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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at 11:30, wayne county closing at 11:00 a.m. find the full list at the bottom of the screen and any time on >> hurtford, closing one hour early? delayed an hour today. thank you, carol. showers out there, nothing severe yet. as the morning progresses, we will see storms ramp up. let's get to elizabeth for what we are going to see the rest of the day. >> big threat for damaging winds and tornados. we may have damaging winds that don't happen while we are having thunderstorms. we will explain that coming up in a minute. let's get you caught up on where the radar is, a cluster of thunderstorms in the western part of the viewing area 30 minutes or so goo. that's moved in to virginia and the lightning died down. it looks quiet, not looking at seve atr, hanot seen any yet this morning. the threat goes up as renee
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on, especially mid to late morning. zooming in here, chatham county, south of pitsboro, a tiny band of heavier rain, moving northward, the cells this morning, have been moving northward. no major threats at the moment. this is a rapidly changing situation. another 15 minutes, you might have a cell that's popped up, producing heavy rain and gusty winds for you. separate from thunderstorms, a winds advisory, winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, if you don't have a thunderstorm coming through the area. when the storms develop, and roll through your area, the winds could be up to 75 miles per hour or stronger, that would be thunderstorms straight line wind or a tornado coming through. that risk is high today. i should say moderate. it's high for us. we don't have that moderate risk for severe weather in our viewing area very often. this is certainly an un usually strong chance for severe weather.
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40s to 50s around the triangle. cary, zebulon in the 40s. 43 roxboro. 59 clinton,s that temperatures warm this morning, we will start to get in to a better chance for those strong thunderstorms producing severe weather. that's going to happen most likely by lunchtime if not before. mid to late morning, we will starto see that threat increasing, high this afternoon of 71, likely to have a squall line through this afternoon. we will talk about the timing in a few minutes. this morning k other issues you will have to deal withs raining and foggy. >> need to allow extra time at 6:03, let's take you to the camera, i-40, u.s. 1 interchange. as far as we can tell, not thick follow, combined with the wet roads, in for a mess. road weather index. watching what the little cell in southern chatham county does through the trip through pitsboro.
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major routes looking good. an accident cleared up capital boulevard. back to you. we want to let you know, clinton city schools in sampson county are closing at 11:30 today because of the severe weather expected. the severe weather bracing for, already left behind damage and destruction in other states in the south. >> it's been rough, at least three people are dead, several missing after strong storms and tornados ripped through the gulf states. in some places, homes and entire neighborhoods are barely recognizable. >> reporter: even in to the overnight hours, storms showed little mercy on the gulf state. pensacola, florida, a tornado tossed around cars and damaged most of this neighborhood. williamson admits she barely survived. in many areas, daylight will
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damage with power knocked out, people used flashlights to sift through debris. the storms gained strength all day tuesday, with 26 tornados reported in the south, one of them blew the roof off this gym in prairieville, louisiana. >> we had 35 people working employees and people working out, they had 8 kids in the daycare. a scary situation. >> reporter: in the town of convent, another tornado destroyed this rv park, killing at least 2 people. >> we don't have a good way of knowing for we have one, two or three people unaccounted for. >> reporter: to the north, mississippi, witnesss say a tornado ripped a mobile home off its foundation, killing the elderly man insides. in new orleans, the storms spawned 3 water spouts on lake pontchartrain. don champ champion, cbs news. >> make sure your smart phone has the latest weather app.
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or your tablet to send you notifications when severe weather in the area. for all of the details go to search alert center. health care providers are once again asking lawmakers to limit how insurance companies restrict the use of expensive drugs to save money. >> those providers will testify in front of the house committee this afternoon, mikaya thurmond is in the newsroom with more on the debate over step therapy. >> reporter: step therapy called fail first is one way insurance companies control drug costs. they require patients to start with cheaper drugss, even if the doctor prescribes something else and won't approve expensive drugs until the cheaper ones have been proven not to work. last november, lawmakers began considering the failed first protocol. the practice keeps drug prices under control. four north carolina health providers will testify against the policy. they say the policy causes
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severe chronic illnesses, by delaying needed treatment. the hearing will happen at the legislative building, bill and renae, it's set to start at 2:00 p.m. the u.s. senate race in north carolina is hitting the air waves. richard burr began airing his first ad of the election season. it's airing in raleigh and greensboro. burr is seeking the third term. three opponents in the republican primary. obstetrician, brannon, homequist and retired superior court judge paul wright. >> griffin, reefs, ray and debra ross will join us tomorrow night for a debate, a half hour conversation commercial free starting at 7:00 on wral. the rhetoric heats up in the debate over a non discrimination ordinance passed in charlotte. >> the governor's timetable for fighting the ordinance allowing transgender people to use the public restroom of their choice. friends tell what a murder
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the loop, now ming up omh,our uall later om east inout the yo g surethewet anfoy. ok down, ls, reduvisibi ther runng to li bizle, hy, des, ithe curreratur ho fouight have omugh th have a fa vig . roorand uthill, in w 60onw .
