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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 1, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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"yeah? well, so is 'ncis,'" yelled jeb bush. [ laughter ] "there's a lot of stuff happening on tuesday!" [ laughter ] according to the new cnn national poll, donald trump has increased his lead among the republican field and is now up to 49% support. but remember, it's a cnn poll so 49% is also the margin of error. [ laughter ] donald trump recently said that backstage at the debates it looks like marco rubio applies his make up with a trowel which is surprising critique from a man who applies his makeup by standing outside the cheetos factory and waiting for an explosion. [ laughter and applause ] when asked this weekend why he retweeted a quote by fascist dictator benito mussolini, donald trump told reporters, "i want to be associated with interesting quotes." which i gotta say, is a pretty
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[ laughter ] donald this morning also tweeted a quote that he falsely attributed to mahatma gandhi, and here it is. [ laughter ] >> seth: come on, there's no way. he should know better. [ laughter ] producers have announced the upcoming "star wars" sequel will probably contain gay characters. excuse me for a second. [ sneeze ] c-3po. [ laughter ] that's right, the upcoming "star wars" sequels will probably contain gay characters. said yoda, "experiment in college, i did." [ laughter ] and finally, according to a new study, less than half of young men heard of emergency contraception like the morning after pill. they would have heard of the morning after pill, but they were long gone by then. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is the hardest working man in show business.
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"today show," and "last call," carson daly is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] she is a fantastically talented actress, a very funny person, she's one of the stars of fox's "the last man on earth, kristen schaal is back on "late night" tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from the wonderful band, nada surf. so it's a great show. [ cheers and applause ] i'm looking forward to getting it started. but before we get to all of that, donald trump is poised to win big on super tuesday tomorrow, and he got a big boost friday when new jersey governor chris christie endorsed him. but he's also come under fire for declining to disavow the support of white supremacists. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: with polls showing trump well ahead in most of tomorrow's primaries, it's now or never for his opponents, specifically marco rubio, to take a stand. but instead of attacking trump on substance, rubio tried to beat trump at his own game.
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of snaps ever played. [ laughter ] >> he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting. >> i go back and i see him with makeup, and it's like he's putting on with a trowel. >> trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> he has really large ears, the biggest ears i've ever seen. >> he's taller than me, he's like 6'2", which is why i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who's 5'2." have you seen his hands? [ laughter ] they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands -- [ audience ohs ] you can't trust them. [ laughter ] >> seth: when you make a dick joke on the campaign trail -- you're the dick. [ laughter and applause ] also, remember when trump insulted john mccain's war record and it seemed like the worst thing a candidate could possibly say? what's happening now makes that seem like a soft burn from the dowager countess. [ laughter ]
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essentially become a schoolyard fight. and that may explain why the original schoolyard bully decided last week to wade in, chris christie. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world than donald trump. >> seth: we make a lot of fun of new jersey as being state of air pollution and weird smells but the reality is it also supports a vibrant farming industry. and, it is there, in that farm setting that you can best find the words to describe chris christie's endorsement of donald trump -- chicken-[ bleep ]. [ laughter ] because it is hard to find an act of political opportunism and self-interest as brazen as this one. because these are actual things chris christie said about trump before. >> i just don't think he's suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think his temperament is suited for that, and i don't think his experience is. what you need is a president who's had the experience and the know how to do this and not someone who's just gonna talk off the top of their head. i just don't believe that the skills that your talking about that donald has -- >> okay. >> -- are transferable to a
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don't. these times and these challenges demand a grownup. we are not electing an entertainer-in-chief. >> seth: that's right, "we're not electing an entertainer-in-chief." which is why chris christie endorsed the guy who just did this. >> it's rubio! [ cheers ] that's what it is. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's like he's playing a game of a-hole charades. [ laughter ] now, many republicans were shocked that christie chose to establishment candidate like rubio. but it turns out christie had a reason for not backing rubio. according to the yo ft st m stie's support t de the mas stie that hota brur serve." wiskeau st, 53 tsa eey ctfud ontig why 44eain s tu
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i an, d v hter ]a. a. ru er ri kd vediesctike that u t an t, ica rallin tex o . >> ithe an hom >>ot i >> it'erre. you hom eto me. ughter omyoep she box. ug a buri wasn't th rsre darmer granzard oth ao vouppo t.modablic ficeldnsou ort frorle oy [ laht tsked , gvaveaner u unuivoca nd dand vototsuthis election?el su unrsnd
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wasn oy ngump said bee alyfray also ps w li orsamenent freem ofhess pe wswheny it y nend h d fae cl c s winof ske tsmoadew nepa'tavmo [ ht inraoshack o am la ameca eaain bye ama grthe rst plhe consti w mias "wohe alo at well per an how t tmp has pra ottuicrsho alsotem of speechr co a y so ng vdi yo cled a ro er. is ng leade meulke caleader ad ddin kd te w kil ere we
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and right w all saeo everywhere sayis - havhait wese thereep ] on moblee [ chee a] >>etfen. fl yo this hn clor eersnd ala] >>eth: youuyerexci r apayic eshas gyou moreyour ow o turth more "lt" sed b blue cash ydby am e vepyhawee exthaweon have tgoci asan kw ght.adaxryoa up ody "mama f ad eend a six acds ias feri busoitrsetride cai,n'know isi was moe. th mscen t la ] ias b
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wasnn gu adithe di s, e reon eyutt was mad gh. [ hter t id sd ushe c nkougeorge mille foth cnem "mad max leke a [ ch >>gog ?up oes to >> gas town! >> bedor ch , he h m rroue e p e br? no ape iptot ick , wl ?
