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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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few people experiencing lightning on weather. ahead, how they see it in space. a big wave surf contest in six years, we take you to hawaii tomorrow for that. your local news is next. you're watching "cbs this morning." it is 7:26, i'm renee chou with your top stories.
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taxidriver. conrad patterson is charged in the death of jose dominquez. junior, is held without bond. will visit duke university school of medicine today to talk about the cancer moonshot. that is president obama's cancer. he compared the ambitious miss of the project to america's moon. biden lost his son to cancer last year. a very cold morning out. we're just going to have to get used to that this week elizabeth. >> we are looking at a whole week of much colder than normal temperatures. we might warm-up by the middle of next week. take a look at the raleigh sky cam. we will be treated tonight sunshine this morning. this afternoon, skies got up and there may be a flurry or sprinkle similar to yesterday. we appreciate everybody who send tweets, pictures, video of the little bit of snow that we
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yesterday. please do the same again this afternoon. it is cold out there, colder than yesterday. 21 southern pines, 27 rocky mount, goldsboro, or one and fayetteville, only three in degrees. just a bit of wind makes it feel colder, 17 in southern france and roxborough, 18 rocky mount and goldsboro. expect mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon with a flurry or sprinkle. westwind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. when you figure in the windchill, it will feel like the 30s for much of the afternoon. we will see sunshine for thursday, start at 20, and about 40, and fray, the chance of a wintry mix and high of 36. brian? 7:28. we have a minor accident in the median on 40 westbound at the clayton bypass contributing to the typical congestion delays and we see this time of day. right now 20 minutes to make the trip from 42 to the balance but. might consider using 70 business as an alternate route through garner this morning. also seen slowdowns through the fortified work zone. an earlier report of a disabled
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street. that is the camera from lake wheeler road heading toward gorman street. look out for an accident at falls of neuse and denard, also the 440 interchange. in his own words, what a murder suspect told raleigh police about the night a woman was kithatng. ow t.hat gr ae-prtion g. iplyfeelt' f als. a wor celon. ultiat. re ne'ro
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's that feeling. multiplied.intr ipliatch-offs. a cto win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling >>sh astronaut tim peek took this time lapse video from the internatio searth. pretty, right?
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paanins.avn ns eghidteatuttoh oth ghngnu-1 7 it is wednesday, february 10th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including donald trump who up-ended the establishment with a huge win in new hampshire last
7:47 am
he is now here in studio 57 right now. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. we are going to make america great again. >> donald trump won going away. >> maybe greater than ever before. >> schwarzenegger once told me love the beatings so i do love the beatings. >> this denied clinton the come-from-behind victory she joyed eight years ago. >> a decisive victory for bernie sanders. what does this mean with hillary clinton's campaign? >> they need to come up with something quickly to get the concentration off of her devastating loss. >> trump gets a lot of free press. i wish i did. >> some will argue that donald trump will get stronger and it may be too late. >> that would ab disaster for the republican party. >> in the rush to put tests in physicians physicians' hands, our process found process placed above proof. >> before we launched a test, we had a clinical study of more than a hundred.