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m k cold tst. thspt where veunrstorm eningh th wilea inroh moin e teand in to e teoon. tureowowers usupthlunchtime, squall ldelo le later this oon, or00 this afoon,it cod pp thenure ayusall y . veunrsrmmiou, n tp o on ttvo fiout if o temage in ary can e thare seeing a storm velop, especiay ter 9:00 or 10:00 this morng. we are at a vel 4 out of 5 in terms ofthe severe orm risk, leigh eastward ana level for the rest of the viewing area. big threats damaging wis and toados.
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highs y see hail, yb nglog 1 ra, iwi damage torno geare ncou r gh 7 we s viryifrstormnghr ghgustup . on sd, part, eeweekenlooks ni, a loof cupretowards the endsthweekhofully enekend. ay'swipaudy sks, mday wee nbc our mi. t then hope. hope so. >> you agoodpoinbeusofti. y he house but ybr. gework 6: od s accideand sldo are seeiwet ads d fog, tre a look clayto 70 sighwafialonwell
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ifhaonthe freeway, alexder driv hesi wn. utayvid erla loong lot e ather x, ofus are ng arecially alonth stn oviin ea, seavr in e showers leg poinofwa. accentsrt e tria > sptsices trng prusg ts bwn
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wrse > ie send stal 24 in n la 21 ga tother for a 2-1 lead. ad th jay will t st,check th hasticrking om ric stall.first goale jay 12thcawi mons t o toh . ike totagoals , u realize yo n' today i s le put it behind mand get ready for the next shot. >> he stole the game r us. big saves.
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get our footing a little bit. >> it's not just hump days it's state carolina day. eck it out tonight. tip off 8:00 on wral. ciaa basketball tournament is underway, men's play , the lottstata er erizcity e 'se od for > havedae sa >>ne halhoure joeda iafrom. to vath tk tous li g fami also breakins, e eve thth so he izetacthe
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6-35-3 > a caush d iomoviin wesp tatesthreof ntl r osour ea. onald rump th g nnvadao ndid eda r stt nd l . e oucaho sysms reea for y. becae of the threat of severe weher. dupelin 11:30 a.m. clinton schools 11:30 a.m. edgecombe county schools
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.m fi the lt at botm en, any tosher dainiv nusue th re legoat izabeth newaus thh atenoday. >> of hit at rembseeing like billd. ma the emco togher to ve a t rnosar th ea t is bet. g e radar ctur seei ths erno nonearvi ryryquy, the me, mos e irs the fe tyho, inand thundersve movin viia. werain isno affo apelll llov
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and patcth .munder a wi adviry mp ra from undeto at mcome through yo . y't he a unrmthhs wis miler cknk downtreesm through the morning, scatter thunderstorms k some mae strong and cod reach severe criterias wind gusts 60 miles per hour. that goes up more la in the morning, and in to the afternoon, as we have a squall linecoming throug th'sn e st ri relyckin ouerur ts rn 40mer ai up fr heintoestaze thn.ncime, t wthers e rooundhe. thisde d fo llow extra tgeinto wothmo school t's keouthtrip rt on 1, thro
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that'su. 1, yo64 ap bigelays, alile fog e ralocld co paraywaln, coions we e in beintoat's cmon the viewing ea. 6 from 55 up 40. odseeing wis rning, a little bit fo. t e e g ty ov noiden torert. wea reportf led cle, carona pines, the lakei- terc ngn upda o li drti ckon li drtio you. > 7 adosavlouiana anmisione ammeinto anrk
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woh and trc ghte hit the road, news weather and traffic to go. >> breaking news this morning, the threat of severe weather is very high today. with our weather to go. elizabeth gardner. >> this morning, we are not seeing severe weather, we haven't yet. for the next several hours, not going to be a threat. not that you won't have thunderstorms that produce rain, and gusty winds, it won't hit severe criteria until we warm this atmosphere up. mainly in the 50s, starting to see the warmer air edge in to the southern part of the viewing area, when it sweeps in to the region, we move in to the air mass. that's likely mid to late morning in to the afternoon. we have patchy heavier rain
6:47 am
the one cell moving northward, again, we had lightning with these thunderstorm. moving very, very fast, when we get to the point we will be concerned about the severe thunderstorms and tornados, we will have a line with forming across the triad, across the viewing area. more concerned about that as we get clos to lunchtime. ahead of that, you will run in to rain in places and potential for thunderstorms, too. we will be watching out for that. let's go back and take a look at the radar picture on the other system. see what is going on there. looping that radar, see that precipitation coming up from the south on the other system on weather 3. there we go. thank you. we still have the fast moving precipitation from the south, we will be dealing with that this morning, we have foggy conditions, this morning, big issues heading out the door, will be showers, and fog, roads
