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tv   Today  NBC  October 29, 2016 8:00am-9:30am EDT

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? mr. mcgruder, what is this?
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mr. mcgruder? mr. mcgruder? mr. mcgruder? ? get away! jai, stay where you are, it's all right. get away from here! get away, i say, or i shoot. get away. get away, i say, get away! get away!
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who are you? my name is tarzan. this man was my friend. now you tell me something. where's the rest of your party? where was mr. mcgruder here taking you? i'm with my father's exploration party, and we're right over that hill. we're on our way to kulu. kulu, city of the sleeping lions. no one goes to kulu, en i know that. no wonder you're in trouble. don't be silly. my father has every clearance ye well, let's see if we can get that vehicle of yours on its feet. but we can't leave mr. mcgruder like this. there's nothing more we can do for mr. mcgruder.
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? get out of here, run, go on, go on. i'm worried about mary. professor, take a look over there. ? it's mary! hurry. there.
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head for that cover of trees. dead. where's mcgruder?
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go ahead. baktar. all right, now, you stand still. one move, one sound, you're a dead man. all right, now, tell me something. y ing? why do these peoplele ot your country, tarzan. i asked you a question. why are you attacking people? answer me! they go to kulu. kuku? so, that's it. kulu belong to the dead. tell me e mething. how did you know these people are going to kulu? how did you know to only kill their guide, mcgruder?
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oh, the trouble with the natives is that in all their legends, kulu is a place of taboo, of ancient power. for instance, there is the blue stone of heaven. itas a symbol of ancient rulers, a symbol that may even lie bubued somewhere in kulu. father, why don't you just tell him how much you'll pay him? i'll go with you, sir. for thing. i i ew it, i knew it! you do understand the importance to science. i understata the importance of your safety of course, and that will take you only a few days. once we get to kulu, we won't need anymore protection. i wonder. huh? i wonder what you will really find in kulu.
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that's a silver dollar. ? no, matto. just because you lost that charm doesn't mean you're going to die. this will keep the spirits of kulu away from you. it's very strongngmedic. very strong medicine. now, about tarzan. are you sure it was tarzan? yes. if you had to kill somebody, why didn't you kill him? tarzan good. he helped my people. but your tribesmen don't want anybody in kulu, right? five hundred years, no man go against the legend of kulu. kulu city of sleeping dead.
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we gotta get rid of him before he awakens the sleeping gods. tatakombi brought you here. he only brought me in to teach these soldiers to clear away the brush, i didn't know it was a sacred city till you told me. didn't i promise you that i'd leave kulu as soon as i found all the green metal? you kill tarzan, and i'll leave kulu.
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what is it? it's the end of the line. there are a warning. if we go any further, we'll be attacked. it's as simple as that. but we've got papers h he that give us full permission. unfortunately, dr. singleton, those warriors there can't read. well, what are we going to do? well, what do you want to do, sir? go on, of course. in spite of the consequences? but we've got gugu.
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all right. bring your jeeps up here into a circle, we'll make a camp. and a fort. come around in a circle.
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tarzan! ? tarzan. it's all right, jai, i'm all right. just in time, huh? that's what they needed. cocords, nothing but cowards. you are safe now. i am tatakombi at your service. colonel tatakombi? dr. singleton. my daughter, mary. enchant, mademoisesee. ?
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come back here, tarzan, i'm not quite finished with you. the helicopter leaving there, pilot told me he has orders not to return here until tatakombi radios him at the capital. if this radio goes out, you're stuck here without any communication to the outside world, aren't you? i'm quite sure that colonel tatakakbi knows what's necessary for our safety. besides, he says that the savages won't dare attack us once we're inside a sacred place. hold still. down with infection. ah, cleaning up my handiwork, huh?
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still no hard feelings? no, nono of course not. someday, i will make it upu. someday, i will invite you back to my country to hunt gazelles from my private limousine. oh, yes, i'm sure tarzan would love that. yes, yes, i probably would. miss singleton, your father is going to show memeis plans for excavation. he says as soon as you bring his drawings to him. oh, yes, yes, right away, as soon as i'm finished with this. colonel tatakombi, about those tribesmen who kikied mr. mcgruder. oh, that's all taken care of. e murderers now. so, you are free to leave here whenever you wish, my friends. still with no hard feelings, huh? no hard feelings. oh, imagine being someone like that in the middle of the jungle. do you know that he has... he has read every single paper my father has ever written?
