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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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the low pressure across the area yesterday is building in the east and high pressure is traveling in. toward the coast today a lot of sunshine, a couple of fair weather clouds and a stiff northwesterly wind 10 to 20 miles an hour with highs
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might even be colder at the coast on sunday. we'll have sunshine mixed with increasing high clouds, high temperatures in the upper 20s to mid-30s. in the mountains today, maybe an early flurry but skies will be brightening. only getting in the mid-teens to the north, quite windy to go along with that. tomorrow we could have snow in the mountains, especially mid- to late afternoon hours, highs around 20 in the north and 30s in the south. just a couple fair weather clouds and dusty northwest winds, only climbing into the lower 30s this afternoon. it will be cold out there and really cold overnight tonight. we'll talk about it in the full forecast in a few minutes. in new hampshire, old trash. they're going into the classroom.
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recycled and used to help people with disabilities. one university of new hampshire professor is using them to taxpayer occupational therapy. her kids make table stands and food holders. how creative. when's appealing is they are cheap, lightweight and durable. >> the reason why we love corrugated plastic and election signs is the fact that it washes off very easily, lasts forever, things that we've made working great today. >> both political parties gave her permission to collect signs after the new hampshire primary. lessens the burden on them. overall nearly 80 items have been created to help people with disabilities. i love how they're thinking outside the box and being green.
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keeping the signs up till march or april. new details this morning in the deadly school shooting in arizona that left two 15-year- old girls dead. >> what it was that
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scene that m police in arizona found a suicide note near the cafeteria area at independent high school in glendale, arizona, where they also found two 15-year-old students dead friday morning. investigators are calling this a murder-suicide and police say the girls appeared to be close friends and in a relationship. here in our area, we are bracing for a cold day. beware any precipitation that falls could stick to the ground and cause some trouble, like this. slick roads were an issue in cumberland county after
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and snow fell in the area. there was an accident on highway 401 after troopers say the driver lost control and spun out. both vehicles ended up in the ditch. students at gaston college want to spread cheer to veterans this valentine's day. emily collins shows us what they made. >> reporter: thank you for your service. mildred underlines this message and can't help but reflect on what it must mean to so many veterans. >> i take it to heart because when i'm writing one, i think of someone on the other side seeing it. >> reporter: she's hamas also
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>> we have gone through different struggles since we have ended our terms in the military and someone remembering our service makes a difference. >> reporter: the association is making that difference by personally creating hundreds of valentines cards for vets in local and surrounding communities. they have exceeded 500 cards already, meaning more than 500 veterans are receiving personalized valentines messages. it gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a way they may never have before. >> they love it. little things like that mean a lot to somebody. they need to hear that. >> veterans tell me all is good. hearing other people say we appreciate this, feels good knowing we're giving back. >> reporter: proof that a small gesture can make a big
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those both giving and receiving. >> ain't that the truth. great story. with super bowl 50 over, the focus is turning to the next one. >> and it will take place in houston, texas. city leaders unveiled the official countdown clock on friday and it will provide message about preparations and how people can get involved and be part of the celebration. you'll be able to watch that super bowl on our sister station fax 50 wraz. houston town next year. >> and i think they are going back to roman numerals. >> yeah, i appreciated the nonroman numerals.
