reports in from our viewers to the south, all of this lifting to the north and east and all ahead of the bigger system that will have some pretty big impacts. rain tomorrow. if you are headed to the east tomorrow along the eastern sections of north carolina they're going to have a bit of a messy super bowl sunday. here's where the surface level low is. that will help to strengthen the storm system and push it off to the north and east as we go through the day tomorrow. overnight tonight the precipitation, the best chance will be in our southern and southeastern communities. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures are above freezing everywhere. so again it would take a lot of stuff to fall, a lot of snow to fall at one time to have anything accumulate on the ground. if that occurs it is likely going to be south and east of raleigh. here's lunchtime, keeping us dry in raleigh, with the
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greater threat for rain mixed with snow at times down to the south and east. that continues through 5:00, then all of this starts to move out as we head towards kickoff time. for tonight temperatures in the low to mid-30s. a rain/snow mix mainly down to the south and southeast. tomorrow temperatures will be in the 40s. we could have some rain mixed with snow but the higher threat for that happen willing be south and east of us. goldsboro, fayetteville, rocky mount, perhaps some minor accumulations possible but i don't think this is a big impact event, but mike moss will be on wral starting at 7:00 keeping a close eye on this. next week an arctic front arrives and it will be quite cold. tomorrow. just worry about the appetizers. >> i think it will be dry for the game. >> sounds good, aimee. next in sports, duke, state, and carolina all hit the
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story, the ties that bind. things can change in seven days. carolina began the week ranked number two in the country. they will end it on a losing streak. the heels hit the road to face notre dame. things are looking good in the first half for the guys in blue because marcus page is hitting shots again. carolina leads by as many as 15 in the first half but after the break things begin to unravel. just under eight minutes to play. steve, take two, and the foul. that ties the game at 60. then colson for two of his 19 points.
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those two put the irish ahead to stay. with less than a minute to go, still a three-point game. page for the tie. no good. back-to-back losses for carolina, and they storm the court at notre dame. the irish win 80-76. nc state is hoping to prevent history from repeating itself today in durham. the pack's last win at duke came in 1995. "cat" barber is the only starter even born then. mike kyzewski back on the bench after missing the last game willness. luke kennard in the first half with not one, not two, but three straight threes. kennard, 11 first-half points. duke leads by as many as 10. but after the break state begins the pack's lightning round. abdul malik abu with the slam,
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then back-to-back break aways. "cat" barber, a huge performance. 50-49. down the stretch, kennard and grayson allen just keep firing. kennard, 26 points, allen scores 28. a season high 14 threes for duke, and the devils hold off the pack 88-80. more acc basketball. wake hosting florida state. check out devin thomas going to the wrack. then thomas again. wrack them again. they're tied. the floater unties the game, then the seminoles steal the inbounds pass, and terence mann adds two more. florida state dominates the final 13 minutes to win 91-71. around the state, a & t beat central in overtime in durham. and unc asheville wins at
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it is game day eve for this golden anniversary super boat. time to put away the hype and get focused as the carolina panthers look to make history. mandy mitchell has been focused all week. check out the location in santa clara as she joins us live with a father and son story that links generations. mandy. >> reporter: ken, there will be a lot of people feeling the nerves in that building tomorrow night. the players, the coaches, how about the players' parents? how about those nerves for those people, right? well, jeff gravley sat down for this story. >> reporter: greg olsen grew up surrounded by football. a mom who watched every play and a dad who coached it. >> it's some of the fondest memories that i have in my football career, playing with my brother, playing for my dad, growing up in a program that i was the water boy, then i was the ball boy, then i was a freshman, and all i ever wanted to do was play varsity football
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for my dad's team. >> without a doubt the best three of them. >> reporter: chris olson spent 40 years coaching winning eight titles in new jersey. >> we should have had more. craig's senior year we won it. the two previous years we lost it, although we were winning the game with three to four minutes left. >> reporter: coaches never forget losses. but there's nothing that can replace the memory of 2002, greg's last year at wayne hills. a father/son moment frozen in time. >> it was a great moment, not only walking off the field with greg. i can remember it like it was yesterday. we're walking off the field. eur78 him saying, dad, we did it, we did it. it's almost like a moment that's suspended in time. it's almost like i can visualize the whole thing. >> to finally reach that and win a state championship my last year, just everything i learned from my dad, he's still my biggest coach and biggest critic out there. anybody that knows him would know. but he's also my biggest
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supporter. >> reporter: chris and greg have talked about this moment and visualized what it would be like to win the super bowl. a good coach always has a game plan in place. >> i've actually talked about it with greg. i told him, greg, look, i don't care where i sit during the game but i want to be on the lower level for one reason. once you win it, and i truly believe you are going to win it. you've got to come over to where i'm sitting, and i'm going to hand you your kids, and they're going to be down there with you, and that's going to be the defining moment of where greg is. >> reporter: jeff joins me now to hear that. you just get goose bumps ?roo. when he told me that, i was like, my goodness, what an amazing statement. it was interesting to talk with coach olson about how the panthers plan to slow the broncos' pass attack. greg may not be running as many patterns as he normally does. he could be used as a blocker. they could be using mike tolbert as a blocker. i know they would like to try to use their blocking scheme as they normally do but they may
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>> and what they do with cam newton, who, by the way, won mvp, they say they're going to do the same thing they've done all season. run him when he wants to run. they were asked if they were going to scale that back, and he said, no, not at all. >> why in the world would you take your best weapon and minimize what he can do. wide open tomorrow. it's the only opportunity you have. you never know if you might get back or not. >> absolutely. kickoff in a couple of hours. ken, back to you. >> thanks, mandy and jeff. now, as we've just foreshadowed, the nfl does hand out a few honors tonight. as you might expect the panthers are heavily involved. cam newton named the ap's most valuable player. no arguments. ron rivera takes home the coach of the year honors. no argument there. todd gurley, another no brainer. he picks up the offensive
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and brett favre leads the next class heading for the pro football hall of fame. tony dungy, ken stabler, and former panther kevin green all part of that 2016 hall of fame class just announced tonight. panthers involved everywhere. >> no kidding. can't wait until tomorrow. >> it is going to be fun. >> wow, what a battle.
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