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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 15, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EST

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-- sa poz -- supposed to be argued and decided here? >> right. i mean controversial cases, on those hot button social issues. they usually divide this court along ideological lines, 5-4. now with scalia's passing, the court on most of those is going to be divided 4-4. when you have got a decision that is 4-4. a tie. the lower court decision is going to stand but there is no national precedent. the issue isn't revolved once and for all. that will have a big impact this term. there are some really controversial cases, jeff. i mean there is a case from texas, tougher regulations for abortion clinics. there is a case on affirmative action. on the use of race. and college admissions. and believe it or not there is another challenge to obama care. as well as the cases on presidential power like president obama's executive orders on immigration. and environmental policy, most of those cases now are unlikely to have a majority decision. so, they may not ready bring about a sweeping change in the law. >> jan crawford from d.c. once again.
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it was a bitter cold valentine's day in the northeast. jericka duncan has more on the teeth chattering, record shattering lows. >> reporter: the last time it was this cold on this day in manhattan, the 57-story woolworth building was the world's tallest skyscraper. the year was 1916. >> what does it actually feel like? >> feels like, a bit like, i don't know, hell i guess. >> 100 years later these tourists are experiencing bone-chilling weather for the first time. they're from miami. >> yes, it its worth it. worth it. see the statue. see new york. >> and boston, the orange line took on a new meaning. transportation workers used fire, a century's old trick to protect frozen rails from breaking. in nearby summerville, devin reagan threw a pot of boiling
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fireworks. the coldest temperature recorded in the u.s. today was in watertown, new york, minus 37. records in montpelier, vermont, boston, hartford, connecticut, and albany, new york. new york city mayor bill de blasio cautioned everyone to stay inside. >> the cold weather alert that we have in place will continue. this afternoon until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: on this valentine's day, love conquers cold. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> in times square surprise renewal ceremonies. warming hearts in the bitter cold. know what is. it is crazy. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back. ch turylism ,and e saat cscae giu,withvingalth c ye and. of ond o
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silence for justice scalia. after the debate, cbs news polled republican and which candidate they trust to apin the a supreme court justice. ted cruz finished first at 17%. followed by donald trump. marco rubio, and john kasich. the republican candidates quickly entered succession battle last night taking issue with president obama's plan. here is juliana goldman. >> reporter: the debate started with universal agreement that justice scalia's replacement shouldn't be confirmed until after inauguration day, 2017. >> i do not believe the president should appoint some one. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> the next president need to appoint some one with proven conservative record. >> the senate need to stand strong and say we are not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> it's called. delay, delay, delay.
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candidates pivoted to their differences -- attacks like this exchange between donald trump and jeb bush blurred the lines between policy and personal. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign, remember that. >> let me finish. >> reporter: bush who will be campaigning with his brother tomorrow stood his ground. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security an at apparatus to keep us safe. >> on "face the nation" today, trump walked back the blame. >> i'm not blaming him. could he have done something about it. his cia knew about things happening. >> reporter: for his part last night. marco rubio looking to make up for stumbles in the previous debate, sparred with ted cruz over immigration. in an interview, rubio gave in spanish. >> marco right now supports citizenship for 12 million people here illegally. >> i don't know how he knows what i said on univision, he doesn't speak spanish. >> cruz saved stinging attacks for trump arguing he is the true
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>> for most of his life he described himself as the very pro-choice, and as a supporter of partial-birth abortion. right now today as a candidate he supports federal taxpayer funding. >> you are the single bigs liar. you are probably worse than jeb bush. >> cbs news polling concluded rubio won the debate. perhaps not so surprisingly, trump says he won the night. jeff, as for the boos you may have heard coming trump's way from the audience. in a tweet, trump blamed republican national committee who he said did a terrible job of ticket distribution. >> juliana goldman in washington. thank you. democrats in south carolina have primary february 27th. the week after the republican primary. a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows the hillary clinton holding her lead in south carolina, 20 points ahead of bernie sanders. >> pope francis continued his trip to mexico today.
