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tv   WRAL News 5PM  WRAL  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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dee t. aurmaci ecths debys >>manotciz gin a row. dow climbed more than 222 points, nasdaq gained almost 100s sp ended the day up almost 31. viewer video this afternoon of a fayetteville apartment fire. firefighters were called to carlson bay circle off of cliff dale. it spread to the attic, the building has a lot of damage inside fovment one was hurt. north carolina has no known cases of the zika virus, state and county officials are monitoring the outbreak. the state end peoplologist sent a 4-page memo to all physicians in north carolina addressing the dieing diagnosis and management of the infections. cc recorded 52 cases of the virus in the u.s. it's much more prevalent in central and south america, as well as the caribbean, which is a popular
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eating fish multiple times a week during pregnancy could be putting the baby at risk for childhood obesity. the study published in greece analyzed data from 200 pregnant women and chin from 11 different countries. researchers found women who ate fish more than 3 times per week, gave birth to children with higher bmi values. agencies recommend eating fish when pregnant, no more than 2-3 servings per week. what a difference a day does make. this was the scene yesterday, at cross creek park in fayetteville. the fountain icing over around lunchtime. fast forward 24 hours, what a day today, sunshine, look at that fountain, temperatures in the 60s, looks and felt more like spring today. >> it was a beautiful afternoon. the morning was a little dicey. very beautiful afternoon. i have to share with you what i did last night. i decided not to do it and
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i was going to do it after all. i was hoping i would see a drop from 53-45, i would have been satisfied with that. i get to mile post 276, on 40 south point mall, 50 degrees, then i literally watched the display, i never seen this before in my life, literally watched it drop, 1 by 1 by 1, two miles down the road it's 32. 18-degree drop in 2 miles. that's phenomenal. >> you didn't have to go far to see your whole front. >> did that excitement keep you awake? >> i liked it so much i went through the front the other way. >> was anybody else on the road at 3:00 in the mon? >> not many. you are wanted to get out of the car and record but my phone died. i'm running out of time. the differences theres you
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impressive than dha with burn 14. starting to see the first horizon. the high for the day was 60, as mike mays told me, occurred last night in the middle of the night as that warm air was rushing in. it fell back a little bit, and the sun came out and it recovered a few degrees. the dew point 35, the air is nice and dry, of course our storms that came through this morning, well offshore now, this second disturbance in the atmosphere is weakening but coming through later on tonight and first thing in the morning. future cast picking up nicely, got to give future cast credit. it showed a narrow intense line of thunderstorms to the hour, as to when it was going to come through. the timing was very good midnight and beyond, we get the rain showers in here, low and behold, up here near the north
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see a little bit of blue, there could be wet snow flakes mixed in. temperatures above freezing, a mute point, no chance of calamity occurring, do your home work, there is no chance of you getting out of school tomorrow. in to tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine, and temperatures will be running cooler, nothing all that terribly dramatic. 8:00 this evening, 46 now, there could be spnks t to the west, i think for most of you, you have nothing to worry about this evening at all. late tonight, down to 36, with patches of light rain, up near the virginia border, could be a few wet snow flakes mixed in. tomorrow morning, cloudy sky, a dismal start, you will say here we go again, things will improve dramatically, towards the afternoon. it will be cooler than today. a little bit. really, that 52 is not that far away prom the 30-year average for this time of year. looking towards thursday, that looks like the coolest day of the next 5, with temperatures
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warming trend which culminateses are nice stuff, 50s and 60s and sunshine. winter may come back next week, we will talk about that closer to time. every year we do the post erwiners. the grand prize winner tonight is heidi, painted this with actual rain water. the water flowing around the island is clean and filtered by native plants this, is called a riparian buffer. hunter elementary. a big shoutout to her, congratulations. we will have four more winners the rest of this week and monday. >> what an artist. a charlotte mother gave birth to one of the smallest babies ever born. >> because she was so small, she was reaching the limits of
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we had to sit down and get creative about our approaches to many things. >> that creative approach worked.
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a modern house divided a historic raleigh neighborhood will stay. the north carolina court of appeals settled the dispute by ruling in favor of the homeowners. thank you for joining us. i'm gerald owens. >> i'm linda loveland. julie sims spoke with the couple that own the new home in the oakwood neighborhood. she joins us with their reaction to the ruling. >> reporter: they are relieved more than anything else, here is the house now, it's completed, the homeowners moved
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ago, the big complaint was it did not fit in with the historic oakwood neighborhood. the homeowners say they feel much a part of the neighborhood, that wasn't always the case. architect lewis and his wife, marsha were forced to stop construction of their home when the neighbor filed a complaint with the board of adjustment saying the house didn't fit the neighborhood and shouldn't have been built or approved in the first place. gordan and cherry had the proper permits, they were facing having to possibly tear down their house. the case went to court, as superior court judge found he had no standing. the objection was based on how it looks and that's not enough. >> maybe at one positive outcome has been there has been a lot of discussion about what the preservation guidelines are, to protect the old, but


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