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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 10, 2016 3:37am-4:00am EST

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with john dickerson of "face the nation." john. >> reporter: bernie sanders, scott, isn't just running a campaign. he's fighting a crusade, and that requires big wins to build momentum that people want to join and that's exactly what he got here tonight. he won across the board, even winning among women, a group hillary clinton should have done well with. sanders will probably get to sleep in his own bed in neighboring vermont tonight and he'll need it because the future contests have fewer liberal voters and more voters of color, a group he has trouble with. >> pelley: now, just a handful of delegates were awarded tonight so the race under the nomination is just beginning. headlines of the night-- trump wins the republican primary in new hampshire, kasich second, cruz, bush, and rubio battling for third. democrat bernie sanders handily defeats hillary clinton. now it's on to south carolina. there will be more on the primary on your local cbs
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call this number now. >> welcome back to the overnight news. the battle against cancer, and according to one reecen't survey.
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genetic tests own the market. in the race to profit from the exploding industry, a cbs news investigation found some companies may be promising more than science can deliver. jim axelrod has the cbs news investigation. >> reporter: in the fight against cancer a test that could detect a tumor before a patient shows symptoms a game changer. best case scenario, three to five years away. but our investigation found one test on the market right now that could give patients a false sense of security about their cancer risk. >> at this health care conference in silicon valley, a few weeks ago. >> very hot topic. >> biotech pioneers pitched latest and graptest in personalized health care. >> this has the potential to totally change not just cancer but all of medicine. >> reporter: dr. richard klausner, director of grail, a company developing a blood test for cancer, known as a liquid biopsy. >> somebody with no symptoms
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>> reporter: you could determine if they have cancer. >> ty gr >> reporter: the idea hold great promise. klausner says proving it works will take time. >> the answers are not going to be clear until we do definitive and large scale studies because we need to know, not that this sound good, but that it is true. >> reporter: any company saying that time is now? >> we just don't have the clinical data yet. we have to get it. >> reporter: there is a lot of incentive, the liquid biopsy market is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2020. another company after a piece of it, san diego based pathway genomics. pathway's roster of board members includes former chair of the joint chiefs of staff, peter pace, former secretary of commerce, barbara franklin and newt gingrich. pathway raised $40 million in its the last round of
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>> like the most amazing thing. >> reporter: and raised its profile on an episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> mitch mulinex. pathway genomics. >> reporter: what caught our attention, the test launched in december. >> introducing pathway genomic's revolutionary test cancer intercept detect and monitor. >> reporter: available by physician order for as little as $299, pathway's marketing claimed it could do what others say is years away. >> cancer intercept can detect a growing tumor in the body. before the patient may notice symptoms. like a cancer stethoscope for detecting and monitoring cancer. >> a few weeks ago we visited pathway to ask them about their claims.
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jim plant, they played us that marketing video. >> weep just watched a video upstairs. >> right. it says the liquid biopsy will detect cancer before symptoms. >> may, may. so we say. >> that's not what the video says. >> it says it may. we don't say will. we say may. >> reporter: you don't make the claim that you can detect cancer? >> we say, the information can be used to help guide potential early diagnosis. >> reporter: we also asked plant about this chart showing advantages of their liquid biopsy over a traditional tissue biopsy. >> we never say it replaces solid tissue by on tee. >> this chart looks like an -- either/or, doesn't it? >> it's not an either/or. >> tumor biopsy. versus cancer interctoliid biopsy. >> it is an additional tool in the toolbox. one piece of information that helps guide, guide, the, the physician, patient discussion. >> while good to have extra tools. that doesn't mean we should be using them on our patient outside research settings. >> reporter: dr. max dean cancer researcher at stanford.
