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tv   CBS Morning News  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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lou ts efe garnged rrm r arseeurlv lccxp o resolution. breakingt eowenjtrnt. egypt state-run news agency said two cars overturned. the train was enrount to cairo and it's reported a train conductor was arrested. two maryland sheriff's deputies were shot and killed by a gunman. one was killed inside a
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northeast of baltimore. the deputy was talking to the suspect when he pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. the other deputy and the gunman died in a shoot-out near the restaurant. a standoff between ferguson, missouri, and the federal government is headed to court. attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city over its police and courts. the suit is in response to a vote by city leaders to revise an agreement with the government they say is not affordable. >> what we did last night was take out some things that we felt were immaterial to constitutional policing. >> ferguson is already millions of dollars in debt. the attorney general says the vote delays justice for residents. coming up on the "morning news." against the odds. a little dog is rescued from a collapsed building days after a deadly earthquake. and, later, fiery demonstration. we will show you what happens
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a hopeful moment amidst the devastating earthquake that killed dozens in taiwan. emergency workers pulled a white maltese from the rubble four building collapse. the dog will be reunited with its owner who was rescued earlier. more than 90 people are still thought to be trapped. a hiker missing for three days in washington is found. and deadly attacks at a refuge camp in nigeria. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the guardian" reports two suicide bombers killed 56 people at a camp escaping a jihadist group boca haron. a camp is home to 50,000
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a third bomber did not detonate her vest and was arrested. a live news broadcast on the trial of a police officer. michael george was reporting outside a brooklyn courthouse yesterday. a man behind him displayed what appeared to be a silver pistol. police are searching for that man. "the new york times" reports indian american actor is back home in the u.s. aeromexico denied him boarding
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ve b w ju mage so i denyf bri readday. that gen rogrbr. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a hoverboard pops and begins to smoke before exploding into flames. moments later, the fire is a demonstration by a company called ul that puts its safety stamp on products. the company heated the battery
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ul said it's now testing and certifying the self-balancing scooters for safety. on the cbs "moneywatch," new hints from the federal reserve and how making it netflix official is the next big steps modern love. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. new worries about global banks sent asian song again. hang sang droptped 4% and shanghai koscomposite are closed. s&p slipped less than a point but the nasdaq did gain 14. fed chair janet yellen wraps up two days of testimony before congress today. she expressed confidence in the economy's continued growth but warned weakness in the global economy, tackle china and
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slow the fed's plan to raise interest rates. sears holdings, a corporate parent of sears and kmart stores are speeding up plans to close 50 stores nationwide. most are kmart and they are expected to close the next few months. the electronic automaker tesla says it lost $320 million in the fourth quarter. so that is more than double the same quarter a year ago in tesla's 11th straight quarterly loss. but tesla stock rose 9% in after-hours trading. on news that production on of its lower priced model 3 sedan remains on schedule. youtube unveiled its first round of original programming to be seen on youtube red. members pay a month subscription for the monthly program and it skips ads and comes with a streaming music service.
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movie starring littlesy sing and cutie pie and two other movies. a survey from netflix on sharing and relationships. netflix questioned 18 to 39-year-olds. 1% said sharing netflix account with their partners was a very big step twars a serious relationship. more than half say they bond with their partners over netflix and nearly a third, 27%, show compatibility was important in a relationship. the couple that binge watches tv together, stays together. >> on the flip side, suddenly the password gets updated and nobody told you, you might want to grab your toothbrush and go home. >> truth be told, that happened to me after a breakup! >> we have to talk! jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," burger king adding grilled hot dogs to the menu. we will talk to financial contributor mellody hobson.
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likhollywside rismfrom clink here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a sacramento father proved some dads will do anything for their kids. his 8-year-old son has cerebral palsy but has always wanted to spend time with the other kids at the skate park, so dad made it happen and running behind his son's wheelchair up every ramp and around every curb. you can see from the kid's smile, it just made his day. the massive snowboarding ramp at boston's fenway park is just about ready to go. wednesday, skiers and snowboarders went for a test run and soaring high above the
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you travel coach yourself and you always travel in the middle seat. why is that? is that penance for something? why travel in the middle seat, sir? >> because we couldn't get the aisle or the damn window. that is why.
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"the late show" with stephen colbert colbert. the secret eating boiled peanuts and washing it down with a cold beer. as love begins to fill the air in these days leading up to valentine's day, here is a romantic story that is 70 years in the making. as mark strassmann reports, a man and woman separated by war who rediscovered each other on opposite sides of the world. >> reporter: what does this photo mean to you? >> it means a lot to me. and if she looks at me like that now, i don't know what it would do to me! >> reporter: norwood is now 93, never forgot his first love. in 1944, the 21-year-old g.i., stationed outside london, met a ish-year-old named joyce durant. >> i knew she was the girl that i wanted to marry. >> reporter: the war couldn't wait.
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>> i said i'll see you later and never did. >> reporter: communication broke down. they married other people. thomas, now a widower, always remembered the girl who got away. >> i had placed her on a pedestal, untouched, pure, and unobtainable, because in my mind, that is really what she was. >> yes, i'm here! >> reporter: last year, out of the blue, joyce's son tracked him down on the internet.or than 70 years, the two talked to
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ke you rbl iai >>sq ououlditeprion magi>>y.>>nehiin veir oinsi tsa's n lityirposcs. pl, hpys. the sometimes dangerous effort to rid florida's everglades from this invasive species of snake. and michelle miller sits down with lionel richie who is being honored with this year's grammy music cares person award. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day. announcer: tom selleck stars
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who will take the stand today in the kenyan murder charge. a story in oregon were tense standoff between fbi and activist could soon come to an end.
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