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dangerous cities. allen pizzey is traveling with the pope. >> reporter: the mass brought the pope into the heart of the, problems he came to address, the highest crime rates -- robbery, extortion, murder and violence against women are daily facts of life here. the message to people was basically, do not give into temptations of crime as a way out of poverty. francis spoke out against the pursuit of prestige based on relentless exclusion of those who are not like us. he also, the dangers of becoming accustomed to a lifestyle where we think our source and life force lies only in wealth. such are dangers according to local press reports. the authorities began beefing up security here as early as january, in anticipation of this mass. angie monsalvo and friend came
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visit. >> we felt kind of insecurity. when we arrived, we saw a lot of -- police. policemen. >> reporter: francis urged the faithful to be on the front line of making mexico a land where heap put it there will be no need to emigrate to dream. no need to exploited to work and no need to mourn, men, women, children, who in his words are destroyed at the hands of dealers of death. francis' next stop is mexico's poorest state. entry point for migrants heading north. allen pizzey, cbs news. the louisiana legislature is holding an emergency session tonight due to a massive budget short fall. the governor has presented the state with a stark choice. raise taxes, or see devastating cuts in ee send -- essential cuts in resources.
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the midst of a recession, some might say a bad time to ask the state legislature for new taxes. edwards is doing. >> we are in unprecedented situation. >> edwards says louisiana's financial woes aren't fixed quickly the disabled will lose state medicare, public universities may close, and he said, fans could say farewell to college football. >> these are not scare tactics. this is reality. and unstable state budget will not only hurt children and working families in our state, it will devastate communities, businesses, and local government as well. >> edwards is a democart. who in hair itted the deficit from republican predecessor, bobby jindal. edwards is asking legislators to approve spending cuts and tax increases that keep state
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ar.madr fracturiti w alan, 5.7 near the city of christchurch. did not do serious damage to buildings. buckled road waves and caused some cliffs to collapse. up next, a tremendous dunk a
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at the nba all star weekend. stunning record at the bs ool had the biggest opening ever fr ra
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ted lliohe firse daat bhe old record set by the matrix reloaded in 2003. dead pool, based on popular marvel comic book character. nba all star weekend. last night -- that's impressive. zach levine of the timber wolves won the slam dunk. he dedicated his trophy to flip saunders, former coach who died in october. at the three point contest. last year's champ, steph curry finished behind, klay thompson. on valentine's day, couples getting married in los angeles got a last chance
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dies. steve hartman found his story on the road. >> reporter: around starkville, mississippi, retired mail carrier, charles evans known for his questionable taste in lawn furnishings. but i came here for something undeniably beautiful. >> the man with the plan. ha-ha-ha. charles met his wife louise in 1949. >> when you looked at her, it was like -- like -- whoa. electrical shock. >> reporter: really? >> i guess it is love. >> reporter: to charles true love is so powerful nothing can stop it. >> a big four letter word. >> reporter: nothing. >> straighten it out. which is why, after she died in 2011, after 60 years of marriage, he decided a grave marker wasn't enough. that their love deserved more than a monument. what they love needed was a museum. so in a little outbuilding behind his house, charles evans built just that.
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>> reporter: inside the shoe shine stand he was working at when he met her. he has all the music they used to dance to. he has four walls, packed solid with pictures. documenting every significant occasion. >> this is when we went out to lunch and most every insignificant occasion. >> thus wiz awe -- this was a different place at lunch. >> she didn't like that that one. laughing with food in her mouth. >> reporter: needless to say he doesn't get a whole lot of visitors. which is fine by charles. >> our last dance. >> in fact you get the sense he almost enjoys his alone time more. on slow days he slow dances with louise. >> i guess i am trying to relive our life. would you think? >> reporter: maybe. >> i don't know. it's, so hard to explain. you know. but it's not a suffering memories, it's beautiful memory, you know? >> reporter: some times people try to tell charles to move on. but in his mind, why would you
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it's monday, february 15th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." days after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia, a look back at the justice's life and legacy and a look ahead at the battle for his seat on the bench. thawing out. after a week jonedshippend of bone chilling temperatures across the country, there might finally be some relief in sight. millions make the pilgrimage to see the pope francis in mexico. lives throughout the country. >> you have an obligation to pick up and leave out of the abyss three months after terrorists killed dozens of people at the bat a clan theater
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