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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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nationwide. we go inside the saw today network investigation of the troubled teachers popping up in other states. >> ahead, why school districts are missing the warning signs. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale. bringing new life to senior living. i got to hang a picture. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world. it's amazing to me because it takes me seconds.
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is at tk ofness ust and of al anciou a new "usa today" network uncovers many flaws in the way
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teachers' backgrounds. more than 20 states received a "d" or "f" grade. we showed you some of the fiejsd yesterday. now david begnaud is here where he visited louisiana to get a closer look. good morning. >> good morning. for your years the database analyzed millions of reports of licensed and disciplined teachers and it finds hundreds where they were disciplined but yet they were still able to get a teaching license and teach school across the state lines. >> reporter: she resign after shoving, spanking, and aggressively shaking a f-year-old. battery charge was dropped after she entered a prachlt a year after that she resurfaced at northwestern high school in louisiana where she taught until just last week. >> the school district never told you about her past.
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>> she said she worked with her daughter's dance team. >> we trust our school system and don't like the idea of a child batterer taking care of my child. >> our background check system is almost set up as if teachers stay in one state for their whole career and they clearly don't. >> reporter: "usa today" network investigator riley says it's checkered pasts slipping through the system. >> not only are parents able to find some of this information but education and state don't even have access to the comprehensive lists of teachers who are unable to teach because of sexual misconduct or physical misconduct between students. >> reporter: they found of the 9,000 educators are missing from
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the nasdtec clearinghouse. tight only nationwide system for tracking teachers' misconduct. over 1,400 had their licenses permanently revoked. at least 200 for sexual abuse. >> it's challenging because each of the states have their own rules and regulations that oversee the regulation in their is it perfect? >> no. do we work to make it perfect. >> every single day. >> reporter: last year a georgia teacher resigned after physical altercations including altercations with students. she still got a teaching license in north and south carolina. in 2006 stanley kindall was captured on c's "to catch a predator" allegedly soliciting a young boy for sex. >> i honestly didn't think he was 13 and i thought about driving away when i saw him at the door. >> reporter: he lost his job and his texas teaching license. but he told them, quote, let it
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money to fight it. he returned, substituting in indiana, until someone saw a rerun of the nbc program and alerted the officials. >> the cases are too many to ignore. >> reporter: senator pat toomey has pushed for years regulations. >> varying states have wildly varying standards for doing background checks for employees. there's no good reason why children in a particular state should be at risk than children in another state. as for reva, she resigned after they contacted the school as part of its investigation. in a statement to "cbs this morning" she said, i made an error in judgment in florida. it was greatly exaggerated. i learned from my miss steak. i sought a second chance, and i got it. >> how do you track teachers like this? >> i guess right now you don't. that's the question is how is this going on and nobody's doing
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it seems like our children are a lit -- worth a little bit more than that to me. >> reporter: we're told they did reach out for a reference and they were told of the battery charge and were told it had been dropped but were not aware of a separate state investigation going on. louisiana hired her before the state of florida concluded its own investigation and then suspended its own license. it's now going to require all states to audit their entries to ensure their submissions are accurate and complete. >> a really eye hf-opening story. i wonder if it will raise for parents you can check your own teachers. have they been accused of misconduct in the past. there's a database for it. >> and they're going to strengthen it. >> with all the technology, there seems there should be a better way to do it.
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good to see you at the table. >> you as well. a medical mar val. doctors say this baby was the sigh of a small bird when she was born. ahead, the family's emotional milestone. plus "the price is >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored . go p told ya somebody should've waited in the ca it sere'ack thnute!
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o s. it is tuesday, february 16th, 2016.
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there is more real news ahead including a miraculous survival story. a baby weighing less than a pound goes home with the mom and dad. but first here's today's ees's eye opener at 8:00. he drew the most enthusiastic crowd jeb bush has ever seen. >> i think he's master at man in lachlgs i find it amusing on one level he constantly attacks me. >> with the supreme court nomination, you have to keep in mind with these politicians, what they're saying now, they have said the exact opposite thing in the past. there were several toeshlds yesterday. about ten homes were destroyed in the florida panhandle. his letters have now been released. hers have still been kept secret. what a story they might tell of
7:51 am
>> we want more, mark. >> they analyzed records on licensed teachers. they were rep panhandled but still managed to get a teaching license. >> i love my brother. i'm glad he came. >> we spent a lifetime on a ranch to become tree farmers. it gives me a chance to practice my stump speech. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" is presented by nationwide insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. donald trump and jeb bush are trading insults. jeb bush called out donald trump on monday for questioning the former president's leadership. he called him, quote, a master at manipulation.
7:52 am
brother has what it takes to do the job. >> strength is not empty rhetoric. it is not bluster. it is not theatric is. real strength, strength of purple comes from integrity and character, and in my experience, the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> donald trump kept attacking the former president saying he mismanaged intelligence and that, quote, the world trade center came down during his reign. trump writes this is an op-ed for "usa today," if elected he would endorse and enhance interrogative techniques. dnald trump said nothing should be take uf after the table. the grammy awards were filled with glittering performances. lady gaga offered an emotional tribute to david bowie.
