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tv   CBS Morning News  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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foayr somef coinues,er cac e thews tsg. trostenr in n ptningd by >>'s friday,ruy 26 2016 this iorni ns. targeted at om. a gunman opens fire at his workplace kli at t three people before he is broughtown by a hero cop. >> do you know where donald is now? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: donald trumender off closest from compors bere
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nggul in passengers cheheth f a flight nim thew cbs news headters in new .gobe i'm oli i a gree >>is least opre in clllass in pplreille mo wnded t if as foris v atra. th took placcr t a m norwich viit bfire wo sat 0 people w at welt. hannfta
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rent at industr is wherhe tatiur it spread well beyond this business. fear and a woman who reunites with her husband whoorked in the plant. employees a familiar with the gunman. their coworker cedric ford oen posted pictures oflf on cee cey. i worked wit co hunt.erdoryhe didt sein eporter: shoinarea tth fasiring f vee thcars onentedar d oohe ivrd, armed a steo a exc duri.
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rn art >> a firi aget ttame acssghepor sg only d wh the first law enforcement officer on the scene shot ford to death. >> he took fire. he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: it's unclear ford was still employed at excel industries at the time of the shooting. just a few days ago he posted video to his facebook showing him firing what appears to be an assault rifle into an empty field. meg, as of this morning, investigators have not determined a motive but they say this is not an act of terrorism. the fbi will be helping with this investigation. >> thank you, hanna. in the meantime, the final republican debate before next week's super tuesday was a hold nothing back attack on front-runner donald trump. running out of time to take
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ted cruz ripped trump on everything, from immigration to his business practices. on tuesday, 155 of the 595 delegates are up for grabs at cruz's home state in texas where a new poll shows cruz leading trump but in florida, trump holds a substantial lead. a night of back and forth charges and trump joined the fireworks. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> omar villafranca has our report from houston. >> reporter: the candidates took swings at each other over immigration, foreign policy, and the supreme court. front-runner donald trump, at times, got into some heated exchanges with both ted cruz and marco rubio. republican presidential front-runner donald trump was the target of most of the punches in last night's debate. many coming from marco rubio. this fiery exchange on health care was the most tweeted moment of the night.
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and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> that is the only part of the plan? just the lines? interstate competition? >> the nice part you have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself! >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the attacks between trump and ted cruz got personal. >> look. donald, donald, relax. >> go ahead. i'm relaxed. you're a basket case. >> reporter: trump also took hits from people off stage. the billionaire candidate said he hasn't released his tax returns because he is being audited. but former republican candidate mitt romney questioned it. >> he is going to support marco rubio. >> reporter: the top three contenders went head-to-head, the two lower polling candidates john kasich and ben carson struggled to gain the spotlight. >> can someone attack me?
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the questions. >> reporter: the ohio governor appeared more optimistic. >> i think i penetrated and sent a message to people around the country about the fact that i'm qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: close to 600 delegates are up for grab in next week's super tuesday contest. no rest for the candidates. they will start crisscrossing morning. in houston, omar villafranca, cbs news. we will talk with senator marco rubio about last night's debate and what comes next, ahead on "cbs this morning." the battle between apple and the fbi came up in the gop debate. apple has now officially asked a federal judge to reverse her order that it helped the fbi hack into a phone used in the san bernardino shootings. both ted cruz and marco rubio said apple should imply. >> all they are asking them to do is disable the self-destruct mode or auto erase mode on one phone in the entire world but apple doesn't want to do it because they think it hurts
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their brand is not security to the national security of the united states of america. >> the apple appeal accuses of it getting dangerous power. lindsey graham did not mince words last night. >> if you kill ted cruz on on the floor of the senate and the trial is in the senate, nobody can convict you. >> graham employed the press to ask donald trump harder questions, saying trump does not understand what makes america great. back to last night's gop debate. donald trump was questioned about his plans to build a wall on the border with mexico and have mexico pay for it. yesterday, former mexican president vicente fox said mexico will never pay for a wall. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got
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it just got ten feet taller. >> vice president joe biden called all of the campaign rhetoric about mexico and immigrants dangerous and damaging and ill-advised and does not represent the view of most america. the democratic primary in south carolina is tomorrow. hillary clinton court the vote there yesterday. a majority of voters in south carolina are african-americans. bernie sanders focused on minorities as well during a visit to flint, michigan, where he told residents fixing their water crisis was a top priority. >> any silver lining out of this tragedy is it is my hope that people in america will look at flint and say never again can we allow a community to undergo this. >> the minority vote will play a big role on super tuesday. neither candidate can win the delegate rich states without their vote. nevada governor brian sandoval says he is not interested in being considered
