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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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we hope you kept that cold weather gear handy because you're really going to need it tomorrow. >> some of us could see wintery weather including snow. let's get to elizabeth gardner. >> we're talking about potential for some snow in some spots. it may be a wintery mix mainly south of the triangle area. that's setting the stage for
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cold temperature we saw yesterday, today, and tonight. it could stick quickly. notice the winds blowing over downtown roxboro right now. it is cold but feels even colder. temperatures are in the mid 30s. 35 in raleigh. 31 in south hill. 32 in roxboro. and 37 in fayetteville. but most of us are feeling more like mid 20s because of the wind chill. temperatures just stay cold. our winter weather issues will come really in three parts over the next few days. number one, tomorrow. wintery precipitation. number two, the brutally cold temperatures that we're going to see for the weekend. number three, a system that comes in on monday. 22. our normal low temperatures are in the mid and even upper 30s in some spots. saturday morning, 15. dangerously cold. and monday morning it starts off cold as well. in terms of how much precipitation we may see tomorrow, snow-wise our southern
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just see about a trace, maybe up to a half an inch from raleigh northward and on to the north and east, a half an inch to an inch. that could change pretty significantly. we've seen the models starting to show a little bit more precipitation versus less. that's the way it's trending. greg and mike may up this a little bit this evening with newer computer model runs. you'll want to tune in to that. also coming up in about 15 minutes i'll talk more about monday's system. the travion smith trial is focusing on the physical evidence today in raleigh. what was found at the crime scene, and does it connect any of the suspects to the crime? amanda joins us from the news court today. >> a lot of this testimony may seem a little tedious for the jury but it's necessary for the state to show they thoroughly processed the crime scene and of evidence.
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2013. it was a very bloody crime scene that took several days to process. so far none of the physical evidence has linked smith or his codefendant to the crime. several scientists testified for the state today about dna and fingerprint evidence found at the scene. some matched huggins-jones but they didn't match the suspects. prosecutors say this is because they were all wearing gloves. this afternoon the medical examiner is expected to take the stand, this will no doubt be difficult testimony for the family and friends of the victim to sit through. they were very emotional tuesday when the crime scene photos were first seen in court and right now they have a shoe print expert on the stand. >> what has been a highly emotional trial. there's a funeral today for the 17-year-old victim of a hit-and-run outside lumberton last weekend, saturday night. austin collins died at the scene. he was a junior at fairmont high school.
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2:00 this afternoon at worthington funeral home. authorities say the driver is now in custody, identified as 45-year-old michael dorch. investigators say he turned himself in and highway patrol expects to file charges in this case. a forum is set to talk about an epidemic of mass incarceration in the u.s. they want to draw attention to racial profiling, what they describe as police becoming more like the military and laws that punish the poor and minorities. according to the aclu the politics of the 90s fueled an explosion in the number of people being arrested and jailed. the prayer vigil was on nemaya center. it starts at 6:00. town council wants to encourage kellogg's to expand. there's an economic incentive for the country which is considering an expansion.
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the meeting begins at 6:30. council chambers, carey downtown hall on academy street. stocks continue to take a bath. look at the numbers. minus 369 for the dow right now amid concerns about slowing global economies. the nasdaq is less, 59 points and the s&p 500 is down 36. oil prices are down sharply as well. for completearket andune on business. the irs says it will notify taxpayers whose data was stolen during a cyber attack. at the same time the agency is reassuring people that no personal information was compromised. the irs says hackers used nearly half a million social security numbers, half a million to create fake log-ins on the irs website. the thieves were trying to generate pin numbers which could electronic tax returns. if your information was hacked, you'll get a notice in the mail.
