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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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raleh. weterae scane from venenfh rah police c. > us, gu k desiony thry maonia t. n rimoesenti cs ahd of peesy. look at lavetompssots. le n cck starts blone ofice ofcer volvedshtingn ig llo,'m galowen >> i'lyndlothe cehi about a any momenting aboumeso ere' we . rse the rsec oand shtly teno.
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been covering the story r several hoangin to live team coverage. ry tense and emotional day out here on bragg street. we want to show you a live picte ght here of the crowds out here waiting for answers, waiting to get details about exactly what happened at around noon time toignly to fartherpo shooti haporaf noon. wiess s th ma wh by poce ot. man idt wasookwius.>> wher n?scin] epter: that was
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she told he ha war s rest. linousany deabout acpp. xpt peren apveory. byrdwitnes erwhatpened? ey kild onre evreas runn d n have tryijump ae anthof mn n r wh foth rt: wenogoin back tu. we are expo hear froofpoce ilma ts e out he infoswers. >>ntfofe drug charg rse of pursuispwas shot d edthfir.itllown th arwad wi ostohe deed
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heelentsbl scl ocd. viy,heple - nvtition a custominon su thst. aythesstigns winducthorou anllw aie and id ev thstbu stwillon ancnioffilv ootsfindgsbe pseedth riy. e lieptminrn aairsnit ll anine instatcu onl policytte nfti about e nt wilpr asmptlasibllte
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te manager thrk. aithour aygo o avo od's . aserease beilthe ow-up atiote terme the fas ouen ag urays, thfamilir mentst al f o cnitik >>we heafrgh li c, cadr own. she t near suspect. ng tichi theven plays t. thsbrimiinigatiogarding shinalffai
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w gka owntinue with her -- do kathryn ow we'll ec wlar. wionnufo t sty anupugh e ca in affion- 95toopter h voina camp nearelma small sen warend by g a travel thesouthbnd lastourora sht ti wesrsigedndaned debristhe roadsomef oslv we tseverity ofei isr.>>ity erspene rnepairs to ulgh cr thpew lyd. suvhit the polana queso e t, nons . > king na 20 e,om ag a juryonctedislawi atof coqun pp6.
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rdicts, fiasedrd christwitoe gu of . urher verdict ans. s t lakill mcq becsee e was prnt ep tdurien nd ind toleading arrest 01 pes found t tts s at og sd d ths atthdyof ees d e n . attains th mcn fter e ingoin withtwo mena pa th killed lamb is and lloin b po now cticoraofheicnvd oo irawi kathn we s the crds gri that livsh, a nad tetu>> reporte ay.
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nfd ung det by rpo eaier . weto sho iswhthall unfoed sho aon toy. n er this is a ryry ns d,ndn thpaho or so,tudes been ttofho, therven ung 're rkin pentsoruans so, csi. a lotere. loofger,loof qutiand got whany heisetothesh ootr man.he d here is people fstra anoi. ana lothnd ? wtoe down and ineaof to see an t, kil >>epchiesa lot of inforon
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sos viy ke me. esstions usuly . ke tther of one woman o ys at theperson otanllwas r 24ead ie nks. ag that haenme pe,ut a ma e ensaid thlir it w den. ngittion that we nuw d brinthte t cathni >>at ve leh. >>a ointard mafaciimcruelty arr polifound five ador puppiese home mmrez and roldapt re rmly chge rra rean ou t ib anect.if cedmamum en on. chapel ar king--
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n ivg stered d en ar granvilleows. wakwais trth man oa. toet aw tiat ce aerofa su man in ar. an with informshld ac lepoligroup ysnnond wod ea hundreds th15ononthmah 15al muchit imaedor campes and new tiportrom th buet d oferayatwoeate 50 joov the ive ithe trti du. adorf th in th cap ww>> moissuper tuy. tot furicagnbyates th s,lint, ine excenie ermo
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lyta whetecr in the s overald inin. rt: d cr mpinate te e onlypey st meing d nt htowin. that contar thi man ce athe housn rodeto te divitrump. d uz his more a nstiale. lyawh yankee er orte donump wa ni el ior n we isnt. ror bhehas encalled ais >>llves matt >> rep whethuestion. trp darese k, mao rutois addin tt hick e ble
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>> reporter:p gosut omx-new yorker an>>e wi finance and lpusst o street i kn litbimore abonaru t pehe is noa ci rte demrat hill cln isumng oth blans.>> what wecaetn is e tingthe ame i go oe rep bers minnebes on a e nderhopehe n. weexastecruz ghti jn sthaelan >>, e llintexas tcrwini lngrump 1in > ifou o-lon
