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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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76-70 the score with 1:19 remaining. if the score holds up it will be rodriguez's play, particularly early homes of the second half. these are hoe the performance mayor of -- >> tim: virginia tech has taken the 34-33 lead. he just blitzed the hokies. he was in on 16 straight points. two assists. and three threes. reminder the semifinals tomorrow in prime time. notre dame and number seven north carolina will open it. we'll see if who virginia plays in the next 1:19. two possession game. reed fouled by robinson.
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if miami does advance to the quarter finals it will only be the third time since 1995 all four top teams advanced to the semis. the other two times were 2002 and 2008. >> tim: runner counter to what has been going on in the rest of the country, too. >> dan: interesting. >> tim: yes. >> dan: balanced competitive atlantic coast conference. you are right. >> tim: all over the place. >> dan: upset all over the place. a lot of the upsets were in kansas.
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the leadno carrierringringconnect 1920 stands up. and the original call was that virginia tech would have it. it is off miami. yeah. i don't see a deflection there. >> dan: i didn't see it bounce off allen. appeared to be off newton. >> tim: always looking for a deflection when that happens. >> dan: newton comes down. >> tim: i don't see a deflection. >> dan: they called it virginia tech ball. >> tim: right. >> dan: so unless they can find jenindisputable evidence the call stands. they cannot go over and simply
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they have to make a call. >> this rule was about out in place after the 2013 ncaa tournament game that involved miami. a game against illinois. they went on to the sweet 16. illinois actually should have had possession at a critical time in a one-point game. mike and i were calling it it in austin texas and the following year the ncaa inserted the rule only in the last two minutes of the game could they actually go to the clock to make sure of possession. but it was a rule that was implemented on the basis of what happened in an ncaa game involving miami. and the call went for them. and they will say this one was deflected. >> dan: wow. >> tim: that surprises me. i did not see that. but they had a better look than we did.
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memory is better than your eyesight. >> tim: i will not argue with ayers, stynes or dorsey, that is for sure. twice i have seen this happen. miami without the rule got the advantage and with the rule got the advantage. now you have to foul. and they fouled the right guy. lawrence jr. 58%. >> dan: i think in that position, they could call that a flagrant one foul. supposed to be a point of emphasis for officials at the end of the game when guys are foul intentionally. call a flagrant one and give them two shots and the the ball. that is not what they did. just a two-shot foul right here. i don't think he was making a play on the ball. just grabbed lawrence. >> tim: miami living at the line late.
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proceedings at this stage than one tonye jekiri after his technical foul and a common foul enables virginia tech to get four free points and turn it into a foulfest at the end. >> dan: have to keep the aguessiveness under control. never -- aggressiveness under control. didn't hurt them tonight but never know what it is going to hurt them. >> tim: timeout. maybe his last. 8 point cushion. >> dan: i suppose anything can happen. but miami has not cooperated. they haven't turned the ball over and haven't miss the free throws. generally the team that is ahead
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doesn't show any inclination of wanting to do that. >> a fun-filled evening here in the quarterfinal. tied at 35-35 and came if and took it over. playing with a sense of purpose at the point. moving to the off-guard spot. beacham was incredible. and win it going away against the duck blue devils. and tonight, georgia tech treated to this and that from malcolm brogdon the player of the year and defensive mayor of the year in the acc and number two seed joins one and four. now number three looking to move
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cavaliers the second seed is there. miami trying trying to join them for the semifinals tomorrow night at 7 and 9:00. or at least 30 minutes after the second game comes to an end. got to foul, rodriguez. no time to waste. wilson comes over to pick it up. i at anyhow do you see the notre dame-north carolina? >> dan: notre dame can put a lot of points on the board. north carolina has with everybody else i think has a big advantage in terms of the size. notre dame is not a team that minds running up and down. think there will be a lot of points scored in that game. >> tim: the success the irish had a yaoer yao year ago. both within this tournament and
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knocking off, kentucky before wisconsin did. wisconsin just had taller larger mayors than the irish. -- players than the irish. we shall see. robinson. a little french pastry on that one. allen does follow. 82-74. got to foul in a hurry. robinson chasing rodriguez. picks it up. just call me angel in the morning. he has been angel tonight. that is for sure. >> dan: done a great job passing. nine assists. really knows how to find his teammates. when he needs to score the ability to do it. knock the down the three threes right at the beginning of the second half. the first four minutes of the half scored three threes and a two and a couple of assists. miami scored 16 points in the first four minutes and he had a hand on every single one of
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>> tim: potential other semifinal game against uba. >> dan: a good game. they played virginia twice and lost in charlottesville by eight and then won down in miami in a very, very close game by three. so i don't anticipate that we will see anything other than that. i think a very close game. maybe into the 60s but certainly not going to be 84-76. >> bibbs gets the foul to send newton to the line. as the clock continues to work against virginia tech. >> dan: and does miami making the free trows. foul and see if miami will miss the free throws. this is the first they missed in awhile. made eight in a row. >> tim: made the last eight before that miss and now 9 of
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>> dan: that is how you old the lead. >> tim: ale len cuts it to seven -- allen cuts it to seven. 27. robinson picks up the foul. his fifth. tough night for him after a really solid last month of the regular season for the freshman. this kid has a great future in front of him. just a tough night, learning fin over here to extend a hand. >> dan: look who is playing again. >> tim: yep. rodriguez has a lot of basketball in his path. and very successful basketball. young man from saint james. an outstanding future ahead.
