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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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(speaking foreign language) a thief catcher? why? petty thefts. jaga, the chief, decided to return to the past. ? the thief! ? what brings you to the village? crandell has escaped. ? you goin' somewhere, sonny? you don't wanna leave now. no, siree, the fun is just beginnin'. you recognize the kid, tarzan? that's your little friend, jai! ? go back, tarzan!
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i got him, i killed tarzan! ? ah-hahaha-hahaha! ah-h-haha-hahaha!
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yeah, now, buzz off! all right, move on! these guards, these guards, somebody shot 'em! yeah, the birds in the trees, here, help me get this off! you're, you, you was waitin', you had it all set up didn't you?
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kesho, we don't need these things anymore, here, get 'em off our ankles, we're gonna need rifles, not popguns like those guards were carryin', ammunition and provisions. you'll get them. and money, don't you forget the money! after you've destroyed the outpost, and after you've brought terror to my village, and after you've killed n'duma! look out! my man first! suppose i bring them together, both of them in the same place? how, where, when, why, i don't care! just so long as i kill tarzan. ? tarzan...tarzan!
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welcome home, funny-face. tarzan, it was a good school, i learned a lot of things. really? wait 'till i tell you all the things i learned! cheeta! cheeta, i've learned all kinds of things, just wait 'till i tell you all the things thahai learned. i've learned about math, and words, and all kindndof things. as soon as we get home, i'll show you them. jai, i'm afraid we're not going home yet.
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i know that, son... a friend of mine's in trouble. well you can teach old cheeta those things right here, can't you? you don't have to wait 'till you get home. but tarzan... jai! i want you to stay here, understood? okay, tarzan. ? come on, cheeta, i'll teach you a game i learned at school! ? i kick the ball to you and you kick it back! don't throw it, kick it! you try to keep me from making a goal.
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pay attention, cheeta! ? that's the police, looking for us. yeah, i'd give a lot to be up in one of them silver birds right now. them things ain't safe. ain't safe, that's a good one, that is, you're funny. i suppose this blooming jungle is safe? you know, you ououta be in a music hall. got me walking about here like a bleedin' robinson crusoe. i gotcha out of jaja, didn't i?
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you're free, aren't ya, you're gonna eat, aren't ya? well, ifife were smart we'd be heading up north right now, heading for a ship out to marseilles. you know how far it is to dakar? to get there you need food, you need provisions, now once you get there, you gotta have some money! you off your rocker? guns, provisions, money, where we gonna get all that? how'w'you get here? kesho, eh? you mean he's gonna give you all that? kesho ain't gonna give you nothin'! now don't you forget it! we're gonna have to burn a few villages. and we're gonna have to kill n'duma. n'duma? oh, n'duma, ain't he the one that testified against you? oh, come on now, you're not gonna go off and put your head in a noose just to get even
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d. if you have him, you can kill tarzan. well, you're really beginning to help me, huh? i expect you to reciprocate. i need guns and provisions! a half-hour trek from here, a small hunting party where everything you want is waiting for you. well, let's go. ? hello, chaps!
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(chanting foreign language)
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a thief catcher? why? petty thefts, jaga t t chief decided to return to the past. ? the thief... the thief! what brings you to the village? crandell has escaped.
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you came all this way to tell me that news, why? in his trial, you testified against him. but you caught him and he swore he'd kill you? be wise if you came in where it's safe, at least until crandell is caught. did you u ink i'd run and hide? no one's doubting your courage. well, if you're worried about crandell, get a thief catcher. to stop crandell from finding you and killing you. i am not afraid of crandell. no? be it ever so humble. you're gonna be proud of your village, kesho. you can be proud they sit in n'duma's school. reward you many times over for that. if we survive.
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n... pain of a dream that can never be realized. just stand back with the juju man, to tell time by the weariness in your bones, to believe that misfortunes and starvation is a will of a god? it's our way, our way, our father's way, like a tomb for the other man. ? all i want to do is look through this glass... and see tarzan. you sure got it in for tarzan, , l right. but i'd, i understand how you feel about him and all that, i just don't like what you're thinkin' on doing. but, kesho, what's with him?
