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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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julie sims is live. >> the fist ballots cast in the first in nation primary where the candidates stand in the polls as new hampshire voters divide. you need to bundle up. it's going to get colder tomorrow in to the rest of the week. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. hope you are nice and warm in bed. i'm bryan mims in for bill leslie. >> you can tell we love winter. it is that time of year. feels like february. >> can we complain. >> there is a chance we might see a you are inry this morning. >> good way to put it, brian. colder air, that's filtering in behind a front, the front is coming across the area today. we will look at the satellite and radar picture. a band of precipitation, which looks more impressive on this radar picture than it is. we had no reports of this actually reaching the ground. a sprinkle or a flurry a
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we will have different little pieces of energy like this, disturbances rolling through on and off today as we widen the view out. see more of this across the mountainand across tennessee and kentucky. see more of it today. none will be heavy, every once in a while or sprinkle or flurrys possible. 36 durham and wake forest. 38 holly springs. above freezing, everywhere except for south hill at 32. temperatures dropping a couple of degrees before we get to sunrise. 37 rocky mount and goldsboro. cloudy skies, 32, 39 lunchtime, high of 45, a lot more cloudy for today. sprinkle or flurrys possible. colder temperatures than yesterday. tomorrow colder yet, we will talk about that in a minute. a break in a raleigh murder case. police arrested a man in the killing of a taxi driver. >> we reported this yesterday morning about the initial
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morning at the wake county detention center. we understand this investigation is not yet over. >> reporter: that's right. 25 year old major earl edwards was finger printed and booked and charged with killing a man who friends say who was only trying to do his job. edwards was arrested in raleigh overnight. police are not saying what led them to edwards. 55 year old jose dominguez was shot multiple times on hodges creek drive around 1:30 monday morning, dominguez who worked a as taxi cab driver was responding to a call for service. friends and co-workers were reeling with grief selling us he was someone who had always been there for his friends. police think other people maybe involved. there could be more arrests on the way, as for edwards, he is held without bond and expected to make a first court
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>> julie sims on the arrest of the ill canning of the taxi driver, thank you. a man is heading to court in nash county after deputies charged him with breaking in to a woman's home and raping her. 31 year old omar montoya. this happened saturday in bailey. the victim told authorities after the attack that she was afraid montoya would kill her if she tried to call for help. five people are indicted in the death of a vans county man missing for the past month. a silver alert was issued for fields of henderson january 11th. indictments claim he was killed on december 29th. officials are not saying found. collier, grism, lewis and weesner are charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. shannon is charged with accessory after the fact. we are working to find out why investigators believe fields is dead and what they believe unfolded between the suspects
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we will bring you updates on wral news and a man killed by a deputy had cocaine and alcohol in his system. family members say 33 year old john livingston should not have died. a deputy shot him three times in november. deputies were working an assault call before that shooting. family members say the people they were looking for did not live at livingston's home and the struggle started when livingston said no to a search without a warrant. fbi is investigating. harnett county sheriff's office is not talking. testimony resumes in the murder trial of travion smith. the jury heard from the defendant. smith killed melissa huggins jones during a burglary in 2013. the jury watched a videotaped interview of smith with police. a stolen laptop from the crime scene connected him to the case. in a contentious exchange, the detective urged him to come clean about what happened or he
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smith denied knowing anything about the murder. southern germany this morning, two people died in a train crash. police say that two trains crashed head on, there are up to 100 injuries at this point, the exact number is unclear. police spokesman says there are paramedics rescue workers, ambulances and helicopters on the scene. turning to politics, the first votes are in, in the nation's first primary. this is in new hampshire where the first nine ballots were casted a midnight. dom trump is confident. democrats bernie sanders could come away with a win after losing iowa to hilary clinton by the smallest of margins. they are hoping a winter storm doesn't lure voters away from the polls.
