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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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about a trace to maybe an inch. that doesn't seem like a whole lot but i know some of you can probably remember when we've had maybe a half inch to inch of snow on a cold ground like this and it can wreak some havoc so we're going to be watching this closely even though the amounts will probably be very small. beautiful blue skies. where is this system? coming at us in two parts. one is a disturbance that's way up here across the dakotas but it has its eye on us. it's going to ride right down in to north carolina and it will kick off with some snow flurries tomorrow morning. could be any time between 8:00 and 10:00 and those will be arriving from the west. a second piece of this is a low offshore. we'll talk more about that and how much that adds to the mix few minutes. this is a look at some for tomorrow. impressive. a trace in our southern counties
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that low that's going to be developing offshore and of course you get that moisture inland. the heavier amounts will be from roanoke rapids eastward and that's going to be half inch to an inch. not looking terribly impressive in terms of totals but the snow may be with us from early to midmorning all the way through the middle of the afternoon and it might create some travel hazards. we're going to be talking more about it in terms of the timing and i'll show it to you on futurecast, exactly when you can expect the snow to arrive in your town coming up in just a few minutes. insurance companies nationwide are reporting huge losses under the affordable care act. blue cross blue shield of north carolina is also considering whether to get out of the health insurance marketplace in 2017. renee chou joins us now with big news from the state's largest health insurer. >> i just talked with a spokesman for blue cross blue shield of north carolina who
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losing a lot of money by offering affordable care act plans and it will take a look at those plans and decide if it can continue to offer them. that would be a decision the insurer would have to make later this year. the large financial losses come from the cost of ensuring a large number of unhealthy people, people with conditions that generate high medical expenses and premiums paid by enrollees plus the government subsidies are not enough to cover them. premiums went up 32.5% this year. the company may have to go to the department of insurance once again and ask for a rate hike for next year and that all depends on how the company's 2015 financials shake out which it will report next month. if blue cross blue shield north carolina decides to pull out of the federal marketplace, it would have a significant impact. it's the only insurer in the state that offers aca coverage in all 100 counties. more than 300,000 north carolinians picked a blue cross blue shield plan through the
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that's half of the more than 600,000 people in the state who bought a plan under the affordable care act. so those folks would have to go with another insurer, either cuvantry or united healthcare or go without subsidized health insurance. hundreds of customers complaints about overbilling, payment, and the company. it says it's been working on better handling the customer we'll continue to follow the wral. >> that will be a big shakeup. now to the political front. democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton prepare to go debate. meanwhile the republican candidates battle for votes in south carolina. marlie hall has the latest on the presidential campaign from milwaukee where tonight's debate will be held. >> reporter: marco rio
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south carolina. he's trying to rebound from his disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire as the& alternative to donald trump. >> it is my hope if elected president, when elected president to try to unite this country as much as possible. >> reporter: jeb bush attacked his inflammatory rhetoric. >> it's down right divisive and mean spirited. >> reporter: polls show trump with a commanding lead in south carolina. >> i've spent less money than anybody else and i'm number one. >> reporter: in a state where 2/3rds of gop voters describe themselves as born again or evangelical, ted cruz thinks he can win. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: john kasich who came in second in new hampshire is expected to have a tougher time among south carolina conservatives. >> democrats love to spend. republicans do too. but they feel guilty when they do it. >> reporter: there are also questions about how bernie sanders will do among minority
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democratic socialist told scott pelley wednesday he's confident. >> change always takes place when people don't step back. >> hillary clinton wants to turn the page. she wants a new story line to emerge after this debate. >> reporter: between the endorsement and the debate, she's looking to put her new hampshire defeat behind her. marlie hall, cbs news milwaukee. >> members of the black caucus will be campaigning for clinton. he asked supporters to send him donations. they sent him more than $6 million in 24 hours. that was in new hampshire. the republican debate in greenville will be hosted by cbs and face the nation anchor john dickerson. major garrett and kimberley strasal from the wall street journal will be there. cullen browder will be there and
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north carolina voters and lawmakers won't likely know until next week if contested congressional districts can be used in the march 15th primary or if the lines will have to be redrawn before votes are cast. u.s. supreme court justice john roberts asked lawyers who sued to overturn the first and 12th district to respond by tuesday to the state's emergency request to let the current boundaries remain in effect next month's primary. house speaker has already told lawmakers to prepare for a next week. growing concerns about a weakening global economy sent yet again today. points. in just the first hour of trading this morning it dropped nearly 300 points. the nasdaq is down 50 right now. the s&p 500 down 30.
