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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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step to shore and demand answers that terrifying voyage. >> did a priest murder a beauty queen? a cold case that is more than 50 years old. the case with a twist. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i don't want your money! i want up vote. you vote for trump, we win here, we are going to run the table. all of these characters are going to give it up. >> the gop battles for south carolina. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> can you imagine donald trump as president of the united states? president. not easy. >> it appears the armed protesters at the oregon wildlife refuge plan to exit the agents this morning. >> nightmare at seas for thousands of passengers. the roibyal caribbean anthem of the seas.
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>> a shopping center in maryland, two sheriff's deputies were shot and the gunman was killed. a civil laut bywsuit by the u.s. attorney general. >> extreme worth on both ends of the country. extreme here in southern california and snow in the northeas broadcast, a man waving a gun. >> smashing homes and sending people for their lives, no one was injured by this elephant. >> no selfies. i want to tell you ahead of time. if we had smartphones when i ran would have run. >> all that matters. >> from here you go to south carolina and you always travel in the middle seat. why is that? >> because we couldn't get the aisle or the damn window. that's why. >> on "cbs this morning." >> you look like you were having >> i was. >> bernie sanders gave his
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enthusiastic victory speech. >> the government belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pac! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." a smaller presidential field is now battling for votes in the south. carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out wednesday after finishing far back in new hampshire and that leaves seven republicans still in the race. >> most of them sdenedwere in south carolina yet to get their message out. the primary is nine days away. jewel an la goldman is in south carolina where a presidential debate will be held by cbs on saturday night. >> reporter: that's right. campaigns here are ramping up
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despite a smaller field in new hampshire out of the way, the republican race is no less uncertain. >> you know, when you have victory, you don't need sleep, right? >> reporter: donald trump stormed into south carolina on wednesday. >> these people. >> reporter: basking in the glow of his reclaimed front-runner status. >> all of these characters are going to give it up. we are going to run the table and we will make america great again. that, i can tell you, okay? >> reporter: holding on to his iowa victory, ted cruz tried to argue it's a two-man race. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: recent polls have trump up double digits in south carolina. but it's a state cruz thinks he can win. in 2012, two-thirds of gop voters described themselves as born-again or evangelical. >> can you imagine donald trump as president of the united states where he spends his time pushing people down to make himself the big dog on the stage? >> reporter: meanwhile, the diminished gop field continue their fight to become the establishment alternative to
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>> compare that to governor kasich, where he led the charge to expand medicaid and is quite proud of. . i wouldn't be proud of that, to be honest with you. >> reporter: john kasich arrived here ready to defend himself. >> someone wants to hit me or hammer me on them, god bless them but i won't back off of this. >> reporter: he tempered expectations amid south carolina the questions whether he has the money or the organization for the long road ahead. >> looking to the deep south and the midwest. we have a plan to go the whole distance. >> reporter: donald trump insisted he is the only candidate who is up to the task. >> there is an average person who is not going win and i mean that. these guys are just regular republicans. eye yi yi. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is trying to rebound from his fifth place finish in new hampshire and promising to run a more aggressive campaign. this is a state known for rough and tumble politics. as senator lindsey graham said
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to play, don't come to south carolina. >> it's getting hot in here. thank you, julianna. hillary clinton is getting a boost as she and bernie sanders prepare for tonight's democratic debate. the black caucus is expected to endorse the former secretary of state later today. minority voters will play a much larger role in nevada and south carolina, the next two contests. nked is at the university of wisconsin, milwaukee, the scene of tonight's debate. >> reporter: good morning. this debate has become high stakes for hillary clinton after her big loss in new hampshire on tuesday. she stayed largely out of sight yesterday, prepping for the debate, while bernie sanders did something of a victory lap around new york. >> you get the vote down there, you have to eat boiled peanut. have you ever a boiled peanut? >> reporter: on "the late show" sanders got campaign advice from a native south carolinian. >> you have that with a nice beer.