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up to 8 inches by late today or early tomorrow. eastern massachusetts and rhode island could get up to 9 inches of snow. improvements are coming to downtown raleigh, the public will learn how renovations will improve public transportation, include renaming the station, go raleigh station. there is an open at the tent from noon until 5:00. the rain and sleet sunday wasn't a big deal here but a big deal at the coast. overwash and high water shutdown highway 12. shut down 3 miles south of the ferry terminal. this was the scene along 12, located in dare county. bowers sent us this video of water, sand and debris, washing across the road. the panthers are now back in north carolina, following super bowl 50. >> look at the scene last night when the team landed at charlotte douglas.
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most of them headed to bank of america stadium to give the team a rousg homecoming. fans say this is their way of showing panther pride. >> carolina panthers for life, baby. we got to support them, know we still love them and it was a game, we did what we had to do. >> show the support, we love the panthers. win or lose, keep pounding all day. >> many fans say they are already looking forward to the panthers fan fest, which is in august. the broncos also returned home yesterday, the city of denver will celebrate their win with a parade this afternoon. someone has a new vision for raleigh's triangle town center. >> the amount of money a new investor paid to take on the property and plans for the future. battered by a storm for almost 12 hours off north carolina's coast. these passengers on this cruise ship are not home.
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could take before they we are starting to see our temperatures falling a little bit, a little bit of a change in our weather now. rdu sky cam is looking fine. wet spots on the road. for the most part the travels in terms of weather shouldn't be a big deal. 36 benson, 37 rocky mount. 34 roxboro. 36 garner. cloudy, breezy, cooler than yesterday. 41 degrees at lunchtime. 42 at 5:00. we may see a sprinkle or flurry at any point today. i will show you the radar coming up in a few minutes. a little bit showing up. i shouldn't see a lot of it. this morning, temperatures starting off near freezing at the bus stop. the justice department is investigating how hackers were
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information for 20,000 fbi employees. it happened yesterday, a day after personal data for almost 10,000 department of home land security employees was posted. the data dump included nameses titles phone numbers and email addresses. it did not appear that private information like social security numbers was accessed. a government report on health insurance says 8 states saw a significant drop last year in the number of residents without health insurance. all 8 except florida had accepted a medicaid expansion, one of two major ways to get coverage under president obama's health care law. the laws other coverage route is subsidized private insurance available in all 50 states. a new vacation for raleigh's triangle town center. dra advisors is an investment firm out of new york, spending $174 million to take over the majority interest in triangle town center. leaders say they are eager to
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they are well situated to take on raleigh's growth. aaa reporting a gallon of regular average is $1.74, the cheapest since january 2009. tough roll in to oklahoma where a 711 is selling it for $1.111 a gallon. aaa expects the gas prices to stay low if the near term unless there is major disruption in the supply. the florida woman who was acquitted of her daughter's death may have a new career. >> the type of business that casey anthony could be starting. next, a memphis police
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hear what he did when an memphis police officials took an officer off the streets after they shot a suspected intruder in the home. mississippi city. he called police, saying he shot an intruder. the suspect went to the hospital and recovering this morning. casey anthony, the woman acquitted in in the death of her daughter caylee, maybe trying to start a new chapter in her life. anthony maybe starting a photography business in south florida. the business is listed as case photography. it had a facebook page, that's been taken down recently. anthony was acquitted of following a very high profile murder case in 2008 and since
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michigan's governor won't attend a hearing focused on the flint water crisis. he can't testify because he has to deliver a budget presentation to the state legislator. this comes as a family living in flint filed the first individual federal lawsuit linked to this water crisis. sofia wait's parents says their 2-year-old daughter tested high for lead levels and hard for her to concentrate and irritable and on a strict vegetarian diet. the family is seeking damages. this is bizarre, unusual crime being reported around austin, texas. >> he got more aggressive. it startled me. >> very creepy, police received a number of complaints about a man going around stomping on women's feet, and then taking off on a bike. most cases the woman is alone
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one victim said it happened to months. the suspect laughs before he runs off. >> yikes. one day before a cruise ship damaged in rough seas will return to new jersey. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was traveling to florida when it ran in to the powerful storm. the ship which was carrying *6 200 people endured hurricane forced winds. see the high seas. four passengers were hurt, not very seriously. federal investigators are looking in to why that ship ended up in the storm. 2015, saw a record number of shark attacks. experts with the florida museum of natural history say there were 98 attacks last year. the previous record was 88 in 2000. the u.s. led the world with 59 attacks including 8 in both north and south carolina.