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ah, poacher like you, eh? oh, no, that was a small part of it. ? kesho was bleedin' his own tribe a dozen ways to the middle. like i told you, you keep your eye on him, he's the real racketeer. i get it, now it's telephone poles instead of totem poles, you might say, eh? and some wild idea about new ways to farm the sea. he's moving the whole tribe to set up a series of fishing outposts. that'd plow kesho's graft right out from underneath them, and he don't l le that.
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run! ? he's off his rocker, you can't do anything about the past, nothing. except get even. ? thanks, cheeta. ? you goin' somewhere, sonny? you don't wanna leave now! no, siree, the fun is just beginnin'!
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"two men..."
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he's burned the village! ng left but ashes." months of work wasted. "tell your people..." the beginning? the elders think they will soon come to destroy every village, the others, this, and every man, woman, and child. i was against n'duma's plann ! what has this to do with my plan? these men are thieves, poachers! for now, they hunt us instead of animals! because of you and because of tarzan! because he testified at that trial? it was none of his business! it was mine! and yours! if we want to live as free men, we must earn that right!
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i think the first thing is to notify your people at the o opost, get them out of there. but, it would be too late before we got there. i can get there in time, now you send a runner to the district officer, tell him what happened. he'll know what to do. ? logo? you are swift, my only son, if ever you ran with your heart, do so now, go.
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-foreman. -yes, tarzan? you must take your people from this outpost, go back totohe village. -now? -you hear those drums? they will not attack us, we've worked so hard here. depends upon the sea. i know, foreman, a a i'm sorry but you're going to have to leave this place, now do as i say, get your things together and get out of here, now! jai!
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foreman! where's jai? he usually plays up the beach there. good, well we'll pick him up on the way.
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unless i've gone stone-blind, there ain't a bleedin' soul in sight. you're sure, huh?
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we'll burn this place down. you got here too late. oh, is that right?! tarzan ...tarzan led the people out. they're heading up the beach back to the village. well there's only one way to go! we'll be waiting for him, let's go! ? look at him... a bloomin' moses, he is! leadin' the people out of the wilderness.
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i got him, i got him!
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i'm not restricted anymore. i have freedom to live now. join the thousands of people nationwide alreaea using mobile help. and help
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? -now, where are you going? -now, you must kill n'duma. we made a bargain.
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half of the amount we agreed... the rest when it is over. i have learned the ways of your people. it is called "deposit." go on back to your village. when you hear a rifle shot, you'll know we've arrived. he's a bit shaken up, that's all. kid's gonna be all right. i got him...i killed tarzan!
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tarzan was shot. they saw it happen, they say he dropped like a rock in the water. tarzan's dead.
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do you mind if we stop for a few minutes? they'll still be there. now, tell me, do you think the villagers will hand over n'duma to you? people are people, they'll do anything to save their own skin. aren't you poetic? "no tawdry rule of kings, but toil of serf and sweeper." kipling. ooh, wait, you know, i met this girl once
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"do you like kipling?" what do you think she says? "i dunno, i've never kippled." "i never kippled!" haha, it is all right, eh? question is: how to kill n'duma? well, what's the difference, mate...dead is dead. there's only one way to come into this world. there's a thousand different ways to leave it. let's think of something special... some special way of killing him. of course, mate, sure. you just put your mind to it, we'll come up me.
