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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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vidu whs sh. howeveth digun found inloseimitthe body i did speak to one witness who didn't want be identified toy. the was approached by lice and he took off running. theyumd overone fence and another fence and then it tu deadly. >> then when they got to the y mped e ta but hejuover f shhis gud shotand terwhok la r o died akeel nkwith ngst s in wa couy ale udugsseson a uland resisting
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>>hith li he cugea obatioatan posson ofs. ueour am ceragtonight ani kn yta tse ascene many of them very emotional about this. >> deborah it runs the i cannot meanit from nyadness, disappointment to frustration. certainly there's a great deal of anger here over riding almost all of that though as i discovered over the past few hours is confusion and a desperate hope for answers. today? >> heart ache, anger and prayers for justice collide after a police involved shooting in south raleigh. witnesses say 24-year-old akeel denkins was running from police when a raleigh officer shot and killed him. >> people are angry frustrated
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lot of the guys around here again same thing that you probably heard before. why call the cops if they want to come down and instead of protect and serve, kill. >> my son didn't have a gun. he wasn't threatening the officer. he was running away from the officer. >> his mother stood outside the police tape surrounded by relatives and friends. officers expressed condolen yens for the lost of the son. >> they won't let me identify them. i gave them the description of his tattoos. >> the investigation will take time but the anger is already flowing here fast and furious. anger pastor chris jones is trying to control but even he finds himself disheartened. >> it's going to damage the relationship. even i got a fear in me because of my color. now i got a fear when before i had a great relationship with officers. >> what i emphasize raleigh
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was a gun recovered in close improvement to that young man. processing and she says that there llbe more answers for within the next five days. an emotional time here to be sure. deborah? >> thank you catherine. the last officer involved shooting with raleigh police was more than a year ago. in december 2014 officers shot marcel jordan when he advanced at them with scissors. charges were filed against the officer. a guilty verdict in a 20- year-old raleigh murder case after less than two hours of jury deliberations they convicted chris loin of killing mcqueen back in 1996. wral's amanda lamb live from the wake county justice center amanda? >> david just a little while ago he was sentenced by the
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as you said this jury deliberated about an hour and a half before returning that guilty verdict. they found chris line guilty of murdering his pregnant girlfriend back in 1996 and dumping her body in rural vance county. before he was sentenced the judge asked if he had anything to say to the court. >> mr. loin, sir, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to but if you would like to this would be the chance to do it. >> yes, sir. i just wish to say i did not do this, sir. that's all i can say. >> this was an emotional day as you can imagine for family and friends in the courtroom who had been waiting for this verdict for 20 years.
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just relief. so much relief. it's 20 years later so now she can rest and he can go to prison. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll hear more from the family and friends about what they think about what chris loin said in the courtroom during his sentencing. david? >> amanda lamb reporting live from the wake county justice center. thank you. police know what motivated a high school shooting that injured four yet they are not ready to release that motivation to the public. the shots were fired inside the cafeteria in madison township. two students shot two others hurt trying to escape. okay. police did take a 14-year-old at the scene. a fiery crash with a dump truck sent one person to the hospital. a dump truck was engulfed if flames. two other cars damaged were nearby.
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investigating but have not said what caused this crash. traffic on i-95 came to a stop after a crash involving a camper a pick up truck pulling it rear ended an suv. traffic was detoured while officers investigated and cleaned up debris. some of those involved were hurt but the severity of their injuries was unclear. making repairs to a utility pole hit in an overnight crash on north new hope road near daily. an suv crashed into a yard. no one was seriously hurt. a cherry point marine and another man are facing animal cruelty charges after police found five dead or dying puppies in a locked shed at their home. they were in court today formally charged. police say their arrests are the result of an anonymous tip about possible animal neglect. in court today the judge said if convicted the maximum
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both were released on a bond of $25,000. the war of words between the republican presidential candidates continued as voters in 12 states prepare for super tuesday. donald trump is taking it from all sides. during a live interview yesterday he did not denounce public support of a former kkk leader. while talking with matt lauer on the today show said he did not hear or understand the question because of a bad ear piece. marco rubio supporters chanted dump trump. several protestors were ejected from donald trump's campaign rally in virginia. he was repeatedly interrupted and stalled for several minutes as the protestors chanted all lives matter and were escorted out. hilary clinton is focusing on
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than her democratic challenger. she made campaign stops in boston and virginia. super tuesday could make or break presidential campaigns on both sides of the aisle. a new cnn poll shows trump and hilary clinton in the lead trump the support of half of republican voters and clinton leads bernie sanders 55 to 38%. count on wral and nbc news to provide coverage throughout the day and as results come in. on wall street today all of the majors were down. the dow slipped 123, the nasdaq down 33 and s&p down almost 16. a navy seal who risked his life to save an american hostage received the medal of honor today at the white house. the president awarded the highest military honor to
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he helped rescue an american from the taliban from afghanistan in 2012 and cost a friend of his life. the navy received this high honor for the fourth time. a local high school student is on track to make history. >> i was already interested in the military since i was younger and this opportunity came up and i took it. >> coming up meet this young woman and see how she's turning a childhood dream into reality and writing history while she does it. and it's almost over. a year long journey in space is coming to an end when astronaut- -what astronaut scott kelly will do upon his return to earth. and a shortage in school nurses. what's being done so schools can address medical needs of students. >> temperatures took a nice leap today. however by the end of the week temperatures will feel much different than they do now.
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