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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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- [s] raleigh police officers are threat ended the day of a shooting. >> search warrants made public today revealed the threat that happened the day a raleigh police officer shot a suspect. the incident happened on monday near downtown raleigh. wral ken smith joins us with else we know. >> reporter: the investigators are trying to get to the source of this threat.
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the threat was set and around what time. all of this coming as the da gets the results of a preliminary autopsy report and the body was released to his family. >> reporter: copies of the search warrant indicate that an e male was sent to a raleigh police officer from an unknown gmale account. in the court papers the police labeled it a threat against lives of law enforcement officers but did not list exactly what the threats were -- gmail account. in the court papers it was labeled as a threat towards all lives of law enforcement officers but did not list exactly what the threats were. >> his mother sounded strong. >> reporter: the bishop visited with his family. he says the family is comforted by the outpouring of support by the community. >> there are people who are supporting her, community of course, with food and water and what have you. >> reporter: the bishop and other pastors of churches in or
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morning to talk about ways to make sure tensions do not boil over in the community in this time of mourning. >> it is a meeting to make sure all of the churches are properly positions to minister to the need of this community. >> reporter: a memorial is growing near the scene where he was shot and killed by raleigh police officer trying to serve a warrant. it is the one place, though, friends and family are finding solis. just turned 24. >> reporter: community lead ors are calling on everyone to allow the process to play out peacefully. what we are asking is simply for the truth. the da telling us tonight, investigators still have a dozen people they need to talk about, that is why she is holding off on releasing the autopsy report, also pastors and community leaders planning a community meeting tomorrow afternoon.
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services for him are scheduled on friday. >> ken smith, live in raleigh, thank >>e r chardson was last seen yesterday afternoon walking near an elementary school. richardson suffer pr-s ail wants including all-timers and he does not have his medication. he may be viceits taisent in the raleigh area. ifyou have seen him, call the police. >> a carolina man is a free man after a judge dropped his conviction, in court today the judge said the system failed howard dudley. he has been in prison is serving a life sense when he was convicted of sexually assaulting his 9-year-old daughter. the state never had any evidence. his daughter has told them that she lied. >> it feels great. i am excited.
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>> the family says they are looking forward to many family gatherings and a the lot of quality time. the judge says that he was deprived a fair trial because he was represented by a bad trial lawyer a father and son race to a vehicle. at an intersection in burlington when they were 8:00 tonight. the police say the driver of the car had a green light and did not see the pedestrian. the baby was thrown from the stroller. the two were taken to the hospital. breaking news now out of south korea. that country's defense ministry says north carolina fired
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into the sea. the launch came hours after the un slapped sanctions. the north warned in the result quote miserable ruins. federal appeals court may be under consideration for the u.s. supreme court. the court told cnn the white house is considering kely to replace the late scalia. she graduted with president barack obama. the source says the fbi is interviewing people associated with kelly. all eyes will be on mitt romney tomorrow morning during a stop in utah he will give what is being called a state of the 2016 race. some say the speech will not be an endorsement or announcement. others expect him to praise rubio and cruz and criticize trump.
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university of utah in salt lake city at 11:30. meanwhile, the remaining candidates are scheduled to debate tomorrow night in early votes starts tomorrow. you can mark your ballot for the republican or democratic candidates for president, races but you are going to need something new this year. photo id. acceptable forms of id, veterans or u.s. military id. u.s. pass port or a tribal id recognized tribe. the state elections says if you forget to bring your id on election day you will be given a ballot but youville to produce it before your vote will be counted. a south florida man is due in court tomorrow in connection to a $4 million gold heist. the gold was stolen from an
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on the interstate last march. three men approached -- from an armored truck that was stopped on the interstate last march. three men approached the truck. a vehicle rear ended another and caused a chain reaction, the driver in the first vehicle is facing six charges tonight including failing to reduce speed. the driver involved in a crash that injured two state troopers has been charged. sky 5 was over the scene on highway 64 near bower store road. troopers were helping with the traffic stop when they were rear ended by another vehicle. both troopers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries -frp the driver at fault, charged with reckless driving and failing to reduce speed. >> ibm is making another round of cuts.
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workers, several employees. layoffs happening in try angle park and other across the u.s. one described it. computer maker did not say how many companies they have here in the u.s. . [broken audio ] -- spelling toured the campus and met with andersen and board of trustees, she met with students and talked with them about the cost of higher education and what she hopes to do to make it more affordable. tomorrow morning, a new member of the north carolina zoo family, a welcoming party is planned for the zoo's newest polar bear. the officials hope that she will form a special bond with another that results in a polar bear cub.
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getting along quite swimmingly. a woman's dog had puppies, 17 pups. the world record for registered lab retrievers is 19 puppies. the state record is 16. survive. she would of tied if it did. time. >> that is a lot of puppies to love right there. >> yes. i wish i could climb in there and kiss all of them. that is cool. erin andrews says her life was ruined when someone recorded her on video. >> we have reports about a new person who saw that tape just this week. the connection to the trial that shocked a lot of people, coming up. plus, toddler's terrifying tumble caught on video. how this 2-year-old dodged disaster after falling out of a minivan. all right, we are still officially, still in winter. moisture on the way, the question has to be posed is
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precipitation being in the form of anything but liquid? we will address that issue coming up in just a minute. >> all right, as we head into
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th mea c. lobe here before you know it. >> the peak date that you can find the best time to visit the capitol. here is a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "today" a hack alert. john stamos will be a guest and
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