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we have a change for today. we had a lot of clouds yesterday, areas of precipitation. today should be dry but it's going to be cold and blustery out there. take a look at the sky cam, starting to see a little light on the horizon behind me. of course we are still a ways away from sunrise, just after 7:00 this morning. we have 32 degrees for current temperatures, a couple fair weather clouds around the area, winds are northwest about 7 miles an hour right now, picking up a bit and they will be blustery later in the morning and for the afternoon, dew point 9, pressure at 31.6 inches and heading up as a large high pressure area is coming toward us from the north
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28 degrees in rocks rock bro and a couple fair weather clouds drifting across parts of area. you can see the coverage of the light precipitation yesterday, heading on off to the east. we had about 1 to 3 inches of snow toward the outer banks. today we have high pressure up over the midwest, i guess you could say, coming into iowa right now. that's kind of a large sprawling area of high pressure. a cold front passed to our south and east yesterday and last night, and around that high we have a clockwise flow of winds bringing a northwesterly flow in the area and it will be a strong one. we'll have gusts that could reach 20 to 25 miles an hour at times, and it's a cold air mass. looking for a high around 33 in the triangle area, feeling like 20s even in the afternoon
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not looking for a lot of cloud cover today, stray clouds here and there. overnight we start out clear but heading for tomorrow morning ahead of the next system to our north and west, we'll see high clouds coming in by morning. looks like tomorrow those will thicken up and we'll have partly cloudy skies to finish out the weekend. it will be a dry one with dry air in the lower atmosphere. that will change in the mountains tomorrow with a few flurries or patches of snow forming later on sunday. for us, just about no chance of precipitation tomorrow. as we get into monday morning, we may have some mixed precipitation around the area, could start as snow and change to sleet and freezing rain in the afternoon, then maybe rain in the afternoon. monday night and tuesday we have about 80 to 90% chance, then that's out of here by mid-
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be about 24 at 8:00 and 28 at lunchtime, mostly sunny in the afternoon with a high around 33. we drop to around 15 tonight with a little bit of a wind chill, not as much wind tonight and tomorrow. even with the wind, it will feel like single digits at times. it looks like we have the chance of mixed precipitation early and likely changing to rain on monday with a high of 38. still have to watch for slick spots early in the day. then tuesday it's mostly rain, about 57, and should dry some through the day. a lot of sunshine after that, temperatures back in the upper 50s. >> thank you very much. pope francis is in mexico and plans to make a historic trip to the border. >> details on week-long visit. and find out why police responded shortly after he arrived. and surgery performed on
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details on good morning. can you believe it's been ten years since the hurricanes won the stanley cup? all weekend they are celebrating the officer of the stanley cup title, welcoming back former players from that title team. what a season and what a run that team had a decade ago. then the current canes took to the ice to face the pittsburgh penguins, fleury playing dr. no, turning back shot after shot.
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the late third period, and it gets sent into overtime. in the shootout, letang's goal wins it and the canes get a pittsburgh. they are back at it tonight hosting the islanders. and the wolf pack began undefeated and ranked third in the nation, up against virginia tech for the acc championship on the line. after falling behind 7-0 in matches, tommy gant wins it. but they will wrap up the regular season sunday against missouri. and carolina opens up preseason practice in the snow friday in chapel hill. beautiful day for baseball. the college baseball season for the tar heels, nc state and duke will begin next friday. acc basketball coming up today,
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noon, and duke hosting number 7 virginia this afternoon at 4:30. have a great saturday. it is cold outside. we want to look ahead to spring. >> why not? guests from duke gardens have eye-catching and useful plants. we'll have details on what you later. second day after christmas, i start decorating for valentines. >> her last name is appropriately enough loving.
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we'll show you the a frigid weekend in the triangle and mike moss is going to tell us how far temperatures could plunge. state lawmakers plan to head back to raleigh to figure out how to redraw congressional districts. what's happening before they meet. and pope francis is in mexico. details on issues that he really wants to confront during his five-day visit. >> quite the greeting there.
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closings we are dealing with. >> we have the closures for you, but let's go to mike moss. how low will temperatures go? looks like they are going to be cold getting into tonight and sunday morning, probably in the low to mid-teens across the area with wind chills in the single digits. meantime, what's going on today out there are temperatures in the 20s and 30s as we're starting today, a little variety around the region, depending whether the winds have stirred in your area or how much cloud cover there was last night. 31 in chapel hill. we have about 23 in clayton, 30 degrees for roanoke rapids. most of us have fair skies to start the day. if you're out for a walk, bundle up, a lot of us in the 20s to around 30 with northwest
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those will be running northwest, gusting to around 25 through the day. highs in the upper 20s and low 30s in the north, mid-30s in the south. back to you. thank you very much. new overnight, a female driver was cut from a car after a crash in moore county. she was pinned after hitting a tree around 1:30 a.m. along harris church road. several agencies including highway patrol responded to the crash. she was taken to the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. investigators say alcohol played a role in the crash. state lawmakers are preparing to head back to raleigh for a special session on drawing congressional boundaries in case the u.s. supreme court blocks the lower court ruling. at issue, districts 1 and 12. what's happening ahead of several public hearings.
