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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new information about the victims in the workplace shootings in kansas. >> at what we learned about charges against a woman who has a connection to the shooter period >> and chris christie and his surprise endorsement for donald trump. it is friday the 26th . and a jackpot at $125 million, to join the jackpot, you have to have the gold mega ball. let's see if i can make i can make you a millionaire tonight. the first number is 74, and up next we have 19. the final this friday is 62. here are the mega ball numbers. seventy-four, nineteen, three, 62 and the, 62 and the number 14. tuesday's jackpot is $135
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play on, on, america. >> arrests in sexual assaults a decade after the crimes. >> the department cleared several crimes recently and adam is talking to the lieutenant behind the developments in these cases. >> reporter: both victims and suspects have likely considered them closed. but officers had not forgotten. it was in 2003 in downtown fayetteville, a woman accepted a a ride from a passing driver. >> he assaulted her with his fists and then raped her. >> reporter: police investigated but the case turned cold - - cold. but that is not the case now, joshua mills was recently arrested for the crime and
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on a female. his team helps to bring the investigations back to life. since june, unless - - arrests have been made in 11 cold case assaults. robert brown was among those. charged with second-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and sexual battery against a 16- year-old. summer said victims are often - - often surprised. >> i thought the police did not care about my case. the suspects are usually surprised period but the message to get out is that we are coming for you. >> they discovered about a decade ago 330 rape kits had been tossed out to make more room in the evidence room and
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the cases. the cases you heard about are among them. >> the lieutenant says we should expect more rest - - arrests soon. >> joshua be got reni benjamin and brian sadowski were all killed in heston yesterday. they tried to come to grips with what happened. investigators were gathering evidence. the shooting happened an hour and a half after has been - - after ford the chief of police ran inside and shot the suspect to death period a woman . a woman is facing charges after she gave him a gun
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she gave him a semi automatic rifle and a 40 caliber handgun period he . he had both guns when shot and killed. hopkins faces 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. donald trump stopped his closest rivals in their tracks with a a high-profile endorsement that surprised everyone. voters went to the - - go to the polls in ours. we have the big development. >> i endorse donald trump. >> chris christie endorsed donald trump and said he is the only one who can defeat the democrat. >> who is the best person to stop everything? this is the best person to do that.
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later played it cool. snoopy endorsement was troubling news for the marco rubio campaign. >> marco rubio has been attacking trump since the debate but the billionaire businessman fired back period >> once a joker, always a a joker, it never changes. >> the democratic candidates have to make it through the primaries. clinton is expected to easily get the victory in south carolina but is campaigning until the very end. bernie sanders also held a rally at a university. >> this campaign is about taking a a hard look at national priorities.
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going to the polls with their priorities as well. >> trump said it is too early to say whether or not he would consider chris christie for a running mate. shots send one person to a hospital on arrowhead drive. there was an altercation, gunshots were fired and a woman was hit. she should be okay but investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. >> everyone is running scared and don't know what is going on. three vehicles did pull up. were all three involved? did one involved? did one take off? i don't know the answer. we are just trying to piece this together. 's new they are looking for a green sedan, red dodge charger and a green pickup truck. we are learning about a double shooting at a crowded
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a witness said she saw a a man armed with a gun running after another man on capital boulevard. she saw the men on the man on the ground wrestling. one hour ago printed - - police announced to arrests in the case. the victims were taken away. some farmers are cleaning up after a tornado a tornado destroyed much of the area on wednesday. it is a quarter million dollar loss in the building alone. it also destroyed most of his equipment. he bought the farm in 1992 and lost 24 years of 24 years of work in a matter of moments. >> i do i do not know what the future h olds. but nobody got hurt, nobody got killed, so i i am good to go.
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dairy farm and a tobacco farm. north carolina's largest insurer showed aca plans lost $280 million. they don't know if they will continue offering the plans next year. but they still turned a half- million dollar profit. and many executives received sizable raises. championship weekend for the annual c i-aa tournament in charlotte. they also inducted - - this honor was decades in the making. >> reporter: you know who he is, a fixer of this treatment for decades for decades and now a
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he is a showstopper. everyone wants a picture of him , some anyway they can get it because he is constantly on the move. [ laughing ] >> how does that make you feel? >> it doesn't bother me at all. he has stepped up his game at his popularity has soared. >> he looks so awesome and so young. >> he is a bad man. mr. clean. >> they can't do it without him.
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a-kind suits, he says he makes up to eight quick changes before the final whistle and he says he is humbled by the h onor. >> i didn't know what to say. >> mr. mitch are - - mitchell has been at this for almost 40 years. not bad for a man a man who is shunned years ago. he was invited back. >> ronald murray was also inducted. an emotional reunion, deputies who helped with an
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adopted one of the dogsinvolved. >> el chapo is looking for a plea. >> it is chilly but by the time we finished the weekend finish the weekend it does not feel anything like it does right now. we will let you know how warm it
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