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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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nate. thometon tt oth dayteayolpl rying t tll i tun a thorit have a simg lielp themnt m. o are f t mdeabm,eif th hari ohe snberge hissels steps ri hiy hom fou outheti m.youndasay. e rca while le in try trryhe le noal >anwhitrod
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ountry en hecom they ag f syr . ayoing to f 'm going t f going allow the om myen t theor llowigoes e haveo be kp inter righ u owotor longer oonn the tern. dom and eve nry de e and timmeythe iden led plaring i 1usandsf ri-mus ronglydi.
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ag aczaonen nigre. >> we nt tea here y muoe're t kn eyu. th doe yre radicazentts t stroyn e west >> itood lnforce t oheeainatin fro ae the'raradicalion li n law enforerc th nat fs cttheronhi to b intingorarla t ns haurngainne ot weav h asl steasmg rnsan don't te
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>> ithe democrat ararylion haedti sand a dto criccaes sands t uda caus an and tn at mpston er t a re ineds erhe all t gas uor politilndes hooimew an gomollisth s,hett i ha et ng? wou
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you want rm hi tomi apersaoreuscuchond see hugng w tru is eser to delesneed wk t wig ti marmyo >>oue still meum 's nly nore i arona, somther stat w an somodyas tooto atingdi >> at wasig fm. >> t ftotve50held lf le everyo last nht h g ory tl fn
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do win iaronus sine fo ho tceirass gettomha detes. y n still got a t u or ney isut numbers ser n,'m. >> a aha fda gdou, athe ughay i middl the erous liniwewer sevrm izrd ienr. anst 55 mil p. an to a y 25 re swihe wierstorblzard rninenver t
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ross and rithhe'salna itil ma an a? oe bigwf nn ail t aootsi r allfmi ee bah co. minap are ex ndhr and fhes of ef a wyit minoccatio ler today,ero toght,hi is sereerbr po isoted ados.
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th're t! our fautinisagic fothe wrreas may dlin througrgies. try ec powerl lergy relief. and differ an cla becausit sworking faster he f day ye it zyrtec. ddlere around the world from paris's eiffel tower to the brandon burg gate in berlin. the empire state building went dark footo honor the victims. as the world stood in solidarity with the belgium people. in other news. we're following the contra controversial toronto mayor, a video alleged to show him smoking crack cocaine. he later admitted using the drug
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for cancer. he was 46 years old. just ahead. new details on the americans injured in tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. you're watching "early today." regerist renem sfa cel a aticraformat withe ne f filyour c teeht sho e...r skin will. olayerisayagel
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>earing rvof t bels ing. su b eed rd ld em toen d pe yho a tat hat' ree'aybevenou an g we knout atappene ipa ought s aood cnce goi tstaring fl tea bere forrica'sest help, elp ded ica'#1sn'ttuseavernitarned in ery wnd re-ed er tide, erica'eternt ohok... ...a antkle ea no to m ythingn. nena id wle rep s...
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the.. fastnol rma.
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