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asuiagai a teen pct ndchin 13s iter ayutheomny to make retheir ea at 12nches lo. > ple poed weeks hone a acape wi blet march 21 e ng moreinch ne svest chip en-t iphe ls. the new pad satoha 9 and handes isso g ne vethplh. it ry t feua9, anray at walys ld a spe pce lehawe l oy intowod. eliza was rnkemed atru29 leayanxtt s ld spplup tedlo in e babyzakeat:50 am htwo de
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28urer hbrhuh at 100 theyeterne itasbre ou o00thinit d engoput in room, d, 58he on s te y. >> [ uger] is lea toy s ele ba. > ki mursee abfe mis o. thjudge juntend ch lango rin t poy of her oy quee an lis wor tt onurtran wioi a lire int inowhe lar wstill ahis oe wrmily hel fami. up, a what's nchan a hi so a one wmer ster
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isht r eaato saabt opin tsiti le>> ge, shord - flop these are thhigh 72
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chnel,thimwith t peop i'rianrader, wrals. questis ab findr wethg oen ch omto e counitand our mmitment tothat yoveelr 60 yearthsa ch samti, pero nice. ci timay >>tifuda ic we talke deg well, nbc ha d . weidbe. s nethe ek stills but whth70 a astesp cld ain mo. li a onth rives toowhtea dny in l a a goeweshou ly a 72oncein
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owertomorrow night inedayorburyefly. hrofseea wne. anotroof s ur intidndli wedsd moin thekd s and st enondae , onday ldsee y ca ta tow c ownstomorrowou ert ok tld t apch. of s partly clieth frt . at e rpt,de the r is reti dry wiwi west15re onmt o y ousof the were airt d repidlfireng atiolodesttetot th rot. 71thairpt, 71 wral, h s, 72ur
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erwarm ather. ke a ok at e tellite dapicte. all loet goo plenty of sunshine we ouou see two fron. the first will arrivon our doorstep, tperature chan the second is across the plains, will have great impact. inact hes a threat for severe weather across parts of thplains, thsystem will move south and east tomorrow. here's the threat for tonight, damaging wind, lar hail, evk. yocan re t hathat severe at edhe sct th wilof th. we're talkat raingloacss teese, abama misipprks an si at is thhit we will see sy. wheru e lit shaded grn, thathnepublic omategere could be st t lithesw be oig tue intesy thisn the po il gi imthe strenoather , ahafotocoast we
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-obue wi abatw much wou 7:ce ld. eaieerws in 40s.cler what weke tmorng, rount. k isuireinthrning t itly by 8: sth light wind torrowonall wen d r hos off enough shav shine,ro uttend brig wente low to d ghfayettev ov mayat, stl not weesri cncn in tinthe afoo pary bity hin morn nhitethhe i ch f ind in thernn,dny,
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ilg,y rdersund sunsnet ke th thank u >>ah aawted win foar. hat dungs ceptcew
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clohword! ca ha your auaph?of c now't fornew h-off ckets om tth ca atioery outfirsesdays you!
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ooohdate meeck cendaalt, say first t! t tu firstuday,sday,t-t-t-tu tuesday!
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itif y we. time now for a look at what's trending. last night, the academy awards, a lot of people were talking about leonardo dicaprio finally winning an oscar for his role in "the revenant" but he used much of his time to spotlight the issue of global warming, something near and dear to his heart. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> he also said climate change is real and is happening right now and is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. we need to work together to stop procrastinating. he has been nominated six times. this being his first win. it shows you how important this issue is to him. his first win and he devotes much, if not most of the time
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change. >> it was very heartfelt. it was not long and drawn out. he made his point, it was heartfelt, and it was good. it was good to see him up there and he looked nice, too. >> [ laughter ] >> and then there's that. at this, in san francisco, steve jobs has a reputation for a lot of parking tickets. yes, and, yeah. well, apparently he overpaid. i don't know quite how that happens. >> he has an account? >> i don't know. but, the transportation agency owes him $176 in overpaid parking tickets. and if that is not claimed, i guess it goes back into the agency's operating budget. but, it's kind of funny. the late apple founder, is owed almost $200 in parking tickets. >> i'm sure it's okay if it stays. >> yeah, keep it. >> you are both carpeting since you are going to love this new story.
