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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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before hoda gives it away, we want to show you this funny clip from last night's tonight show. >> dean martin was on, but when jimmy fallon introduced him, he was missing. take a look why. i don't want to do this show i got no more material i don't want to do this show now i'mma go out there and sit
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about his wife and kids and pretend as if i care i don't care no one cares no one cares [ laughter ] >>ovhi but he's right, no one does. >> but can you believe we were in bed with j.lo? >> we have j.lo here! >> yes, we did. but now it's time to give it away. >> this is amazing, the number of entries we're getting. >> the prize is unbelievable. it's the philips smokeless grill and slow cooker plus, it's available at williams sonoma, for $479, the philips smokeless grill, lets you grill safely inside all year round with minimal smoke and splattering. and right next to it, the plus.
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starts cooking when you're away and come home to a beautiful home cooked meal. >> both are great prizes. we'll find out who the winners are. look at all these entries. almost 11,000. >> because it's spanky tuesday. >> people like spanky tuesday. >> yes, this is joseph fionalin from bensalem, pennsylvania. >> and i have darlene from glendale. >> and let's see. >> vings -- vincent alka czar from santee, california. i've got annette banahan from massachusetts. >> and i have carol langford from louisville, kentucky. >> those are awesome. congratulations! make sure you enter again for next week's prize. >> listen to this. tomorrow from "fuller house," dave coulier. >> love him. >> plus actor stephen baldwin. jill's got fun stuff to get you
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>> and lilliana's lux for less. >> and we'll play "who knew" with kids. so we'll see you tomorrow. but for now, it's spanky tuesday. >> no! i hate this! campaign is this is a political revelationrev revolution revolution, it's going to bring all these new people to the process that have never participated before. if that was coming to fruition, they would be shattering records. 2008, there are democrats who say yes, it's troubling the turn out is up and the democratic turnout is down. but they would say 2008 is something we may never see again. that race between hillary clinton and barack obama and the type of support that both of them motivated, the iraq war, post katrina, bush fatigue. there were so many factors in
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little unfair to compare the democrats of 2008 to the democrats of any future. >> and we have the numbers right here. as of 3:30 a.m. eastern, the super tuesday turnout has nearly flipped from 2008. something candidates in both parties will be looking to play into their favor.. and more emotional testimony from sports reporter, erin andrews. she talks about the trauma she still feels years after a ockerecreped
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ings ear e.e esons s g. llese. >> renechthorngres arinomst r ess, tut republs,almo >>rereinteresting velotslastnight, tracy pots is live in waon who is getting ready to tell who won ere the candidates stand as they head now in to ohio and flori in a couple of weeks before super tuesday, 7 wins foclinton and 7 wins foum let's chk h tr >> reporoog,evera fl nenumbers ming sesy,it wa puictu every state ceptfor vermms ofs,are the nus now, n is ofrnie


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