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years. he writes the most inspiring letters. hmm, sounds ambitious. and what's wrong with that? he's a dedicated, civilized man. he even fought his own government to get permission for us to come here. yes, although i understand they don't always trust his ideas. oh, it's because he gets things done, that's why. because e has vision and because he understands how important my father's discoveries in kulu will be to this whole country. oh, colonel tatakombi is the man who cares about all of mankind. do you have any idea what that means, tarzan? yes, but i suppose i'm just concerned about why he wants to get rid of me. oh, the most ridiculous. now, there you go, gentle man. just don't go swinging through too many trees for a while. all you have to do is relax a little bit. like you? look at you, the bod.
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up ski bumps and surface before i left high school. i mean, there isis just mo. well, for someone like you to dare to criticize a man like colonel tatakombi. all right, all right, i'll go quietly. so long, kid. ? cheeta, get down, or she'll get mama she'll get mad, cheeta. oh, no! jai, jai, get him down! come on, both of you, both of you, get out t here. get out of here. nobody seems to want us much. where are we going, back home? no, jai, we're not. we're going on ahead to kulu. let's go.
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hey, whoa, wait a minute now. where are you going? it's only stone. ? tarzan, is it t ue yes, it's true, jai, but they've been dead... oh, at least a thousand years. they can't hurt you. i'll tell you what, let's go say hello.
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there, you see? probably somebody's guardian. were men really that big? no, of course they weren't. but i suppose some men thought they were. i suppose there are some men who'd still like to be that big. i'll tell you what, let's go take a little closer look at kulu. ? stay right there.
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all right. answer some questions. kulu. no, no. there's nothing here in kulu that will hurt you if you answer those questions. baskar, baskar, no.
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how are you, sonny? so, you want to see kulu, huh? well, there it is. all of it.
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welcome to my city. but i didn't know it was going to be so beautiful. tarzan? and did you kill him before he had a chance to spread the wo t strangers? i didn't have to. somebody did that for me with a small dart. that's bad. very bad. yes. yes, it is. have you seen jai. no.
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rmist again? ...look. oh, there you are. we've been looking all over for y. hi, tarzan. where have you been? did you ever see so many rocks all in one pile? ah, ere yogo. this is mr. miller, american. he's in charge of clearing away the e getation for us. howdy, folks. howdy, ma'am. he's been with meefor the p. my boys have been working pretty hard around here. your approval. thank you, mr. miller. well, i'm just very glad that you got here safe and sound to see it. come on, i'll show you around. mr. miller, i will do the showing around here. what is baskar? baskar. a native word, why? that's what the warrior said, "baskar," right before he died. hmm.
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r beautiful city. i thought i told you to stay put. i'm sorry. where were you? i don't know, all over the place. mr. mi t i better stay with him, or the dead people might get me. and look, look what he gave me. a silver dollar. i was afraid when i got to kulu. he said to wear it around my neck. it will keep the d dd spirits away from me. you aren't mad, are you, tarzan? no, no. because i brought you a present, too. i i und it under some rocks. it's just like that big stone mamawe saw, remember? it's gold, jai. solid gold.
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rererkable. wh workmanship. but of a later period than these designs on the pyramids there. that's gold, dr. singleton, and if there's gold here and possibly precious stoneses then perhaps... oh, most stone age men only used such things for an occasional ornament, you knkn. you mean like the incas in peru? oh, no. i'm quite certain there's no such h easure as that in kulu. anyway, if there were, it would h he been looted through the centuries. to make men greedy, sir. yes. yes. i'll speak to this man, miller, and see what he's found. why? perhaps our friend colonel tatakombi is also interested in treasure.
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matto. matto! this is your last chance, buddy. i got a lot of work to do tonight and i don't want to be bothered. tarzan's following me, this is your last chance. if they find baskar, they won't leave, and your tribe will be driven from the valley by the spirits, and you would no longer be a chief and i won't get the green metal. they must not find baskar. baskar. well, go on, there.
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can you move? here, let's try it.
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you still want to kill me? all right. go ahead. does not matter. we are all dead. all who break the taboo, to kulu, are dead. this is the traitor's burial cave, and we will join them. well, that's possible, but not until we've tried. anyway, you're not gonna die until you tell me what our mr. miller is up to. you'll only take it to your grave. tell me something. in your legends, what does "baskar" mean?
