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tv   Sunday Morning  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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rein tugzz t.d csidewh i aseuts didpoo s gods sto t o th year's most nominated films. >> you're a kid from a poor ttsithogmorning."
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>> do ibevi"asirk ofr, mi d an torni vth othony mason. >> teddy. >> jeff daniels has been everywhere on screen recently. but only a few years ago he thought his career was over. >> well, i wanted to quit before i wasedlet or isse or t camthe nm" a go comn ilways does. >> and ever since the actor has been singing a different tune. jeff daniels ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: the bowls our seth
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have nothing at all to do with football. >> there are probably more buttons on a japanese toilet than you could ever imagine needing. at least until you try one. >> i use it for the first time, i was caught off guard. but the more i use it. >> the elaborate and hi-tech world of jap piece toilets. later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: anna warner takes in some super bowl commercials. mo rocca analyzes real panthers and broncos in the match up. david pogue talks about the ted talks. connor night ton sets out on a journey down the national parks trail. first. the 7th of february 2016. defying international warning north korea launched long range
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vigliotti reports. >> video captured the object over north korea. a state television news reader later identified as rocket launched under the order of kim jung un. claims this morning's mission put satellite into orbit but u.s. and allies condemn the operation as a cover for testing a long-range missile capable of delivering a nuclear bomb. the launch defied key ally china. and comes one month after north korea claimed to carry out a nuclear test. secretary of state john kerry called the launch a major provocation threatening the united states. the u.s. may deploy a missile defense system in south korea to counter the growing threat. in london. >> osgood: donald trump was back last night after taking a pass on the last republican presidential debate. he took center stage in
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marco rubio took most of the arrows from his rivals after strong showing in iowa last week. on the democratic side, presidential candidate bernie sanders took time out for comedy. new hampshire? >> okay. >> just okay? >> well, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. >> sanders look alike larry david. now the weather. super in santa clara, california. today's big game, should kick off under sunny skies with temperatures near 70. but in the east, there's rain along the coast. and a blizzard could blow through the midwest. the week ahead, more winter
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but first. fdaehar hve o m cto
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ryon>>esico.en t d levels, particularly testoso there's deep biological stuff going, that affects mood. >> inngke testosterone look like, this is fans watching their team win the
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so tyou caa sens are eoplusti witthei-eard ney. elit 't jmanage, wee pe mon >> osgood: now a page from our "sunday morning" almanac. february 7th, 2009, seven years ago today. the day aerospace scientist jack cover died at the age of 88. even if you don't know his name, you surely know the name of his invention.
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science fiction story "tomorrow swift and his electric rifle" which with a tweak becomes the word taser. the taser applies an electric shock in one two of ways. either through direct contact with the skin or at a distance, through a pair of wired darts fired by compressed air. >> the idea of using electricity to incapacitate at its core is frankly a beautiful and simplistic idea. >> rick smith and his brother, tom, talked with david martin for a "60 minutes" story back in 2011. they founded taser international in 1993 after acquiring the rights to cover's invention. they even videotaped taser tests they did on themselves. >> going to tase a 72-year-old woman. >> videos of taser use on unnailing subjects have become i tube sensations. including this one of protester at a john kerry event.
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>> university of florida in 2007. the controversy goes on. amnesty international has recorded well over 500 deaths from the u.s. police taser use since 2001. a figure that the manufacturer and its defenders vigorously dispute. they argue that most deaths can be blamed on other causes, such as drug use or other factors. with very rare exceptions lawsuits brought by taser victims or their families lose in court. with police body cameras now an expanding parted of its product line, taser international reported some $50 million in sales for the third quarter of last year. as cofounder tom smith told "60 minutes" back in 2011. >> we believe in what we're doing. we have changed the world.
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>> osgood: coming up, super bowl contenders, advertising sionget he way nexir, w e sli bor nt hrn. rote wi newr inent urn. nexium leveective a.. ...omanys inli n sthmtoms coack my erm l ne,tod a miinpiece y asmareatreeo i th anot ontr ong-term asthma controldici like an d corticostero breo won'tce acue ler for suddreathiblem eo o up aito h improve breathing for a fullhours.
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incas thek of d om astoble y increase the risk ofpitalion in en alesc. is r pehose asthmawell cled -terthma c ne, an d cotero onour ass wentroyo docll dif y stopand ibe erenma c me, an d cotero notakbreothanescr see yourasth notyourr if d besing for if elifor ee aeo.c >> osgood: which commercials will score big tonight? here's anna werner. >> they're the ads that made betty white a football player. >> you're playing like betty white out there.
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i can't go to the dance like this. >> and cast danny trejo as marcia brady. >> snickers scored big with viewers but it's super bowl time again and the problem for the brand is, how do you raise the bar? that's the challenge for peter kain who directs the snickers campaign at ad agency bbdo. >> you want something new. we have to work within the structure we have to try to bring it to life in new and different and surprising ways. >> this year's spot is different for sure. that's actor willem dafoe in a dress as marilyn monroe. >> who is the genius that puts a girl in heels on subway grate? >> as we saw on the set a few weeks back kain and crew pumped things up by casting another familiar face.