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take a look at this, this is a $2.6 billion, i'm not going to call it a car, because if you call it a car, it's just, i don't know, a machine. >> that is a jet fighter on wheels. yes, this w16 is like to v-8 engines intertwined, produces 1180 pound feet of torque, 0 to 62 in 2.5 seconds. limited top speed of 261 miles per hour, and the speedometer goes up, but they limited the speed. it left off the ground at -- get this, 747 slips off the ground at 180 miles per hour. and, it's covered in gemstone. there is a german auto system, the exterior is fashioned from carbon fiber. that is spectacular. that's the starting price, the base model, $2.6 million. >> think about how quickly you could get back and forth from the grocery store. >> mother's day is coming up. >> [ laughter ] >> good luck with that. >> 261 miles per hour.
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>> [ laughter ] >> we'll have links to the stores on facebook. let us know if you think there's a topic we should include in what's trending.
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still to come, a in the past 20 minutes, raleigh police chief held a
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involved shooting at bragg and e streets. >> wral's arielle clay is there life in joins us more with what she had to say. >> reporter:'s the chief did not take any questions today in a short press conference she held here in downtown raleigh. she did, though, give a few new details about that officer cassandra deck-brown says an officer started a pursuit on a suspect wanted on felony drug charges near the intersection of bragg and east streets. during that chase, the officer shot and killed a man. neither of their names have been released at this time. the chief went on to say that weon was found at the scene. >> actually, it is known that a firearm was located within close proximity to the deceased suspect. that weapon, along with all other elements, available at the scene, will be processed.
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the chief was set to make a presentation here to city council at a budget meeting. she had to leave that meeting earlier, that presentation was going to be on body cameras. she had to leave the meeting because of this officer involved shooting. the mayor said that she didn't realize there was some irony in all of this. deck-brown says that she is set to release a written report to the city manager's office on today's shooting in the next five working days. back to you. closely. arielle clay live in raleigh, thank you. officer involved shootings are relatively rare with the raleigh police department. ahead at 5:00 we look at the last officer involved shooting and circumstances involved. let's get back to the guilty verdict of chris lawing in the murder of a shaw university student. amanda lamb has been following the case and joins us now with the verdict. >> reporter: the latest is just a few minutes ago, chris lawing was sentenced to life in prison, the mandatory sentence
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and, when he was sentenced, they said, "do you have anything to say?" he stood up and said, "i didn't do this." you could hear a pin drop in that courtroom when he said that. now, he had no reaction, no visible reaction when they were at the guilty verdict a little while before that. emily and friends of the victim, lacoy mcqueen, were very emotional, however in the court room. they say they have been waiting for this for 20 years. >> lacoy was my friend, she was my best friend, and her life matters. and her death, her murder, changed my whole life. >> reporter: now, just a few minutes ago in the hallway i got a chance to speak with john montgomery, he is the only sibling of lacoy mcqueen and he has been here for the entire trial.
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after this verdict was read, but he did say it's a victory not only for all of the loved ones, but for lacoy mcqueen herself. he said finally, it's unfortunate that the actions of one person can affect so many people. so, a lot of emotions here today as this verdict was read after so many years. back to you. >> amanda lamb live at the wake county justice center. thank you. more emotion in a nashville courtroom as the jury heard from a man convicted of stalking sportscaster erin andrews and secretly making a video of her nude inside her hotel room. jay gray has the latest >> reporter: erin andrews walked out of the courtroom this morning leaving just before the courtroom was shown these videotaped depositions. >> your plan was to videotape
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>> reporter: that is michael david barrett, the man convicted of stalking the sportscaster in three cities, altering peepholes in her hotel rooms and secretly recording nude videos. >> why did you decide to do it? >> great question. >> i would like to hear the answer. >> i was in a financial bind, a huge mistake of judgment. >> reporter: you spend 30 months in jail after admitting to that mistake. now, andrews is seeking $75 million in a lawsuit that name spirit along with the nashville hotel and a management company at the time of the incident, claiming negligence, emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. attorneys for the national marriott say they were duped as well. >> he deceived, he connived, he stopped. that's what mr. barrett did. >> reporter: they claim to manipulate the reservation system to get through next door to andrews which allowed him to make the videotape. jay gray, nbc news. >> erin andrews is expected to testify this week. what could affect how sharp you are.