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along the outer banks again. two sections of highway 12 were closed in deer county because of the flooding over the weekend. the road shut down near kitty hawk because debris from overwash and standing water made the road impassible. things are now back on schedule. dozens of prison inmates are dead after an overnight uprising in mexico. what we've learned about who was involved in the deadly riot. >> also, you're never too old to pay for your crimes. a 94-year-old former ss guard stands trial for his role in the
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-- many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, lity're denere der osco canri ston tture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. cleaning wlideryday. dentquecro form in jminu killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. ry d more than 50 inmates were killed and a dozen hurt in a brutal fight between two rival
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mexico. the fight involved members of the infamous zetas drug cartel. it broke out days before pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. tv images showed flames leaping from the prison and a crowd of people bundled against the cold gathered outside the facility. at least 70 people were hurt when a train derailed and two of its cars overturned as it was traveling in egypt. the crash happened early this morning near beni suef, a city outside of cairo. trial is now underway in germany for a 94-year-old former guard at auschwitz. rhinehold hanning is accused of serving in the death camp at a time when hundreds of thousands of hungarian jews were gassed. he maintained he served as part
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no gassings took place. leon schwartzbaum, a survivor, testified today. experts say three pieces of debris appear to be from the rocket's combustion gas jet nozzle. the south korea navy said the debris was uncovered from the ocean floor and yellow sea. debris appeared to be from the first and second stage propellants of the missile has also been recovered. a local teacher that claimed teacher of the week now claims another title, a grammy winner. >> this is very cool. coming up, the top honor maestro phillip rigs will receive during music's biggest night. >> scotty mccreery is returning
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a durham teacher and wral teacher of the week is heading next week. >> he will accept the educator award. phillip riggs works at the school of science and math. the award recognizes educators who made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education.
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it's about the music but not mainly about the music. it's about integrity, about character, about enhancing their quality of life. the tool or vehicle to do that is the music. >> a former student and current middle school band director sarah stafford nominated rigs for the grammy. she says rigs is more like an inspirer than a teacher. you can watch the grammys on monday night here on wral. another great guy, scotty mccreery is returning to the show that helped launch his music career. he'll appear on the show tonight. scotty won in season 10. for three days he mentioned two of the top 24 contestants. we'll see scotty perform duets with both contestants. you can watch the show on our sister station, fox 50. scientists say they have detected gravitational ripples just as einstein predicted a
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scientists at cal tech, m.i.t. and the ligo scientific organization. physicists have been working for a century to prove the existence of gravity waves. kind of over my head i'll admit. >> i'm just happy to stick to the whole lego concept. [ laughter ] it has to do with detecting things in space. scientists are thinking there might be a ninth planet because they can tell the gravitational waves. but they haven't seen it yet. that's what it has to do with. it's a theory einstein had 100 years ago that's now finally been proven. we now have the technology to be able to tell that there's such a thing and that may help detect things like planets. >> what she said. >> cool stuff. [ laughter ]
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elementary. they gave me all kinds of goodies, this fantastic hat, a great mug, and a t-shirt. lots and lots of goodies. and i have a picture of them to show you. that. they were. and it was the entire 5th grade. you get a gym full of students, they can get wiggly and loud. these guys were so incredibly well behaved and so bright and they asked me some really, really intelligent questions and paid great attention. so we had a wonderful visit. big shout-out to everybody at dillard drive elementary in raleigh. it's cold. it was cold getting over there yesterday. still cold. this is the whirly gig park downtown. i love to show this shot when it's a little windy. you can see this tree with the leaves moving and the whirly
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so we do have a wind chill that well. 35 in raleigh. 37 in fayetteville. 34 in greenville. we're going to struggle to get our temperatures above freezing and with the wind that will continue this afternoon, it's never going to feel like 40s. it will feel like 20s to low 30s all day. 33 in greensboro. yesterday at lunchtime when we were looking at the wind chill it was down to negative numbers in boone. now. feels like 31 in fayetteville. mgton. the arctic out break is here. it arrived yesterday and sticks with us all the way through monday. this is a pretty long outbreak of temperatures that are well, well below normal. we continue to have that flow of northwest. we also talked a couple times during our noon newscast about that disturbance that's going to swing through and kick off the
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we also have the low that begins to develop here offshore and pushes the moisture in. zee the cold air. we have the disturbance bringing snow from the west. the atlantic moisture coming on top of it. it's going to be a little too warm in the southern part of the viewing area. we start this at 7 a.m. with cloudy skies and temperatures from mid 20s to low 30s. we take it out to 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, we start to see the precipitation developing. it may start in fayetteville, goldsboro as a few snow flurries but we'll start to see as the rain moves northward, that switching over, at least in parts of the viewing area. i will tell you that comparing this run to the morning runs that we showed during the morning newscast, this one is a little bit -- i don't want to say wetter because it's snowy but there's more moisture here. so we seem to be trending toward a little bit more moisture. we'll see.
