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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 24, 2016 3:42am-4:00am EST

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elaine wrote back. please, do not hurt him. the kidnappers then upped the pressure by having warren himself call and urge her to pay the money. >> elaine, what they told me all along unless they get all the money. they're not going to deliver me. >> reporter: to make sure the kidnappers didn't keep upping the ransom demand she took the fbi advice on huh to answer warren that day. >> it is very dangerous to give them the money, warren. we went have anything left. we will have to give them our entire life savings. they'll keep asking for money. until we have nothing left to give them. and i don't think they will let you go. >> the guy i'm any with is saying if you give him money. i think they'll bring me to islamabad. >> she delivered the message she needed to deliver. even though she was listening to her husband in cap tich tee. her husband in captivity. being prodded to ask her, to do something different. i don't know that i could do that. >> eric lebson worked on
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security staff specializing in pakistan. after the white house, he and his company, levic volunteered to help elaine during negotiations. >> this is an older woman now living by herself. dealing with stress. taking phone calls from 3:00 in the morning from kidnappers holding her husband. >> reporter: logs from the hostage team show the calls would come in waves. on one night the records show the kidnappers called elaine 18 times between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 in the morning. >> on my mind all the time was you keep it together. your husband's life is in your hands. and this went on for almost four years? >> yeah. >> daily pressure. >> yeah. >> reporter: the kidnappers in pakistan finally agreed to $243,000. but the most important part of the process was how to make the swap. she got conflicting advice.
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negotiators disagreed. she had to decide what to do. the thing is, my word is the last word. can you imagine my word is the last word. i have to decide what to do. >> reporter: were you prepared for this? >> how could you be prepared for this? >> reporter: you can't. >> i never held life and death in my hand. i tell you i held his life in my hands. >> reporter: the nightmares. >> yes. >> reporter: every decision. did i make the right decision? >> right. again you asked about publicity. >> reporter: yeah. >> some said, shout it from the rooftops. some people said, shh dot tell any body. then this is not just my team, this is also, people weighing in. friend. family. calling me. why didn't you do this? why didn't you do that? you know, give me a break. >> reporter: elaine decide to
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and pay the ransom in installments. the plan was that after the last of three payments was delivered, in front of this mosque in pashewar, warren would be delivered to a hotel disguised as devout muslim woman wearing a black burka. after the money was given. warren was not returned. now they wanted more. >> reporter: they got almost all, all of the money. >> almost all of the money. i got no warren. >> my name is warren winestein. >> over time she watched her husband deteriorate in publicly released videos on al qaeda web sites. he became more haggard. elaine would notice he had lost a tooth. >> we may never see each other again. >> reporter: she came to realize warren had been transferred to a different group who didn't want money, they wanted prisoners re-released from pakistani
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the u.s. government has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists which left many hostage families feeling abandoned. still she went to see top u.s. officials including secretary of state john kerry and deputy national security adviser lisa monaco to ask for help. >> do something. you're the strongest country in the entire world. do something. and they did nothing. elaine began worrying abut a threat to warren. u.s. drone strikes. kidnappers were calling from public phones. the fbi believed that warren was being held in the north, a prime target area for the strikes. she says she told lisa monaco of her fears in january 2014. >> reporter: she had the foresight to worry that the bombing could affect your husband?
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from surfing to base jumping. don dahler caught up with professional go pro photographers at a ski mountain in vermont. >> reporter: when you come to a ski mountain you see guys with go pro cameras taking videos or tricks on the half pipe. we recently met a group of go pro photographers who take the amazing videos of extreme athletes all over the world. the difference is, they take the videos while doing the same tricks, same jumps going backwards. we have all seen videos like this. extreme athletes pulling insane maneuvers. in other worldly locations. but have you ever thought about how they capture these images. for every one of the daredevils in front of the lens, there is often another equally adventurous adrenaline behind the camera. shadowing the athletes. doing the same stunts but with
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shot. >> when you see the shots, we are literally six inches to two feet away from them in the air going, 30 miles an hour off a 90 foot jump. >> meet abe kislovitz, a usc engineering student with a hobby. >> i was making videos. we just had those original go pros. and i was putting videos up online on my youtube channel. the ceo ended up e-mailing me saying we love what you are doing and would love for you to come work for us. >> reporter: that ceo was go profounder nick woodman who hired kislovitz as one of the earliest employees. i'm caleb and christopher. >> he tapped, usc grads and identical twins, chris and caleb farlow. >> we graduated, nick hired us one after another. our entire ski team from
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>> this is a classic story. you guys are doing something you love for the fun of it. now it is your career. >> yeah, pretty awesome. am going to work in the morning. the idea is to stay close and on him. >> reporter: on the day we caught up with them. going to work meant their office was the winter x games in aspen, colorado. the course is juicy fruit. >> and their job was to shoot point of view action footage of competitors like 23-year-old champion skier, emma dahlstrom. >> jumps are pretty big. to hit the course you need to know what you are doing on your skis or board. so they should have a lot of doing. >> ready when you are. >> to be honest, you are doing a follow cam, following them. so focused on getting the camera, the shot is framed. not moving. staying steady in the air. speed. you don't really process exactly what they're doing. i can hardly ever tell you what tricks they did on their run.
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know what they have got until the end of each run. >> oh! >> yeah! >> while they're working they try to stay out of the spotlight. >> good job for us if they don't know we are there. >> it's what we have been waiting for. >> every once in ail while they accidentally get some attention. >> got his entire run, via live go pro angles. >> at last year's x games. caleb was following an olympic gold medalist. >> live broadcast. i knew i was on. like they were using my feed. >> just a dirty grab on that. >> a little embarrassing. you know, we are getting cool shots. go back to the trail. everyone goes, live tv. saw you go down. >> these are the big jumps. the big dog playing field. you get butterflies in your stomach. >> reporter: but those butterflies usually disappear with the rushing wind of a downhill run. if a kid was going to ask you how do i do what you do? what would you tell them? >> probably tell them to follow
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that's how we all got here. that's the best way to got to what you love to do. >> reporter: although at the end of each slope is a paycheck, these guys believe. the real reward is up in the air. >> we have the best seat in the house. we are in the air with the athletes. so, pretty rad. >> the brothers told me when they first started taking the videos, athletes gave them a cold shoulder until they saw how
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a big nht in nada for donald trump. he waldwaitwi while da he fighond place. killer storms. at least three people are dead after tornadoes tear through the south, while people in the storm's path wait for its next move. and celine dion proves her heart will go on, returning to the stage with a powerful performance for the first time since her husband's death. i can't leave without a trace good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. drump heads. donald trump heads into next week's voting for the presidential nomination for the republicans. he solidified his position with a decisive win in the nevada caucuses.


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