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districts 1 and 12 are drawn on the state's congressional map, covering eastern carolina and parts of greensboro and charlotte. a judge gave them until next thursday to redraw both districts. >> the way we read it is they say race was a predominant districts. case. witnesses that testified that that was not the case, and that testimony was not allowed. >> reporter: public hearings will be held across the state ahead of the redistricting. primary. the lawmakers who sued the state were given until next tuesday to respond to gop leaders request for a stay to keep current maps in play.
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which would normally take several months, to compress that into a little over a week. we are confident the court decision will be staid, but not knowing for sure, we feel like we need to move forward. >> that was ken smith reporting. statewide hearings are planned for monday and lawmakers will use feedback to help them redraw the state's congressional district lines. if a special session is required, they will convene thursday. for the first time, unc president-elect addresses the criticism she faced after her hiring. >> much has been said of the
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selection and about me personally. i must say that after spending most of my career in service to the public, working on behalf of all students and with people of all points of view, i've been surprised at the intensity of the reaction. >> spellings was referring to meetings. some took aim at her connection companies. friday she laid out her vision for 17 campuses at a board of governors retreat. she wants to create a system that's accessible, affordable and accountable. spellings officially takes over march 1st. a fayetteville man is being held on $1 million bond after charges of sexual assault involving an 11-year-old. police say it happened last month and he knew his victim.
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found dead in virginia. roy stevenson, jr. was reported missing wednesday and was last seen at duke raleigh hospital but was not a patient there. he was found dead later that night in halifax, virginia near his vehicle. investigators found no indication of a crime. two more people arrested in a string of jewelry store thefts. larry and michael gilmore conspired with abigail kemp and lewis jones to rob six stores in five states including north carolina. they got away with $4 million worth of jewelry. the trials begin next march. a woman, her daughter-in- law and their dog are safe after flames tore through their home. the fire broke out at a home on west front street in clayton friday afternoon.
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mother-in-law and dog from the home. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire but they believe it started in the kitchen. a three-week suspension has started for a chapel hill mom. authorities say he's not here is one of two bars that served 20-year-old chandler cane alcohol before he caused a crash that killed three people. police say enrollment has spiked for courses educating local bars and restaurants on proper alcohol sales. their underage drinking seminar attendance is up 40%. new video shows two murder suspects being booked. this is from the montgomery county, virginia sheriff's office. 18-year-old michael eisenhower is charged with the murder and abduction of 13-year-old nicole lavelle. police say he lured her from her home in late january. her body was found in north carolina and he is expected to enter a plea in court next
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19-year-old natalie keepers is also charged in the case. police believe she helped eisenhower dispose of the body. police had to respond when a man interrupted the pope's motorcade in mexico city. the pope is in the middle of a five-day visit to mexico. >> reporter: a mariachi band greated the pope and mexicans welcomed the pope to their country. workers made sure everything was perfect for the official welcome ceremony. here in mexico city, the visit is all everyone is talking about. the pope is expected to address some of mexico's biggest challenges, including drugs, violence and poverty. he'll be the first pope to
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expected to attend a mass in juarez next week. >> it was on his insistence that the site for the mass be close to the border. >> reporter: on the flight from rome, a journalist gave him a some brother row. before he arrived in mexico, he stopped cuba, the first such meeting in a thousand years. now the focus is all on mexico, home to the world's second largest catholic population. >> and we have a big honor to tell you about. layla, tell us about it. >> we had the honor of receiving the 2015
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north carolina farm bureau. that was presented to us yesterday, partially for the work we did in cuba. the award is given to members of the media who exhibit fair and balanced coverage and outstanding insight of the state's agricultural industry. what an honor it was. we were very lucky that they you very much. a doctor performs surgery on the wrong newborn. >> hear from the baby's mom and details on a movement to change how hospitals care for infants now. and the community stepping
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new overnight, a 17-year- old hurt in a drive-by shooting in durham. >> plus republican presidential candidates debate tonight in south carolina. the rivals that will stand center stage and who's likely to be the biggest target. >> and a cold day ahead. this is a look at fayetteville, north carolina. meteorologist mike moss will tell us about the really cold forecast. mperatures are going to go way down. >> i know, and it's valentine's day. i mean, tomorrow.