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of heaven? they know the secret. baskar belongs to the kings who live forever. in my people's legends, he who stands to the right of the great blue stone shall never die and will rule the world.
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you're sure? these look like little bits of potteryo me. of course i'm sure. this is right on the exact spot. there were other pyramids here centuries before these. they eroded.
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ancestors. hehe's some more, sir. it was lying right on top. hmm. this would be of the older civilization i just spoke about. so, they are not little bits of pottery. not another waste heap, kitchen mitten, huh? colonel, this is proof of my whole theory! it's the exact spot, i tell you! we have dynamite. ld tn this whole ground over in a a tter of seconds. no, no, no, no. colonel, from now on, we go an inch at a time. but i don't know how long these tribes will allow us, doctor. i don't care. we found it! this is the spot i've dreamed of. here beneath us, the evidence of a ruled culture
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r. i say we dig with tiny brushes, not shovels. it may take weeks, months, to even start to find what... get the party together. we'll stop at the camp for our equipment. we'll begin right now. splendid, i am with you to the end. father? father, are you all right? it''s just... come. ? miller, did you hear? baskar is hidden right in these ruins. oh, yeah.
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? there's no way out. i'm not so sure about that. all these are stone. that could only happen if there's calcium in here, and calcium would only get in here with seeping water. now all i have to do is find that water.
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no, they are cursed. they're only pieces of stone. ?
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taan! ? i found our way out of here. do you think you could swim? i think so. okay, follow me.
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who stays here? miller's place. you borrowed it for a minute? lie down there. ? miller, he goes. yeah, it looks like it, with roughly a million dollars, i'd say.
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who does that belong to? with the sticks, he makes holes to steal from the dead. those sticks are called dynamite. ? urt, we need drugs for his pain. i'll get help thth. no, no, i don't want the sentries to know. but i... come in here, mary. what's wrong with him? i think his ribs are crushed. i'm going out to talk to miller.
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? dynamite! the ruins!
8:53 am
oh, no! oh, father, come back! let go of me!
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lord! oh, lord! look. just look what they've...done... ? tarzan, bring this man. ? all our efforts, twenty-five years, what might have been the eighth wonder of the world. the savages have won after all. colonel, lolo what they've done. i will personally strangle this monster. it looks like azurite.
8:55 am
the blue stone would have been found here. this is what's left of it. a chip, just a chip. there's carvings on it. it's... father! father! there's oxygen in the tent. ? well, you really put a good show on, don't you, colonel? but you didn't have to hit me in the head or shoot one of my boys.
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all my plans. three years of trying to get dr. singleton here to find it for me, and you destroy all that in a matter of moments. you are a clumsy man, miller. you do everything clumsily. now, wait a minute, i was only trying to help. you told me it'd take months to dig into that mound. what about the jungle, you think it's gonna wait for us? oh, no, you just wait till it explodes. there's a thousand eyes out there just waiting, just watching for us. no, there are only two eyes watching you now, miller. baskar would have given us wealth, respect, power. you sold all of that for a miserable handful of gold. tatakombi.
8:57 am
look. ? we found it! it's not destroyed! ? baskar! the blue stone of heaven! ? on your knees, miller. i said on your knees. what do you mean, on my knees? you should have obeyed my orders, miller. all those who do not obey baskar will join you at his feet. no, no!
8:58 am
i am king. i am god. you all hear? you all hear? the world will crumble at my command. it is written that he who stands to the right of the blue stone of heaven will rule the world! you all hear? ? tatakombi! tatakombi! tatakombi! tatakombi!
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? we found it! the statue! ? baskar! blue stone of heaven. ? on your knees, miller. i said on your knees. what do you mean, what do you mean, on my knees? you should have obeyed my orders, miller. all those who do not obey baskar
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? i i king. i am god. you all hear? you all hear? all will tremble at my cocoand. it is written that he who stands to the right of the blue stone of heaven will rule the world. you all hear? you all hear!
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"takakombi") ? ah...
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well? did you reach the capital yet? not capital. relay station. well, the capital's over 200 miles from here. this little radio can only reach a government outpost about 25 miles from here anyway. oh, i know all that. did you tell them colonel takakombi wants the helicopter immediately? answer tomorrow. answer next day. maybe. what? well, you take this and keep on trying. you try, lady. him try. anybody try. no answer. no reach anywhere. somebody drained all the gas out of the truck, sir. what? d 'em.