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eth:eeitlly. d,beg hone reonsie ever g gine, eet e ca oot ug ] t'mp. e gos >>h: and wt doe wae ee weriveo gatown >> gase! >>wou ys i ani get e l. >>inhi wng cool ughter ] >>h: is i'm tbo a rfampl does tr o ? i ancome on,em t ne'do wri >>etell, i knew yo were [ ht >> iot goio rtan'srd pa>>at i'm hpyha out arnt gh ]>>'rwors
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but do we have tint bo w e sgle rning? >> it is aritean joe. who abth sun! >> he is the one who grabbed the sun! >> seth: i heard it when he said it. [ laughter ] and in general, i ink could chant like, % less, okay? n'sued up? ish rwie, eternaonhw vala! >>e veo see imrt. it'sust ats r boy is ngs hhi shoulde do. >> wedasole! etes. isr rd agai laug ] >>h: fstffitot wioa ain knowhat. gu, ca g a
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we w se th gaonof gas okay. t'urthat. yon the fud ridi yourbod. eth: wind glider. >> a gg buzrds bush yo you they hoonsz ws >>h: i h ici wiarness a toet ndthey rit eirshacored es >> you katca evyba whaar cle change. >> last yeere call al hen't y die it'a my sh: it's se guin] >> t scices yo s yanl all you nt's pem all e birdare [ in] >>ilence! height going too w d. h:y? >> y g mechani to p wh tarrk withhes and the war h: you sur >>alyo, it time for someth heanit you an ? just off the top of hd 're it bng et m of
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wt do of a cyraeth: i thad grea le lo seth:es lupaeeled andedor h:ed forra! yes set oh, mgod. u , ve bwritg me f yrs ani t u read th py and touch to see he messa igeg >> n n i'mea tm. i'm s sittimy chair,our memos ou lo. is t rdi them, o. id ea love yoemthe co. >> s you'r]wh me ?[ laug ng ] so si so sic
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wlls y re isbl rial o valhalla h:ope si of your feurt y. [ oowar out. [ hter >>h: whota wind in ame. se nnlaig wi seth yes sore thblueeray erxpre e haveyou mo anh ck seice d f [ appus
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thas pi wasn't d enou. odgivet f 8g nd or e. chee app so happy to have the , so h bauit a wk rumsm leocba las", pacarns re [ rs ala] nk you for havinme s you sor inres ektr[ plse gu, firs is o peletelesihe h od"las witharson ly "toiwhfos season on nbc. se welco bw r ie [ chrs ae >>et how are y>> patckesyoguhees >> s reood nigh ery t b basti met youry tha >>etatulat you mri thiye okea. tea. mried se year have >> seth:
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night. s just off infobay reaso >> as ngs humay y[ laug and a gooween u diit iinca f . >>h: wow. la est t s, pris o m - ourentea h before j--be, re a fwe wju whalit fou. eyit at in. ofoue, fhedecather"waru gonna gerr nna ha anen spp t ea. anthpened , wasniyou kn r to in two ys anit was. sh:anst. andt from em. rely - weay grce. s nderful.lauger igreenit >> shat is a bif nte. commd it. sh:must be , ct y guye miu have tid ndprt ver feelings hurt th wen vi because w beg. linou'r
12:57 am
>>eaohgotc, so-- have. >>hereiends. et >>-- spse a o- times how evany u have >>h:hagoodi' pedo he au wavinone li s erou'vwaedke, unndr atev. u can shll nuave a he'ason an ileyo si o ing ider n ally, kiweel t-- itett it on ing wn theoad a le. ty'll getage they wilapprec jksonld n isle with th ringey reay gop of u knand the whol id ito stage as lo ouan. tos y anagt'a ult sk. >> setes >>th kw at- this is on. yokni ath"tod itrati pt lo tweets wh viofodayho y, "whyn'you? siris soodho ashod ger. 's aookingrespnt >> so e and pe d bet yo y