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rain on it's a trick that hackers use to invade your computer. 5 on your side's monica laliberte is here with a misleading pop-up at that too many people are falling for, it continues to happen. >> it does and is guided serious. it involves a new type of pop- up catching people offguard. it's an official looking warning that your computer has a virus and directs you to call a number for a fix. as a popular anchor with our
4:45 pm
is easy to fall for. >> reporter: you are surfing the web and out of nowhere, this warning pops up, saying your system is infected. for private and financial data is at risk. number. if you do, though, you will open yourself to trouble. it happened to "today show" anchor, natalie morales. >> i just open the door and let somebody into my computer. >> reporter: she explained to nbc investigative reporters what happened when she called the number. >> they told me they were a reputable company, that they work with apple and microsoft. so they immediately asked for access to my computer. through lock me in 1 to 3. >> please tell me you did not do that. >> i know i should not have done that. i let them in. i did it, jeff. i know! >> reporter: jeff can't believe she did it. neither can i, except that in
4:46 pm
people make that call. with natalie, once they got into her computer, they scanned her hard drive and told her she had a virus that they could fix for $400. >> it was sort of like the lightbulb went off because i knew at that point what they were offering was not true. >> it does not matter whether you are smart, dumb, old or young. it's one of those things where when you are caught off guard you'll fall for it. >> reporter: security expert, jim stickley, says especially since the advertisements look like they are from your computer. >> it looks like a warning but is not real. it is a picture telling you that there's something wrong with your computer but there is not. >> reporter: i have learned a good lesson. >> hopefully we all have on behalf of her. right now, the suppose it technician can be persistent or matter how official they sound. apple and microsoft both say they are not affiliated with the companies who create the pop-up ads. the best advice, if you get one
4:47 pm
escape. >> it is so easy to do because you're right, you are caught offguard and don't have time to think about it. >> right. then when you let them in and they tell you've got this stuff going on you start thinking, it has been really slow. escape. >> good to know, thank you. >> somebody is always trying to take advantage of somebody else. >> there are so many scams, i have become such a cynic. i don't believe anything. like, when the u.s. treasury department calls my phone and says you better call back immediately or you will be in trouble. delete. >> if it is that important, they will call back. >> or send the police. the worry free weather over the weekend today and tomorrow, but things change tomorrow night. we'll check that out. first let's head over to spain. a fireball was caught on camera in the spanish skies over csrdoba. this is from an observatory shown the fireball in the southern city of csrdoba. the fireball was actually produced by a fragment of a comet and ascended into the atmosphere as it was heated, it exploded anticipated but left a spectacular scene in the
4:48 pm
pretty cool stuff. and it's rare that these are caught on video like that. at least that well. let's look at the forecast and see what we've got going on. temperatures across the state, you have been outside, you know what i'm talking about. 72 is the warmest i've seen at the airport. when i'll be surprised if we reach 73. 74 fayetteville, 56 in boone, it's cooler but well above where they should be this time of year. a marine influence in the upper 60s in wilmington, hatteras, 61 there. we have gusty wind this afternoon, not quite as bad as we were talking about last week. the latest wind gust that rdu, 22, 24 fayetteville. they will drop off quickly when the sun starts to set. expect light wind in the area through the evening. here's the big picture. the big storm we are watching his across the northern plains, it's the next bit of energy in the upper atmosphere that will move down in the south and east. anywhere under this part of the jet stream is warm, north, rather cold. the big picture, snow falling
4:49 pm