12:07 pm and click on business. the nation's leading health experts are testifying before a senate committee on the zika virus today. latest numbers show 66 reported cases in 17 states. the director of the centers for disease control is among those testifying. senators will also discuss president obama's $1.8 billion emergency funding request to fast track a vaccine. one republican says the organizations do not need additional money since there is a surplus from the fight against ebola. >> reporter: a north carolina woman is dead after she was mauled by her dog in her home. suzanne story's daughter was reportedly cleaning the dog's crate when the attack began. family members say she adopted the pit bull about a week ago paper. behaved. the mother of two teenage girls, animal control officers plan to
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a man faces dwi charges. white oak road. it knocked down cables and cracked utility pole. the home is not badly damaged hurt. a trooper is recovering today after being hurt while he was investigating a crash on interstate 40 near the davis drive exit. a tractor-trailer switched lanes to pass the accident last night. that triggered a chain of events in which the trooper and the hurt. okay. charges are expected. ntsb investigators have arrived in new jersey to expect damage on the royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed right in to the path of a dangerous storm last weekend. the luxury cruise liner along with thousands of passengers onboard returned to its home port last night. don champion is there with reaction to this rough trip. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are back on solid ground sharing tales of
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>> the wind comes coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we was going to make it. >> reporter: the 200,000-ton liner set sails last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. >> i was on deck 8 and i could see the water coming up to our balcony. >> reporter: dennis was on the cruise with his family. they spent hours on lockdown in their rooms while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sisters and brother were pretty distraught. my mom was okay. they opened up the mini bar so that was good for her. >> royal caribbean officials say they're reviewing the company's storm avoidance policy to make sure an incident like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we've got to do better. we can't ask guests who are coming to us for a dream vacation to experience that. >> reporter: some rattled passengers say they're done. >> i'm not going to hold it
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cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard will inspect the ship before it heads out on its next voyage this weekend. don champion, cbs news, bayonne, new jersey. >> passengers will get a full refund and a certificate for 50% off a future cruise if they decide they want to take one. a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by a police officer in cleveland. >> next at noon, find out what's behind an expense-related lawsuit the city filed against the boy's family. >> an effort to breed two tigers at a popular zoo ends with one malling the other to deg. >> it's cold here but what about up here? find out who
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t nke4.oralof d anutilalthesp tncngroppgr. hring n seaff th t t
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tey d ith thed ne hason ft ni>> ticcrbi from the city. the city is now suing tamir rice's family for the cost of the ambulance service. tamir was carrying a fake gun in november 2014 when he was shot by officer timothy loman. the officer opened fire seconds after hopping out of his patrol car. the director of the sacramento zoo in california pledges to reexamine policies on how they introduce animals after a breeding attempt took a trag ic turn. a male tiger attacked a female tiger as they were introduced for the first time.
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says they feel like they've lost a family member. >> reporter: this sacramento zoo video shows tiger baja cleaning her cub. motherly instincts clearly on display. the video, three years ago, is from one of baja's three litters at the zoo. >> we lost a member of our family today. >> reporter: but a tiger attack has now left baja dead, killed in a tragic breeding encounter at the zoo before the gates opened, when male tiger mohan attacked baja has the pair was physically introduced for the first time. >> the introduction became aggressive quickly and my team immediately began efforts to separate the two cats. >> reporter: zookeepers used hoses and noise makers to separate the animals. veterinarians tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate baja. families at the zoo were only aware the tiger exhibit was closed. >> there was a sign that just said animals off exhibit and you could hear an upset tiger behind the enclosure walls. >> reporter: the encounter had
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national association of zoos and aquariums. >> we do what we can on paper to genetically match the animals and in this case these two were a good genetic match but you just never know how they're going to react once you get them in the same space. >> reporter: in this case the match proved to have deadly consequences. >> we're going to take this opportunity to examine our protocols and our processes. >> reporter: leaving sacramento zoo staff stunned, saddened, and searching for what went wrong. >> this is a devastating loss for our zoo. reporting. mohan, who is on loan from a zoo in memphis, is part of a tiger breeding program and had also successfully bred before with the other partner. don't expect anything like what they're seeing in northeast ohio. much of the cleveland area spent
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you always hate that snow. lake effect snow warning. snow totals are expected to approach 2 feet in some areas when it's all said and done. the good news, no reports of any major travel problems. only some schools canceled. but is it bad that i see elizabeth and all i want to do is go lalalalala? [ laughter ] >> but she's not going to do the cleveland forecast. she's going to do the raleigh, durham, chapel hill. lalalalala. >> it's not that bad. >> generally around here those lakes are not big enough to have much of an impact fortunately. let's take a look at what's happening. first off, it's beautiful out there right now and it will stay that way for the rest of the day today. the cold air is here and it's very cold.