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this is a little -- >> reporter: but sanders knows it will probably take more than that. in a state where blacks make up a solid majority of the democratic electorate. he sat down with the reverend al sharpton in harlem on wednesday. >> is this your block? >> reporter: >> ya. >> reporter: later took a walk through his old neighborhood with scott pelley where they discussed the road ahead. >> you are facing african-american voters and latino voters. how do you appeal to those voters. >> the same way we do to all americans. >> reporter: according to jay carney -- >> i don't think there is any doubt that he wants hillary to win the nomination and believes she would be the best candidate in the fall. >> it is great to see so many old friends. >> reporter: in a speech in springfield, illinois, president obama appeared to echo some of clinton's campaign themes. >> trying to find common ground doesn't -- doesn't make me less of a democrat or less of a progressive.
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done. >> reporter: clinton lost south carolina eight years ago. her husband's critiques of mr. obama there, were seen as one reason why. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. >> reporter: in new hampshire this week, it was sanders in his cross-hairs which, the candidate discussed on "the view." >> i was disappointed in president clinton. i've known him 25 years and i like him and respect him. i hope this campaign does not degenerate -- >> he is fighting for his wife. >> i understand that. but nonetheless let's keep it on the issues, not making personal attacks. >> reporter: on election night, sanders asked his supporters to donate online and they sent in more than $6 million in 24 hours p.m. it is no accident, charlie, that members of the congressional black contactus are endorsing secretary clinton today to try to erase some of the sting of tuesday's loss. more than a dozen of them say they will be campaigning for her in south carolina.
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cbs political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in south carolina preparing for the debate. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: are you outside? >> i am outside. i can see my breath. we brought new hampshire down to south carolina and i'm not sure they are very happy about it. >> reporter: a big debate down there. what is the stakes for each of them in the context of what we have seen in new hampshire going to south carolina? >> well, hillary clinton wants to turn the page. she wants a new story line to emerge after this debate. people stopped talking about how badly she lost in new hampshire. bernie sanders has to build on that momentum from new hampshire. he has to give people who are turning to him and looking at him maybe for the first time in a different way a really easy understandable message they can rally around. >> reporter: john, any question how she will do in south carolina and nevada is in the polls suggest that she is far out in front. >> exactly. and what she wants to do is lay a predicate for victories in those two places so she can say i'm a national candidate and i
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the democratic party. so those two states are very well set up for her. she just needs to get people thinking about those two states and not the last one. >> reporter: hillary clinton is expected to get the endorsement of the congressional black caucus today. famous black author coat es says he is endorsing bernie sanders. what kind of difference will that make and what message will it send, if any, to minority voters? >> i don't think coates endorsement for bernie sanders i don't think makes a much of a difference. what makes a difference, hillary clinton, i was here six months ago or so and they were among the african-eran community as if she were behind by ten points and that was six months when she wasn't. very hard. there is an organization here that is in place and she has been reaching out to the african-american community for a long time. she isn't just arriving and hoping for the votes. so that should really help her in this state. >> john, let's talk about south carolina for the republicans. the electorate there is much
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a lot more evangelicals in the republican primary, less against. does that present a challenge for donald trump? right. more evangelicals but trump is way ahead here and in much better shape than in iowa going to the vote there. >> we will be watching. john will be the moderator when cbs news brings you the ninth republican presidential debate saturday night at 9:00/8:00 central on cbs. >> could i say, john, just be yourself. thank you very much. thank you, john dickerson. that was the advice he gave me and i liked it republican a cruise ship damaged in the atlantic is back at court. anthem of the seas docked last night. calls for an investigation why the ship sailed into the severe weather, knowing it was coming. don dahler was there as the ship arrived at the cape liberty cruise port in bayonne.