7:48 am
>> red lobster is reporting its sales up 33% from last year following beyonce's performance at the super bowl with "formation." she said it's busy here. said kelly and michelle. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the presidential campaign is now moving to south carolina. new hampshire voters gave donald trump and bernie sanders a big push forward. trump won tuesday's republican primary easily with 35% of the vote. sanders, who barely lost in iowa, won the democratic vote with 60%. ourity polls show he received 83% of the youth vote and finished ahead of cloptinton with female voters. john kasich has momentum this morning. he finished second with 16% and
7:49 am
bush and marco rubio. republicans preferred donald trump when it came to the big issues. our exit polls show 40% he is best to handle the economy and 30% believe he is the best to handle an international crisis. donald trump is here, finally, live and in color joining us at the table. good morning to you. when you walked in, charlie said what took you so long? we have been asking and we wanted you here at the table and we have it today. >> how long has it been since i did the interview with you? >> two or three days. >> no, years. >> that's right. >> it had to be 20 years ago or more so it's been a long time. >> we are delighted you're here. >> congratulations on the show. i hear really great. >> first thing you watch in the morning? >> i watch it, i do. i watch too much. >> congratulations on the win last night. it was a huge win. are you feeling unstoppable today? >> never unstoppable. >> never unstoppable, you? >> i would never want to say that but we had a great period of time. the people of new hampshire were
7:50 am
and i have a lot of friends from the area and i thought i would do well there. >> what made the difference between iowa and new hampshire, do you think for you? >> i think we did really well in iowa. i get no credit for it. i came in second and never did this before and never a politician and in iowa for six months i was a politician and came in second with the largest number of votes ever accepted. and we had the problem with ben carson who i think was really -- i thought a very unfair thing happened to him. if that didn't happen, i would have won iowa. so i was happy with iowa. i did really well. sort of interesting. i came in second but the one that came in thivered,rd, they made him like a star. >> speaking of marco rubio? >> right. >> the republican party is hell-bent, the establishment on stoppi you. even governor bush said this morning on this program it would be disastrous if you were the nominee. >> jeb is a person who he doesn't have. at the he spent $2838. >> i is not alone and you have talked about him before.
7:51 am
establishment worries about awe and they want to stop you. >> i am getting so many calls from members of the establishment. people in the republican party were against me and want to join the team right now. we are doing so well. >> it includes chris christie. he called you? >> he didn't call to say he is -- >> no, but he did call you? >> he's a friend of mine. >> what did he say? >> he did a really good job in the debate and a friend of mine. he just congratulated me and saids unbelievable what he has done. >> is he going to drop out? >> i don't know. he walked about it a little bit. >> do you think it's time for him to drop out? >> i'd like to see a lot of people drop out. >> that is not the question, donald trump. >> i'd like to get it down to one. >> do you think chris christie should drop out? >> i don't want to get into that, gayle. he is fraenediend of mine and for a long time. i thought he was effective and surprised he didn't do better, frankly. >> you had a decisive win in new hampshire. 34% and a lot of candidates in this field. the four establishment candidates as they are called
7:52 am
percentage of the vote than you. since they are well-funded, do you think this will go on all the way to the convention? >> i'm much better funded than they are. it's called my own money. i'm putting up my own money so i'm much better funded than any of them. when they put down trump, they don't put down anything because i put up my own money. i'm not controlled by the special interests and lobbyists and a lot of people say they check the results, they say that was a big reason i did so well. people are tired of. because the politicians are controlled i about the the people who put up the money. >> people say you have changed american politics notice way you're going about this. have you? what is the way that you're going about it that makes a difference? >> charlie, heard it so many times. i view it differently. somebody called up a friend of yours, a great reporter who id- i'll keep quiet because i don't know if i'm supposed to be saying this. what do they feel like? >> what do they -- >> i'll tell you after the show.
7:53 am
what does what feel like? you've changed american politics and it's amazing what you won. i've done anything until i win the whole thing because i can't do anything about it. you're a failed candidate even if you go to the final step. you look at the people who ran for president and did a good job and failed. in my case, it's different because nobody has ever won as a entrepreneur in hachs and done as well as we have done. but i think we have -- >> have you changed politics? >> probably. i did new hampshire much different. we had massive rallies, have big rallies. >> john kasich had like a hundred town hall meetings. you flied on your jet and do a big rally and fly back to new york. >> i took the verizon center. we had 6,000 people and other people had 200 people. don't worry about that water. but, you know, i'm lucky in that we get very big crowds. tonight, i'm going to south carolina. we are going to have at least
7:54 am
up three days ago. we get big crowds. >> donald trump, where is this coming from? i hear two schools of thoughts. either people are excited about your candidacy or mortified. >> i don't think mortified. >> i've heard that. >> no. well, they may be not happy, but mortified is a different kind after word. >> but politicians are saying they worry that they will lose the senate and worry they will lose the house if you were the head of the ticket. >> yet, polls are coming out and polls are showing that i will beat hillary clinton easily and that i think -- i don't know about the other one. i think the other one is going to be very easy to win. if bernie ever gets it, i can't imagine that is possible. he is going to charge you 95% tax. but i would beat clinton. i'll do something different than anybody else. i have a chance of winning new york. you look at these politicians. states. one and ohio and florida. i can change the game because i really have a chance of new york, i'm going to win virginia. i'm going to win, you know, certain states. example. >> can you win south carolina?
