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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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couple of weeks in february. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed dozen. a helicopter crash in hawaii's pearl harbor. the race to trap those inside.
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look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> trump takes on the pope. >> he also talked about having a wall is not christian. he has an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> defend the constitution! repeal obamacare! and kill the terrorists! >> just one more day of campaigning in south caroli. >> the governor of the state nikki haley as you know endorsed senator rubio. that is a powerful endorsement. >> i'm marking her down as neutral. >> a sizeable majority of the americans polled think that you're not trustworthy. i wonder if you believe you bear any responsibility for that? >> i get it. and i take responsibility. i'm not a perfect person. >> fbi agents search a home that belongs to the san bernardino
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>> it's a slippery slope that begins with the fbi seeing terrorist tech messages and ends with everyone seeing your bathroom selfie. >> two dozen grass fires burning in eastern oklahoma. the huge brush fire near kansas city creates a fire tornado. >> a helicopter crashed in hawaii. five people were on board. >> someone jekedscreamed, like, everyone get down. >> a school bus in houston, a driver fired. >> jarrett allen has announced his retirement. >> i'm just going to ride off. >> and away he went! >> and all gnatses. >> my parents got a divorced and a few months later, my dad lost his job. i found hope in my lord and presidential candidate and i really appreciate what you've been talking about. >> on "cbs this morning." >> it's good. i like the pope. if it's bad, i don't like the pope. how is this happening? >> is it possible that you guys are fighting because you have so much in common?
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and you both wear very sri -- silly things on your head. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is squaring off with the pope. a man with more than a billion followers. the republican front-runner lashed out at pope francis on thursday in south carolina. earlier, the pope described trump's plan for a wall along the mexican border as not christian. the candidate quickly accused francis of questioning his faith but last night at a televised town hall, trump began to soften his criticism. >> a new poll out this morning showing trump's lead is narrowing in south carolina ahead of tomorrow's primary. he is now just five points ahead of ted cruz. major garrett is in columbia, south carolina, with the latest on trump's clash with the pope.
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it's still even difficult to say. >> you can tell -- >> yes, it is. >> reporter: it is difficult to say. difficult to wrap your mind around. as we all know, donald trump has defied political conventions and manner since entering this presidential campaign. many remember his wildly condemned insult of mexicans when he announced for the presidency on june 16th and since then building a wall on the u.s./mexican border is a popular theme for trump and when asked about this, pope francis says generally speaking, the building of walls lacks christian charity. >> you've had quite a day? >> the pope is a wonderful guy. >> reporter: donald trump, the master of nonconformity and off-the-cuff reactions tempered his criticism of pope francis. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i think he said something much softer than originally reported by the media. i think he heard one side of the
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>> reporter: that is a far cry from trump earlier datin the day. >> the pope said maybe donald trump is not christian and he is questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: trump responded to this veiled criticism from the holy father as he flew from rome to mexico. a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be and not of building bridges, is not a christian, he said. >> he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. >> reporter: building a wall on the u.s. boardrder with mexican. >> we are going to build that wall. >> is a staple of trump's stump peaches and echo of this beginning to his campaign. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> reporter: not this time. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald
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>> i'm not even sure i'm qualified to criticize or man. the pope. i'm not getting in the middle of that. >> reporter: another theme for trump, especially here in south carolina, is he deserves credit for the vision to oppose the iraq war. yesterday, audiotape surfaced of an interview trump did in 2002 where he supported the invasion and asked about it last night at the town hall, charlie, trump said by the time the war started in march of 2003, he was opposed. >> "face the nation" moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what is this conversation between the pope and donald trump have on donald trump in south carolina? >> i think not a great deal in the sense that there aren't a lot of catholics in south carolina and few in the republican primary process. this pope is not terribly popular -- or he is not popular
