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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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together again. >> everybody calls. mail. yoknow anyonewants to help . >> it's a small community. pewas adth'snosu folks. th livthh . eporte cia wat o th r fr thtoado ew side of r housshha the day okr he cats >>mig o,ob, reerwe sabut ca her to sa ain. >>epr:wn thstet a fa beon gerator to mi an crruy or
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or aotk. >>eah a eoe lpthgh >> reporr:saa ss muciseirs. o hepile blein. jugl bodyhu anose any anals. e pu >>s 'srt of ugh. we wget throh it. >> reporter: state and county emergency management officia the damage. they say th it could be days before they have a dollar amount. the folks we talked to say that they don't care how much it sts, what matters is that eystre. resultfrowof thle toled s
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ice as foe press . 1wi de--he sahat m hdn'tjoin. twyears r immiation fials okhiinsty deed miatios th isis dse reportee s wa andwan o y re joutsid s artment.ispa ea fr. wamiint ou snt omline e t s. won't. rtek can intere e on along wit churesand hospals. >>erinvi who cometoice ce oficeld tet s be
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co tergres theoudecrats, ll here for lf o deba. we are tk imgrth , ony and prand mo it should melivescsiononthe idat ann to vehen . icevs e c old rd t. s s suspicio hisnairris saea 199but dn hthe s hs ar i20 inrend teppead ited oue teeir rm was a revolvin rtners. wh tnsewas meonwho tr control est
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th to our t >> the o betteway e scof ortonigh om ai 's t ri? reporterlte ande rest d cognizg monday ewo e spatched er worl ri news every day 6:30 we havsen wrom. >>soal mediagreat way ayn h in isdigil e.posting pict of yo chdrane coeqes sl digital ts
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sipo ava lastinessi r: ad , rorter:e f r il, she shesso. >> ths ng el. be out tyogo orr:nniser noeroi vi when comes tomedia. th me badot like ideof them on e thinhe 's fa them th'tough monf ifhod -- alac i ini'to to ha b. te my owught was l over acwh thisvidius r esboy oues o ash wedame up >> rorr:t l. soitgi. ep frome y fone 5--o me vir nsn.i di't aicipathow
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would say about a video most peop founden dearinone comment mosts peoe magazine's website said i was a stupid mother encouraging her to be a hot mess. >> mug you put the re f ur dital esyoids imdiey. evhing weonne pt idtye sting abou che arefiv . >> repte askourswhatdoou expchm ofteyo log fo are loking fothoccoirti. riof photogphots. dohero it c ng's -- of sh
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the schoolof rmio d nce. t can cidently beeir chrterwh we la our are ishing expeatio tt ouow expectns ratr thi mo befo yopost ink o se es it or erodes. okbe tuatn. arcontrol who se wha and the digital foot print is there somewhere forev. >> be -- nothing ever deleted. >> for you too. not just four childn. solutely.
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>> yeah. it's ayodele world. if you comment or are thinking aboucommenti ou at tthe pe's face? wobe -good ea it -were in now wh-- easy to re a sssonemeoyt futuosto? d r atr u u are owthe thstnt. howl to wl ite
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ol shquite tithsun se g ro and showthors and blthat. nice mf cloudsthds still stneouwest rtest 14 mis an nothe ap2 shi not itth32aineprenth t 25 th's dofromstda d lahumidity of her teer 40 up ill. teerhere else an l 50owl er-- oughhe are meareas g syemhat afcteds stis nay as tt into sl rougthutand it'lforc. oducing coole toow
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backe of degre be notime of thgsstart to chan. l right. legoea -thlelore wi the as teeresnd onehi no -a go part ofispe omee wilo atthg in t wrn noh er erme atrts ten a lile r come in the easterun stat. hillap noe rmthe wihereutlean w wiha sees en a t ofool cos inthwarmp ca ve looke we w intrns se ofe ouweeko . th whahappen
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e . then t arting on ge he60r a feysignsf anotco air rrin t me >>thk you. >>ffis >>tateolina nit. duke ton
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a g ui abaetbaso >>make it wior rt n 21 ba o in t johnsose. ey combi pand bo s thithe ncc whtate in out t op g inwe thki- greapeen nish d 'sugh. weren'goof cong up. >>reporterduke hos orattonight. e oude
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foin tms tohnunth megh battles tr. ved -- se alhard ht where e to to yo int ae yohave a mo th rhe emfisheds tha re thkiwe l ia ep ihallway,asinpe thbasketballc. keia isen 6'or 53er ts, erg 24d roupe game >> a et. that's her sgt.
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shis --her itcomes nara e is she runs e grt has. hand maniesl well haun. >> it funo ae yod mees eporr:e hesc'se scing . a memberf th tm. those akeher, -- sh e. r evkey is -e art d ha wa meinne lve itl get ne. >> haan amazg atshs rsin sh >>shver changes.
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settg d anr ttine stkellopleust t just aeautifulso e kes inriouthat neetobe riou vierschoolmascho a muple. orkey wiia, thiseek'of the effo. > gustus. edtiwilson t go ah u r us. >> n night at n 11 good nht ch turylism ,and gee sameat cse giu, withving tdealth cable. yean
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usonof omand o so y wattevewhen. yes youuys epayin? 's their rulofv.
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el lika hollywd inside rismom crylink >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's


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