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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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job wral was the only camera in the courtroom at the state fair accident. shot of spring like weather for the weekend. how long you might need to dodge a few rain drops. >> wral news starts right now. unless the u.s. supreme court steps in, looks like north carolina voters will head to the polls twice this spring. once to vote for the u.s. house members and once for everything else. thank you for joining us, i'm david crabtree. >> i'm debra morgan. lawmakers today took final action on a new election schedule. laura leslie joins us now from
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understand all these dates. >> reporter: the new congressional map and schedule is in place tonight, though republican leaders are still hoping the u.s. supreme court will tell them they don't need it. the ruling this month by panel of 3 federal judges thrown the upcoming primary in to chaos. under legislation, vetters choose congressional nominees from the old districts on march 15th. if the supreme court doesn't step in by that date, candidates will have to run in the new districts for another primary on june 7th. house redistricting chairman acknowledged it's a confusing plans but allows people to exercise their right to vote and complying with the court. >> i believe the map that you have before you addresses the concerns of the harris opinion, i believe it provides a way for us to move forward. >> if, in deed, public hearings
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african americans had been taken in to consideration, perhaps we would not be in this position we are in today. in fact, i know we would not be in the position we are in today. >> reporter: the bill approved today allows candidates who win on march 15th primary for another office to simultaneous run for congress on june 7th. if they win, that they have a week to decide. lawmakers said it's fair to give candidates for other office as chance to run for congress in the supreme court decides to leave the new districts in place, in fact we are hearing lawmakers are likely to do exactly that. back to you. >> what a process, laura leslie live in downtown raleigh, thank you. the owner of a state fair ride that crashed in 2013
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joshuah entered a alfred plea, he didn't admit guilt but acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict. in 2013, the cor vex malfunctioned and several riders were thrown 15 feet to the ground. four members of a family were injured. the one night had torn her family's lives apart. >> my husband was our caretaker, very self sufficient prior to all of this, to not be able to care for his family like he used to, that's hard on him. >> tony is now blind in one eye, suffers seizures and has had multiple surgeries. the couple settled a civil suit last year. the ride oper pleaded guilty and not -- ride operator pled
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officials say an adult patient traveled to a country battling the zika virus outbreak. the state is keeping the information about the patient confidential. the health director says travel related cases are likely in north carolina. >> our major concern is pregnant women who are considering traveling to these areas, they speak with their obstetrician and give careful consideration before traveling to the areas and anybody traveling to these areas take precautions to protect themselves against mosquito bites. officials do say they are testing at least 50 other people right now for zika, coming up in 10 minutes, dr. allen mask joins us to talk about the zika virus. the flag draped casket
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scalia is at the caught house. mourners are paying respects to one of the most influential members in decades. weijia jiang explains, it began with a somber procession. >> reporter: it is a frigid cold day in washington, that is not deterring the thousands visiting the supreme court, not only grieving the loss of justice scalia reflecting on his career, that includes president obama, who is expected to spend this weekend reviewing possible replacements. president obama and the first lady arrived at the supreme court friday afternoon to pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia. his body arrived hours before in a flag draped casket. surrounded by his former law clerks. his son, father paul, led a service inside the court chamber. >> our father, who art in
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>> reporter: denise and kevin traveled for the public viewing. >> despite the ranker and politicses it's nice to see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor. >> i think that's the thing that moved us both to take advantage of this is come down. he was a map of faith. he lived it and practiced it. >> reporter: the line to get in wraps around the block twices visitors are here from across the country, many say they didn't agree with scalia's views but still admired his work. >> i'm a lawyer, i really respect the justices and the offices they hold, he really, i thought, did a lot for bringing the public in to the court. >> reporter: friends and colleagues describe him as being larger than life, a con conservative. the law clerks are standing vigil over his casket.
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half an hour at a time and will continue to do so until the casket is transferred tomorrow morning for a funeral service at the basilica of the national shrine here in the nation's capitol. weijia jiang, wral. president obama won't attend the funeral service , the white house is sending vice president biden because he has a long and personal relation ship with the scalia family. harper lee died, she was 89, her iconic novel published in 1960, the official cause of death, not made made public. a fight ends in gun shots and is a 13-year-old not involved paid the price. the girl was inside her home on nashville in hockey mount when this happened. the fight happened nearby, and the teenager was hit by a stray bullet. paramedics took her to unc nash, but she was air lifted to greenville.
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threatening, no arrests have been made the state issued a silver alert for a missing teenager in wake county. hannah owens was seen on east young in roseville. the 17 year old is 5 6' , shoulder length, brownish blond hair, a sweater, short jeans and a black diamond pattern leggings. owens is believed to have a cognitive impairment. if you see her, call police. durham city council members will take three weeks before voting on the contract for body cameras. as they work on the policy to govern the devices, a man filed suit against the city in the camera issue. arielle clay is live in durham to explain. >> reporter: that suit was file yesterday, the man who put it in there, says he has questions about the new device that have not been answered by the city of durham. his concerns are some of many
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since the idea of the body cameras first came about. >> reporter: he presented this list of questions to police in may of 2014, when he found out the department was considering body cameras. >> i formulated 10 questions, under the public freedom of informations act. >> reporter: he hasn't gotten a response prom the city on the questions, and now he filed suit for answers. >> i thought fit to go to the judicial branch and try to get some type of mandatory injunktive relief. >> reporter: other people and leaders shared concerns about the body cameras. at the meeting council members were set to vote on the vendor contract for the devices, the vote was postponed. >> number of us had lingering concerns about the draft of the policy. >> reporter: charlie reese says one of the biggest issues is who will decide when body
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to the public. the policy revised many times since desks jillian johnson and steve school say it needs more. >> come back to and recommend certain incidents need to be released to the public. >> reporter: in a week, in a week, he along with johnson and shool, sit down with the police department to talk about what revisions they would like to see in the policy. the council is set to vote on the body cameras on march 7th. a mixed end to the work week on wall streeta look at how the major indices ended today. the dow down 21 points, nasdaq was up almost 17. s s and p saw a slight loss. zika has arrived in north
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is the state prepared for a potential outbreak. allen mask joins us next to answer that question and others. all the places featured on 5 on your side restaurant report. a local student picked up by immigration authorities is determined to graduate this spring, at 5:30, what his teachers are doing to help make that happen while he is in jail. here is the birthday boy. >> thank you, david. they are playing baseball in durham, duke's season owner playing cowell. it's going to feel like baseball weather this weekend.