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here, donald trump is being attacked on an issue where -- where a majority of republican voters are with him on the idea of building a big, strong wall. if that is, in fact, what propose francis was talking about. we have to identify he may have been talking about metaphor cal waltz. walls. other candidates who want to get their message out is blocked by the coverage of this. >> a new poll was taken i assume before the exchange of words showing trump flipping in south carolina. >> perhaps. one of the interesting things we will look to see in this vote in south carolina is what are the late sdirds doing? ? iowa they didn't does for trump so much the last few days. in new hampshire, they did. what this will tell us is there a way to knock votes off of him as people think more seriously about casting their votes? or does he still have that kind of resilient support that is unshakeable? >> so let's look at second place
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how important is that position for either one of them? >> well, if it would be a real boost for marco rubio coming out after his difficult performance in new hampshire,t would be a real problem for ted cruz if he slipped into third. now, if these polls that show tightening are correct and cruz is a close second to donald trump, then that is a real lift for ted cruz. south carolina is, obviously, a strong state for him. but is also similar to the states we are going to see on super tuesday on the 1st of march. >> are there more catholic voters in the later states? >> michigan, ohio, and, of course, massachusetts. but the race will have shifted and have a different shape by the time we get to that. i think john kasich hoping to do well in the mist isdwest is trying to put all of his chips in the
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past the catholic by then. >> on "face the nation" this sunday, john kasich and cory booker that is sunday morning right here on cbs. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in nevada for one last day of campaigning before tomorrow's caucuses. a new cbs news national poll shows clinton with an eight-point lead in the democratic race. that is mostly unchanged from last month but it is down from her 20-point lead back in december. the two candidates reached out to voters last night at a town hall. nancy cordes is in las vegas where both campaigns are focusing on a key segment of the population. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. nevada will really be the first test of these candidates that deal with minority voters. the state is more than 25% latino. immigration was the prime topic at that town hall last night in las vegas. >> six years we have been separated. my little girl was in kindergarten when he left. >> reporter: at last night's night town hall, hillary clinton
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assurances to a woman who says her undocument husband was sent back to mexico. >> what you just described is unacceptable. and should not be happening. >> when you get there, how long will it get to change those policy? i've been waiting six years. six years out of my life. >> i will end the three and ten-year bar provision so you will not have to face that ever again. >> reporter: it is hard to win nevada without winning over the vegas strip. clinton spent the day meeting maids and dishwashers and casino workers. >> be strong. what i like about you. you very strong woman. that's what he we need. >> reporter: she and sanders visited the same picketers outside a hospital in las vegas. >> thank you for what you're doing. >> reporter: at clinton's large lead here has evaporated. >> what do you think of
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single-issue candidate? >> obviously, she has nobody been listening to my hour and a half speech where i go over 15 or 20 issues. >> reporter: clinton was asked about an issue that has dogged her in an interview with scott pelley. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to, always, always. >> reporter: some people call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself as you always try to. >> no. >> reporter: jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> but that is -- but, you know, you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have. >> reporter: last night, the candidates continue to battle over who has been more loyal to the president. >> by the way, there is one of the two democratic candidates here who actually ran against barack obama. it wasn't me. >> maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know what -- you know, last two democratic presidents did. and you know what? well, it's true! it's true!