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this givers you some idea of the enormity of the ship. look at the size of this thing! that also tells you about the size of storm it ran into that cup. last night, passengers streamed off and some were cheering and kissing the ground. who could blame them when you think about what they went through. beaten, batter, but home, royal caribbean anthem of the seas limped back into new jersey last night. >> free at last! free at last! >> reporter: putting an end to the terrifying trip. but as some of the 4,500 poured out of the cruise liner. >> awful experience! awful! >> reporter: frustration boiled over. >> we thought we were all going to die! >> the worst part was the fearing of our lives. we were told over and over we were in good shape. >> the reality they should have never set sail. >> trapped in a room 17 hours
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get off of and you were eject! >> reporter: kim was traveling with her two sons and the captain told them early on about the severe weather. >> when we left port he told we would beat the storm. . at 6:00 in the afternoon the boys are holding on to their beds. >> reporter: royal caribbean is facing criticism for going forward with the trip, despite the forecast. bill bumgarner, a senior vice president with the cruise line, says the strength of the storm caught them off-guard. would you say the captain ultimately made a mistake in deciding to go ahead with this voyage? >> if we do, the winds of 125-mile-an-hour sustained in that area, we never would have gone. no question about it. >> reporter: after reviewing weather reports for the area, a former cruise line captain told us the ship should never have set sail. >> there really was absolutely no way that that ship was going to avoid that storm. it's a miracle that the damage and the injuries as minimal as
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this could have been an absolute catastrophe. >> reporter: royal caribbean offered passengers last night on board and in port and hundreds of them took them up on it. the anthem of the seas will be here for a few days for inspections and repairs and then they say it will be ready for cruising again next week. charlie? >> thanks, don. a baltimore server is reeling this morning from a shooting spree that left two sheriff's deputies dead. the violence began wednesday at a panera restaurant in a crowded shopping center. official believe one deputy was targeted because he was wearing his uniform. jeff pegues is following this story from washington. >> reporter: good morning. one of the deputies was responding to a call at that restaurant when he tried speaking to the suspect who was when investigators say the suspect pulled a gun and fired. lynn faulkner and her daughter sophia witnessed the chaotic scene inside the crowded restaurant. >> he just out his gun and shot him in the head.
7:14 am
>> the initial deputy responded to the scene and ended the restaurant and deputy wounded at that time and the suspect fled and in this case a responding deputy was the first to locate the subject and shots were fired. the deputy was hit by gunfire. the suspect was shot and is deceased. >> reporter: investigators say they recovered a loaded handgun near his body. the shooter, a 67-year-old man, had an open warrant in florida for assaulting a police officer. >> according to the cashiers in panera, they said that he comes in there regularly, but he is a bit sketchy and trying to like question him and get him some help. >> we are not looking for anyone else. we believe this was an individual who is no longer a threat to the community. >> reporter: the officers names have not yet been released. we know one was a 30-year veteran of the force and the other had served for 16 years. the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. one of the most important questions authorities are trying
7:15 am
>> jeff, thank you. good to see you. the armed standoff at a national wildlife refuge could come to an end. they say this morning they will give up. the group is surrounded by the fbi and other law enforcement. they yelled at officers overnight to back off. the developments come as cliven bundy of the jailed leader ammon bundy was jailed last night in porlt. athletes concerns about the zika virus. officials will hire infectious disease specialists to advise athletes headed to this year's games in brazil. there are at least 68 zika infections in 19 states and washington, d.c. anna werner is here with the growing concern. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. most female olympic athletes fall into the most dangerous age range for the zika virus. they could get pregnant or hope to get pregnant in the near future. the latest research is only adding to concerns surrounding
7:16 am
raise questions about safety during the summer's olympic games. >> long ball from the u.s. morgan in the box! they are on the board! >> reporter: world class female athletes, including members of the u.s. women's soccer team are raising safety concerns ahead of this summer's olympics in rio de janeiro. earlier this week, star player alex morgan called the virus a very scary thing. and goalie hope solo went even further saying it's possible she might skip the games. >> all i can do is speak for myself. i want to go today. we have six months. we have a little bit of time to figure things out. >> our goal really is to protect pregnant women. >> reporter: the cdc says it's working nonstop to gain control over the rapidly spreading virus. suspected ties between the virus and the birth defect micro microcephaly appear to be strengthening.