12:58 am
'dhecker i thcommal they'lbey t u atom g, you areivin si er ]d >>oue.yowe i l sin. h: b ts t. >>'leet emk ll.[ ught s s-- talths teh o y setredi b is it ue the fth v ai ror tere'a r, that li cay hirue. it goes arta frs.n' wgo. isie toet it trah dy itley cu >>h:uljust wal toanmaybe be luckhae vo he? equeom crchaito at se evenr a ph.>>eto ody'go sat, get th"voir thei hters ah ys! [ er
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on lower t m.s r yea. >>h: is ce >> but kw sobody y ne o r h: i wouldone. e the bi y et ipu tha ught ethesht rnaror'll turoi want to- keep ty? laughte >>h: you sd the chai mang. 's [ apse ] wi youe herooi"wth ound [ laer th'sotn a tu. sethi you sco se setou do "t vin wgoa stl! seth: if blgey by arbr esla ed my g back, ite toa ha i er if it spdath
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>> youbye keha amoh. >>eth:e uld owe way hr. "o m cit. >>owthwen ba wou hliink ir too us s'tw it's kd esti nchr you. fou oy, no chr fun show cat evit'sn . >>eah. yo l.aute >>. gh t you obviouy u and y: hayo ve poiy in's house this rue. >> setka inaree ying thi "li la vi letka >>his s in the mid-0s s ts hat? hoit oy tc >> to mehis is, menudo ricky. he was in menudo. >> set this was li -- this was somebody who's house you could rd to stay in. >> oh, i couldn't afford, "livin' la vida --" no, i could afford to leasor to rent menudo, ricky's house. i moved to l.a. with aunch of 's wkit distn.l ry
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x stioi'm san fransc down sos d a nch us in anlefaus klang na'mla a at the ie nd ge av.r ini'g to be ytng eab i'oh, ea tousely he a bmw. hdi hean. h y. but this wd s y ou. h: d you di no caouldet bunds ail pa comeho on mradishn roi d ad all of l --e called medo. iead l riy' or.>>eth:owomeo's matho be ill. >> enough [ di think aboutt. hi at. i eme hby et yh, mean i woul
1:02 am
at a >>ut eed hi oeatat d li 'e ugs beme --yoleup. s ta tnkn y yoll never rei ricwas in even p la. e laocbo mare s ie here ene thr rfantt h eth: i guesss trut sthinfan ma prablynyre >> iwas all. >>h: yeah, tto umee ber yti theri ul issegain o. >>eau uld acinhe ga? >>o,hame >> oh at sho ca de mo. >>et yea he thin wellnougr get tt hoe ain. tou. thyo set and yo ch for bethe show ngtun ever >> tnk eth: carn e e teh f hece" aiand esdani on n u casoing ay" callte "
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[ piwhines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. wh [loud ki and dog jijohn's
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back too "late night," everybody! our next guest tonight played obsessive fan, mel in "flight of the conchords," and voices evil genius grade schooler, louise, in "bob's burgers." starting sunday, you can see her in new episodes of the very funny fox series, "the last man on earth." let's take a look. >> wait, carol, carol. this is going to be hard to hear. >> then i'll move in closer. >> todd and gail are boning. >> cheese and rice! >> todd didn't do anything wrong. he and melissa had already broken up. >> i have to tell melissa. >> carol, you can't. todd swore me to secrecy. >> melissa's my best friend, and she's getting boned against. >> and i'm your husband. okay, so promise me you won't say anything. >> okay, i promise. >> let me see those hands. >> good catch. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, kristen schaal!
