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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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on twitter that he disavow duke >> david duke endorsed me? okay, i disavow. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz pounces trying to slow trumps lead going into super >> donald trump refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> donald trump is the nominee, means hillary probably wins, and we lose this country. >> reporter: rubio throwing in donald style personal attacks. don't understand why his hands 5'2". you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: for the democrats, is somewhat re cordial tone following clinton's big win in the south carolina primary. saving her most pointed attacks at donald trump's campaign >> we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. back in our area a quick moving fire took out three
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it happened at bragg and robert street in robert cabinet shop. it spread to a third freestanding structure. the damage was so extensive investigators say they may never not -- they may never know the exact start of the fire. >> it seemed like the more water they put on it the fire would not go out. >> a small church was also affected but fortunately no one was hurt. one person is in the raig a witness called firefighters to the scene on carver street after 8:00 last night. it is unclear if the person injuries. no word on the cause. police chief moves ahead. so far the recruitment process is right on schedule. a list of 42 candidates is now down to six. the next steps come today and
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part in a two-day assessment. that will provide more insight into their management, decision- skills. and then the top two or three finalists will meet with the durham police department staff and the public. that will happen in late march. city leaders would like to have a new person in place in may. today is the day state regulators must decide whether to give duke energy the green light to build a billion-dollar natural gas plant. it would replace the coal burning power plant in nashville. duke energy would pass along construction costs, plus a profit margin to the customers. environmental groups accused duke of overstating the future electricity needs of the north carolina mountains in order to win approval for the plant. the 88th annual academy awards is in the books and the winners are an interesting mix of predictable front runners and surpri weng y t wrapfrom hollywood. >> reporter: the title describes the moment the newspaper drama, "spotlight" was the center of attention. a surprise winfo st pic. his gaveice to
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amplifies thatoiepteescte farithvent got bibe rect honor fo thdior o w. and, lnao asbeacr.>> i thank you inleta et fo >>eporr:t "roos", ng hof awds seaso >> tnkthfansthanr e mo thterse oulm repti s went to iaikr fo dish rl we"be of mar e and up beatout favored sylvester stallone. >> if you end ever wondered if acting with tom hanks would help, the answer is yes. >> reporter: "mad max: fury road" took on the most oscars,
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before the show, demonstrators diversity. >> otherwise known as white people's choice awards. >> reporter: a night when the spotlight was on the movie industry's best. nbc news, hollywood. right after the award ceremony, the oscars governors ball hosted 1500 people with dinner presented by celebrity chef wolfgang puck. it's also where the winners had their oscar statues engraved. leonardo dicaprio and brie larson arrived within seconds of each other to have their trophies personal life. samples savory dishes from some of the best chefs in north carolina. coming up, the celebration of food and drink coming soon to the triangle. also ahead, a look inside a
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you don't drink it, you soh carolina's finest chefs will be featured at a big event this spring. it is ste 2016 hosted by durham magazine and chapel hill magazine. here to tell us more about the food festival is one of the organizers, andrea.
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>>s toea e g al . soe di past are exte >> m inth utofheodne iangle. haherel me my have ne, fineurants >> y. fingtopostca ar andt's what , cega an fci weribotial apar th res r s. y evating od sgettg itsoe abhelp thou kw,finew customers. >> oh, yeah. it's just great. you've got three big events for this. tell us abt the three different things we will be looking at. >> su appeared thursday, april is the signature evt,he grand taste experience at the durham army in downtown durham. he basically, and mple
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a . >>pl here's a look at the top story on the wral facebook page. it is an exciting day here at wral as we welcome nbc to our family. head over to our facebook page
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stories about the transition, a look at new programming on the network and a link to where you can get answers to questions. the nation's first beer spa opened in sisters, oregon. if a pint or growler isn't coming, perhaps a tub of beer will do the trick for you. we show you the unique treatments. >> reporter: beer spa. put the two together, and you get -- >> you will soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley. >> reporter: more than just soaking in beer. a bath and brew is good for you. >> is good for insomnia, relaxation. >> reporter: pain and aches? just hop in the spa. >> i soaked in it, my aches went away. >> reporter: it started after mike boyle got into a car accident. he went to sally champa for a massage and when he experienced a beer spa in europe, unity industry was hopping.
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said, that's hop in the spa business. >> reporter: and he does not even like beer. >> i do not drink ituntil three months ago. >> reporter: after only a week in business, they are already expanding. >> hop in the garden. hop in the coffee. >> reporter: for those hoping to get tipsy off the tub, we have to be brutally honest. >> you will not get drunk soaking in beer. >> reporter: but the owners insist it will make you optimistic. >> every day you wake up there's a great beer available. >> reporter: in that case central oregon will always see the glass and tub half full. >> [ laughter ] >> more puns than greg fishel. >> i like the beer garden. it's a nice day today. >> it is. and that joy because it won't be for long.