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don't foul, don't foul. >> tim: and they foul. [laughter] >> dan: oh, boy. >> dan: third on angel. >> tim: and allen at the free-throw line. over there preaching to them now. manufacturea feeling about where virginia tech is headed, dan. the more they play, likely in the nit, the better they can get. a lot of learning for a young squad just put together like this one. end to end. pass knocked knocked away by wilson. no denying the foundation has been put together by buzz in just a couple of years.
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halftime two seasons, two wins in each of the years in the acc and each year won 10 in the regular season and won a game in the tournament. high in the acc tournament. thingsare looking. >> what a turn around. >> tim: clarke gets the foul. now they need help at the free-throw line from davon reed. >> dan: haven't gotten any help so far. >> tim: seth allen quietly tonight, 29, dan. 17 free throws made. ties an acc tournament record for most free throws made in a game. charlie scott had the number in 1970. [laughter] >> dan: pretty good company. >> tim: you get it is. -- you bet it is. driving to the basket. this time pulls up for three.
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>> dan: jim is like could we just finish this thing off, please? he doesn't want anybody hurt. has to play tomorrow. >> tim: leday it is a slapped has it slapped away by mcclellan. out of bounds to virginia tech. 4.2 seconds left. our last time to work together this yearers partner. always a lot of fun. really enjoyed it. >> dan: pup to work withfun to work together and i really enjoyed our time together here with the acc. >> tim: 88-82. and miami will advance into the semifinal round against virginia. highlights and must-see moments from this game and others check out the our next broadcast tomorrow
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acc final action live from d.c. brad and mike will have game one. for deb, tom, cory, dan bonner, tim brando. so long (donkey sound) (elephanund) ere's g diffce between making noise, (tapping sound) makingse. (elephant und) onkey sod) it cometo so securit we need more than lip service. our next prent needs a real plan to ep socsecuritrong.lephanise)
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give us plan. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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we begin with breaking news. two bodies found inside a home. a death investigation underway. we're glad you're with us. i am ken smith. >> i am lynda loveland. we find adam owens on the scene. >> we have seen them gathering evidence. officers arrived here a long unity drive this afternoon. here's video from earlier. as you mentioned, two people were found dead. family members tell us there
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we believe the toddler is uninjured. family members also told us who the victims are in this case but that has not been confirmed right investigators. at the moment, johnson county deputies have not said much about what happened out here. we have not been told how the victims died that we have been told to expect a statement from johnson county sheriff, steve rizal, at some point tonight. it's at that time that we hope to learn a lot more about exactly what happened here. >> a vigil tonight. raleigh parking lot. friends and family gathered to remember joe riaz. he and margaret had been shot in a parking lot. police found the bodies in the car -- after someone had called 911. new tonight, deputies filed a communicating threats charge against a man who assaulted a
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th y afr last night's attack,john mcgraw was boastful about his actions and threatened next time to kill jones. earlier today, he was charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. that was for the fight caught on video. minutes after donald trump got on stage, a group started shouting in protest took jones says he was surprised by the attack. >> really not paying attention to him. so i'm walking and as soon as i turned, he hit me. and i thought it was an elbow but he hit me dead in my eye. >> there is an internal investigation to see if any deputies neglected their duty. candidates trying to win the whe house. hillary clinton made a stop in dirham -- tran20 this evening. -- durham this evening.her theme was "raking down barriers."