1:08 am
>> seth: so nice to see you. you look lovely today. >> oh, thank you! i'm wearing an exclusive piece of jewelry. the maker's name's alice. she's my niece, and she gets all of her beads exclusively from her grandma. >> seth: oh, wow! [ laughter ] how old is alice? >> 4 1/2. >> seth: wow! >> yeah, she's a genius. >> seth: to get a necklace made by a 4-year-old is, i think, a violation of some labor laws. [ laughter ] >> maybe we'll edit this part out. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, there you go. so, i want to -- i talked a little bit to jason sudeikis about this, but i want to talk about forte, your co-star, will forte. >> oh, he says "hi," by the way. >> seth: oh, thank you. >> which i thought was strange because i thought maybe you guys had each other's phone numbers or something. like, "why do i have to relay the hello?" [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, like you and i
1:09 am
housekeeping. >> yeah, he said it, like, three times. i was on the phone with him the other day. i'm like, "i'm going to do seth." he was like, "oh, tell seth, 'hi.' please tell him, 'hi.'" i'm li, "tell him yourself?" [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> right? but he says, "hi." >> seth: i hate myself in advance. please tell him, "hello" back. [ lauger ] >> you got it. >> seth: all right, thank you. uh, is is rte's look. this is forte's look at a party. recently, he shaved half of his head. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you work with him enough, because i know how obsessive forte can be. did he shave just the head half? or is it full body half hair? >> i believe he committed. >> seth: fully? >> seth: yeah, he's full on commitment. >> i know shave shaved because he shaved his eyebrow. i watcd him shave his arm and leg. and then, according to the make up department, he took the electric razor, pulled open his boxers, and just went for it. >> seth: wow! [ laughter ] >> because he had to ask for a new razor. and they're like, "you just bought one." and she was like, "its got forte's pubes it." [ laughter ] and they're like, "all right. that's fair."
1:10 am
again. i don't think it's usable. this -- i remember, because i'd known you before. >> you've known me. >> seth: i've know you for a long time. and so the first episode of "mad men," i remember saying, "oh, my god. that's kristen schaal." but you were only in the first episode of "mad men." >> yes. >> seth: here's a shot of you. obviously, you know, one of the great shows of our generation, and you played a switch board operator. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: what was "mad men" experience? >> well, that's flo. >> flo from the progressive ads? >> yeah, that's stephanie courtney. >> seth: that's crazy. >> yeah, i know. >> seth: that i missed. >> little did we know that we were going to go off up and out of there. [ laughter ] she was going to make multi-millions and i was going to try. [ laughter ] >> seth: i think it's safe to say you guys did better than any actual switch board operator from the era. >> i think that might be safe to say, you know? i mean, what is happiness? like, maybe some of them found love. but did they find, like the new heights of a career? >> seth: probably not. no fault of their own. >> yeah. >> seth: the feeling imposed on
1:11 am
[ laughter ] what was your "mad men" experience like? did you have a good time? >> i had a great time. i mean, they dress you up in, like, you know, from the underwear out. so the bra was, like, all cone-shaped and pointy. they really got into it. and they gave you the cigarettes to smoke. i've never smoked before, so i was just, like, puffing away, just, like, showing off, you know, like, switching and puffing and switching and and matthew weiner came up, and he was like, "cut!" he comes from behind the camera. so he just, like, gets down, kneels right in my face and he's like, "you don't smoke, do you?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "what do you mean?" [ laughter ] he's like, "why don't you just leave yours in the ashtray? all right, let's go again." i guess you inhale, and you're not constantly making smoke and just, like, going nuts with it. is that right? >> seth: you were cartoon smoking? >> i was. [ laughter ] i was forcing smoking. >> seth: that's allowed. it seems weird.
1:12 am
>> seth: to be fair, at least you -- at the time, it was only the first episode. you didn't know how specific and the, like, sort of attention to detail the show would have. >> right. >> seth: you might thought, like, "'mad men,' this is a show about crazy people." >> i didn't know what it was! >> seth: yeah, you can't be blamed. who knew what that was? it was like, amc. amc had done nothing but showing reruns. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> you know? we were like, "okay." it was, like, shot in a weird building on madison. we were like, "okay." >> seth: when he came over and said, "don't smoke," like that, you should have said, "i don't think this is going to be on tv." [ laughter ] >> i mean, i did it, and it took a year before it did get on tv "the sopranos" or whatever. [ laughter ] yeah. >> seth: um, well, thank you so it's always a pleasure to see you. [ laughter ] >> is that it? >> seth: that's it. [ laughter ] well, actually, no. >> well, i don't think so. >> seth: you know what? will you stick around? >> i think i will. >> seth: all right, stick around. >> you always try to screw me up. >> seth: we'll be back with kristen schaal.