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looks like a trace to an inch. especially from raleigh eastward. it does look a little bit traveling eastward. that would be rocky mount, 32 at 3:00. cold. precipitation moves out by the time of our evening commute. damage may be done. by that point some of you remember a little bit of snow around here can really cause some serious problems and unfortunately a lot of people will be out the door before this begins so it could be a real mess out there tomorrow or it could be not that big of a deal. i think the crews are out to treat the roads. we'll hope the bine does its job. i know wake county schools are on an early release already. waiting to hear if the weather service is going to issue any sort of weather advisory. no word on that just yet. certainly we have potential for snow across the viewing area.
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cold weekend. 15 degrees sunday morning. morning. it again? possibly. this may start as wintery mix or some snow but most likely that system that comes in on monday will change over to rain. of course it is a long time meteor logically between now and monday and a lot could change there. i encourage you to tune in to mike and greg this evening for the latest especially on what's going to happen tomorrow. fido. >> we'll take you to a dance class where it's not just humans learning to stay light on their feet. >> also ahead, sugar, who seems light on her feet. >> here are the winning
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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it was inspired by dressage and is now a recognized dogs sports. >> if you don't have a human dance partner, you might want to turn to a loyal friend. mark albert visits a class in maryland where dance teams strut their stuff. >> reporter: in darlene's dance class everyone moves to the music, whether you have two legs or four. >> did you ever think when you started as a dance instructor that you would be teaching people to dance with their dogs? >> never in a million years. i must be out of my mind. but it's one of the most fun things i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: k-9 free style isn't a walk in the park. each move takes practice for their handler and partner. dogs don't always make for the most predictable partners. >> if you make a mistake, they'll sometimes let you know about that.
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>> they might bark or do something. it's very interesting. >> this is a legitimate dog sport and there are championship ribbons but many here say it isn't just about being creative with your k-9. >> the connection, the bond you have with your dog, he's watching you and he wants to please you. it's just wonderful. >> reporter: pam kelly and her standard poodle pharaoh have six years. she has a background in dance, but most of her students don't. regardless of experience, the exercise with flare. >> k-9 training association will be hosting a world k-9 free style organization this summer. >> that's pretty cute. maybe you can get some of your
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>> of course we've got to get them working with chairs. >> it's fun. here's one you can train. >> tell us about sugar. >> this is sugar. she's a 7-year-old shepherd-hound mix that was picked up as a stray and the owners never reclaimed her. we're not really sure why because she's a super sweet girl, good with dogs, kids, the family. she likes to play. loves to take walks and is very content napping at your feet. addition to any family. got a lot of miles left in her. she's a good girl. really sweet. >> we like her a lot. she's so calm and relaxed. >> she is very calm and very relaxed. >> if you'd like to take sugar home, you can contact cause for paws in north carolina. 919-673-4003. >> elizabeth has a weather note here. >> i asked the weather service if they thought they were going
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advisory, they said yes, it will go in effect from 7 a.m. tomorrow to midnight.
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>> that's it for wral's noon a team is sure to set a blinding time. >> if they didn't wipe out in one spectacular crash. it's called run, baby, run, and if it looks time-consuming, it certainly was. what it took to send a 3-d printed baby all over the globe. a woman lies covered in french fries -- >> to make a very strong statement. >> the message she wants the whole world to see. plus the buzz word for your shot to win new ipad mini.
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