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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> >> >> brian schroeder is keeping en eye on dot traffic cameras but we begin with meteorologist elizabeth gardner who gives us the big pick temperature elizabeth? that's right we have snow. we have sleet and some freezing rain moving into the area. the area seeing some of that reaching the ground is that we are a little bit darker, a report of snow and freezing rain. no reports from there. as we talked earlier this morning, these area, of course, where it's fairly light is evaporating before it reaches the ground. there is fayetteville. there is the line. the radar is assuming that we are seeing snow and spring late and some sort of wintry mix down to the south. i have word from people in
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rain at this point. that's true over in the clinton but, again, a lot of reports in goldsboro that we have some snow falling, nothing yet happening in durham. still nothing happening from roxboro. that's an area na will be fairly light. responsible sots. ready to go. of course, they have the brine. sorry we don't have a camera there you are next and we are look at very light amount. winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. for some light accumulation. a lot of it down south is going to be sleet and freezing rain. raleigh, north and east, mainly see. we are still talking a trace to half an inch, maybe an inch here. just getting started. we don't have any major
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we head through the afternoon, that may change. brian is talking about what we son -- what we are seeing on the roads right now. >> precipitation has been pretty light and so far con confined to the southern part of the viewing area. let's go to cliffdale at all american. we had some reports of sleet, roads are wet. those temperatures at freezing or just below freezing. you have to be especially careful on bridges and conditions like these. it's just something that we have to watch very carefully. not seeing any problems in the triangle so far. looks dry on i-40 at wade avenue. no problem on chapel hill, moving along on what looks to be dry roads. on the southern side, that's where we are seeing the now.
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is laila saint yag. what are you seeing on the roads? >> much like you are describe. we just passed the jones sausage road traffic is moving smoothly. you can see the stripes on the road and, of course, that's an indication that dot was out and brining the road in that operation yesterday. that's now a major stand by kind of feeling. taking a loot ahead, though, they are already looking at sunday at another possibility of when they might have to be out brining the roads. but, for now, they have sand trucks on stand by and they are just waiting to see what will come next. really much like a lot of us. back to you. >> leyla santiago, showing us the roads are ready to go and the storm is just getting started. thanks, leyla. >> several school districts
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let's go east for a look at the road conditions there. brian joins us east from rocky mounts. brian? >> good afternoon, renee, i'm standing at the interchange of i-95. it is cold but we have not seen any precipitation. what we are seeing are those familiar streaks of brine all over the roadways. dot crews spent yesterday treating the roads with brine to prevent any ice buildup. traffic, as you can see on i-95 is moving normally without any problems. this area is expecting about an inch of snow this afternoon. nearly all schools in edgecombe county and nashua canceled schools erring on the side of caution. i spoke to the highway patrol. no problems so far. more concern about what's coming monday.
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feels like it's going to snow and we'll be here to greet it when it arrives. >> bryan mimes, -- mims, thank you. you just have that feeling that it's going to snow. wral's gilbert base is looking at the conditions in fayetteville. seeing anything yet on murphy road? >> yes, we are seeing some few things here. right here, the temperature reading about 37 degrees and before the rain started falling, i took a reading of about 28. so things have gone up a little bit. 41. we have more ground under here. there is a big temperature and this is why they attacked the bridges before they do any of the roads out here.
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it happened at the salt barn on highway 24. we have crews out there loading thousands of gallops of bip and then they hit the roads. the main priority was coating the primary highway like highway 95. this morning, the crews also installed the plows on their trucks. they are ready to move in the accumulation of snow that may occur in the area. i talked to bill amons, the county's main engineer. he says that this is one way to attack it. >> if you get a lot of rain and you see it running in the curb and gutter, it's probably being washed away. from what i've seen, the moisture anywhere from a few hundredths inches, depending upon what we get, you i'm hoping that will remoisten, may not track that much and that may good for the event monday. >> as you see, traffic here on
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well in both directions, north and south. again, we have brine down. we have some precipitation coming down. now, a matter of seeing how much we get and hopefully everybody is going to stay safe out here. i have my tool just in case. i'm ready to fire it up. give me a gadget, man, i'm ready. [ laughter ]. >> inspector gadget also known as gilbert baez out there. >> we like all that stuff. >> good information. >> extra dimensions. >> this is a good time to make sure that your smart phone is up to date on the latest wral app. it uses your phone gps to track your location. it will make you aware of any major storms the defense will not present any evidence in the trial of a man charged with killing a north raleigh woman in her apartment.
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tate case against travion smith. melissa huggins jones could have taken up to an hour to die from her injuries and she was aware of her pain. you could hear the mother of the victim crying during the testimony. if convict, smith could get the death penalty. brian cane cade was a second grade teacher at hillsboro. he was confined to a wheelchair. he was in the parking lot before school and was struck by the front of the bus as it was pulling away after dropping children off. the funeral is tonight. a graveside service will be at 10:00 tomorrow morning at fair view cemetery in lagrange. pope francis on the move again. this time on his way to cuba at the start of a five-day visit to mexico, a stopover there. adriana rodriguez is in el
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issues that the pope wants to address. >> reporter: pope francis boarded his plane for his big trip to mexico, where he will tackle hot button issues, including immigration. the streets of mexico city are bustling with work. mexico hats world's second largest catholic population behind pa civil during his trip, the holy father will celebrate mass on the country's southern and northern borders. workers are already putting the finishing touches on the altar for an outdoor mass in juarez. a violent drug-plagued city that borders el paso, texas. in his homely, francis is expected to address drugs, violence and i am gays. >> the fact that gays -- immigration. >> the fact that he is coming
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person he is. he wants to talk about immigration. >> extra u.s. border agents will be on duty. >> any time we have a large event here, you have to have that larger presence and that's really the main focus to ensure that everybody is safe. >> nearly half a million people are ex-pecked in juarez next week. adriana diaz, cbs news el paso, texas. before arriving in mexico, the pope makes a brief stop in cuba to meet with cuban leaders. we have a good rally going on on wall street? a way to end the street. the dow up 227 points. nasdaq up 48 points, s&p up thanks to a boost in oil prices. business. we need that had. >> oh, we did.
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jordan sasser did not make the cut. the judges were critical of his attempt at the celine dion classic "all by myself". he had this sweet. ai s tir e.en. . ci reprepping for more face-to- face attacks as they meet tomorrow.
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