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as human populations grow and shark populations recover. story. the club climbed a tree for the first time, of course that climb came after several failed attempts. mom stepped in to help him up. one of the newest and most talked about additions at the smithsonian national zoo in washington. >> he is going to grow up so fast, before you know it, driving off to college. >> absolutely precious. >> he is melting. need all the warmth i can get for this week. it's going to be absolutely miserable. you are going to have to go
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long underwear. we are going to be talking about that. first today, temperatures will be chilly today. below normal. nothing like what is coming for the next several days. starting with a radar picture. disturbance swinging through this morning. we start here at midnight or so. we will roll this, you can see what is happening with the little band, that's back to the west. i think it's going to roll for us. there it goes. taking its time. it looks a little bit more impressive here on the radar picture than it is really is. we have yet to see anything recorded at any of the stations that are underneath this band of precipitation. still, a sprinkle or a flurry is not out of the question. we are seeing that in moore county, hope county, lee county, western chatham is where it is now. it's going to continue to trek eastward. if you are in harnett, cumberland, you may see this
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and a half. sprinkle or flurry. the amounts will be light. we will continue this pattern through the day today. some maybe a few brief breaks, sun, overcast, when the overcast rolls through, there maybe a sprinkle or a flurry. nothing that's going to cause you travel problems. roads are damp in places, not a lot of standing water. the rain has been over for a while. this is went boulevard. 36 is our temperature, we e sitting above freezing at the airport. above freezing in most places. dew point is 34. moisture in the atmosphere, chillies it's damp. 31 in south hill, 32 roanoke rapids. 34 roxboro. our freezing temperatures now are up near the virginia line. rocky mount 37, 36 in smithfield. sanford and 38 fayetteville. we are a good bit above freezing south. we are seeing the band of precipitation. probably going to be a sprinkle versus a flurry.
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we have a low pressure system about here, it's pushing a cold front across the area now. that's going to bring us temperatures this afternoon, 10 degrees colder than yesterday. for tonight, 10 degrees colder than this morning, we will see highs in the 30s for the next several days. a steady flow of cold air out of canada, ushered in to north carolina. going to be the arctic blast with us for a few days. another one for the weekend. this morning, 8:00 a.m., remnants of the disturbance swinging through. cloud cover at lunchtime. right after lunch, future cast showing sunshine, a flurry, a sprinkle, during the afternoon, raleigh north and eastward. unsettled day for us today. wednesday, sunshine, potentially to begin the day. we will have increasing clouds and a sprinkle or a flurry is not out of the question on wednesday. 45 for today. looking at freezing this
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for tomorrow, 39, and wednesday or thursday, 39 as well. friday 41. saturday we get the second blast of cold air coming in. lunchtime, we will climb up to 36, temperatures drop through the afternoon instead of climbing which is what they normally do. sunday is a cold day for us. we start at 15 degrees. we don't make it above freezing on sunday. our normal is 55. we will be more than 20 degrees cold r than normal. sunday 28 is the record high. record set in 1916. in to next week, temperatures will warm up a little bit, a cold start monday morning at 21 degrees. on the roads this morning, a little damp, a little bit of leftover water on the roads. nothing is likely to be frozen on the roads. temperatures are too warm for that.
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you may have noticed bike lanes around raleigh. >> details on the next move towards making the city more bike friendly. you don't have to run a marathon to get a medal in the rock and roll raleigh races. you can do less and get a medal.
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