7:53 am
charged rap and the broadway hit "hamilton" gave a rousing performance. kevin frazier with "e.t." >> pop music really captured the big award for record, album, and song of the year. mark ronson and bruno mars with their irresistible hit "uptown funk." taylor swift won album of the year and she also made history. the 26-year-old superstar book-ended the awards kicking off the show with "out of the woods." later as the show was winding up she offered herself as a role model. >> as the first woman to win album of the year at the grammys twice i want to say to all women
7:54 am
the work, that will be the a greatest feeling in the world. >> she shares one of her three trophies with kendrick lamar on their fantasy "bad blood." lamar electrified the audience taking the stage in chains linked to men dressed as inmates. kendrick was the night's biggest winner with five grammys, four going to his plumbolitical song. even president obama is a fan of the white house tweeted shout-out to kendrick lamar and all the artists at the grammys. >> incredible feeling. he's got some good taste. and the power of hip-hop from 3,000 miles away, "hamilton" new york's broadway
7:55 am
five years and they took home best theater. they also said hello to adele. this is my last night with you you >> reporter: she kept belling out "all i ask." >> reporter: after the show the slimmed down star laughed it off tweeting i'm treating myself to an in and out so maybe it's worth it. adele broke out in 2009 as the best new ardist and this year it was meghan trainor. this year it was an emotional one. and in a night of stirring tributes, lady gaga channeled david bowie. before going on stage she posted
7:56 am
room crying as she listened to bowie. >> kevin, therer with a lot of lifetime winners. any? >> justin bieber won his first ever grammy which was a big deal for him and i think it's a great justin finally got one. first-time people you're not used to hearing from and seeing, so i also loved that. i thought "hamilton" spectacular and kendrick lamar and ga. >> a lot of people seeing kendrick lamar for the first time and he really put on a show. i thought he was terrific, terrific. >> gave a little exposure to what that album is all about and i think you should go online and check out more and his grammy video. >> what about lady gaga paying tribute to bowie. how was she chosen?
7:57 am
when david bowie died in january she was approached to pay tribute. she said this was the most challenging. she said he influenced her and helped shape her identity. she revealed she never met bowie. they were pen pals. the day before the grammys she got a large tattoo on the side of her body of david bowie. i also have to mention naltalie cole did not receive a tribute. very upset. her son said the academy should be ashamed of themselves. >> i can understand that. e.t. will britain you more tonight. check your local listings. go to our "cbs this morning"
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eyai terngan tic celdlutipohsica beluga. mcmillan orders it every year. >> are you all right? >> i don't think he likes that. cuisine has come a long way. eating big isn't about what's on the plate. it's become a lifestyle. "bon appetit" is featuring its
8:31 am
all of the original photos were shout on an iphone. first on "cbs this morning." adam rappaport is here. he joins us once again at the table. welcome back. >> the funny thing is, i hate caviar also. that's the one thing i don't want to eat. >> i'll take all of yours. >> just knowing fish eggs, i'm like him. you said food obsession is no longer for the foodies. food is cool for everybody. >> yeah. it's more inclusive than ex-exclusive. it used to be you had to be a foodie. the biggest reason why is this. the phone. i remember growing up i was interested in food. i would read gourmet magazine or watch pbs "a great chefs of new orleans." it was cool but not cool. >> people use dodd eye rolls
8:32 am
>> now it's like food porn. the likes you'll get whether you're on snapchat or instagram. i cansee what the chef is cooking today. i can see what a chef in tokyo is cooking today. i can see where they're going, where they're eating. you can post your own pictures and you can become your own. >> what's interesting when you mention rene's name, chefs have become superstars. >> yeah. they've become superstars but they don't necessarily have to be on a tv show in a traditional way that they did ten years ago. they said through social media and through vice, nowou can be on vice munchies and that has more pull sometimes on tv. >> rene jess epy is not on tv, right? >> no.
8:33 am
every day he's presenting these amazing ingredients and you get to know the chefs on more intimate levels. >> you have rules. share these rules, please. >> they're annoying rules too. so many of them. >> norah's working on it. >> self-proclaimed. >> no "buzzfeed." but go on. >> in shooting food, a couple of things. if you're in a restaurant, don't use your flash. that's one thing that annoys other diners or your wife or husband. i know that from experience. shooting overhead. the nachos -- >> i have to point out i took that picture. >> get directly overhead natural light. if you have bad lighting the food's not going to look good. some will walk over to the window, put the food there, get a photo.
8:34 am
food look nice but not too nice. if you have an egg yolk, make it runny. >> you don't want perfection. >> if you look at our clo, you see the cheese gooeyness. >> what do you think this is because it is your culture issue. our celebration of food and cuisine, what does it say about culture? >> i think we're at a point now where food has become cool. zac posen was just on. he has a cookbook coming out. >> you should follow him on instagram. he makes dinner almost every night. >> there's a great shot of beyonce and her kale sweatshirt. they're sort of in the know. >> and you also have sandwich of the year. you sacik season going to replace the burger.
8:35 am
>> i look at this. i can tell the bun is warm. i can tell it's soft. >> you can taste that. >> gayle this morning at 5:00 in the morning said, look, you can see the pickle. look how good this is. >> it all starts with chick-fil-a. everyone from the south knows chick philae. >> i want that sandwich. to learn more about the culture go to "bon appetit."
8:36 am
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we'll be right back.o)itdew ong nu usor ou ikeor b 1id cr
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soe deseint yvi liorthr inr ys e presffac y at, r hetor >> i >>'m biie. then, ng er fofi wcofrstadblicharece bomerao ugnseo t covou,
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roue ded bato ut r okn owroarlera at t r sterep e d sts d
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er cst, prosr e stti tolestn inwederh
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> arftamspim y er in00 t eand >> today on an all new dr. phil: >> he stole from her, her child, it's gone. >> announcer: her step father, convicted of abuse. >> dr. phil: but you say your
8:46 am
>> they think they should defend him. >> i think you are the only hope i have left. my family needs to be protected from him. >> it had nothing to do where him manipulating me. >> you are right, it has everything to do with you not being a mother. telling me. >> i don't have pictures. mom, why don't you love me! ? >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> standby, we will count you downtown. >> i try to be an emotional right direction. i am not giving up on you. >> audience: dr. phil! dr. phil! [ applause ] >> dr. phil: how you doing? [ crowd cheering ]
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