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abru--mosoig l amrin asacncern the babies called microcephaly, there could be sexual transmission from a male to a female and a blood transfusion. not transmitted through saliva or close body contact. >> what are the symptoms? >> most people have no symptoms, 1 in 5 affectd with the virus will show symptoms, including a rash, redness of the eyes, fever and joint pain. infected for 7 days. >> what about the prospects for a vaccine? >> it doesn't look real good right now. work has been going on for other viruses for years. a few vaccines are in trials, none are yet available. that gives you an idea of how long it would take to get one for zika, the doctor warns about being overly concerned
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carrying zika any time soon. >> although the mosquitoes in the state could carry zika, i think it's unlikely we are at least in this summer going to see person to person transmission of zika by mosquitoes. we are likely to see many cases in the u.s. these are going to be travel related cases, not mosquito born cases. >> the doctor recommends in the summer when mosquitoes are active to use repellants contained to protect against mosquito born viruses present in our area like west nile virus. now, i think we don't have a big worry. >> we appreciate you putting our minds at ease. a special weekend for dozens of families at fort bragg. homecomings are great, 70 paratroopers returned to the airfield overnight after spending 9 months in iraq.
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division, took part in operation inherent resolve. their mission included training and equipping iraqi security forces. >> seeing them taking care of themselves, while i'm away, and her raise mig daughter by herself and my daughter getting bigger and learning. that's the hardest part. just because i'm not there. >> i deployed and set emotions aside, try to go day by day, once i came back, it poured out when i saw my family. >> the paratroopers who will return to work on post tuesday with reinstigation training. -- reintegration training. this story we had fun with, we were hoping this would go the other way around. >> we made a super bowl bet with our counter parts in denver and lost. >> we are just reliving the great moments from the super
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the game, the broncos beat the panthers. >> your old colleague jim is very mean. >> he has a serving sense of humor. >> angus born cheese and crackers. good old kings barbecue. looks like they enjoyed it. everybody was cheering at the end and thankful to us. >> we tried to send them beer, pale ale, if we are not a distributor, we can't ship it. debra is back there chugging it. >> at least we won something. drown our sorrows after the panthers lost.
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playing ball over there, didn't we have footage of them practicing in the snow. i'm sure they are happy things modified since then. i don't know if anybody has games on schedule this weekend, they should be happy with the upcoming temperatures, let's check out the sky cam, this time, looking at raleigh, and the numbers at the airport 52s after getting to 53, earlier this afternoon, a south wind at 13 miles per hour, dew point temperatures low, gives us a relative humidity of 33%. as we look at the satellite and radar mosaic, seeing an axis, cloud cover is beginning to develop as moisture begins to gradually be e verdicted from the gulf of -- in to the gull of mexico, it's going be slowly shifting towards the south and east. we will see a lot more in way of cloud cover this weekend, despite that, temperatures are still going to jump
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again more on sunday, you can imagine how warm it would be if we had a full compliment of sun, it's going to be comfortable and judd of a chance of a sprinkle or a shower, it doesn't look like we have much in the way, if anything, to worry about regard to precipitation. chances increasing in to next week. let's go back in close, for those of you that are, your interest has been peaked about the talk of colder weather next week and a storm along the east coast, let's look at ensemble generated probability of one inch of snow for every 6-hour period at 7:00. the shaded areas are where it's 30% or higher, you see the actual number for raleigh. we move on ahead, 6-hour increments, zero in to tuesday. try the 10% line tries to get to the north carolina, virginia border for a one time step and retreats again.
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colder air south and east, the probabilities increase right to the mountains, east of the mountains with the westerly flow, that sinking motion kills the chance of the snow over the mountains and so the chance of us seeing an inch of snow for 6 hours through friday, is zero through the entire time. let's lower the threshold. let's say, go for a 10th of an inch every six hours, enough to dust the ground. we head through this 6 hours at a time. zero, zero, zero, zero, again the probabilities start to come up towards the mountains and never gets east, through the entire period, it's a big goose egg. for snow lovers not looking good next week, definitively colder and wetter, doesn't look like it's going the be lighter. 8:00 p.m. this evening, 46, clear skies, not as cool as last night, partly cloudy later tonight, tomorrow, we will call it partly to mostly cloudy, some sunshine, it's going be warmer,
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today, gets milder in to sunday. high of 69 despite a good deal of cloud cover, begins to turn cooler on monday with a small chance of rain, looks like the two wettest days are going to be tuesday and wednesday with perhaps tuesday staying in the 40s, last i checked 48 is above freezing. as a result, it looks like a liquid event. the poster winner, hunter elementary, she emphasizes the first law of ecology, everything is connected to everything else. by using bmps, best management practice, people in raleigh can keep the water clean for people on the north carolina coast. we live in a watershed and live
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>> great posts. coming up, 5 on your side has the scores from places you love. >> monica laliberte reveals
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