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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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xtpr roraic wn unl eyncgher in lld dnenona 25-year- old youth minister was killed this morning at work. it happened about 8:15 am at meadow lane elementary on east ash street. investigators say brandon kincaid, who was in a wheelchair was struck in the school's parking lot by a private bus. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. no charges have been filed. and there is a silver alert for a missing man.
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old joseph her -- curtsy. he was last seen wearing a blue cap and blue jays coat. police say he was just found, is that correct? that's good news for the silver alert. he has been found. a man charged with killing a grandfather as he was driving a cab in raleigh has been in court this morning. police say they expect to make more arrests. major edwards was arrested overnight but officers aren't saying what led them to edwards. he is charged with the death of josi nicholas garland -- josi nicholas dominguez. he responded to a call for a taxi on hodgins creek drive.
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opbl di ma etad fergusons cost of making reforms could approach $4 alone. the community has been in the national spotlight sensitively brown. city council is expected to decide today whether to adopt the agreement with u.s. department of justice. if it does not, a federal civil rights lawsuit could follow. attorney general loretta lynch considers the -- police the nation. it's one of six city she will visit to highlight the success of police. fatal is considered a model of good policy she says. the federal department of justice helped fayetteville reassess its use of force with suspects last year. which will also visit miami, portland, indianapolis, phoenix and los angeles. stocks on this to say are looking -- what do we have so far? again, if today. the major indices down. dell down about 70 and the dow
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for complete market and business news, go to our website and click on business. state environmental regulators have find it duke energy millions after the spill in the dan river. the department of environmental quality issued the $6.6 million fine along the $207,000 bill for the agency's enforcement. the fine covers civil penalties committed before and after the spill in february 2014. last may, duke pleaded guilty to violations of the federal clean water act in connection with this bill. more calls for the investigation into the royal caribbean cruise that rolled into a dangerous storm. >> passengers share video and pictures of these terrifying moments at the as the ship makes its way back to port. also caught on camera, a gas station roof collapses while two workers were on top of it. plus, prank involving a
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cototme moco te uta mo instspe tiorwh pthspirit. how they shared support for their team when they returned. your pick 3 numbers this
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6, 3, 3. and carolina we began with a sad story out of goldsboro where we learned where 24-year-old youth minister was killed this
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>> it happened around 8:15 am
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