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power to your mouth also try listerine floss. advanchno s moque. >> sco , eryby! i'reistescha.>>eaey, th et eyi hearntioned t itasp y.eth: yes >> eedt, d i ve leap da >> seto? ecau ione y out ofeawon caasmen mrym, iean, wheit's, liweet oh, didn't a ap da
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owlims a in tudnc y wod ma h,e.[ cheers hank set and alause ] [ laer frheen ses ag jnew i ntedou thepiest man in wiou m waberewer --ht ]nk you s ert x. la ] knowll t p aidtoide,
1:19 am
ught ] at all oth d i sothe's one le. th you ng [ 's toosona ka oka >>, wi y me? >>es >> aaa eerspplaus y! [ ndppla >>i. i. um -- can i hyo- ]i t nt y to inthat yond ce.>> ugernd applaus bause a my fit cet ch er kato into m. e want yo in ught ] are loed >>h. y the? gh but stooo
1:20 am
hter n gure iout, a t? this. you got this. y. >> oka yuth an "ah" wanto lookthro. [ laht ] , ye. ou mighte long mica othat the. [ ht n'ca thsinend >> wu marry ? >>co. y ee and appusoh god. 's pl ] go [ laughter ] he >>ere go. a b
1:21 am
a b it. hter onrful. ha you th iredient isove. er ] and the seetent is a [ e mit be a rg th l coup [ y >>uroreerslaus] god!any husb ah ht ey. >>on wtose ylaughter bui want to opose the xt [ laug t i'm li kin le insidsoyohelpe ou>> >>hat
1:22 am
ug ]lko hirm [ ht a hua. [ >>ha>>re'soulsor gu uger he's yhote yo gun lauger i'to sa hts timfort e you'ef. s e r dese? realeee. laught ] >> ill d t [ la>> okay,think ikes ? eask him if 'lmarr me t yo me re get t ouight.laugry ilyou mame >> noooolaughter no
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it's like somebody's huggiu. a d hat?(v theempurever. hellmy j[squeang tir] [swo mmjohn'se! whook slong? jiy john'seakyfrh de. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: tonight's musical guest will release their lastest album "you know who you are" this friday. performing "cold to see clear," please welcome nada surf. [ cheers and applause ] clothes make the man the house makes the heart don't get me started about how hard it is to start or stay on track or don't dream or do whether you want or want not to what i arrived to the radio took me
1:30 am
what can i do but dream what can we do but listen to stories wretched or glorious is it me and you in other scenes i don't mind if it's raining i don't mind if it's hot i don't mind what you're thinking i don't mind if you're not what can i do the airwaves they took me the radio took me the radio radio made me
1:31 am
what can we do but listen to stories wretched or glorious is it me and you in other scenes where i found my eyes it's loving that took me it's sundays out walking the mile the son makes the man a little cold to see clear a little cold see clear cold to see clear a little cold to see clear a little cold to see clear
1:32 am
what can i do but dream what can we do but listen to stories wretched or glorious is it me and you in other scenes where i found my eyes it's loving that took me it's sundays out ooh ooh ooh ooh i don't mind if it's raining i don't mind if it's hot
1:33 am
what you're thinking i don't mind if you're not >> seth: nada surf! preorder you know who you are now. catch them on tour later this spring. we'll be right back.
1:34 am
an wearingmakeall?nerocs s,ealers and untion new ssmo ski wis and anoxidants. ur sn ll lbeauti when you wr it anenerou t negenamecs
1:35 am
sometiwe use kltrato nce mys na moture si n ge it bit r. and knoe's in i into it ..
1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to carson daly, kristen schaal, nada surf, everybody! patrick carney, of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow.
1:37 am
>> carson: hey, what's up, everybody? you're watching "last call" with me, carson daly. thank you so much. tonight from sky room here in new york city we've got a good one for you. griz, gonna make his tv debut from the roxy. and allie x is the subject of our snapshot tonight. but first the great drea de matteo swings by "last call" to talk all about her starring role in the new jennifer lopez crime drama "sdeoflu" from the hudson, west hollywood. take a look. >> i have a tattoo on the back
1:38 am
because i [ bleep ] hate it. i hate liars. i hate people who lie. it just gets you in trouble over and over again. tell the truth. if someone doesn't like the truth [ bleep ]. so, i put this tattoo on the back of my arm so you could watch me walk away. after i [ bleep ] backhand you with it. i am drea de matteo. i am on the new tv show, "shades of blue" with jennifer lopez and ray liotta and a cast of other crazies. and i am picking cake frosting off my pants. i feel like i'm on the first network show that is taking huge risks right now with "shades of blue" on nbc. i don't think that any network has really gone that far. as far as their dramatic series with a lot of the subject matter that we're goin' for. if you ask me packin' saperstein's sutff's a waste of time.


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