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i think over the weekend people worse thinking about spring, and officially it begins tomorrow, meteorological. but, meteorologists noted that the weather will start acting really wild, i think we even week. conditions. isn't that pretty? you can see the lucky strike us. in roxboro, 66, 68 in definitely enjoying beautiful weather right now. hopefully you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy some of that later this afternoon. satellite and radar showing the front moving on by. nice and clear, you cannot even tell that the front came through. of course it is taking the precipitation and clouds on up into the north with it. so we have high pressure that is now building in behind the front that will bring nice
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well as tomorrow. then we start tracking the next system. we talked about that 30 minutes or so ago. this one starts to get wound up, swings in and helps bring this rain by wednesday. this will begin tuesday night. a lot of rain that we see with this system will probably be overnight. it's nice to see it that way. there could be thunderstorms overnight tuesday. right now the best chance for severe weather for this will be on the west side of the mountains. so that does not really include us, we're not at any big risk for severe weather from the storm prediction center for wednesday. it looks like it's going to move through pretty quickly and we will see sunshine behind it. but we will also than see the door opening up to some colder air up to the north, so we'll have to deal with that. here's futurecast starting tomorrow because the rest of today looks absolutely beautiful and most of tuesday does, too. i want to show you the approach of that system i showed you. we roll it out to 10:00 tomorrow and the thunderstorms are crossing the mississippi valley. right there you can see, that is a fairly strong line of storms. it looks fairly thin but, boy, that is a nice squall line coming across parts of the south from tennessee on down to
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mississippi. it does look like that will be weaker as it approaches us. here's 5:00 tuesday. by that point, clouds and a few sprinkles. then one of thunderstorms hit the mountains and then it weakens. notice we don't do those bright yellow colors as it comes across our area. futurecast continues to push this out of here fairly quickly but i think it's going to hang around long enough wednesday morning that it could cause problems for the morning commute. it certainly could be west. then skies clear. notice snow showers up into the mountains. we won't see that here but that is sign of cold air that will come in wednesday. it will stay chilly thursday in another system roles and that one starts to develop up the mountains. take a look at our forecast. today and tomorrow continuing to look beautiful with highs noticeably cooler wednesday. we may be warmest early in the day, that front, through and temperatures dropped her in the afternoon with skies clearing.
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of 31, high of 52. friday will be chilly and wet. there's a slim chance that from the triangle northward we could see that rain on friday mix with wet snow. right now does not look like we impacts. our normal high temperature much of this week temperatures are below normal. we have had our taste of spring and now we are back to some sort of reality. >> step forward and step back. >> that's the way it's going to be for a couple of months. hang onto the weekend. dog. >> coming up, how he put his hunting skills to good use to find a missing board. also, a golfer loses his
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why gary wood this afternoon for the first time our 4:00 p.m. newscast will be here on excel. it's moving from fox50 and we
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addition to our afternoon lineup on wral. catch it right here. there's what we are working on. first up, some changes are coming to help you pay sales tax. the extra services, where you will see the fees. plus, an explosive day expected in court as erin andrews is in the courtroom to testify in her $75 million civil trial. she and her convicted stalker may address jurors. plus, what you eat could impact how sharp you are. dr. allen mask explains how certain foods can boost your brain power. all of that coming up tonight at 4:00. and mother and community resting easy after a missing board was found safe. the remarkable rescue is thanks to an unlikely hero. 3-year-old eli disappeared in the louisiana. while police and community members began looking for him. it was his hunting dog named honey that stepped up to the plate using his keen sense of smell to track the boy don dashed down.
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dog was able to find the boy, but honey has only sniffed out deer in the past. >> the pressure is on because you are asked to come and perform something you have never done before. >> eli's mom says the toffler does not remember much about what happened tonight but does pain to tell him when he's older how honey saved hife> a russn o reedvideofar plth the ear med gerta verth december. the club is strong enough to go on public view. polar bears rarely give birth in captivity and when they do the pairs are often small and weak. this one appears to be doing quite well. >> look at that mom coaxing the little club. pga golfer, gary woodland, answer the age-old question, boxers and briefs, in the final
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on the par 4 par 46 hole, his ball went into the water left of the fairway. not wanting to get his outfit dirty, he stepped out of his shoes, socks and white pants. he hit the ball into the green bunker. he went on to par the hole at the expense of youtube. but, all publicity is good publicity. >> you want to elevate your name. good way to do it. >> sure thing. >> it was only a brief moment. >> nice. we are all with the puns today, we're all over it.
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