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here in nevada is the culinary workers union. 57,000 members. hotels like caesars couldn't run without them. eight years ago, they endorsed president obama before the caucuses. but this time around, they are staying neutral. another sign of just how tight the race ishe. >> we are following breaking news in the fight against isis. american war planes targeted a high-valued target in a major strike this morning in libya. a local leader says the air strike killed 40 people. johnathan vigliotti is tracking this unfolding story from london. >> reporter: good morning. according to u.s. officials, the air strikes targeted a senior tunisian operative linked to isis attacks in tunisia last year. this man is wanted in connection with a march attack at a museum where 22 people were killed and another attack in june when
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popular with western tourists killing 38 people. the attacks come as the white house and the west struggle to contain isis. this week president obama said they would go affair isis wherever they appear. the terrorist group carrying out several gruesome beheadings including this one last february, allegedly showing militants killing christians in a beach near tripoli. u.s. fighters are in the country and they consider the target of today's attack a key figure in isis operations there. >> thank you, jonathan. apple reportedly has three more days to respond to a court order demanding them to unlokck a terrorist's cell phone. they want apple's help. other tech companies like facebook and twitter say they
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the court order. federal agents on thursday searched the home of the brother of san bernardino gunman saeed farook. the brother has not been arrested or named as a suspect in the december attack that killed 14 people. investigators took a computer tower and large envelopes from the home in corona, california. apple's reluctance to operate in this case has led to a sharp debate over national security and civil liberties. john miller is going to share his thoughts ahead. official ceremonies to honor justice antonin scalia began this morning in washington, d.c. his casket will be taken to supreme court shortly to lie in repose before his funeral mass tomorrow. jan crawford is at the court where the service will be held in the great hall of thefor the justice on saturday. >> reporter:he ceremony begins
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justice scalia. his former justices and former law clerks and friends and family will attend. when the casket arrives later here this morning, supreme court police officers will be serving as the pallbearers and his former law clerks will be honorary pawlllbearerspallbearers. the court will stay open tonight and the public will be able to come by and pay respects. the president and mrs. obama will also be paying respects here today. but they will not be attending tomorrow's funeral. the vice president and jill biden will be there tomorrow to represent the administration. now, father paul scalia, justice scalia's son, one of his nine children, he will be leading the mass tomorrow. he also will deliver the homily, the burial will be private. now, once these services are over, the public mourning has ended, kind of the shock of justice scalia's sudden death has been absorbed that is when you're now going to see this all-out battle over his successor, who the nominee will
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all of that speculation starting right away next week. norah? >> jan, thank you. pope francis suggests roman catholic women may have birth control. the pope said avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. they believe zika virus can lead to abnormal newborns. the outbreak has spread to 30 countries and 30 territories. federal investigators are investigating how a helicopter crashed into water near hawaii's pearl harbor. a witness captured the frightening moment on cell phone video yesterday. at least one of the five people on board is in critical condition. vinita nair shows us how witnesses jumped into the water to help. >> reporter: helicopter tours are a popular tourist activity in hawaii where some of the island's best sights are best seen from the air.
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flight turned into a disaster. cell phone video captured the helicopter hovering in the air shortly before plunging into the water just feet from the shoreline. almost immediately, it overturns. >> all of a sudden, it fell out of the sky and crashed in front of us. >> reporter: sean windrick was taking pictures on his phone and switched to video when he noticed was wrong with the aircraft. the tail rotor appearing to stall in the video. >> we ran over and bunch of people jumped in the water and tried to help the survivors. >> reporter: chris garner said he tried to free those trapped inside the wreckage. >> somebody said there is still somebody in the aircraft so i dove through from the pilot's side in the back seat and saw him and then saw that he was twisted. >> reporter: firefighters at nearby members of the navy raced to the scene. all five people on board were rushed to the hospital. >> we heard what was two loud bangs and we thought it was gunshots and saw people running which made us scared, particularly in a high profile destination.
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down near the "uss arizona" memorial. a popular attraction on oahu. officials say the helicopter is owned by genesis hospitals. it offers sightseeing tours around oahu. >> obviously, it's something no one ever wants to see. just tragic. >> reporter: jeffrey gabbert tells kgmb he has been in contact with federal officials. the federal aviation administration is investigating and the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive today to begin examining the wreckage. >> thank you so much. california officials say a natural gas leak in a los angeles neighborhood is now permanently sealed. special camera show the ruptured well that started spewing methane four months ago. some people in the porter ranch section said the smell made them sick.
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homes. despite the announcement, jerry brown is not lifting his emergency declaration. many questions following adele's performance of "all i ask" at the grammys the other day. ahead, the sing addresses what
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with stage retaces. should apple help the government fight terrorism? critics say it puts your privacy at risk. ahead, nypd john miller weighs liberties and national security. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by voya
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anderson cooper asked personal question. marco rubio said he like electronic dance music. edm? why do we need to know this? are we electing a president or an uber driver? rubio said he is a '90s fan of hip-hop which i think he means he likes the theme song from queen of bellaire. and hillary clinton likes whatever music you like. >> marco rubio and edm music? interesting.
