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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> new tonight, a high-end jewelry store and a shopping center robbed at gunpoint. i'm kathryn brown. ken smith has the night off. the robbery happened at think's jewelers in north hills. a man holding a ski mask walked in with a gun at 6:30 p.m. here is a photo from surveillance footage. after robbing the place, the suspect took off. investigators say the robber is armed and dangerous but as of right now, they don't know who or where he is. to breaking news now of three police officers shot in virginia. officers were called to a domestic related incident in prince william county 20 miles south of alexandria. three officers were shot. they have not released their conditions or a motive in this shooting. there are reports the suspect is in custody. we are still working to gather information on this and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. in the meantime, you can find
11:02 pm a sweeping victory tonight for democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, beating vermont senator bernie sanders. cbs news projects former secretary of state clinton beat sanders by a wide margin. 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also had 50% of women. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. >> more than 800 delegates are up for grabs next tuesday. south carolina has 53 delegates. and it was another day of heated rhetoric between republican presidential candidates.
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donald trump's position on immigration and gun contl. senator marco rubio also took swings saying trump will never be a nominee. he also criticized his business techniques. trump did not mince words as usual. speaking to a crowd in arkansas, trump claimed rubio stole from the republican party. days after tornadoes carved out a path of destruction through north carolina, many are trying to figure out how they will rebuild if they can do it at all. and how they will move forward. wral's leyla santiago spent the day with one family in wayne county. >> reporter: it is a new day, but it is not an easy day on sanderson road. because this is what people here are now facing. the damage left behind by a tornado wednesday. josefina garcia was inside with her three girls when all of a sudden, she tells me she could see the windan hail headed her
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a neighbor had to rescue her after that powerful force ripped the roof off of her home. now, she is turning again to the kindness of her friends and family. garcia is staying next door with her children. they all have a lot to clean up. even more to fix. she has to fix the trailer, she tells me, because she has nowhere else to go. it is all overwhelming. especially because she doesn't know where she will find the money to make sure her children have a roof over their heads. in wayne county, leyla santiago, wral news. >> according to the national weather service, the damage in wayne county was caused by an ef0 tornado. and an ef2 tornado destroyed areas of granville and vance counties. in granville, they are still
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this farmer estimates a quarter million dollars loss on his lands and it killed some of his cows and destroyed most of his equipment. an ef1 tornado was also confirmed in durham county making it three total in our area. we have details at a double shooting in a crowded raleigh shopping center. police arrested tyqiann talley and carlos wright for weapon charges. one of the men shot, freddy garcia, is charged with assault with a deadly woman. he is in the hospital. a fourth suspect, nina dunn, is still being looked at. it happened in the shopping square on capital boulevard. the shooting was not random. people in north carolina will soon see a change for what we pay for certain services. march 1, the state will raise fees on various items and charge sales taxes on services
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they are most notably in the division of motor vehicles. the state will now charge sales tax on services like repair, maintenance, and installation. as for fees, the state budget raises fees for a number of services within state government agencies. for instance, a standard drivers license fee for $32 will now be $40. >> there are some economic theories that suggest that economic growth is better in a state if it taxes income less. >> the new services taxes are expected to raise $160 million in the first full year they are in effect. leaders and members of the state naacp focused on voter annual winter session. >> it is our selma. it is our time.
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>> reverend dr. william barber led the event today. he says the naacp leaders from every county in the state are being trained to participate in voter engagement as part of the go tv campaign. it is our selma, our time, our vote. >> 50 years later, we have less voting rights protection today than we had august 6, 1965. that's political wrong doing. >> the day also featured cultural arts and the annual humanitarian banquet. duke university trustees have approved a tuition increase for undergraduates. the board approved a 3.8% increase in the total cost of the attendance. lit be an estimated $49,500 in the 2016-17 academic year. the total cost for the next
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board, fees, will be about $65,700. the board also discussed opportunities in scientific research as well as trends in higher education affordability. family members ofa murdered college student cling to the hope that one day, they will find justice. coming up, what was supposed to be a night of fun turned tragic. what police say happened when alexander green was gunned down in his own party five years ago. but first, we will head to meteorologist aimee wilmoth. >> temperatures were on the cool side today. highs were in the 40s and the 50s but will be about 10 to 15 degrees warmer tomorrow. we will take a look at a big warmup on the way for the rest >> thanks aimee. as we head to break, here is another winning look at the power ball numbers.