7:55 am
i think so e yes. >> are you courting nikki haley? >> no, i'm not. i mean, she is somebody i know and like but not courting. >> i was with people who lived overseas yesterday and they are very concerned what is happening in the middle east. yesterday, we heard the director of national intelligence james clapper in congress saying north korea's nuclear effort is the top threat to the united states. what would you do to deal with that reclusive country? >> i would get china it make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly how do you make him disappear? assassinate him? >> worse things, frankly. this guy is a bad dude and don't estimate him. any young guy can take over from his father and other generals who want the position this is not somebody to be underestimated. >> why would you want china do it? why not us? >> because china has absolute control of north korea. they don't say it but they do.
7:56 am
china is sucking us dry. they are taking our money, they are taking our jobs and doing much. we have rebuilt china with what they have taken out. we have power over china. now -- >> force the chinese to take care of north korea? >> i would force the chinese to do it. >> how? >> economically. they are sucking the money out of us. we have a trade deficit this year with china 5 hundred billion dollars. they are taking money out of our jobs. >> they hold all of our debt too. >> we owe them -- think of it. they take our money. they take our jobs. they take our base. guess what we owe? we owe them 1.7 trillion dollars, okay? we have a lot of power over china and don't underestimate. >> you are saying to norah's question you would leave it up to the chinese? >> no, i wouldn't leave it up to them. i say you have to do. i would be tough with them on trade. i would very strongly stropnglily
7:57 am
i do it to some extent but do it maybe more forcefully. we make a horrible deal with iran. the closest partner of north korea is iran. why didn't we put something in there? when we are making a deal and giving them 150 billion dollars, why didn't we do something with iran where iran gets in and we force iran to get in and do something with north korea? we don't do anything. we should have -- when we made that deal -- that deal is a horror show and one of the worst i've ever seen. when we made the deal with iran why didn't kerry say help us out. he is playing around with nukes because nukes, that is the whole game-changer. if it weren't for that we shouldn't be in the middle east but we can't take a chance at somebody playing the nuclear game. so we should have done that also. but china, in the meantime, has tremendous power over north korea and they take our money. so we have power over china. >> ted cruz -- >> syria may be off the front pages but the situation there. >> it's terrible. >> awful.
7:58 am
ash carter in brussels convening leaders there including arab states asking them to do more. they say we should commit u.s. ground toopsroops. should we? >> syria is a whole different thing. you look at what isis as important. >> russia is hitting the groups we are bagging. >> why are we backing the groups? we don't know who they are. they say we are giving billions of dollars of equipment to people. we are giving all of this money and all of this equipment to people we have no idea who they are. they are probably worse than assad. assad is no baby. he's not good. but who are the people we are backing? here we go again. >> you know that is president obama's argument? if we don't know who the weapons would fall into whose hands. >> why is he doing it? he is giving them a lot of weaponry and we are backing people that want to knock out
7:59 am
russia and iran is a power and we have made them a power they are backing assad. we have got to get rid of isis and the people who are chopping off everybody's head. >> you say you have a good relationship with putin? >> i think i would have a good relationship but who knows. >> could you convince putin to get assad to step aside? >> they have been trying to do that? could i? i don't think it's that important to be honest with you. i think you get rid of assad or knock out that government. who is going to take over? the people we are backing and you have libya? you take gadhafi. look what happened after we got rid of gadhafi. >> gadhafi was a mistake. >> it was just -- yeah. to me, it was a total mistake. benghazi was the least. look at what is going on over there. it's a mess. nobody knows anything about anything. you look at -- you look at sdhuven saddam hussein. we get rid of him --
8:00 am
saddam hussein were mistakes? >> had our politicians gone to the beach and enjoyed the sun, we would be in a better position than we are right now. saddam hussein, no good guy. but saddam hussein killed terrorists. now iraq is the harbor of terror. you want to be a terrorist, go to iraq, they will teach you how. saddam hussein was a bad guy. one other thing he did, he blocked iran. once you knocked out that section, i said it in 2003 or 2004 i was against the war. the middle east is going to be a mess. they used to fight forever. they couldn't move. they go ten feet one way and ten feet the other. now you have a total destabilization in the middle east because we knocked out one of the blocks. >> what is the difference in your appeal and bernard sanders' appeal? because they both are appealing to arguments. they seem to be receptive arguments against the establishment. >> well, i think i am a little bit against the establishment and he probably is also. i tell you the one thing we have
8:01 am
the only difference is he can't do anything about it, i can. he knows that china is ripping us and admits it and he knows japan and vietnam, the new one on the block, by the way, they are ripping us big league in mexico and i do too. the difference i can do something about those. i will take those deals and do something great. >> nice to have you here. >> we hope you will return. >> i will. i'd love to do it by phone. >> no, no, no! >> how about that? >> charlie, great to hear you! >> we want you to get out of your pajamas and come over here. >> i will be back. >> we will see you at the debate on saturday night as well. >> i look forward to it.
