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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 23, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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t's t n's to l nees to shoress s riced durihiitor pas bniat nd the mst extraoy y tsioor that. inha ed mri ti bthe ssed tt , ruling h cinotheld oneor scuty at al fris ibein and a lot ofs cad eshe. > charli ss ain ckedin fcipu about tlems the chil pang>>,0, free. can a l tht? >> set uh hla inhis nd e geth bgh h m
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i wo in t igh ie enia hated liv senthisxt to augh w d [ ie, ur w tre ed a hafu am 'teny hst >> arl othac bmes smefis irti b onst >> i saki l m, thin i wei. so waf no r g but au n > oes tat
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inis til posedm. > whethe it was meinanic r at >>nd dse cms rd fng a ol orer girls achars antihepriousscols.alos th ith ch > speaking out about her marriage. >> i just don't want to put eoplthatou w on bhen yo momo htinghaso whbr boyfie he behf. >> i alwaysd,ug me out, he wanted committed. found out he wasn't and i got the receipts to prove it.
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this receipt. but in another totally -- talking about her divorce from husband ryan sweeting and the tattoo that she to have. >> i was married for a year and a half. >> a year and a half? >> did you have your wedding day tattooed on your back? >> i thought you were having that tattoo removed, why did you cover it? >> the significance is it was big enough to cover [ bleep ]. >> someday, i just know, it's been magic. >> that was right after the couple's wedding back in 2013, they tied the knot just six months after they started dating and while katy reports her divorce isn't final yet, she's ready to move on. showing off her toned and single bod, she also shared some personal insults >> what are three types of food you can use to get sbem mat.
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and chocolate. >> hopefully not all three at the same time. you want to know how obsessed kaley is about the bachelor, she even has a photo of him on her yoga pants. everything's overflowing, the tears, and wild pent up emotion. after this confession, jojo's mom lit up twitter after a swig from a bottle. >> fans, you brain watch these girls way too much, she's obviously starting to have real emotional feelings, but obviously, i don't get the same read. >> despite all jojo stayed, single mom amanda went home sobbing and then had a good
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next week it's off tuy o stinibackn voi in our exclusive season 10 preview, you can s big hair and little fat. >> come on, what are you doing? >> it's the beginning, beginning. there are nights that i would definitely go home tears and cry because i didn't know how competitive adam really was. and then at this point, it's just like couldn't be sweeter and nicer. >> meanwhile -- >> demi who nails this christrsoni faast wepreviews video for "stone cold". >> it's actually the hardest video i have everotas thin about mandth who snngwen hospi
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>> it's like okay, i'm okay with that. >> grandma is okay now, and demi is going on tour. >> i'm touring with nick jonas, not only are we good friends, but business partners now. >> niik jonas just announced that he's single now. now are these women dropping weight just to get a date. up next, we go insidehe w ity sh coroversy. >> i have never been able to tell a guy that i c on them. and we'll see how jennifer garner's faith based movie gave her strength in hard times.
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coming up next. morr o"e.t." >> ieouo hollyigni do t onhe cet w a hoesce fash correspojemo elel os. soit tbeoi ve edca ound e id sethi r rock postesot, exn,'m >a por
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nk cri ishe stcomed th osc cdno ha a te trdle at a findit. >>e teladed rt inextstory. >>his an extreme nvironment. >> sunday tena held a special rene. ante t kabthis,g wra vive lngthctu i can't hy we wink hvial
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t reallqu ixouat>> pnc d y, d he? >> a sometimes trouble. we are on the set of jennifer garner's new movie, and coming up, out why it can make you a believer in miracles. >> i have n doubted a day in my life. then we're hanging with the biggest loser after their finale, as we look a weight loss compe with a very different prize. does this show want you to be skinny to find love?
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at hing g maseat! the biggest has a big winner. this was the moment last night
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the big champion, taki home 2 hoo$,000. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about making a trance formation that i wanted and to be that father i wanted. >> another contestant lost most body weight of any other eliminated contest, so he took home 100grand. >> we have been overweight all our lives, we get on the show, we think we're going to win it. >> a lot of work went into that celebration. hernandez may have been the big winner last night, but come on, all the contestants actually won on this show losing a total 1,435 pounds combined. >> that's a lot of weight. there's actually a new weight loss show premiering tomorrow night on tlc, it's causing quite a bit of controversy. >> it's called "fat chance" and it's some eyebrows, because contestants ta a shot
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sends the wrong message, that message being you got to be skinny to find love. >> i have always been overweight and i have never able to tell guys that i had a crush on them. >> the reality series is smart, it pulls you in with those so-called money shots, you know, the of someone shirtless looking in a mirror, feeling insecure. >> i feel like i'm worthless, i feel like i'm pitiful. >> i don't want to look attmy reflection the rest of my life. >> eighttpeople are given three months to diet and wokrkout to the po of tears so th can finally get enough confidence to tell their secret crushes they're into them. obese women shed 63 pou to finally seduce her high school crush.
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ryan i feel is my --. >> it keeps you in the warming stories and transform magss thathappen. like 14-year-old cheyenne, she started at 22 pounds and had a goal weight of 150 . >> one of my wakeup calls i was going to a theme park and i tried to get in the coaster and i couldn't sit in the regular roller coaster seat anymore. and there is more humiliating than when there are workers man's seat. >> the show is getting healthy and gaining confidence to finally knowyou're worth it, no matter what your size. >> you saw me i didn't feel like myself and i didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. >> when i finally saw my skin, he said the weight loss is great, but it's the woman that you've become, that's icing
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>> we also reached out to tlc today, and they said in part, you obviously can't love anybody if you can't love yourself. tomorrow night's premier of "fat chance" featur jonah, who wanteds to c his hig us that is jennifer grner in her new film, miracles om hen. it's produced i t.d.akes. >> delivers strong spiritual message wh jennarnr y haee mo >>thinks n c
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resfterhemost der r0-yeariageto affle unraveled. she plays the real life mom. in the story, jen's character discovers her 10-year-old has a rare disease. she says knowgerhas taken on new meaning. >> she has taken the time to really ask and care and really trydersndhat t was . itas weom relief for jen who was seen smiling and laughing with her cast members. but seemed like more than just a distraction during a tough time, the film is all about ho on to faith. >> we need it now. >> we're losing our sight. >> we have been married 14
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can you een me? >>'reng me thatis cell t hiter head just ht, that kill r, dit paralyze r, iad it healed her? >> yes. thas pos
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otie. it's answer to our birthday quiz, who once worked for an ai booking reservations, that's niecy nash. as a special birthday pres
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producing a new series called "the enfrsorcerenforcers". >> we talkkd to real fay resnik when it was all going down and we're going to take you
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