7:31 am
>> a good mix. welcome back. the tech giants are lining up against apple in its stand against the fbi. nypd deputy commissioner john miller, hello there! he is back in studio 57 today. and bob sheafchieffer is sitting there two. why the largest police department in the country believes terror is a greater threat than government overrefresh. adele said she cried almost all day after the grammys. she claims what happens and reveals what made her feel better. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on hopes dimming for walmart's effort to ignite growth. the fourth quarter the retail giant posted a 8% drop in profits and it predicts relatively flat sales growth for the current fiscal year because of the planned closures of more than 200 stores. walmart will be spending more on wages. tomorrow, about a million hourly
7:32 am
in an opinion piece in "the washington post," conservative billionaire charles koch says he agrees with bernie sanders on one issue. that is sanders' beliefs we have a political and economic system often rigged to help the privileged few to the expense of everyone else but koch is not feeling the burn and unlikely to support sanders. >> let's just be clear. the "los angeles times" reports on the fcc opening the cable television box marketplace. it approved a proposal we showed you yesterday that allows consumers to swap cable boxes for cheaper devices and app. american households spend an average of $231 a year to rent them. cable providers and stakeholders have 60 days to comment for a final vote. if passed the industry has two years to imply. a spaceship will be rolled out today at the mohave air and space port in california.
7:33 am
passengers to the fringe of space. an earlier version was destroyed during testing, killing a pilot. richard branson said space is too important not to continue. "the new york times" looks at apple ceo's road to bridging security. cook said he values his company's physical products, not the details of customers' lives. the executive has used his influence to be more vocal about political and social issues. >> one example is his battle with the fbi to stop the government from accessing locked cell phones. apple fired back against the fbi director. cook wrote the government is asking apple to hang our own users and undermine decades of security advancements. major tech companies side with apple. jack dorsey tweeted we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for his leadership and google and facebook expressed support.
7:34 am
some say the company should help fight terrorists like the san bernardino killers and others argue our civil liberties are at risk here. john miller is back at the table. he is, as you know, our former senior correspondent and we like him very much! john miller, welcome back. >> tim cook says further the government suggests this tool could be used once and only once on one phone and not true. once created the technique could be recreated over and over on a number of devices. >> you have to ask tim cook does he protect his own people. for them to develop a technique to get past the pass code lock which is the thing that makes it erase the whole phone after ten false tries, they said you can go in there and do it in your own lab. if you figure out the formula and crack open this phone to the point we can then try codes against it, tear the formula up and toss it in the fireplace and
7:35 am
so unless he thinks one of his trusted engineers is going to run out and tell the hacking world about this secret, i think that is a false flag. >> but i think what tim cook is saying and apple is saying is that when they create that software, they then will create that back door that will allow hackers and others to not only spy on that phone, but also other government phones. >> if hackers can figure that out, they will figure it out without tim cook. what the government is asking tim cook is you designed it, you can design your way out of it for this one time. and then you can destroy that. the term i find most offensive is the government and what tim back door. the government is not asking for a back door. they have come in with a federal warrant, based on probable cause, signed by the united states magistrate, that is how we do it in a democracy. they are asking for a front door. there is no bank. there is no safe company. there is no vault.
7:36 am
there is no door that can't be penetrated with a lawful order from a u.s. court. that is also how we protect our people. >> why do you think apple is doing this, john? >> well, i think they are doing this just to take the shrillness down a level, i think for them, this is a business model, which is about privacy and security in an age where a lot of people, least of all, the government, are trying to get into people's stuff and exploit it. so i think there is a right reason for it, and i think there is a commercial appeal for it. the point is that they have put those interests ahead of all other interests. tim cook says i'm doing this for the safety of my customers, meaning, so that we have an impregnantable phone. how many people who died on the floor in san bernardino or in paris had iphones in their pockets as they were being killed by the terrorists?