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>> wl wanted pane to catccrinal >>wa arolmajoringim yettevate ivtyanr green'death was ag aitnow ve yrsft kied, hano stgeows tonit'ncntry. pono, faev. rt tragicn. hegrkit kid, a wonderful young man. >> reporter: pamela green's son was hosting a party when two men wearing bandannas burst into the apartment carrying rifles. the fayetteville state university student was trying to protect others at the party when he was shot to death. >> the only thing i know is that he was shot. and he was killed. and ... no one has any answers.
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the party was also shot but survived. police went door to door passing out flyers hoping someone in the community had information that would help them to make an arrest. despite their best efforts, more than five years have passed and still the case is unsolved. >> just want some closure. we want the people that are responsible to be found. >> reporter: if you have any information about the unsolved murder of alexander green, call 1-866-43-wanted. that is 1-866-439-6823. you don't have to give us your name. >> nc wanted operators are available 24 hour as day. and all tips are important. an update now to some breaking news that we brought you earlier in the newscast. three police officers shot in virginia. we have learned that one of those officers shot in the woodbridge virginia section has died.
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conditions of the other two officers injured. they were called to a domestic incident earlier this evening. a suspect is in custody. and we are continuing to gather information on this. we will bring you updates as we get them. you find the latest news and updates on our website on friends and family are saying their final farewells to the victims killed in the michigan shootings. a memorial service was held for mary lou nigh. she was one of four people killed at a cracker barrel parking lot saturday. services are also for her sister-in-law mary joe nigh and barbara hawethorne. friends gathered for richard smith and his son tyler. former uber driver jason dalton was charged with six counts of murder in the shootings. after the break, get ready for a big swing in the temperatures.
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a taste of spring or money were
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the answers in the forecast >> wral welcomes nbc february 29. >> only two more days until nbc joins wral. here is a look at some of the programs coming to wral. they include the voice, blacklist, blind spot, the tonight show, and saturday night live. you can look for nbc programming here on wral starting february 29. there is a dance marathon underway tonight on the campus of nc state and it is going on almost until the break of dawn. [ cheers and applause ] dance dance >> yeah, they are cranking. students have been dancing at the tally ballroom since 10:00 this morning. the marathon is designed to raise money and awareness for duke children's hospital.
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they have a lot of energy for that. the town of mount olive held its history parade. the gran marshal had a familiar face, gilbert baez. it is a proud night for wral and our parent company. capital broadcast had its emmy award ceremony. we have won numerous awards throughout the night. congratlation to our wonderful team, wral and fox 50 for accepting awards in a number of categories in nashville tonight. ken smith and debra morgan presented in addition to the nominees. they are all dressed up looking fabulous. there is our ken smith. the awards going on right now. we will keep you posted if we bring home anymore of that hardware. and a personal milestone i wanted to share with you. you know i had twin girls. here they are a year later.