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>> eugene levy h a libbith daf ma owanots take to blow some air up a dress? >> it's funny to see him in the dress. it's just on the surface funny. >> i hope so. >> it better be funny. snickers' entire brand strategy is riding on this one ad campaign. how many times will this ad replay in a year? >> oh, thousands. >> allison miazga-bedrick is marketinectofo s she admits getting noticed via the super bowl is expensive. although she won't say how expensive. >> why is it worth it? >> because of the eyeballs and the impressions and everything that comes along with it. so the fact that we're sitting here talking about it is exactly that. it's not just the 30 seconds that you're paying for. you're paying for everything th surrounds it which is why peter paine and his team spend
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>> who are we kidding, no one wants to see this. >> it's the super bowl, right? i mean, do you feel any pressure? >> yes. >> lots of pressure? >> yes. >> when it's super bowl, all eyes are on it. it's the one time like my high school friends care what i'm doing so -- >> the one time? >> yeah. >> super bowl ads didn't always carry this weight. but one commercial changed everything. >> on january 24th, apple computer will introduce macintosh. >> suddenly super bowl commercials became must-see tv the former "new york times" ad columnist stuart elliott. >> the apple ad set off the idea that if you would pay attention to the commercials and stop talking and stop eating and stop running to the bathroom or the kitchen, that you will be
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different, interesting, heart warming, schmaltzy, hilarious, surprising commercials. >> which brought us the frogs, the dancing monkey, the bud bowl and mini darther.en tarodya sur wl >> sorry, mr. reynolds. >> hey, that bear can talk! >> most of those commercials were created by big ad agencies. but for the 10th year the little guy gets a shot with the doritos crash the super bowl contest. this year, 5,000 people submitted their own homemade ads in hopes of making the cut. so, this is literally where you put this together. >> yeah. >> on your computer at home, right? >> this is where it all happened. >> aspiring film maker jacob chase is one of three finalists this year with this ad
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his dog, miz. how much did this cost to put together? >> you know, honestly we spent about a thousand dollars. >> that was it? >> really just my closest friend and family that's how we were able to make it. >> the winner who gets a million bucks will be revealed during the game. so chase admits, like many of us, he'll only be watching for the commercials. do you know who is playing? >> do i know who's playing? honestly -- >> you don't. >> i know the broncos are playing, right? that's one. that's embarrassing. >> how does this happen.
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ct as b t gat ilyn aorureeha htnst pre pt str cny s vne>>we p molested kids in denthesr the last 0 years. >> it's the true story of how reporters at the "boston globe" uncovered the scandal of catholic priestss preying on >> you're a poor kid from a poorly when a post pays attention it' ho? >> the tip line. >> you have something?
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in good leather style, they knocked on s. youememis n chuecto every priest in massachusetts. >> dusty archives. >> they geeked out on the specifics of it, on the detai d,idnvesve that. ing h thldlips a ing ander,aper,papeaper.we cd outhereries is >> tere.>>n bow the glo reor blishe devicing way workkwards from themocateestsas tid it was very tedious and hellish work that they had to do. but it was fruitful. boots on the ground journalism.
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ti.ikt'oyuyoce- hte aesid>>insu.z n weerangffw ts crvdo w pgeyim e rvpoe.omeone you never met bef an you tell meficaatned? >> specifically he molested me. >> the spotlight investigation ultimately ex supposed more than 200 priests as molesters and led
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inal in charge of the boston archdioce. >> mark my words ittoa gribnd diing. the kw. to kids.
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sstd s fn ctyveed li d ins,esll t ali aar bocon bisccyereinyo hju it
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asorte?hetatihave w p >> the station agent back in 2003 was mccarthy'siril as writer and director.aftert>>g bo sta this, okay? wr a dirte win haling you stomore, iand a act >> i w talk with you a minute? >> the role that prepared him in a way for his work on
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>>ou ar. t ho?outing corners, telling falsehoods. >> every last word is in my notes! >> making up characters,aking up dialogue. >> i would say i one a pulitzer prize, leslie, on that show. >> and now the multi-talented mccarthy may win a real oscar or two. >> i'm really excited not just for me but for everyone who works on the film, right? that said, look, there comes a point where i have to stop talking about myself and this movie and i got to get back to work. >> osgood: coming up -- you can have the top of the mountain to yourself.
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greatest coinin tlsom torpi >> osgood: jeff daniels played it strictly for laughs in the 1994 film "dumb and dumber." op now he's on broadway. and looking with our anthony mason. >> with his name up in lights on broadway, jeff daniels is at age 06, busier than he's ever been. the past year it seems like
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lao andeastrmatt dam bac ma "thllk hpp jcullrc bongey.k ivh le,>> yungod ined y ess.
