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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  February 27, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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fairly cool still but we out the weekend, not as much wind as we have been dealing with over the last few days it back to you. thank you very much, we move on to a story out of fayetteville, this morning, where police arrested two men and charged them with the two sexual assaults that happen more than a decade ago. fayetteville officer say 37- year-old joshua mills raped a woman back in 2003. 62-year-old robert brown was
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i police unit started last year using new dna technology and grant money to rework the old crimes. lieutenant john sommer heads up that unit. >> with advances in dna testing, i thought several of them we can send off for testing, and we could reinterview potential victims, and whatnot. >> since june of last year when this unit was established, fayetteville police have made rest. to kansas now where an officer is being called a tremendous hero for killing a gun man. manufacturing plant on thursday, and heston, kansas. police say police chief doug schroeder was first on scene ford, went into the factory shooting and killing three people. but at first the officer did not have backup but he tracked down the gun man and killed the shooter's friend say this
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on his part. >> i am sure his only reaction was i have to save these have to dupe what do pretty >> the county sheriff says chief schroeder is a hero because several hundred people were still inside the factory he says ford was not done shooting, by any means but just served a protective order involving a part -- former girlfriend. police have charged the woman they say gave for the weapons, they say sarah hopkins new ford was convicted with a convicted felon, but she still gave him a semi automatic rifle and a 40 caliber handgun. ford had both weapons when he was shot and killed, if convicted, hopkins faces up to 10 years in prison and a 250,000-dollar fine. we have new details this morning in a double shooting and a crowded raleigh shopping center off capital boulevard. police arrested carlos writes,
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weapons offenses. there are two others facing charges. one of the men shot. he is still in the hospital and a woman, named nina, they say they are looking for her right now. she is facing the same charges. the affordable care act is a chronic financial headache for blue cross/blue shield, lost $282 million. blue cross is evaluating weather to continue offering aca plans next year despite the losses, the company still turned a half million dollar overall profits. top executives received sizable raises. something important is happening. >> yes, we are about to talk about the election.
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saturday in a row, the polls are open, this week, for the democratic presidential primary. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders overcame to gain are working to gain more delegates ahead of super t uesday. that is when 11 states pick their nominees. we now look at who is supporting republican donald time. >> i am probably to say i endorse a donald trump for president of the united states. >>reporter:former gop presidential candidate, chris christie, endorsed donald trump say he is the only one that can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton for ever getting into the white house again? this is the best person to do that >>reporter:ted cruz was stunned when he found out during the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville but later he played it cool. >> listen, i think the endorsement was -- no doubt troubling news for the rubio campaign. >> what we are dealing with here, my friend, is a con artist >>reporter:marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate but the
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back >> once a choker, always a choker. it never ever changes. >>reporter:the republicans have their sights set on super at the democratic candidates have to make it through the south carolina primary, first. >> hello, south carolina state >>reporter:hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina, but she is campaigning there until the very end. >> we are fighting to break down barriers, wherever they may be >>reporter:rival bernie sanders -- sanders also held a rally at university. >> what this campaign is about, is taking a hard look at national priorities. >>reporter:south carolina voters head to the polls on saturday with their priorities. cbs news, the white house. >> back to trump, he says it's a bit too early to say weather he would consider chris christie for a running mate. in part because of a
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brett steiner is the dean of the school of agriculture pretties as a state's new law allowing guns in college classrooms is the reason he is taking a new job. he says he was happy in texas, but the law put him in a position where he had to go somewhere else. he has accepted a job at the university of pennsylvania. the campus carry law takes effect on the ut campus on august 1. before you catch a flight at a major airport, you can spend some time running -- learning a valuable skill. >> the emergency procedure you can practice at these kiosks and cities where they are available. plus -- high five. yeah! >> more people are choosing
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>> that's rit. we want to show you an emotional reunion and dara. >> a deputy who helped with aid -- an animal abuse vestigat of gse justad h
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