8:02 am
improve your inso many . only "cbs this morning," we veal the teacher who will be
8:03 am
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8:05 am
see a d hello. >> good to see you. >> that is world war ii vet
8:06 am
lost love a squeeze. the 93-year-old reunited with his war time girlfriend in australia. she searched for the paratrooper which led to this reunion. >> one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me. >> we will have a wonderfullife. >> the two did not reveal what they plan to do in australia over the valentine's day weekend. >> something should be kept private. you can tell there is definitely a chemistry there. >> isn't that wonderful? >> very wonderful story. >> never too late. "breaking bad" now bob odenkirk is here. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by thermacare. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep
8:07 am
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8:10 am
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scales back in your favor, you better call saul! >> let's start with some tough love, all right? you two suck at peddling meth! >> i will give you a criminal defense. >> wrong answer! >> that is bob odenkirk in "breaking bad." led him on a spin-off series "better call saul." the first season of better call saul averaged nearly 6 million viewers than episode and earned seven prime time emmy nominations and here is a preview of second season. >> throw a frisbee. have some fun. >> i have a business to run. >> no. the business is running you. listen to me.
8:22 am
>> for customer only. >> bobby odenkirk, welcome. >> thank you very much! glad to be here. can't wait to tell people about all of these new stories we are going to share. >> so what is it about saul? >> what is it? it's a good question. everybody said they liked him. the audience that watched "breaking bad" sort of immediately took to him. i think they found him funny. he was the only guy in the story who had nothing at stake. so he was making jokes and being a wise ass. and so i think they liked his humor and people said he is good at what he does. and i don't know if he is good at what he does! he gets into a lot of trouble for a guy who is good at what he does. gets in a lot of trouble. >> i kept thinking he was going to get killed off, didn't you, bob?
8:23 am
every senel time i opened the script, i thought this is the one, let's see how it's going to happen. i told vince gillingan who created "breaking bad" ". i said, when i go, let's make it really good! make my head blow up, okay? i'll put one of those life masks on so you can blow my head up. >> you know what is interesting? your background is comedy and vince said this about you. you never saw the show "breaking but he saw you and thought you dram. >> cranston came from comedy too. oh, my gosh. we had so many great. leavell crawford and bill byrd and comedy people on "breaking bad." i guess he does trust comedy actors to play it straight. >> when they came to you, after
8:24 am
were cheering there will be a spin-off. >> i was concerned people would hate us for even trying. >> really? >> yeah, because when you love something, a tv show or a musician or a band and then they kind of fall apart and come back together, you're kind of like, wait a second. >> most of those don't work. >> yeah. most projects don't work. i mean, i think people look at sequels and go, like, well, most of them don't. comparatively to actual original projects, i suppose the ratio is probably pretty much the same. it's just doesn't working as well as the originator show. but "breaking bad" was so beloved. we were favored peopleafraid people wouldn't give us a chance. i was surprised how people gave us an opportunity to do a very quirky show. >> now your second season. how will things change? >> well, you know, they were really finding the show in the first two. they weren't really -- you could feel them looking for where the show was.