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(speaking foreign language)
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i ask your permission to speak with the men who attack us. they may kill you. send n'duma. what is the use of bartering with evil men? perhaps they wilil.. take a bribe? go! those must be the men whwhburned the other village. ? they have no quarrel with the village or its people, their quarrel is with tarzan and with him! they say if tarzan and n'duma will come out,
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they h he guns! they will attack and burn the village! they wait for your answer, jaga! the decision is not mine alone. it is for the council l decide. but tarzan's alive, why don't you give it up, crandell? five minutes, maybe ten minutes, that's all it's gonna take. but tarzan's not dead. we could put a torch to the bloody village and get out of here. brat tried to spoil my aim, but i still hit him and even if tarzan's still alive just think of how he and n'duma are sweating it out right now! you know what i think? i think your being in the klink has affected your brain, i io. listen! do you know whatatthree years i? sure, mate, i was there with ya, wasn't i? i'm a man and i've g g blood flowing through my veins,
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choking me! i'll kill ya, dawkins, i'd kill ya just as soon as look at ya! now, if you try and back out on me, i'll kill ya! i wouldn't do that, i wouldn't do that at all! i appreciate what you've done for me, i do! i'm the man who killed tarzan, that's the only thing that means anything to me. just two! just two to save the lives of many! t written that one died to save the lives of all? listen to me! is n'duma worthy of his name?! he would leave the village! spare the council!
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i'm not one of you... therefore whether i live or die is really none of your c ccern. but whether this man lives or dies... that is your concern. now, i've thought that the people of this village were worthy of a man like n'duma and worthy of the things he can do for you, the things he has done for you. i was wrong, you're not worthy. i think you'd send this man to his death to save your own lives. you twist words, he can offer his life to save the village! is that what you think? is that what the rest of you think? are you all steeped in the same fear that has kesho? so that you think i twist words? if you sent him out there, if you let him go out there, then you're buying your own lives at the cost of his.
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! speak, tarzan. i shall... now, think about this, people, just think about this... what if tomorrow, or the day after... other men stand at the end of your street and they say, "give us jaga!" or bolo, or ingana. and because once y y gave them a man, by the name of n'duma, then you give them jaga as a scapegoat, or bolo, or ingana... and then no man could ever live in this village without fear. and no man could ever think he owes anything to this village or to this chief, because he ththks it owes nothing to him. is it written that it is better to be a live stork than a dead lion? if you allow this to happen, if you dare send him out there, you will serve notice that this village
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and the name of this village shall be the same as the name of the jackal! i shall stand at the center of your village, alone. ?
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tarzan, you hear me, tarzan? you still alive? they tell me you're somewhere in the village, tarzan! you recognize the kid, tarzan?! that's your little friend, jai! all right, ape-man, some and get the bait!
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aim at his feet, we'll make him dance. please, tarzan, please! ? go back, tarzan! ? faster, ape-man! faster, if i get bored, i'll start shooting at the kid! no, tarzan, no! what's that fool doing, he's forgotten about n'duma!
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here's the man that you fear. look at him. he's nothing more than a petty thief who depends
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now, listen to n'duma carefully. go back to the seashore, rebuild your village, and never fear the likes of crandell again. ? let's go, son.
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i see you, old man. i see you, tarzan. why did the hebu do this thing? it is the will of the spirit, ungai. why is ungai angry at mcveigh? mcveigh has committed sacrilege, he must die. this is a bad thing, n'gota. it is out of my hands, tarzan. it is the spirit, ungai. ? danial? i didn't think you'd get here in time.
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why did the hebu put the juju on mcveigh. they said that he chopped down the sacred maguma tree. peter wouldn't do that. they don't know him as we know him. he was a stranger, the maguma was desecrated, and they blame him. yeah. ? frankie, take care of frankie. his daughter, francios. don't you worry, peter, we'll take care of her.
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? cheeta, go play. one, down river, for sure. she's on this one, they confirmed it by radio from down river. why so anxious? well, it's been a long time since i've seen her. i don't know whether she'll recognize me or not.
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-danial? -yes. you are danial. oh, it's been a long time, danial. too long, miss frankie. oh, my, you're all grown up. hey, this is tarzan, another one of your father's friends. how do you do? my father always did have such interesting friends. frankie? this is mister burnett, he was my friend on board coming up river. is danial, my father's foreman. and, uh, this is tarzan. well, uh, we know each other very well, don't we, danial? and i also know tarzan very well. were was it last? up in the kimberly country, wasn't it? you haven't forgotten that easily, burnett. danial, would you and frankie mind if you waited for me in the car a moment? chad, can we drop you any place? frankie, why don't you do what the man says and, uh, i'll talk to you later?