7:17 am
was found in two brazilian babies who died of microcephaly 24 hours after birth. >> the strongest evidence to date that zika is the cause of microcephaly but still not definitive. >> reporter: the new england journal of medicine cited a separate case from october. according to the report, a take-year-old woman living in slovenian chose to have an abortion after learning the child she was wearing had severe developmental abnormalities. an autopsy later revealed the fetus had microcephaly. the woman living in northern brazil showed zika symptoms during her pregnancy. officials say the virus is spreading quickly because the aedes mosquito which transmits the disease is difficult to eradicate. >> its eggs can be drought persistent and exist for sometime and bite four to five people in the course of one blood meal and meaning it can spread disease quite quickly. >> reporter: according to the
7:18 am
available by the end of 2017. meanwhile, a group called catholics for choice is asking pope francis not to condemn contraception or abortion in an attempt to help women protect themselves from the virus. >> grave concern for a lot of these athletes. >> indeed. we trust them to keep us safe in the air. tsa officers take an explosive course. we will take you inside the new
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ahead, the new warning to white house visitors that seems obvious. why does secret service just now posting signs about guns? tomorrow, if the surf is high enough, we will be at the 7:26. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. another difficult they had in the travion smith murder trial in raleigh. a forensic analyst is expected to return to the standard to talk about evidence collected
7:25 am
we expect to hear from the medical examiner as well. watch the trial live on starting at 9:30. new overnight a crash in raleigh shut down part of glenwood avenue in the 55 points area. the car hit a home on white oak road knocking down cables and cracking utility poles. the home is not badly damaged, the driver not seriously hurt. police arrested the driver on suspicion of dwi. a cold one ahead of us today, elizabeth. how are we looking? >> another one. this one is in a string the last through the weekend into next week. take a look at the wilson sky cam and it does look beautiful out there. that sunshine is no match for the cold air that has moved in and will stick around for a while. 19 in roxboro, 22 erwin, 23 recommended wilson, 25 goldsboro, 16 the cold spot in southern pines. not much wind out there but it
7:26 am
20 and goldsboro, clinton and mangum street. i don't need to tell you to bundle up, 23 degrees this afternoon, with the windchill it feels like 34 much of the day, we have snow in a wintry mix in the forecast for friday. officially run the middle of the day, which will be like, probably less than an inch for most of the viewing area, i am 36 and sorry, but conditions but cold day with high of 33. 7:26. we still have big delays through garner. how typical congestion, we had earlier accident contributing to those congestive delays on and 40 westbound around jones sausage road. everything is clear never we're looking at a 40 minute -- 20 minute drive from 42 to the balance play. also a big backups on the fortify work fortify works on , we had an earlier style vehicle, so looking at a 13 minute drive from 442 us-1. allow extra time. you see that garner cover time jumped up in the past moment or so. again, slow right.
7:27 am
an alternate route. good news elsewhere, looking pretty good. concerns about the u.s. precinct system are the focus of the trailer vigil in durham.