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ellie on the left. abby on the right. fun. >> it was. it was so fun. they were loving all the attention. and max is such a good big brother to the cutiesful it was a great day. >> they are fat and we love it. >> you survived! >> and we have a new member to the wral family. one of our editors alex and his wife stephny blessed with a beautiful baby girl. oh she is so sweet. meet alaina. this is their first child and we of course want to offer them a special congratulaons. >>hewi make it through first year. >> will make it. you might not sleep much, you you will make it. >> true. coffee. right? >> right. [ laughter ] exactly. well it was pretty today, kind of cool. a lot of sun. lit be warmer tomorrow, we will
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lit be another cold night tonight. this morning, we woke up to some teens and 20s . it was chilly out there. if you haven't seen the 20s in south hill, still 40 degrees in raleigh. it was outlying areas we saw coming down. here is a live look from our raleigh sky cam. a pretty night. but if you are out, you need the coat. a little chilly out there. 40 degrees in raleigh right now at the airport. clear skies. winds out of the southwest at 3 miles an hour. beautiful bay today. we had a lot of sun, a few clouds. but really gorgeous out there. but a cool day. we have high pressure down to the south and west of us. and keep in mind, that winds flow clock wise around high pressure systems so today, we were on the cool side of this high pressure system thunderstorm. this will shift a little bit to the east with a southwesterly flow of this air mass. so it will be a warmer day for us tomorrow. temperatures will be very comfortable. we will be above normal instead
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we were today. futurecast, tonight, temperatures dip down into the 30s . it will be a cold start to our day on sunday. then in the afternoon, temperatures bounce into the 60s wita lot of sunshine. so, beautifulwet tore do anything outdoors. gorgeous finish to the weekend. winds will pick up a little bit. it will be cool, but not cold. we will dip down into the 40s . and here is a look at futurecast. rainfall and clouds. it is going to be pretty quiet over the next 24 hours. this is running tall way through sunday. a lot of sun tomorrow. beautiful, beautiful weather. monday comes around. cold front approaches from the north and west. a little bit of rain in the futurecast. i think lit be too dry to have much happen at all. maybe a couple of sprinkles.
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it approaches our area. but we will have some clouds, sprinkles monday. an then tuesday looks like a mainly dry day until we get into tuesday night and wednesday. we will have a better chance for showers. overnight tonight, lit be cold. we will get into the 20s with get. some of the outlying areas, 20s 33 raleigh. 34 fayetteville. no teens in the forecast overnight tonight. sunday. and then high temperatures tomorrow with a breezy afternoon. we will warm things up into the 60s . so, a fabulous finish to the weekend. today wasn't bad, but i think tomorrow looks even better. 68 degrees monday. partly cloudy after starting off in the 40s and then close to 70 on tuesday. beautiful weather as we jump into march on tuesday. and then wednesday, we will have another cold front move in. that brings our rain chances back. have some decent rain chances around here for the middle of the week. and behind that cold front, we have cooler temperatures.
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>> all right, thanks aimee. good evening everybody. i'm tina with the night's lottery drawings for saturday, february 27, 2016. let's get started with the pick three, the first winning number 8, the second number, 8 again. and the final winning number is 2. joins me here in the studio is our auditor from thomas and gibbs. now it is time for game two. the carolina pick 4. first winning number 4. second pick four is 5. third pick four, 1. the final number is another 5. turning now to the carolina cash 5. if no one matches all five numbers, tomorrow's top prize is an estimated $123,000. good luck. first winning cash 5, 39. second cash 5, 24. third winning number tonight is 3. fourth cash 5 ...
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our final winning number in the cash 5114. over the past nine years t lottery has contributed more than $3.9 billion to education. and you will get the winning numbers every night right here on your exclusive station for the north carolina educatsteve: today i luc y. wosurpd) oh, rkyou' just - a ousand drs! won: ts am thasg! (ris) n: oe jo mk, wbettn yeday. thadeveryt a le f and, st yea woman: istilmiing raw otion. woman: py awesome for tuesda but tw isum let'ally bt! cky fe. n a thounddollara day,
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mae. sebaat thac nst li1- 0. an. brn rt d -foot putt. this is r $1000. there you go. an unbelievable tt. good job brian poer. i don't think he could do that again if he had ten hano eciche rfng tow at pct hi >>nk shs g about s ke as els celiasall beach sodsn.
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