8:25 am
characters. we know what we are doing. the character of saul, jimmy mcgill, knows himself and he has a lot more fun in the second season because he kind of has a handle on the fact that he has got to do -- >> for people who haven't watched the show, it's what happens before "breaking bad"? >> well, mostly. >> mostly? >> there a little bit that happens after. these guys are -- these guys are the writers and they are really amazing. >> but you got that brother michael mckean who is genius in it. i think the pope would turn "breaking bad." because he turned you over in the last season. >> he was so cruel but he made a good point. >> do you think any of us at the table, or anybody in the room could push "baking bad"? >> i can't see you in it. >> he probably has already done it! >> i saw him talking to trump before! and the money changed hands! i don't know. >> i didn't think anybody saw
8:26 am
>> you wererote with chris farley on "snl." can you do a little bit of that, bob? it's hilarious. >> she wants me to do that! >> yeah. >> matt foley which i wrote at second city theater in chicago and then it came. i wrote the you'll be rolling dubies when you're living in a van down by the river! but i can never do it as well as the great chris farley. yeah, i wrote that when we were at second city. i grew up in flapnaperville, illinois. people would hang out down there. i pictured a guy living in a van living down there and used it as dder. >> i'm from comedy and all of my friends are stand-up comics and sketch comics.
8:27 am
weren't meaner to each other on. like, i was thinking we should get up stage and go, that wasn't very good and be honest with each other because we are so cruel to the world around us. >> great to have y here. >> thanks for having me. monday night, check it out on amc. >> a great show.
8:28 am
watch it on monday. what a great day to have all of these politicians coming
8:29 am
time now 8:55. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. here are your top stories. three muslim students shot and killed at their chapel hill honored. antistate and unc chapel hill are honoring diah barakat, his wife and sister. the event tonight at antistate begins at 6:00. attorneys for the state of north carolina are appealing to the u.s. supreme court a local court ruling to redraw congressional districts by 2015. -- 2019. a three-judge panel decided that the first and 12th unconstitutionally drawn along racial lines. just a gorgeous day out there, we are so cold. >> if it were going to be 70 and ok like this in downtown durham we would be onto something. it is still in the 20s, feeling with light winds. they still have a windchill to deal with but certainly looks gorgeous they're looking across the lucky strike tower.
8:30 am
roxboro, still 26 at the airport. 28 in rocky mount and wilson, windchill still feeling like 19 in raleigh, sometimes and fayetteville. coming on into the 20s elsewhere. our high this afternoon, looking at about 40 degrees, it will still feel like 30s with the windchill. yesterday we have stories and sprinkles, little bit of sweet. we will probably see that again for this afternoon and four tomorrow, looking at sunshine, low in the 20s in the morning. friday and we may have a wintry mix. brian? 8:57 now. a number of accidents on the life commute map. thankfully these are minor accidents not causing problems on major roads. there are some slowdowns from an earlier incident on five and 40 westbound especially between falls of neuse and leesville road. earlier delays through ghana and to fortify works don't have cleared up nicely. on the southern side of raleigh, we have backups on ten accident, a cruiser trying to
8:31 am
very heavy delays on ten ten and golden state road. avoid those if you can. that is in pretty good shape this morning. over in cary between cary and apex, accident on 64 and gregson drive with injuries. that's an advantageous. of the trip leaving raleigh looks good but on wade avenue there's an accident inside the beltline on dixie trail. it is a reunion more than 70 years in the making. a world war ii veteran flies halfway around the world to see the better and he loved and lost. today at noon, how the power of social media helped make the trip possible. it will touch your heart.
8:32 am
the >> today on a powerful all-new dr. phil. >> dr. phil: how did you find out your daughter died? >> on tv. >> dr. phil: oh, my lord. >> two virginia tech students have been arrested after a 13-year-old girl was found dead. >> accused of blotting a cold-blooded murder.
8:33 am
star on her face.
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