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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that storm system prompted a number of school closures an delays thanks for joining us i'm ken smith. >> i'm katherine brown. a number of schools already out for president's day but list of new closures and delays grows by the minute. wake county public schools are closed tomorrow we heard that in about the last hour and-a- half. chapel hill chatham county school delayed two hours. clinton city delayed two hours. durham public schools are closed edgecombe county closed. >> we want to let you know tri- county schools. granville county. halifax county delayed two hours. polk county schools delayed two hours. wake county schools. mecklenburg closed. orange county closed person county schools closed as well. >> vance county schools closed wake county schools closed
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wayne county schools delayed two hours as well as wilson county schools. >> you can find all of this information scrolling at the bottom of your screen throughout the newscast. >> we have this information on along with dozens of business closings and delays. parts of the triangle already seeing some wintry mix some accumulation happening as well. >> get right over to chief meteorologist greg fishel with a timeline of the approaching winter storm greg. >> you know the triad area some of those areas back around greensboro have already had more than 2 inches of snow with this initial system that came through the area earlier this evening. now that is beginning to taper off. you can see the snow is on the retreat now across the northern counties retreating up into virginia. however, batch number 2 will be coming at us late tonight and tomorrow morning and that's when more of us will have a chance of experiencing some winter like trouble.
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