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48 degrees at the airport now. our dew point is 46. in the 40s, the stable air mass, that's protecting us from the severe weather for a little while. it won't last too much longer, 61 clinton, 64 in new burn. the warm air as it moves in to the viewing area, helps to open the door for some more dangerous weather to come later on. here is a look at the history of the storm, see the red boxes that are flashing, those are the tornado watches, a lot of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings flashing in the highlighted counties in yellow and pink. this particular band here as it starts to move up in to north carolina is likely to produce the same kind of severe weather. sometimes the mountains will protect us, that doesn't look like the case this time. the storm reports from yesterday, more than 30 reports of tornado damage yesterday in the deep south, we can expect this same situation, the tornado reports are in the red
6:49 am
are severe winds or wind damage. expecting to see that as well. through the morning, we will have thunderstorms and rain, we get closer to 11 or 12:00, we may see the thunderstorms future cast, starts to develop this line, 1:00 or so, to our west and pushing it across the area during the afternoon. possible it could start earlier, we are expecting we shouldn't see the dangous weather until mid to late morning. this is one of the higher risks for severe weather that i have seen, a level 4 out of level 5, from raleigh eastward. all of that is unusual for this area. to keep yourself safe, know that the weather is coming, download the severe wral weather alert, turn on the tv, we will be right here with you all day as the severe weather breaks out, especially closer to lunchtime. after thats weather quiets down, today, much quieter
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it will be windy on thursday. some decent weather approaching for the weekend. monday, looks good. monday is the day we welcome nbc to our wral family. brian, of course, our issues are fog and wet roads. are you seeing additional accidents? >> not increase in accidents. wouldn't be surprised if we see that heading in to the 7 hour. looking at 6:51, the cameras on western boulevard, gore month street. the kind of conditions you are running in to this morning, over raleigh, fog and some rain leaving behind wet roads, same scene in durham, the freeway, freeway, erwin rode. traffic is moving along well. you need to slow down on the wet roads. fayetteville, seeing low cloud cover and fog, and wet conditions as well. let's look at the road weather index, to show you the extent of the wet roads, that's what the green means on the map.
6:51 am
if you need to takeet easy getting to work. severe weather plan in place today. look at the live commute map now, quiet, no accidents to report, report of a stalled vehicle on capital boulevard. no big problems, out of garner this morning, no big delays yet, 12 minutes to make the trip from 42 to the beltline split. following this as our local news and weather continues on fox 57. bill leslie. thank you, brian, crews will search debris at an rv park where two people did when a tornado hit. 30 people were taken to hospitals. 7 in critical condition this morning. the twister was one of several that ripped across the gulf coast. one other person died in a severe storm. donald trump said he would maintain the guantanamo bay detention center.
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is celebrating his win in the gop caucus in nevada. marco rubio and ted cruz are tied for second place. th connecticut supreme court will hear arguments today on whether kennedy cousins should get a new murder trial. scagel, a neighbor of robert and ethel ken difficult he was freed on bail in 2013, a judge ordered a new trial after finding his trial attorney failed to at squatly represent him. newly released reports answer questions about the death of antonin scalia, a letter says he suffered from heart disease, obesity and diabetes, probably contributing to his sudden death. a texas sheriff's incident report shows nothing appeared off place around the bed where he was found dead 11 daysing too. health care providers and patients plan to testify today about step therapy, used by insurance companys to control drug costs. they are advocating for limits
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fail first. the raleigh police union won't boycott beyonce's concert. unions in 3 cities on the singer's tour plan to urge their officers not to work security at her shows. that's in response to her super bowl halftime act and new video which some say contain anti police messages. > t das ns and weather and traffic on the go, on line and on the wral mobile phone app. he is considered a favorite for a best supporting actor oscar. >> why the director of sylvester stallone's movie
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if he wins. >> 50, if er wadaay to date the weathe th islyit tpotornado spni sto systemtaking ves d deroyed home
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ptngde good morning. it is wednesday, february 24th, 2016. welcomto "s this morning." eadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through
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