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due to your first accident. ce. get higher and higher >> a flight demonstration team the blue angels, is giving an inside look at hits flyover before the start of the super bowl. this is what it looks like from one of the jets as the teen streamed across the sky. six jets flew over the bay area. more than 70,000 spectators were in the stadium and more than 100 million watched on tv. >> i always love when they do that flyover at the beginning right after lady gaga finished the national anthem. terrific. >> pretty show. only on "cbs this morning," a look at hw the tsa is doing
7:39 am
the agency is training all of its new airport screeners at one centralized academy and created after a number of missteps how the tas improperly to screen airline passengers. kris van cleave is in glenco, georgia, with an inside look. >> reporter: this checkpoint is the centerpiece of the tas training academy and it's two-week basic training course and grows out of a top-to-bottom review done by the agency that founds gaps of training and efficiency on equipment like this. the new training academy aims to change that. an explosive lesson on the dangers these soon-to-be airport screeners will be asked to help prevent. >> this is a ptm basic explosive. >> reporter: the nearly 200
7:40 am
the first to go through the new tsa training academy. >> it's controlled chaos and very difficult job. >> reporter: among them, the this 19-year-old jasmine. >> it's a challenge. >> reporter: this is the creation after 9/11 for screeners who make between $41,000 and $45,000 a year. the academy opened in january as the tsa tries to recover from a series of high profile imprachlts, including two officers fired for allegedly groping passengers in denver, and in a damming inspector general investigation where screeners failed to catch potential threats in 67 out of 70 tests. >> those are bad results. >> reporter: peter neffinger took over as commissioner following that report. >> what i try to do is refocus on the mission. i said what is a screener's job? to ensure that something doesn't
7:41 am
>> the aig, if they are going through checkpoints today with one of their teams trying to bring things that will be flagged will those things be caught? >> i think we catch them. >> all of them? >> i sure hope we catch all of them. i'm told we have dramatically improved. >> reporter: are you tell me what you're fijed in yourur finding in your test? the majority, the vast majority. >> reporter: i. the vast majority. >> reporter: for freeman, the success of the 5,400 new tsa screeners trained here this year is personal. she was a flight attendant on pan am flight 30 on august 11th 1982 and a few rows away when a bomb went off on board. a 16-year-old passenger died and more than a dozen others were hurt. >> when i talk to my class, i tell them, you're not here by accident. and i wasn't saved at that moment by accident. because that threat in 1982 is today's threat still. >> reporter: the students have
7:42 am
tests on this equipment. if they don't, they won't become airport screeners. cost is about $2,400 a student and the tsa aims to bring all 45,000 active transportation security officers here over the next several years. gayle? >> glad they are working on it. thank you very much, kris. sliding into home takes on a new meaning, you could say, at an iconic ballpark. ahead, how boston's fenway park is transformed this morning into a winter sports mecca.
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if you develop an allergic reaction, re rh, igns oual or, op tg tamid youor itely. ch andscen incular mat anincreased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are to modete nandting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. because you know i'm all about the bass >> you have never seen a competition like this one at boston's fenway park. snowboarders are racing down a
7:47 am
today the jump will showcase some of the world's best skiers and snowboarders in the fenway competition it's called. athletes from 25 countries will compete for $150,000 in prize money. >> i'm just glad they are wearing helmets. >> i'm amazed they can do it. >> it really is impressive. >> it turn that high in the air. >> are you both saying i want to go and do that? >> no. >> it's fun until they start doing the flips and then it's not so fun. >> check, please. burger king is beefing up its menu. they are adding flame-grilled hot dogs. ahead, we will talk to mellody hobson whether the chain can cash in where a rival failed. you're watching "cbs this
7:48 am
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it is thursday, february 11th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the women who are voting for bernie sanders. we will ask the editor of "kos ma tolpolicy taken" if hillary
7:54 am
"eye opener" at 8:00. >> campaigns are ramping up quickly but despite a smaller field, the republican race is no less uncertain. >> she stayed largely out of sight prepping for the debate while bernie sanders did something of a victor lap around new york. >> hillary clinton wants turn the page and wants a new story and better than why were standards -- bernie sanders has to build on the momentum from new hampshire. >> awful experience. >> one of the deputies were respond to go a call and investigators say the suspect pulled a gun and fire. >> dale said you killed her. >> daily doesn't know anything. >> you won't tell me anything? >> get lost, brother! >> i'm disturbed that a priest is saying so and so is full of it. >> you should have been there. i was surprised myself. >> this agency found gaps in agency and proficiency on
7:55 am
>> according to google, ben carson was looking for a republican candidate during yesterday's new hampshire primary, mostly because he is standing right where we left him! there! he is still there. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the republican presidential candidates are focused this morning on south carolina. that state's gop primary is just nine days away. chris christie and carly fiorina will not be there as they dropped on wednesday and reducing the gop field to seven. donald had a good night last night. new hampshire is a good state for a liberal republican. >> he doesn't have any policy. he tells you what he is going to do but won't tell you how he is going to do tichlt he. he has not been tested.
