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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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whap. the next during you -- and you jump on facebook, hope -- right after the news, maybe we had some in the facebook page you ought to check out, the favorite super bowl commercial, i am hoping one of them is not the pope the monkey baby -- puppy monkey baby commercial that's not a favorite area thank you carolina panthers, that's great people doing shout out and sounding off for what a great seasons panthers had an check out the pictures from buxton where there's serious flooding. you can see dramatic pictures there. we want to wish you a happy new year, we did not forget to mark the calendar, it starts that chinese new year. the single most important festival in the chinese
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of the monkey. the ninth animal in the 12th year cycle of the chinese zodiac and people born in the year of the monkey they are supposedly smart and lively and full of energy and furious. they hope to cash in with stuffed monkeys delivery -- delivery backpacks and other products featuring the monkeys. mark sucker burke and his cillchant ew n fao noced me ween course fa, e me is mitakirns cradling their chiln main, plaithe syname is busy wther's me,
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million a year, other apps recently launched as well. wed new york city manager matthew kinzel the says a company put walkers with a background check. >> there's a thorough vetting process for all walkers, we walk -- higher less than one% of the walkers who apply. >> she's a college student, she can pick and choose her own schedule. making money with each walk checks up. it's a lot of security knowing that the dog is taken care of. >> less stress for both the dog owner and his best friend. so far wed is available in -- wag is available in los angeles, san francisco, new york, see -- chicago and seattle. the went to keep growing this will this year. video from -- are nearly complete, the main venue, is just about done, several other venues are already finished,
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jairarsimonths away and you can watch the action here on wral. it looks beautiful there. >> i know they have been there had been a lot of preparation. >> we had the super bowl and then >> olympics. >> i love it. >> for the first time, we have a united states olympian prospect thomas someone who won a medal and kayaking and they train in north carolina. i am hoping we will have some story about.
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nothing but winter to talk about here. let's take a look at what's going on. start out with the radar picture, we have rain on the way, in the west, some snow in the mountains, it's creeping our way. rapidly esther rain and we are -- we're looking west toward door time, that's the lucky strike power and it's all great. some parts still seeing sunshine, it's about five minutes or so ago you can see the sun from the east shining here on to the tower and the clouds are continuing to move in that direction. it's all gray in durham. clouds streaming from the west. dropping the temperatures 58 -- 48 greensboro, 49 charlotte. much colder in the mountains, 45 in boone, snow falling in
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we are only going to see rain, 51 raleigh, 54 fayetteville. fifty greenville, 53 wilmington 47 had rest. cold air is locked up in the 10 of the right now and you can see the contours. you can see the cold air -- doesn't look dramatic in bismarck. that's coming for wednesday, there's a northeastern -- of outer banks of north carolina, we will take a look at what's headed our way, that's pulling away from us and we have a cold front in the mountains bringing showers and northeastern. this low-pressure system and
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wrapping around the rotating around we will see another band come through tomorrow. we have a shot of precipitation this afternoon with all the brains -- rains and rotating around through the -- we will see another blip of it tomorrow which is very light and maybe a flurry or sprinkle. cold air coming our wake. we have some rolling later on tonight and tomorrow. the comes the purple. very cold air back down into the 30s by wednesday and thursday. to our -- arctic air and it drops down again in the weekend. the arctic outbreak for the weekend is sunday into monday maybe even colder than the one we will see for wednesday and thursday. computer models are watching the development and dropping are temperatures more. we could be talking -- talking teens and single digits. maybe sunday and monday morning
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low 30s and upper 20s for 53. balmy. for the rest of the day today, 50s. all rain for us. tuesday 45, cold tomorrow morning, that may feel a little warm compared to what's coming, 25 wednesday, 2032 there's a 20 -- 32 there's a 20 friday 36 sunday, we may have to drop one thing that happened since months the -- happens is months the temperatures begins to drop we don't have much of what chance of precipitation. -- a chance of precipitation. where watching the development of a coastal low for friday and saturday right now, too much uncertainty. we will continue to watch that. they may have something to say about that this evening. the polar plunge at nc state's saturday and this year -- is saturday and this year it will feel like polar plunge, 5k at
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degrees. water temperatures very cold. there wouldn't -- they wouldn't be surprised if there's ice on the lake. a great cause, it benefits special olympics. one. expected to be chilly, 33 again at 6:00 p.m. and coming home, in the 20s. monday will be cold. we might see temperatures moderated a bit. not 60s or 70s, but we might get back to normal which is mid 50s. not good weather for valentines. above freezing is good. thank you. mardi gras going to the dogs. literally. coming up, how some furry friends are getting in on all the fun.
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introduce you to the pet of the
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more than 2000 people gathered in germany in this past weekend to break the world record for the number of people dressed as smurf. unfortunately the crowd fell short. it included 2149 smurfs, that's a 361 short of the record set in wales back in 2009. organizers say it more than a smurfs. .
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cute, he doesn't need a costume. this is highway, lynn tell us about it, this is highway he is a three-year-old ---year-old german shepherd dog, he is so named because he was rescued at from the side of the highway which is the saddest thing ever, now he is in the foster home and happy and growing, highway is a great energy dog, medium energy, good with other dogs and that in squirrels, he was good with all -- the older ki -- all the kids, and he's ready to go. if you want to make highway your southeast german rescue,
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tune in at 4:0 rammed a police car.
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ramming cars. >> big old dump truck. going to jail. snow mobilers living up it right before that snow comes crashing down. what it's like to be buried alive, hoping someone can find you. something's stuck deep in that pipe. >> thankfully nearby engineers came to the rescue. >> see how skills and a good bucket set them free. plus the buzz word to win a new ipad mini. and she thinks she's going to a ride and -- >> he gets down on one knee. >> pulls off one epic proposal. get yourself out of sight.
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thinking this is just business
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