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>> that's a good way to look at it. we have all the closings for today at let's get to meteorologist mike moss, who will shed some light on this cold forecast. >> that's right. we have a big high pressure area off to our north and west, area today. take a look at what we have temperature wise this morning, most of us in the 20s and 30s. we are about 30 in roanoke rapids, 26 in henderson, 28 for the rocky mount airport. moving south, 25 in smithfield, 28 for southern pines and 30 in fayetteville right now. it's chilly and a bit of a breeze as well. temperatures won't go up a lot today. we'll have sunshine compared to the gray skies today. we have a northwesterly flow
7:00 am
the mid- to upper 20s at 8:00 with a lot of sun and few fair weather clouds. at noon only 28 degrees, and we're reaching act 33 for the high this afternoon with that stiff northwesterly wind that will make it feel like the low 20s we've we have the sunshine and temperatures in the 30s. this is a good time to remind you about our wral weather app. >> the latest app uses your phone's gps to track your location canadian low and alert you when you're in the path of severe weather. new overnight, a 72-year- old woman with life-threatening injuries after being shot inside a home. at least two of her relatives
7:01 am
shooting and were not hurt. officers need help identifying potential suspects in this case. new overnight, police are investigating two shootings. officers say a 61-year-old man was shot in the face at a home on dale street about 11:00 last night, and a 19-year-old woman was shot in the same area about the same time. she was sitting in her car. both victims' injuries are not considered life-threatening and police haven't released a suspect description, but they believe the same person is responsible. the state naacp will hold the tenth annual march on raleigh this morning. organizers say the goal is to get all north carolinaans registered to vote. the march is also a protest of policies by the republican led legislature. and candidates will be debating
7:02 am
donald trump, ted cruz will be center stage for the event. >> this is a week away from south carolina's gop primary. so what's happening on the campaign trail? >> reporter: donald trump hit the campaign trail in florida after taking aim again at rival ted cruz. >> find out where he gets his money. >> reporter: on twitter he threatened to sue cruz. >> there is a reason donald engages in attacks, because it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> reporter: trump and cruz will take center stage alongside john kasich, ben carson and marco rubio tonight in south carolina. this will be the smallest yet to take the republican debate stage and trump will likely be the biggest target. john dickerson will be the moderator. >> it should be a pretty rough
7:03 am
trying to use the other to seek advantage. >> reporter: to do well in south carolina's republican primary, the candidates also need support from african- americans and evangelicals like anita jackson. >> what values are you looking for? >> pro-life, crushing isis. >> reporter: cruz, rubio, carson and bush spoke at yesterday's faith and family presidential forum. >> i do not believe that you put your faith in a lock box when you're in the public life. >> reporter: that's one of many issues as candidates fight to stay in the race. >> debate coverage begins at 9:00 tonight on wral. we'll have live reports starting at 6:00 p.m. on wral. two robberies, two banks, one possible suspect. police want to know if the same
7:04 am
the most recent was friday. >> reporter: it was just before lunchtime. police say this man walked into the first citizens bank and never showed a weapon but passed a note to the teller. the employees gave the man what he wanted and the suspect took off, but not before leaving a clear photo on surveillance camera. and he has a face investigators believe they have seen before. in august police say this man robbed a first citizens bank on little briar creek lane. the suspect had an arm in a sling and walked with a cane. they say he demanded money, grabbed it and took off in a brown suv. just like the more recent robbery, he left a clear surveillance photo behind. police are investigating whether these two bank robbers are in fact the same person. now they are looking for your
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public safety fears led the state dot to close the trailwood rose bridge. officials say the 47-year-old bridge was deteriorating and was already scheduled to be replaced this spring, so no temporary repairs will be made. traffic is being rerouted in the area. the head of the olympic committee says no nations plan to skip the games because of the zika virus. that's following concerns about the spread of the disease throughout latin america. the mosquito-borne virus in the area has brazilian authorities taking action before the olympics in rio. the ioc is taking this situation seriously but they are confident spectators will enjoy safe conditions during
7:06 am
>> and we'll be seeing them here on wral this year. after voting, a lot of those campaign signs sit along the side of the road. one teacher is not letting those go to waste. >> we thought, we can make tons of assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities. >> see how the class is turning trash into life-changing tools. >> and a special guest joining
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