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>> w sigd i b georbush >>thecreatowrit newsroered partf man mvo in hbies. >> sy g ot incs tal mineech>> tolut n ev tort tstatthat theeatentrye world. we're 7th in literacy. >> were you nervous about that? >> on the way to the set, aaron said, just, important as this speech to you it's twice as important to me. i waiteades sp. is ir sh oneths areut a ubt aberfhe wst od gionerio ever,peri ou h whats uhe gr coun t wi don't know what the -- you're talking about. >> daniels won an emmy for "the newsroom" and says he finally
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given years ago. >> tommy tune pulled me aside one day and said, i know you can act. i need you to star in it. >> daniels' career began in chelsea, michigan, his hometown where he and his wife, kathleen, raised their three kids and still live. he started acting in high school, in 1976 he dropped out of college and bravely set out for new york. kind of overwhelming coming to new york at 21. >>h, weady lve singay. het ou an 1 thening pntme wn heded rn ofea y havakdor it yo noerice. >> i was unlikable, sad, coward
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e shs dyi'sghr t t co a over. i'est,dabl courageous, romanreki ls qned arepu assati actor. thin audnc iserfon 1 ee t toilet, it'sn.>> ipris blockbuster "dumb and dumber." >> that's going to be the first clip that plays next to your name. how do you feel about that? >> well, there's a strange kind of pride. i love the choice. i took -- you. love the choice because everybody told you not to make the choice. >> everybody told me not to do it. we have you on the serious, important actor trail. and the one thing the agents
9:43 am
more was that, jeff, be honest, jim's going to blow you off the screen. >> undaunted, daniels did a screen test with jim carrey. >> jim just looked at me and did that. and i said, oh, and then it was over. >> where did you pull that ?>> offim act,. >> did it change your career? >> yeah, what happened because of "dumb and dumber" was they knew my name. i would go through airports and it wasn't -- what's your name? it's jeff daniels. >> that name is out r now on the march key of broadway's belasco theater with co-star michelle williams. >> i was telling michelle the other day, yeah, it's hard, brutal, we get to do this.
9:44 am
it doesn't get any bigger than this. >> actually jeff daniels has a little springsteen in him. for iv than that a decade he's been a touring musician in between acting jobs. >> it's a hard road i'm traveling but i've come too far to turn myself around i do enjoy it because there's no editor, no director, no anything else except me. i don't know where i'm going but i'm going where i've never gone befe >> this past fall, daniels went out for five weeks with a backing band led by his 31-year-old son, ben, who he taught to play the guitar as a teenager. imagine going out on the road with your son is pretty great. >> you never know how kids are
9:45 am
it's prison, i mean, you just don't know. >> anything north of priss son good. >> anything north of prison. of all his great performances over the past year, none would mean more than this one on their last night in kalamazoo, michigan. it ain't the fortune, it april the fame >> jeff and ben daniels sang a dueta song the father wrote for his son. >> it ain't what i thought it would be. it ain't what i thought it would be it's in that young boy lookin' up at me >> it was -- i'll never forget it. the trip of a lifetime. >> it's a matter of time just a matter of time to you grew up
9:46 am
>> i told him that when i hugged him. the last show. just whispered to him, it was the trip of a lifetime. lucky me. [ applause ] c ahead.
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>> grab ahold. ottit hoshe yeyd la
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yourenge >> osgood: whatever the topic, whenever an expert gives a ted talk, millions around the world want to terry what was said. which is why our david pogue is talking ted with us. >> every february, 1500 people travel to vancouver, canada, for one of the most famous conferences in the world. they sit in this custom-built theater for four days, listening to talks by famous or brilliant people.
9:53 am
nonverbals. >> if you've ever seen a ted talk it's probably not bse yot to t cfence, it'obabecause yeee one he. t a bhoun >> today, three million people watch ted videos every day on com, youtube,tfli n about a billion views a year. it's all for free. >> these talks spread because people want to share them. they're excited by the ideas. >> chris anderson is the curator of ted, he owns and runs it. he's a believer in ted's slogan, ideas worth spreading. >> you celtic totes a conference now giving it away. >> that part was definitely scary. but the affects of doing this giving away our content was
9:54 am
for the conference. surprising and wonderful. >> but there's another ted affect, giving a talk has on the speaker. ted speakers come from all walks of life. they're not all household names. they just have ideas worth spreading. even i've given a ted talk or two. professor has spoken ted several times. >> are you recognized in public from somebody that has seen the talks online? >> yes. maybe once a day on average people come and they say i really like the research. >> or social progress expert michael green. >> we've got people who are saying, you are a serious partner we want to work with. because we know this is a credible idea. it's been on the ted stage. >> in 20 to 12 author susan cain gave a ted talk about the power of introverts been watched
9:55 am
>> you know, you give a ted talk then suddenly everyone's inviting you to speak. my kids have been to ten countries. >> where would you and your book and your life be? >> came out three years ago and it's still now on the best seller list. i don't think with ted -- without ted that that would have been the case. >> so relax your hands, what happens? >> if you're a ted speaker you're well aware that a great talk could catapult your career forward. so the pressure is on to put together an amazing talk. >> thank you guys for being such a good sport. >> people are now taking a week sometimes months of preparation time to really think hard about what you want to say how they want to say it. >> nowadays your staff works
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ed tsken ha sanatbstusteyolk eonsotes dng hpains ct ng ask asumanity has. and we want to continue to figure out how to help do that in whatever way we can. and that's a huge and he can sighting quest over the next few years. jime en pla
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