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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> if you like -- it feels like teens out. actual temperatures low to mid- 20s. we see this again tomorrow morning and even colder temperatures for the weekend. next week we do start to see some more normal conditions. snow tomorrow. and then monday we have a chance again. today is quiet. full of sunshine. temperatures will be an issue. it's upper teens and mid-20s around the area. when you add in the wind chill
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temperatures in low 20s as you head out the door. 35 at lunch with a high around 40. the full forecast coming up. i-40 in wade avenue. traffic heading away from us is westbound. it is flowing freely. six minutes from wade avenue to 540. there was earlier crash that shut down glenwood avenue in the five points but it has reopened. traffic is flowing freely. durham freeway northbound --
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from -- is six minutes. a crash in raleigh shut down parts of glenwood avenue in the five points area. it hit home on white oak road knocking down cables and cracking a utility pole. the home is not badly damaged and the driver not seriously injured. police arrested the driver for dwi. all lanes are now back open. a number of confrontations organizations and individuals plan to participate in a prayer vigil tonight. >> organizer the speaking out about what they call mass incarceration in the us. kia thurmond is live in durham to tell us more. >> reporter: as groups have done in recent months they want to raise awareness about a number of issues. issues they say result in too many citizens being sent to prison. organizers want to raise awareness about racial
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police and the laws that heavily punish the poor and minorities. according to aclu, the us which has 5% of the world population now holds 25% of the world's inmates. the group says the tough on crime politics of the 1980s and 90s fueled an explosion in incarceration rates. the issue has been gaining traction and is bound to come up quite a bit more this election year. a vigil is at the nehemiah christian center at 6 pm tonight. north carolina voters will not likely know before next week if contested congressional districts can be used in the march 15 primary. or if the lines will have to be redrawn he for the votes are cast. supreme court chief justice john roberts asked lawyers suing to overturn to respond i tuesday to the state emergency
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boundaries to remain for next month's primary. this increases the chance general assembly will reconvene before the supreme court rules. house speaker has already told lawmakers to prepare for a special redistricting session next week. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in the six democratic debate in milwaukee. the showdown comes two days after from a senator trounced the former secretary of state in new hampshire primary. the smaller gop field including new hampshire where donald trump will take part in debates this weekend ahead of the next critical primary and south carolina. republican debate in greenville is this saturday hosted by cbs and. nation john dickerson. white house correspondent major garrett. we have the reports from south carolina. we're tracking development in oregon where the last 4 armed men occupying the while if refuge time to turn
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fbi moved in and surrounded the refuge under siege since january under siege since january 2. the armed group is protesting federal land-use policies. earlier a dozen activists led by ammon bundy were arrested. one died when he was shot by investigators who said he went for a gun during a traffic stop last night the father of ammon bundy was arrested and taken to jail after arriving at the airport in portland. royal caribbean plans to strengthen the policy on storm avoidance after one ship shelled into a storm this week passengers cheered as the anthem of the seas returned to its home port in new jersey. it was on his way to florida over the weekend when it was battered by massive waves and hurricane force winds off of cape hatteras.
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injuries and windows were broken and furniture overturned. >> the wind was coming through the door. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa. >> my sisters and brother were distraught. mom was okay. they opened of the many par so that was good for her. >> how are you have to cope the ship for a pastor will get a full refund which was supposed to last seven days. they will also get 50% off a future cruise. as for the ship itself the coast guard will inspected before it heads out to see again. attorneys for e accused charleston church it will be in court. >> the possible plea that dylann roof white be willing to make in his federal trial. south koreans are showing their anger over aggression by the north. what the u.s. congress is
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eifofollag>>e al captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." republicans republican candidates slug it out in south carolina. a shrieking field battles to be the alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. passengers on a damaged
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