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burnett, what are you doing here? i'm a legitimate mining... you weren't a legitimate anything when i ran you out of the kimberly. well, this is where i stop running. don't be so sure of that, burnett. frankie, as soon as you get settled, i'll come up and see ya. make it soon. danial, it's a long trip to the mcveigh house and i don't think we'll get there before dark. are you coming along, too, i thought you were going up river? no, i've changed my mind.
9:08 am
well? i met the girl down river, rode up with her. she's a sharp chick, purdy, she's learned all the tricks and all the answers. what did she say to the offer? i didn't make any. why? i said she was smart. any kind of offer for worthless property, it'll start her asking questions. a kid like this doesn't believe in philanthropic strangers. sooner or later she's gonna find out what she's sitting on. now, we've got to get rid of her, soon. i said we should have used muscle and mcveigh while he was still alive. just one little complication, purdy. what's that? -tarzan. -tarzan? where does he come into this? he was mcveigh's friend and now he's appointed himself one of her guardians, but don't you worry,
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oh, yes. i owe him something. ? whiskey. ? what's the matter, tarzan? i was just wondering why you hadn't mentioned your father since you got off the boat. what's there to say? he's dead. don't you want to know how he died? se about him. well, don't expect me to cry over a man i never knew. he loved you very much. really? then how come i lived in foster homes until i was 14? i better stop for some water. need some help, danial?
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how did he die? the medical report said it was cholera. and what do you say? frankie, your father's claim was in hebu country. n'gota, the chief witch doctor, put a curse on your father. well, what was he doing in this country anyway? your father was looking for diamonds. diamonds, you mean he left me a diamond mine? i said he was looking for diamonds, i didn't say he found them. oh, always looking for something that wasn't there. my father left me.
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now, be careful. ? sala moon, n'gota. sala moon, tarzan. has n'gota turned into a foolish old man, who sits in the middle of the road? the spirit of ungai sent me to meet somebody. in a dream, he told me to meet this person where the maguma once stood. what about this person?
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that person is here now. (tribal speech) well, what's going on and what did that funny, old man say to me? he said, when you come back, he'll be waiting for you. oh, is that all? man, the way he was talking, it sounded like a judge handing out a sentence of death. a minute, that's the way they do it around here, isn't it? that's the way they do it, frankie.
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you wait out here, huh? what are we waiting for? stay, just a moment. ? there's matches and a lamp on the center table in the front room, tarzan.
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danial, what is he doing? when a house has been vacant for a while, it's best to go inside and check it to make sure there's nothing unpleasant. ? it's all right, you can go in. hey, any surprises? yes, one, a black mamba. oh, thanks, tarzan. listen, danial, you take frankie inside. close up all these windows and doors tight. age. pay a visit to our friend, n'gota. and danial... don't let frankie go outside.
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ungai. ungai. ungai. ungai. ungai. perhaps ungai is sleeping? you don't call loud enough? sala moon, tarzan. sala moon, n'gota. did you have a good dream? he has sent a messenger to the young lady. the young lady is dead. is that what ungai told you? truly, he did. ungai is a liar. the woman is alive, the messenger is dead, i killed him. is this true? mcveigh is dead, the payment is made. why do you wish the daughter dead also? the maguma is still hungry.
9:19 am
the meals turn sour under cooked fires. and the children, they grow sick and die from eating them. perhaps it was not mcveigh who killed the maguma tree. perhaps it was another? perhaps the...perhaps the debt was paid with wrong blood? no, ungai himself pointed a stick at mcveigh. i've already proven ungai is a liar. now, listen to me, n'gota, and listen to me well. if anything bad happens to the daughter, put it in a dark room where there is no air. do you understand me? yeah. ? gietty, n'gota. gietty, tarzan.
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what's the matter? don't come out here. danial, i want to know what is going on. they wrecked the car and the lights. they, who is they? the hebu tribe, they don't want you to leave. i don't get it. come here. ? all right, what is it? it's the maguma sign. they say that as each leaf drops from that branch, when the last one falls, you will die. ? i wouldn't try it.