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to be back in north carolina. >> making a case for public education. whythe current system is failing and what she plans to do about it. >> i want to be a good partner with teachers and principals and families and students. >> she also talked about rebuilding our infrastructure, tapping into renewable energy and creating more jobs. >> so that people who work full- time are not left in poverty! and what do you say we finally guarantee equal pay for women's work. >> this enthusiastic crowd liked what they heard from her. >> equality for women. equality for pay. >> she is here to help students and teachers and we are here
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>> we found one woman with whom clintonis having trouble attracting and who is still undecided and plans to attend bernie sanders rally. >> i wanted to attend both rallies to help my decision a bit more. >> this was a get out the vote rally for clinton. >> if you will go and vote for me on tuesday, i will work and fight for you as hard as i can. >> [ cheering & applause ]>> thank you all very much. >> clinton also talked about taking on the powerful gun lobby and will try everything to appeal the obamacare act. the bernie sanders campaign event starts at noon downtown auditorium. the doors open at 10. a first-come first-served basis. the republican candidate for president -- candidates for president are in the midst of a last debate.
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honor of nancy reagan. duringthe debate began a little more than an hour ago, candidates have been tackling a number of issues. among them, social security. donald trump announced he will -- >> 59 years ago, florida welcomed my father to america as he step off the ferry boat. >> the republican establishment or whatever you want to call it should embrace what is happening. >> among tonight's biggest, ben carson will throw his support behind him at a news conference set for tomorrow morning. some raleigh residents wanted the authorities to investigate police. >> subpoena and discipline power. putting the power back into the hands of the community
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community oversight or to look into police accountability. residents are outraged that the recent officer related shooting death of a 24-year-old man in southeast raleigh. the group also wants more body cameras and training for police. the group will discuss it. the county sheriff's office announced all patrol deputies are now equipped with body cameras. the 28 cameras were purchased with the help of a federal grant. hundreds and -- hundreds of dogs and cats will be available for adoption very soon. they were rescued six weeks ago and sent, they have been receiving care and treatment and are now ready for forever homes. the adoption event is at a temporary aspca shelter on gnash street in [ indiscernible ]. next weekend from the 18th
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you will soon be able to display your opinion on your license plate. the federal appeals court ruled the state can issue special these choose life license plates. people who live near coal ash gathered together to see how the state's handling the problem. >> [ chanting ] >> the state department of environmental quality held a public hearing to discuss a deadline. many have been critical of how the state handled this bill. >> energy wants to be a good neighbor. we want to be sympathetic to what neighbors are going through right now. we have gotten a lot of new information to digest so we have not made any changes. in the coming weeks, we will work with these to determine next steps. >> this was one of a number of
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tonight. carolina fans are rejoicing tonight. the tar heels are advancing to the semifinals tomorrow. duke is back home from -- in dc. >> but there is plenty to do behind -- outside the verizon center. brian explains. >> reporter: this is seven street in chinatown. their led lights and bars and bistros. after the final buzzer sounds, basketball fans get out the dig dc. washington does not exactly shout hearty town. -- party's a solemn city where serious affairs of state are handled. that is until a bunch of virginians cavalierly cross potomac street and flood seven street. acc and dcdc >> it's different because i grew up with it in winnsboro.
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here from holly springs. they are still sampling their way through but then along comes a blue devil named colin reed who also lives across the river. is there any place to get barbecue around here? >> there is a place called hill country. it's a few blocks from here and it is not as good as north carolina barbecue but it gets by your >> reporter: this one from greensboro stops to tell us about his postgames stop's. -- stops. we went to the green turtle before the game.he says it's good for the acc to broaden the menu. >> i feel like it is therefore to move around. we have teams in new york, syracuse. i hate that maryland left.
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here.>> reporter:fans will get to some of that but remember, they are mainly here for the games. back to you. >> notre dame tomorrow night at the verizon center. you can watch the game right here on wral . still to come, teachers required to grade students and their parents? where it could happen and why appearance -- some say it's the wrong way. returning to the scene of the crime and what he told another about the shooting. we have a frontal system we are watching and it looks like it's going to arrive through the back door as opposed to the conventional front door. we will let you know what that means for our weather coming over the next several days coming up. tonight, we have lucy liu.
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