7:56 am
you're awoman woman or a hispanic or p.o.w. or a disabled person it's entertaining but if you're not night, it's divisive and ugly and mean-spirited. >> reporter: donald trump took shots at bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> honestly, women don't like her. men don't like her. take a look what is happening to her. a guy that nobody ever heard of, literally, is beating her so i don't know. honestly shi talk about hillary. i don't know if she is going to be running. i was there last night where sanders is raving and talking like a lunatic because he won. i'm shocked because he is so nontraditional. i don't see a socialist is the head of this country. where are we going to? >> bernie sanders visited his native brooklyn with scott pelley yesterday and scott asked sanders if he can win in states that are less liberal than new hampshire. >> look.
7:57 am
conversation nine months ago, what would you have said to me? you would have said, bernie, nobody knows who you are. you're regarded as a fringe candidate. you don't have any money and you don't have any political organization. last poll we saw you were at 4%. how will you possibly going to do well in iowa or new hampshire? a lot has happened in nine months. >> sanders almost beat clinton in iowa before trouncing her in new hampshire. he had overwhelming support there from young voters and women. our exit poll shows sanders beat clinton by 11 points among all female voters and those polls reveal women under 45 voted for sanders by a huge 40-point margin. joyce sanders is here to talk to us about why clinton is struggling with women. joanna, good morning. >> good morning. she got trounced by bernie sanders in new hampshire among all demographic groups. what happened? >> i think what we have to remember at this point in the election is that both of them
7:58 am
what we hear from millennial voters in particular is there is a huge mistrust of american institutions, so they feel the political system has failed them. if they want to start a business, banks won't lend to them, they would raise money on kick-start because the banks brought about the financial crash. this is a generation being told go to college and get a degree. they go to college and get a degree and graduate with huge amounts of debt and they can't find a job. of course, hillary clinton is seen as part of that establishment, and so bernie feels like this exciting feel-good candidate who is promising free education, very appealing if you're a young millennial, and i think that hillary is running a general campaign, so she is actually running from a much more moderate place and promising more of the same, and bernie is promising something new and is right on the fringe and running a very aggressive campaign. >> what norah is asking, is
7:59 am
is there, in the nation, a sense that women are perfectly happy with her? >> well -- >> other than those who separate themselves out because of they are millennials? >> i love your questioning and i think it's deep effective. the idea that women vote only with their vagina is as their privates. they vote for what they care about and one of their things is their pocketbooks. this is a generation that is deeply in debt. they talk about wanting experiences rather than things because they can't afford things. they don't think they are able to buy a house. they can't pay off their student debt and they are worried about health care and bernie appears to be this very exciting rather difficult candidate. >> joanna, we know that. all of the polls show us that. >> why are you asking me why women across america, do they support hillary or not? >> because i've been told by producers that you have been part at the white house and you have been asking about women
8:00 am
all i asked is -- >> -- young women and we are very independence what they are engaged in and they are engaged. >> the reason i asked the question. we are asking you what are young women thinking? >> well, i'm trying to tell you that they don't trust american institutions. because hillary has been secretary of state, they feel she is very much at the heart of that government, which they think has let them down. we are in a primary part of the campaign when things shift to the general part of the campaign and we have the nominees, i think the discussion will be very different. i don't think women look at hillary and think she is their feminist icon. i think young women think of beyonce or rihanna as their feminist icon. yesterday a fascinating tweet gone everywhere on twitter which said madeline albright and gloria steinem not my feminism. what is your feminism as mother dr --
8:01 am
fluffle because they are going to bernie sanders because they are looking for young men and she has since backed off of that and i think many are rubbing women the wrong way. >> i don't think you can tell a young generation what they must think or what they should think or how lucky they are in their position. we saw it rebounded on them. i think this is a generation that could be on saying i want to be like her. look at the way she won the super bowl? no one can remember if it was the broncos or panthers. beyonce came out. >> it was the broncos who won the super bowl. >> do you think that is called clinton fatigue? i've been seeing articles like that. you eluded to that earlier. >> i think -- this is a consumer culture. we taught to want new things. and hillary clinton, as she, herself, said, her democrat ibic town hall in cnn she has been around in the public eyes for 25 years and that feels dull. people want change. that doesn't mean they won't
