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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to gloomy skies. the candidates will make their way to the west coast while donald trump may be in the front of the pack of delegates. he tells us why he's not counting out any of his competition. a frightening firsthand account by one of four bicyclists hit by a car in brown. >> i'm ken medlin -- ken smith. they spoke one on one to one of the bicyclists. she joins us from wake med where the fellow cyclists are recovering. candice, i cannot imagine what the last 24 hours have been like. glenn, i spoke to joe lawrence -- >> reporter: yeah ken, i spoke to joe lawrence. he's hoping for the best for his two friends here at wake med. even though this happened so fast, he still has very distinct memories of the moment he realized he had been hit by a car.
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second to last in line. >> we were riding along the right hand side of the road as opposed to being in the middle of the road. >> i don't remember hearing the car, but i do remember thinking oh my gosh there is something going on here. ani'm about ready to go down. >> the group was riding a couple of lanes apart. >> all of a sudden i'll run in to lynn. that is when i got nudged forward. >> and i remember seeing her kind of flying through the air. i think that i saw mike going down.
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lynn daily all ejected from their bicycle hit by a driver 50-year-old donnie marie. >> the lady got out and she came back and she was carrying on. >> reporter: as their bicycles laid crumpled on the side of the road. he still has questions about how this could happen. >> if i looked back and we were riding and we were, you know, messing around, you know, things like that. but that is not the case this time. we were single file, spread out. >> and again the bicycle community are hoping for the best for the two here in the hospital.
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against the driver. thanks. >> a driver was traveling in reverse when he crashed into another car at 3:30 this morning. he's been identified as the man from durham as they were in the other car taken to the medical snooze we're working to get up- - medical center as we're working to get updates on their condition. to pray for the victims of this deadly shooting rampage. the church opened its doors to any and everyone -- anyone and everyone. the catholic diocese of kalamazoo plans to hold a vigil tomorrow morning. all malls to honor those accused. >> jason dalton is an uber driver as his employment was confirmed earlier today. accused of shooting and killing
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