7:37 am
those are the people who buy all of the apple products and you have to balance these two threats against each other. >> what is the worst case scenario, john? >> i'll tell you the worst case scenario right now. when i go to bed at night, i think all day what did i do and what little thing did i miss? do you want to know what i think about today? i think about in that phone in san bernardino of those two killers who murdered more than a dozen people and wounded more, who were they in touch with? did someone tell them to do it? and if that piece of information is in there and that can be exploited, who did that someone talk to here in new york city and what could happen next? >> quickly to that point too. apple has been cooperative with the government in the past. all of the information on that phone that was backed up in the cloud, my understanding has been passed to law enforcement. but he stopped backing up his phone about a month and a half before the attacks.
7:38 am
that last month and a half? what is on that phone that suggests he may have been in contact with another cell, someone overseas, et cetera? >> a phone isn't a phone. a phone is a giant mass storage device. there are notes and apps in there and all kinds of things that don't touch the cloud and things that touch the cloud and some things are saved and they are documents. it's not really apple or verizon or any other company or google's call to say we will decide what you should see with a lawful order. >> two points. when apple has in its advertisements and public statements we are different from other tech statements we are not about the data of our customers. that's all we do is sell phones and all we do. that's what they have said. the second, can you in a sense say to apple, i guarantee you there is no way that if you help us open this particular phone within the confines of your own
7:39 am
not get out and other people won't use it? >> the government's offer is very specific here which is get past one feature of the phone and we will do the rest with a little bit of help and then we will move on to the next case. they are not talking about hand us a formula to use again. >> what is amazing getting back to what norah said they have been working on this and this is not a new issue. this is an issue between apple and the government for a while. >> i have some experience with apple and i find that apple is capable of doing what apple wants to do. for two years, we talked to apple about a device where -- >> when you with the fbi or here? >> with the nypd. we talked to apple about having a kill switch on the phone so when it was stolen, you could erase all of your data. they said it couldn't be done. until it became bad pr. then they figured it out if five minutes. apple is capable of what apple is capable of and they will decide to do it when they think it is right. >> and they should do it now? >> it's a court order. i don't know how they are special. >> john miller, thank you very much.
7:40 am
response to what happened during her technicalically challenged grammy's performance. my heart at the door >> ahead, see how the megastar recovered from her disappointment with the help of a burger and a beer. sounds like my type of door. if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device because you do not want to miss bob schieffer on the growing nastiness in the presidential campaign. we will be right back. bl gum u mak it f d. it's not. 's aof rly seas
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8:23 am
swit pron 2 in i'm going to make them an offer again.
8:24 am
the offer is accepted in an original "godfather" screen play with handwritten notes that was auctioned for $625,000 yesterday. the materials give a glimpse at how the classic film all came together. >> what the hell is this? >> a message. it means he sleeps with the fishes. >> the screen play shows the line was supposed to be luca is dead but writers added drama and changed it sleeps with the fishes. the collection includes a letter to actor marlon brando. >> what have i ever done to make this so dreadful? >> he wrote an apology to brando when the music studio didn't think the actor was a fit to play don corleone. what? he won the best actor oscar for that role. that was touch a good movie. at the time, i remember sitting in the movie theater saying, i've never seen anything like this! really good stuff. all of the presidential candidates want to get votes,
8:25 am
why john kasich reached out to this man in south carolina. we will have that story ahead after your local news. rtim thhoe llco we th
8:26 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." she suspects her husband. >> i wore this neck brace to keep him from poking me. >> she would sleep with a helmet. >> announcer: or is she delusional? >> dr. phil: she put in two nanny cams. >> he deleted that particular date. >> announcer: how far will she go? >> dr. phil: your lab reports will show no poison. >> announcer: to prove she's right. >> dr. phil: you said you would shave your head to show where he's putting needles in. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody.


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