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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> deborah: > da fthenpa s u a iss'surh g. > cuoco and sheus she
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e ealque e no banysu ed c d hellg v d gh kan nder >> she's a momag ce krinner. the booing lasted almost a minute, 56 seconds to be exact. the stage manager felt the need to interrupt and try to calm the crowd of 56,00 >> kris was really taken back when the crowd started to boo
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people in the audience couldn't even hear her introduction because they boo too loud.
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er'sck wldoplet' dwh wsoist,ike he thout co, t nshis pts sun> okalor
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lyi aodewftst w a and t ba the cst sting from the big bombshell. >> i'm pregnant. >> part of s, i gotwork a baby year? >> my parents are so excited because they're getting to be grandparents. i'm going to get them a t-shirt do
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ou " bi inyo ay b d, tddk heveparewe c do tnt>>ater we go backstage with some eggsicon, a bowie tribute by bgeorge, on stage and on his body. >> i can did not kno you had
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getting a nose we'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala>> h
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eota r nisft,rck ste ve ea he till ive w tk kle ode o e k a lo of mish
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>> t . itbe s we herhei ath to s.ckst some of the biggest icons of that decade are still rocking. >> when the fans are screaming, what is it that th say most?
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>> come on no tas u , doet? all the anesia kicking in right there. that was courtney star just moments before she had plastic surgery. >> the 21-year-old reality show originally gained fame back 2011 when at 16 she married a 50-year-old actor. >> courtney let us tag along in
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ppocedure. >> i'm so nervous. >> courtney's a bundle ofes is krprg. hisalittarhaever shy ty show isencalled oon dotwi sons,stalbu is he sband dug, n he miss teen washington usa pageant. >> i was in the donald trump
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>> since then courtney hasspync b amrh oo er>>h hou wge ou
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se ma is ta e dt >>iud the t i wish that jesse's girl >> when the fans are screaming, like, rick, play this. what is it t they say the most? >> get off. >> go! doeli r for 13,000 fans flashing back to the '80s as bd the ultimate culture club.
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together and still making this goodc? theed to get away from >> lover boy gave the crowd a y do '80. snd>>ysg kwell, more li at least the st ed.
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re oayeaitarind ing hih mwada >> boy george brought the evth a touching tribute to the late david bowie and ig really is.
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t" birthday, which a is the youngest to ever host "snl." drew barrymore, she was 7 years
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id my po til cently w dentd me mysf to the. to most people i'm an assistant catoredia. but in s i wth madop sistethe m anyoe that mo ca har am srl. ev. she'e of msrangencects. he h goi o you'rend at. my g istes yop. whyou need me to bacs, krunt(gas)


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