9:05 am
we all by ourselves now. this whole place all by itself now. except for those thousands of eyes out there watching us. ? halt! right there, stop. ? stop! all right! put a rope around its head and lift it up straight. ? ah. if those ropes slip, the inscriptions may be damaged. father only wanted to have the stone up here by the tent so that we could photograph all sides. yes, i know,w,ear lady, but i have been working all night preparing to make baskar safe. in native legends, they say baskar's supposed to bring his owner immortality. yes. immortality.
9:06 am
power. and patien. once baskar is up there safe, my men can hold off a thousand tribesmen. oh, but colonel, we've got to get a helicopter in here. to get father to a hospital. can't get an answer? yes, yes, i know, but have no fear. it will be working again bebere long. before long might be too late. we're being watched from out therere ? yes. i know. i know. ? hoist! make way! ?
9:07 am
e owes me his life, and we might need him. i'll talk to him when i get back. i want you tell jai that i've gone to that government relay station, find out what's happened. i don't trust takakombi. please. please take this with you. no, no, keep that. you might need it. that radio station out 20 miles, i won't be back before dawn. i hope you don't have to, but don't be afraid to pull the trigger. oh, i don't think i could ever do that. not on a human being. now, what if the radio in the village can't reach the capital, then... it will. i'll talk on it myself. ? matto.
9:08 am
baskar. ? or the blue idol. go back to your people. tell them of the idol. tell them to come to me at once. tell them to tell the other tribes that their master has been reincarnated. baskar commands. colonel! some patience, you have no right to drag this man from my tent. you will make yourself ill. i am not going to hurt this man. you may go, matto.
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what are you waiting for? i'm the only one left, finish the job. who are you? who did this? . why? you're part of it, tarzan. you're with him. are you talking about takakombi? now you can tell him you got the man his soldiers missed.
9:13 am
did takakombi's soldiers do this? two of them. just a few hours ago. surely an outpost like this has soldiers to protect it. of course. ten superstitious tribesmen in uniform. they stood and watched. well, they must have believed the e gends about the great blue stone baskar. baskar. baskar! now wait a minute! wait a minute, can you make this radio work? no. baskar. he sent the archaeologist to kulu. baskar did this. they awoke him from his thousand years
9:14 am
? you'll die, tarzan. we rule against baskar. we'll all die! ? professor, thank heavens you're awake. how is he, mary? oh, he's much better. but we must get him out of here to a hospital. oh, no. not until i've seen the blue stone of heaven. help me.
9:15 am
there's your blue stste. ? i'm gonna go find tarzan. no, jai, come back. takakombi ordered no one was to leave their tents tonight. takakombi ordered? takakombi, the legend.
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there mustste at least 500 of them out there by now. oh, there's matto out there, jaiai look! isn't that matto? yes. matto. ? maybe i can get him back in here.
9:22 am
i'm sorry. i wish tarzan would get back. what do you suppose has happened? if those soldiers out there find out that tarzan isn't here... ? dr. singleton, i don't understand. ot the blue stone of heaven of it. up there, all right. ke i kins of god or something. i don't think they're going to steal it ke h lisaid. but they are frighteted to even be here. kulu is taboo. but they are here, and more and more coming. sir...
9:23 am
i'm sure they're just gonna turn around... there he goes. takakombi. ? ramon, please. help me sit up.
9:24 am
the blue stone of heaven is mine. and you are my people. you have comee to see , to see that kulu is no longer taboo. no longer a place of the dead. you have come to see takakombi. am i dead? so why do you not coco closer? are you women? are you afraid of ghosts? kulu lives!
9:25 am
blue stone of heaven has chosen you. baskar has chosen takakombmb to lead you! do i not stand at his right hand? does he not approve? he has made me immortal! yes, understand this, for you made takakombi immortal. chosen takakombi! hold up! and i say that kulu is no longer taboo.
9:26 am
liar! you are nothing but a soldier. does the blue stone of heaven speak your name? listen to me, my people! takakombi is not a soldier anymore. takakombi... is immortal! soldiers killed in my village. you killed! listen! listen to me, my people!e! liar! listen to takakombi! liar! liar!
9:27 am
look a a be believe it. as takakombi lives! ? takakombi will always live. blue stone of heaven has spoken. takakombi can never die. blue stone is mine. kulu is mine. takakombi. takakombi, takakombi! ? takakombi! takakombi, takakombi! takakombi!
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