8:02 am
election when she is up against the republican candidates who want to say women have no right to choose and no access to abortion which i think is an important issue for young women. >> the race is still early. >> very early. very early. we can't assume that new hampshire is going to dictate the rest of the election. >> you and your husband are good friends with mayor bloomberg. do you have any sense of where he is leaning? >> i have no sense where he is leaning but it must be very goring for him looking at how well donald trump is doing and thinking i ran the city of new york extremely efficiently. i gave people a longer life span, and i also am is billionaire but i made it myself, i didn't inherit it and why is donald trump so well in the polls? >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> yes. good to see you. >> michelle miller gets an answer from lionel richie on a question many have been asking. hello >> talk about "hello." who owns it? you or adele?
8:03 am
hello is it me you're looking for >> certainly room for both of them. did lionel richie mind sharing
8:04 am
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le n two san francisco nuns are hoping for a financial miracle this morning. they could be forced to close the soup kitchen they have run for almost a decade because of a big rent hike. mireya villarreal shows us how it's clashing with the city. >> the notre dame house has been serving the homeless since 2008. but soon, the sisters here might be served with an eviction notice. the landlord is raising their month rent by more than 50% from about $3,500 to deds 4,5 hundred. what money they have comes from the generosity of others and their own hard work. >> from some donations and some of the best we know, baking. too much to make.
8:12 am
making pastries. we cannot make too much more by month. >> reporter: the kitchen is in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood and once considered undesirable, but now within walking distance of a revitalized area of market street where twitter opened its headquarters in 2012. demand for office space has skyrocketed citywide. >> it's an absolute frenzy. it meant rent has risen dramatically and more than manhattan and more than double than they were in 2009. >> san francisco says this is affecting the city's character. >> if you start losing the nonprofits, whether they be profit or nonprofits or they be the arts, you lose the soul of your city and we cannot have that. >> reporter: the landlord says the nuns and their kitchen can stay for now, and they plan to
8:13 am
they know they have a strong devote advocate on their side. >> we have to pray for him. i hope he understand. god be with him. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mireya villarreal. >> very strong advocate, indeed. i love that story. >> i hope someone steps in and help the nuns. >> i'm thinking they will. we will have a part two of this story, no doubt. once, twice, three times a
8:14 am
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8:24 am
n cti h the hunt is on this morning in the florida everglades. the target, and out of control snake species, the pythons are big and deadly and threaten the
8:25 am
mark strassmann shows house hundreds and hundreds fighters are taking part in the month-long python challenge. >> reporter: in the florida everglades, this is basking season for bernese pythons when the cold-blooded snakes seek out the warmth of the sun. >> a lot of native plants we should be aware of. reporter: tom rayhill's team is hunting for snakes. bernese pythons are an invasive species and evasive one. >> it's a challenge and we will will multiple days and not see one. >> reporter: they camouflage themselves in more than 1 million acres of swamp and sawgrass here but rayhill is known as the snake whisperer. >> i've supervised over hundreds of captures. >> reporter: he tracked down his first bernese in 2008 and was hooked. >> you go into a alpha predator
8:26 am
if you don't have that, you could get hurt conceivably. >> reporter: first, they bite. if hundred of sharp razor sharp teeth. you have to breathe deep and let it release on its own. if you pull away from a python when it bites you, your arm is going to be shredded. >> reporter: and big bernese can coil and crush you. >> i had a hold of a 17-foot python a number years back, totally ecstatic. this is great! whoa. i had a hold of it moving like a feather on a freight train. >> reporter: a big one with swallow a deer. in this photo the alligator inside the python's stomach was so big, the snake actually exploded! like the population of these snakes in the everglades. a female can lay up to 100 eggs. >> there could be tens of thousands to a hundred thousands of snakes. we just don't know. >> reporter: kristen penny summers works for the florida conservation commission.