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word had leaked that the white house was considering sandoval, a moderate republican, to replace antonin scalia. sandoval gave no reason for his decision. coming up on the "morning news." seaworld spies. the marine theme park admits to groups. later, mark zuckerberg says stop defacing a black lives matter logo on a wall. this is the "cbs morning news." because when i got itchy watery eyes... ...i started taking claritin every day. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. 23 days relief from sneezing... ...and runny nose. claritin is powerful, lasts 24 hours... ...and it's non-drowsy. get the number one doctor recommended... ...non-drowsy allergy brand. live claritin clear. every day. r next iis ane"name urrice. higy ughter device from progressi
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ll youor ifou h nfectir sympms. ...such as fer swchilmuchesugh. f you have recve ine pn to crohn'seas your do asmpto c wn. serilergic reaconmay occur. . see . sen my way. cleana cleaorwa. r a ffentnd of medicine k yomatologist about cosentyx. vacation ended bitterly for a 7-year-old boy and his terminally ill dad. the family was kicked off an aallegiant airline on friday. the dog had an allergy reaction to a dog on the plane. the reaction was the crowd cheering. >> this has to be a memory of my dad. remembering people clapping on the plane when he got off. >> sweet little boy. the airline apologized and
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flight from washington state back home to phoenix. seaworld admits to spying on animal rights activists. the girl scouts face poopgsopposition from the arch bishop of st. louis. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the arch bishop of st. louis says the scouts back gay rights and other stances at odds with the church. a scout leader says he is misrepresenting the group's positions. the scouts are just starting their cookie drive. the daily beast is reporting on a cover-up. saying bbc knew of the late jimmy savile crimes and did nothing. they say he assaulted 72 children and women while working for the bbc. his youngest victim was 8 years old. "usa today" says bill cosby
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suit against beverly johnson. they will refile the suit after he stands trial for sexual assault in pennsylvania. the columbia daily tribune reports of the firing of an assistant professor who confronted a student journalist. >> can i talk to you? >> no! you need to get out! >> reporter: melissa click called for a muscle to remove a reporter. university of most of says she will not get severance. brown's quarterback johnny manziel is accused of attacking his girlfriend last month in dallas. it's a misdemeanor charge. he has not been arrested. the orlando sentinel reports that seaworld admits spying on its critics. the company says workers posed at animal welfare activists to get information and that
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condemned anti-black lives matters vandalism at facebook headquarters. whenever black lives matter go up on company walls, someone changes them to all lives matter. this has been going on for several weeks. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and much more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: higher oil prices and encouraged news on manufactured goods. dow finished 212 points higher and s&p gained 21 points and nasdaq rose 39. the oil well drilling services company halliburton is cutting 5,000 more jobs, about 8% of its work force. they say slumping oil prices are forcing its hand and oil prices have dropped about 70% since their high in 2014. mercedes is replacing some of the robots on its assembly
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turns out the robots can't keep up with the custom options that mercedes opposite. a choice for cup holders. mercedes says the variety is too much for the machines. a federal court in california is considering the colin scheduling system at victoria secret stores. at issue whether victoria's secret workers phones are canceled often with starting time be paid. the california law requires workers sent home early be paid. victoria's secret argues that law only applies to people who physically show up, according to feed ller hou d las ni mo of olast mes thei rolne taehol i they wir el rerhree t hardbeeve i
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here's a look at today's
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the country. nba history for steph curry. the golden state warriors guard sinks a three-pointer in 128 consecutive games. the night gets even better for the reigning mvp. look at is. he finishes with 51 points and the warriors top orlando. golden state is an nba best 52-5. the young afghan boy is one step closer to having his dreams come true. the 7-year-old broke hearts around the world when photos of him wearing a make-shift lionel messi jersey went viral. now instead of a jersey made of plastic bags, the boy is supporting the real thing donated and signed by his footballer and sometime in the near future the two will meet face-to-face. five days and one wake-up is all left for scott kelly in space. he has been counting down his last days for the international space station.
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interview on board the iss. >> it's not necessarily uncomfortable, but it is a harsh environment, you know, for water. it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year with regards to, like, hygiene. >> he says he misses the else. kelly comes back to earth on tuesday after his year-long stay in space. cuban media is reporting this morning the rolling stones are set to pererrm in the island nation for the first time ever. according to the report, the legendary rockers will wrap their south havana tour in march after president obama's visit to cuba. here are the stones playing last night in brazil.
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enrtnment and willp t thecademywas sunday. " "creed" director is hosting a fund-raiser in michigan for residents impacted by the water crisis. that event will be streamed online at the same time as the oscars. everyone is safely at shore after rough waves off new york left them in need of a rescue. the coast guard was sent to help a shipping crew that ran aground but their vessel cap-sized. the helicopter full of coast guard lifted them to safety. a tony dressed escaped from a birthday party on wednesday after some close calls with cars. the pony was tracked down by a helicopter. call him a jail bird. a rooster is rousted after
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likllywood inside prism tv om clink four people are dead including gunmen after shootings. be raj of a -- ba barrage often attacks and insults in the debate. you are going to love the forecast for the weekend and beyond, mr. sun is really going to be smiling.


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