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cancer in otherwise healthy patients. >> i think we are still years away from that possibility. >> reporter: years? >> years. that absolutely requires thousands of patients and long term trials to prove that. >> reporter: thousands of patients. years of testing. millions of dollars. >> correct. >> reporter: if a company isn't doing any of the three. i don't think i would order that test. >> pathway has three clinical trials under way to study its liquid biopsy. but they all started months after the test was put on the market. following our interview, pathway removed the marketing video from its website telling us they "had proactively decided to limit some of our marketing activities associated with cancer intercept." in september, fda sent pathway genomics a lettera citing concerns the test did not have adequate clinical validation and
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3:47 am won't let you down. a cruise ship with more than 4500 passengers on board scheduled to limp into part today after surviving a terrifying couple days at sea. royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" caught in a dangerous winter storm with massive waves
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the ship left new jersey saturday bound for florida but was forced to turn around. jericka duncan reports from the cape liberty port. >> reporter: four people suffered minor injuries. but says the damage to the ship did not affect seaworthiness. that being said some are questioning why the ship left in the first place knowing there was a large storm in the forecast. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 30-foot waves battled "anthem of the seas" and whipped chairs off its deck. pictures taken aboard the massive ship reveal ceiling damage, overturned furniture and destroyed kitchen. >> the deck i was on, which was the clive, was taking in water from the rain. >> reporter: passenger says more than 4,500 passengers on board
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storm in their stateroom sunday. >> you could hear the waves crashing against the hull, metal twisting and banging. all night long. it was scary. >> reporter: the nearly 200,000 ton liner which launched last year is one of the largest vessels of its kind. in a statement royal caribbean said "the wind speeds the ship endured were hyperthan what was forecasted." >> when the storm is brewing you don't go out of port. >> reporter: monday, florida senator bill nelson criticized royal caribbean's decision to go forward with the trip despite the weather conditions. and called on the ntsb to investigate the incident. >> it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruise ship with thousand of passengers go sailing right into it? >> reporter: royal caribbean says it will offer all guest is a full refund including 50% off of their next cruise. >> we have more now of gayle
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obama. he invited cbs cameras into the white house sunday before the super bowl. here is gayle. >> i'm curious about how the presidency changed you as a president and how you changed as a man in the time you have been in the office? >> my basic character is unchanged. michelle and close friends who have known me for years would say he is the same guy. there its obviously some hard-won wisdom from overcoming challenges, figuring out really hard problems. maybe just a function of age as well as having been around the track a while as president. you lose that fear. you lose that sense of, oh, what if something goes wrong. because there are going to be things that go wrong. >> do you have something that really stand out in your mind where you said "that was a really good day in the oval office." >> recently the visit with pope francis. >> of course. >> we had a chance to share thoughts and prayer. you know, he is somebody who is the real deal. i think he deeply cares about people, about the most
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picture of a little black boy rubbing your hair. that's one. and the one with ella rhodes. lifting her. i love the shots of the kids in the oval office. >> i love getting on the ground with babies in the oval office. and they're unrestrained. they will run around. they'll, they'll take out all of the apples out of the bowl. and set them in various places. then put them back. and they're out of control. >> some of them don't know you are the president, always nice. not very many people can say that. here we are in campaign 2016. lots of people want your job. if we had said a year ago, the people leading in new hampshire are bernie sanders, and donald trump, what would you have said a year ago when you hear that? >> look, there is no doubt i would have been surprised and yet i always have to remind people that this is really early
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early on, oftentimes, voters want to just vent and -- volt their, their passions. >> uh-huh. >> as the process goes on and they see how people react, i think they recognize that this is a pretty serious job you got to make sure that the person who is in the job is somebody who has the judgment to -- to lead the country and not just to mouth slogans. >> when you came in the office, i will never forget the video of thousand of people sitting there cheering you on. really all around the world. the message was hope and change. there were a lot of expectation for you, voters had, both black and white do. do you think you have met the expectations people had for you all those years ago? >> when you are in the middle of it, it is some times hard to get perspective. i have a list of things i promised to do. i check the list every so often to see how we are doing.
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have made progress on almost all of them. and so, i feel pretty good about being able to match up what i said i would accomplish with what has been accomplished. i mention in the state of the union that one of the things i regret though is that i haven't been able to drain some of the rancor that exists here in washington. >> yeah, yeah. >> and, my rope is that, that as i am not on the ballot again, that i can contribute to getting people to step back for a moment and say we are on the same team here. >> every day i hear you put something in your pocket that was given to you. do you have anything in your pocket? i heard there is cool things in the president's pocket. >> i keep these charms that people have given me along the way they rotate. >> every day you have something. >> so, this is -- a little picture of the lady of guadalupe
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woman gave to me. she, she was imploring me to get immigration laws reformed. this its rosary bead from pope francis. >> i will take this. thank you. all right, we are going to leave. i know you have to go to the pebo. i have one more question, one more. because you are going through stress in terms of what people think of stress, job change, moving, first daughter going to college. which is most stressful for you. >> not even close. malia going off and leaving me. that will make me tear up. we are not going to talk about
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