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15, 20 degrees below normal. it's cold. it's unusual for this time of year but not unprecedented. our record low for sunday morning is minus 2. so it can be that cold. it's 35 and that's the kicker right there. west wind at 13 miles per hour. so 35 is cold enough. you add the wind chill to that and it feels much colder. i'll show you the wind chill in just a minute. dew point is 5. that means it's very dry. doesn't have anything to do with the temperature or how it feels. 35 in rocky mount. 32 in roxboro. we've yet to come above freezing near the virginia line. feels like 20 in south hill. 25 in roxboro. 26 in raleigh. 31 in fayetteville. almost everybody feeling like below freezing. right at freezing in clinton. that's what you're going to have to run in to. it feels 10 degrees colder than it really is with that strong wind and that wind is coming out
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things are nice and quiet for us right now but that's going to change in the next 24 hours. here's this little piece of energy, this disturbance that's producing snow across the dakotas. that's going to follow this same track that our cold air and some other disturbances have been following and bring us some snow, most likely for the morning hours tomorrow. not likely to be early morning. it will probably be at the end of the morning commute to midmorning before we begin to see this. that's piece number one. then we have a low that's starting to develop down here off the coast of south carolina. and those low pressure systems counterclockwise. that's going to draw moisture in from the atlantic and bring it in on top of that cold air. two pieces to this. the west. the other from the east. and it's this low that's going to produce most of the liquid so that's where we're going to have accumulation. here comes futurecast. we start things out taking on out through the afternoon,
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of the day today. snow. that's the one i had circled near the dakotas. it comes on across kentucky and tennessee and in to our area. potentially around midmorning. when you're timing these things, you've got to give or take an hour or two so it could be 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. could be 10:00 or 11:00 by the time we see some of these snow showers to the west. if the snow showers is developing to the east, that may be a bit concerning. we start to see the moisture wrapping in from the atlantic. it looks a whole lot heavier. that happens around lunchtime after raleigh eastward, that's where we could have accumulation. still even though that looks fairly impressive, still will be talking about an inch or so from raleigh eastward and from to an inch. totals. that could change rapidly as we get more computer models in this afternoon. so i encourage you to start 4:00 with mike maze.
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our newscast on fox 50. we'll join him at wral at 5:00. to say. skies will be clear saturday and it looks beautiful by then. you can see by our percentage chance that the farther north and east you go the better chance we'll have of seeing an inch or more of snow. here's a look at one of our computer models, guesses about the timing. this one puts it a little bit later in the afternoon. i still think we have the potential to see that midmorning earlier. we're going to have more time to talk about what may happen minutes. it looks like this could begin as a wintery mix but warming up. precipitation probably continues in to tuesday as rain. we'll talk about what some of coming up. in the middle, another frigid [ laughter ] >> like you were saying. >> thank you, elizabeth.
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is starting to look a whole lot brighter and all because he did the right thing. >> how his tip to police not only gut two fugitives off the windfall. >> a couple that went from sleeping in a tent to a home to call their own. how one man's kindness made it all possible. >> today at 4:00 on fox 50, workouts that target your brain. >> before you take a sip from a bottle, watch this 5 on your side report a. bizarre viewer complaint led to discovery of
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here's a look at some of the stories you don't want to miss on of mother of two has died after being mauled by her dog at her home. >> plus, some are calling it a grudge match. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders get back to the debate ring tonight with a bitter score to settle. >> and check out our photo gallery from the downtown durham marti gras celebration. a homeless man who helped find two of three violent jail escapees in california could soon see a big pay day. supervisors in orange county are recommending matthew chapman deserves up to $100,000 for his role in capturing the fugitives. chapman spotted the stolen van they were using and quickly alerted police. the inmates were on the run for
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were caught. the third inmate had already turned himself in. they'll vote on awarding the money later this month. try living in a tent because you can't afford your own place to live. dozens of people are doing just that in chicago and it's a lot colder up there. but a few of them have now found permanent housing. sandra torres shares the story of a couple that now has a place to call home. >> this is our living room. >> reporter: for joseph and maria murray, it still feels surreal. >> i'm still wrapping myself around it. >> reporter: just one week ago they lived in a tent for months under a viaduct in chicago's uptown neighborhood. >> given a second chance and to be able to give her a roof over her head. >> reporter: the couple got married last november while homeless with the hope that one day they'd be able to get out.
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because it was $70 to get the marriage license. >> and i found the love of my life in the most unlikely place under the most unlikely circumstances. >> reporter: it's that love that drove steve and trish from northwest indiana to rescue them. pharrell met them when he drove by the lawrence viaduct three weeks ago. >> really got to know their story, and we left that night. that was hard. >> reporter: within a week he raised enough funds to get them out of the tents in to a home in northwest indiana. >> i'm committed three months to are pouring in. >> reporter: while the future is still uncertain, joseph and maria remain hopeful. >> if they hadn't come along, i don't know. we'd still be struggling. we'd still be in that tent. >> steve and trish are in the process of helping two other people who live in those tents in uptown. their goal is to keep going back
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