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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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us] , no pere bsoft a st. h is w uctsoo. l so a texas prosecutor was murdered in broad daylight one block from the courthouse in the town of kauffman near dallas, the fbi was stumped and the residents there began arming themselves and locking their doors. iwaju t first of several brazen killings that rocked the town. tonight on "48 hours." correspondent richard schlesinger brings you the dramatic story of what happens when the hunter became the hunted. here is a preview. >> i come to the courthouse here
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i saw a person, clothes all in black. >> reporter: attorney linda bush is no stranger to crime but she was not prepared for what she saw that january morning. >> there was the shoving match and then he took the gun and shot. [ screaming ] >> reporter: you heard the gunshots? >> yes. >> reporter: how many gunshots did you hear? >> i counted three. i know there were at least two more. >> reporter: the victim of this daring daylight shooting was a well-liked assistant district attorney named mark hassey. >> we have suffered a devastating loss today. >> reporter: haddy's bo is was devastated by the murder and he vowed to find the killer. >> i hope that the people who did this are watching. we are going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in and we
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let the people of kauffman county prosecute you. >> reporter: law enforcement from all over texas converged on kauffman seeking justice for one of their own. texas ranger eric casper. >> it was, you know, who done it to that point in time. >> reporter: there was one immediate theory. there had been threats. >> abt. >> violent prison gang. >> reporter: hassy had helped send abt members to jail and the gang had vowed revenge against law enforcement. had mark hassy been on the list? prosecutor bill with worsky was not convinced. >> the bottom line for those gangs is money. killing a police officer and a district attorney is bad for their business. >> reporter: if it wasn't a gang member, who killed mark hassy? >> serve on edge here. >> keeping my doors locked and guns loaded. >> we have not made progress. >> reporter: things were about to get much worse.
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operating under the possibility that tonight's murders could be related to that of former district attorney mark hassy. >> reporter: that is because the latest victims were hassy's boss, district attorney mike mcclellan and his wife. the d.a., his own murder may have come as no surprise. >> when you deal with bad people, you know that there is always the potential for these bad people to do something bad to you because they have already done something bad to somebody else. >> fascinating case. you can see richard schlesinger's full report "target justice" tonight on "48 hours" at a special time -- 8:00 eastern/7:00 central on cbs. coming up, the major league pitcher who just received a ban for life. plus, with just two days until the grammys, we take a look at all of the popular music artists who have never won the
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platinum records and havens illustrious career. sweet child of mine >> reporter: but one r't s er,. an even the lry talking heo wer nevven minarhe awar bkp whe ione>> rr: sld eer s stt t grammy.
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i don't know >> reporter: fellow zero club members journey have some advice. don't stop believing >> we want to send a special congratulations to all of the grammy nominees who have been on "cbs this morning: saturday" the past year and a half and that includes wilco who is coming up in a few minutes in today's saturday session. good luck on monday to everyone. i'm amazed who is in the zero club. >> i know. did it surprise you? >> journey? i can't believe it! >> talking heads! >> they have a lot of catching up to. the biggest winner of all time is george shutty, through him, 31 grammys. coming up, we will take you inside the minds of such
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