8:27 am
here release their berniceese into the wild when their snakes grew too wild. >> they are not supposed to be here. >> reporter: for help moving them, florida's fish and wildlife officials started the python challenge. top prize? 5,000. rayhill is competing with his team of volunteers called the swamp apes. they invite combat vets with ptsd on the hunt for what he calls wilderness therapy. apex spot this bernese skeleton. >> you can see the stretch of it. the power of the python. >> reporter: these hunters grab a bernese by the neck behind the jaw latin it wear itself out and then drop it into this bag. they can deliver it, dead or alive, to wildlife officials. rayhill's swamp apes will be
8:28 am
planet project that fos fofs focuses on the python challenge.
8:29 am
snake but don't do that at home.nt welcome back. it is a: 55. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie with our top stories. brian shrader does the honors on traffic.
8:30 am
16 minutes from 42 to 440. a couple of accidents along the backups. the south part of raleigh in the fortified work zone we are returning to normal drive time sleeping the airport and rtp. something to keep in mind, we median of outbound wade avenue that along with the typical congestion conjured into a slowdown leaving 440 heading to the i-40 march. allow extra time leaving was probably heading out to i-40 this morning. on top of boulevard north of 440, we have an accident in the clearing stages. you can see the tow trucks arriving on the scene and capital boulevard at high woods. still have that left lane blocked on the inbound side of capital boulevard. a little bit of a slowdown as we try to make that left turn onto high woods. consider using atlantic for the next little while. still seemed slowdowns from earlier delays on durham,
8:31 am
>> thank you. the militarization of police and mass incarceration will be the focus of a prayer solidarity. organizers want to bring awareness to police procedures, call the u.s. system of mass the vigil is that nehemiah christian center at 6:00 in durham. we may not know before next week if the first and 12th in a march 15 primary. john roberts asked lawyers to respond by to say to an emergency request to keep the current boundary for next month's primary. it is a cold one out there. let's get the forecast from elizabeth. >> an extended cold plastic started yesterday, last until the beginning of next week. take a look at the tall tower camera. looks pretty with plenty of sunshine. we will see a sunny day today but cold air sticks around several more days. right now, 23 in south hill, 25 roxboro as well as fayetteville and goldsboro..
8:32 am
you figure in the windchill. high temperature will climb up to 40, but with a little bit of a priest, it will feel like 30 sales day. -- chance of snow showers. right now looking at an inch or less of accumulation. the zika virus a big topic on capitol hill, the leading health experts testified before a senate committee as lawmakers look at the presidential quest for funding for the problem. hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for a debate is against his victory after new hampshire. look for preview at 4:00 on fox 50. thanks for watching this morning, and we'll be right
8:33 am
have a great day, everybody. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." her teenage child became a mother. >> they took my daughter away from me. >> dr. phil: you're saying the government basically kidnapped your child. >> they could have helped us. instead, they ripped us apart. >> announcer: now -- >> dr. phil: you're critical of the woman that adopted your baby. >> she looks like a stripper. >> announcer: now this mom wants her baby bam. >> she sees her as a trophy and wants it shiny.
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