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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ased raleigh pole e inat y whatsoever ed t avais toec to dn wafrnn. th wr th >> case virighal ms, thank you ve ch. for thtest ca > a crash ing a box truck created quitmess for the morning commute. raleigh police say that a box truck collided with win on i- 540 near lumley road. brian scoeder has been indeen. dri se > rerng th nameled a delycrh inwa counis hapd yey afteoon on mimiro atfoer road. cis say ate of fail to y
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country's stream leader. nearly lliria ar. ort s urt battle wthe e s e d itn thogill le arien cot brf on. theynta stteto erth mpanlockthpl s it is power anit'sg cons>>itchilth >> tcool are tod eyerday. if he t eay onsatu rn realizeto elr. kek are eiw. ou
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high 50s. we a er toonsuaya lileit any,o some atreto e weend an ursemothy thatweare excited not he ins r mo>> which a geneic coy. hey y aclly so socool it was fit leerd soolheabeth e cuhave teat g gefo howy's hopi attracgean veth gu > we'll
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doctors an dr. ilanaloummment e mmunare t g anywhere ng trareraly theytiityo s out isbut ha e sw. cht the th createacr ch bn in es atndedesnce 9tluopwinfrey enedthe ogon > ris ro opping s s ow. weof hi
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n,etti ouittother. >>now know o perfo the th acamyof untrmusic award. carry underwood, keith urban will take the stage airing live from the mgm grand arena on april 3rd. the ceremony will be cohosted by luke brian, dirks bentley and chris stapleton lead the award with eight. subway is adding antibiotic- free chicken to its menu. the company says it will be the first major chain to make the change in all stores. antibiotic-free rotisserie sandwich will be able april 1st. mcdonald's announced the change
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>> and chick-fil-a will have the conversion ready for 2017. and arby's will offer vegetarian food. and unfortunately, vegetarians say that it will just be a bun without the sandwich. >> i have a feelingsle feeling that sales will not be brisk. >> the president says that his first job left him with something he will never forget the lesson he hopes to spread
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your pick three numbers. meredith college is marking its 125th anniversary. >> there is a reception this morning on jones auditorium on the campus in raleigh. meredith college unveiled the new marker. it was changed from just women to now men. we continue the legacy series in honor of black history month. we are featuring four people who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. tonight, mikaya thurmond will introduce you to an educator. >> culture and education in the
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self esteem and will make them want to be the best they can be. >> and he hosted kwaanza celebrations to empower students president barack obama says that his first job, a scooping is cream, taught him valuable lessons about sons and hard work. the president's first job was at baskin robbins. in an essay posted to linkedin, he said that rock hard ice cream was brutal on his wrist. he wants the same experience for other teenagers to work hard and particularly those without resources. the president is launching a summer opportunities project and charlotte is one of the cities that promised to help thousands of teen get their first job. >> gop leaders are sidelining a bill that would privatize the nation's private air control system.
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the control to a nonprofit organization. instead, they plan to turn the federal aviation administration operation. critics say that it's like to private company. with just one 1:40 remaining in the count down, flight control aborted the space x launch. wednesday's attempt was also a no-go. once liftoff occurs, the company will try thriend the discarded first stage booster on a barge offshore. the u.s. economy slowed down in the final three months of 2015. it was not quite as bad as initially thought. the commerce department says that the gross protest mic product grew at an annual rate of 1/4%.


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