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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 26, 2016 3:42am-4:00am EST

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headquarters is going up right here where it all began. for cbs this morning, nebraska. your smartphone is essentially a portable computer in your pockets, that means it can fall victim to hackers and they do it through apps that you download. a security firm found 80% of the top three apps on android and iphones were breached. the number jumps to 97% among the top paid apps on those devices. >> reporter: whether it's apps that helps advertisers target you or helps hackers rip you off, you'll want to do your homework before downloading apps. >> any way i had money they got it. >> reporter: california susan harvey downloaded an app.
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purchased once for like $15. >> reporter: when she went to reload the game she found hundreds of purchases had been made. >> my heart sank. i just sat there looking at it and i physically -- i was sick because i didn't know what they were. >> some of the information these apps ask for are way beyond what they should be asking for. >> reporter: that story is no surprise to cyber security expert whose company tracks malware. >> reporter: what are the consequences for me as a consumer? >> you're going to wonder why there was a transaction, wonder how someone got in your bank account and paid a bill. >> reporter: when you download an app, you're giving the app permission to access other parts of your phone like an alarm clock app that can track phone calls.
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needs all that permission, your call information, calls you've made, your device id. this is not a alarm clock. >> reporter: and the weather and flashlight apps as he showed us in a demonstration of what could happen when someone takes a bank. >> reporter: what happens to the check now. >> it grabs a copy of the it. >> reporter: last year the group discovered 11 malware apps on iphones that sent information to a remote server. the information included text messages, skype calls and photos. apple fought back by removing the apps and putting stricter security measure in place. >> they get at your lists to build a profile on you. >> reporter: some apps are collecting information for
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in 2014 a lawsuit was settled with a company over the flashlight app alleging it transmitted information to third parties without telling consumers with. but he says he's found a flashlight app that can do more troubling things. >> this turns on your micro phone in the background and sends an encrypted tunnel to a server we discovered in beijing. >> reporter: you're saying they're listening to conversations and sending that audio back to beijing? >> yeah, we've tracked it. >> reporter: where is it? >> on information drive in beijing beijing beijing. >> reporter: he gave a report to the fbi. his recommendation. >> we really have to look at our phone and say this is really a personal computer that fits in our pocket, let's shut down all the apps we don't use, let's delete apps that don't make sense and reduce the rick of
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>> reporter: the creator of the brightest flashlight app seltsed with the ftc. susan sued google over her alleged hack, but a judge dismissed it saying she and her attorney filed too late. google says fusion than 1% of android devices had bad apps. i inwe shoulve t at the ver.tarzanw where tarzan go! ta does ow wtao. excus, do youw where waterfall is? waterf no, mezan, of . n't want to just ask somebody? if're a couple, u figh dirons. 's whau do. if yt toe een peenor m on c insuran, u swito geic oh ohhhhh it's wyou do
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the mega hit uptown funk won song of the year, but it could become the center of a lawsuit. a 70s group called the sequence says uptown funk sounds like their 1979 town funk you up. meanwhile the producer is step pg into the spotlight. >> reporter: that opening vocal is unmistakable and so is bruno mars. he's the front man who gave up uptown funk the groove to stay at number one at billboards top 100 for a record 14 weeks. but what's sometime forgotten is
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to the guy sitting on the front of that white limo. >> it's pretty dead on. everyone knows who they're talking about. it's the guy with the guitar and the tall guy. >> reporter: the tall guy is music producer mark ronson. it was his album uptown special that contained the hit song that featured bruno mars. they recorded an agonizing 87 versions and then worried the word funk might be kind of lame. >> even to the last minute there were people were like can you call it uptown funk. >> my guess is if you went up to ten people on the street and said whose song is uptown fupg they would say bruno mars. does it bother you. >> no.
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himself producing the critically acclaimed 2006 album. back to black won five grammys. he recalls the casual conversation about her family that led to their biggest hit. >> we were walking around soho in new york and she says yeah they came over to my house and i go t ias le >>epter:ays w unaware at the timefow ed slly e oscumearyol h a.
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foayr somef coinues,er cac e thews tsg. trostenr in n ptningd by >>'s friday,ruy 26 2016 this iorni ns. targeted at om. a gunman opens fire at his workplace kli at t three people before he is broughtown by a hero cop. >> do you know where donald is now? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: donald trumender off closest from compors bere


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