getting into iowa. this is the storm system i showed you last half hour that will descend to the south and east and bring big storms across parts of the planes and mid-mississippi valley with the potential for them to be severe. but for us, the way the system will arrive tomorrow night and early wednesday morning, not preclude severe weather, just a chance for showers and isolated thunderstorm. there is the warmth ahead of the front foot across it, it's 14 in south dakota, 72 wichita, 75 dallas. we will enjoy another warm day and then cooler weather moves in for the day wednesday. let's check out futurecast for the next 64 hours. overnight tonight, pretty good. clear skies. tomorrow morning we wake up to mostly sunny skies but by the end of the day, there's lunchtime, we see clouds rolling in. by the end of the day, probably to mostly cloudy. there is the next front with showers and thunderstorms. by 9:00, it's over our doorstep. while we are sleeping, there's wednesday morning and is the maybe an isolated sauget 5:00
4:50 pm
by and by the time we head out for the morning commute the range of be gone. wednesday looks good. rainy and core with highs in the 50s. there's an exorcism coming down the pike that will grow by thursday night into friday morning bringing a small chance of rain. let's look at how much could happen in the next five days, quarters of an inch. in the east coast there could be greater coverage of rain, maybe an inch or more and lesser amounts to the south. not going to be a big rain producer but there are two opportunities for rain and most of it should fall overnight into wednesday morning at overnight thursday into friday morning. 57 this evening, 42, the low overnight. not all that cool. 46 by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. check out the 7-day forecast. another warm day tomorrow, 72. that is the warmest over the next seven days. chance for rain tomorrow night into wednesday morning. most of the day will be dry, likewise thursday. friday, chance of rain and the all-important weekend looking as great as the last one. 50s on a saturday, 60s on sunday.
4:51 pm
>> i think winter is over. >> looks that way, doesn't it? still ahead, and incredible tragedy turned to hope for g es. y cal won is prscrsps ihe
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ctions to meet a camas of fird in e lirype of at engi>>nd o w asau s kel, nt tot when he turns frpaie a look ward- prre no wl. in a few >> t haseear yes nce louise cantrell lost her husband and two daughters in a house fire in hope mis. now she is to tuorth lahips al'slbba joins ve fe ol 's love to to ep i iide therndcecade yocae ncbeme he,soardo stdo. wo iswha and abeltookdance l. r of fwe salla thas tbejuutevy
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lis, to don e ste incoste in onchriwd unfortunfoo youn gihe ds tricalho on rc6, 12 when th repped in a buing us eird cantrell we io ho se themll the w theitheras er a ing anfo tt faby pr sc r unrls who havedrm he st >>y nc did not erifwe in a sywhe. hewasic playg, there ir e mo approprie tommorthem, and everme ahop is given o hnalia an isabella cantrel eiryoes oneis e sp. >>eps glarsback 201 thas years
4:57 pm
s tt s rsncth that she tulyaid ughter's nameoupuic the ti iso ti kepy, hedeal loveon. soe s g out taof rs ngp 5:,we nssome of t scholapsanatto hp your w g in wa tc.gilbt mis,hank. >>er talk quklwithn atrn? frid opportity. will be re to lph attornwe ring with st bae da er. torns withxper ialll vunte 7m. to 7 fr toweyour whetr itiv i th youlandlord, nant, prle bt twi a . ve
4:58 pm wrs in catoscueofa opit fintoll forcupane cationl b the ll sa. usenarcea medical am mawasafe anensed back in wi> ssian re armi vidf r ayg th her cub. tmobe ge bedfew nt hind scenes w cs stng enot view. r ars rarely ve rt c anden the thsmd weak d babyav imtoget st> a ra t r er in new york . >> 10 people skil66
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ruercrossed e fishd an amazg vie man ske d a mel, e even t million f mple leesd orve sce ta s it >> g athard eithe s dpretty >>has joing t we wilbe bacat5:utneti now. > n e nearly r e a hu mas at then dean. >>crtree. otidenfythe oe ofcein >>n e toe deasthat onthal elents avbl
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whshootihaened da h ofdoow leigne the teectistd utheast stre. we hte connin withloaneithholive thatarn? st d awe crime tae e jut ti ilople out.anger a ot ion. ke mo it her who washy police>>t d doto toch atid do to yr ma. was ck who son waotanllbypolice shtell there t fohis lano


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