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you have the hebu working for you, huh? that's right, it always pays to have local friends at the scene of one's operations. what do you pay them with, burnett, whipping? ready, purdy? everything's set, sport. (tribal speech) now, you stay where you are, i could use a bullet, but i think an accident will be much more convincing to anyone if they ever find you.
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? oh, this is ridiculous, there is no such thing as witchcraft, it's just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. died of cholera, the medical report said so. out there in the jungle, many things grow that few men know about. there are things that can kill you if you touch them or taste them or even if you breathe them in. the men that know about these things are the witch doctors. but as you say, miss frankie, there's no such thing
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then i saw it. i'm just so frightened. i'm really frightened. will they ever stop that noise? what was wrong with that man? he abandoned my mother, he left me with strangers, why? why did he keep on making promises that he... he couldn't keep? he believed them.
9:32 am
rough life on a smile and a dream. great dreams with a smile, the kind that great men dream. but he was a flop, a failure. he was as great in his failures as other men are in their successes, he was unlucky. it's only the wind. ? i'm not gonna leave, honey. what is that? it's a car. danial, it's burnett. burnett, hey, burnett! -take a few of these. -what is that?
9:33 am
there we are, very good. take them all at once. take a swig of this. what did you want to talk about, chad? about your mine. you never give up, do you, burnett? first he tried to steal it from your father and now he's trying to steal it from you. -danial! -it's all right. it's all right, frankie, he'll be all right. danial will be all right. danial was right, i did try to steal your father's property at a ridiculously low price, but for an unproducing mine, it was a very good price. well, why do you want a mine that doesn't produce. because there's great potential into proper management. as a mining engineer, frankie, i can see great promise in that ground. with very little capital, it might prove out another kimberly reef. do you realize what that can mean? well, what's your proposition? a partnership between you and me. now, i'll furnish all the cash and the "know-how" in exchange for half the claim, what do you say?
9:34 am
all it needs is your signature. it's a memorandum agreement between us, to form a partnership in the development and operation of a diamond claim, patents held by yourself, as heiress of the late peter mcveigh. now, all you have to do is sign right here. here you are. that's fine. now can we leave? yes, now, you get your things together and purdy and i will wait out in the truck for ya. -c'mon, purdy. -hey? how goes the partnership, burnett? very simple, if one partner dies, according to this agreement, the survivor inherits all assets.
9:35 am
chad, chad! chad, chad, you can't leave me alone! ? danial oh, danial, it's all over now. there's only one left, one left.
9:36 am
help me, help me!
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? to the death tree!
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9:42 am
why do you come here? this is not your place in the jungle. there's no place in the jungle tarzan cannot go, n'gota. now, what dawa do the hebu make in this place? why'd you prepare the tree of death? did i not tell you what would happen to you if any harm came to this girl? you said you would take my spirit in a dark place where there is no air.
9:43 am
i was afraid no more. who told you tarzan was dead? oh. well, where did you see me die? it was mistake. what's your name? -m'bolo. -m'bolo. you've made many mistake, m'bolo, many mistakes. truly, you are the lord of the jungle, but in this, we cannot obey you. the ghost of the maguma cries for the blood of his murderer. she is of that blood, she is daughter of mcveigh. how do you know mcveigh killed the maguma? he was seen in the act of murder. m'bolo saw it and told it to us. surely the evil do not believe the word of a liar. did not m'bolo tell you i was dead? is that not a lie?
9:44 am
mcveigh killed the maguma? -no one paid me. -no one paid you? well, then perhaps you'd like to take the test for lying? it was the other man in the jungle that told me to lie, it was barnett. cut her down. perhaps burnett should be brought here to tell the hebu why he paid m'bolo to lie? we do not know where to find him. could m'bolo show you? m'bolo, i charge you to find the muzungu and bring him to this holy place. go! thank you, tarzan. it's not over yet. we have to wait here for the hebu to find burnett and bring him back. now look, purdy, when we get into town, i'll register the partner agreement with the civil commissioner. i want you to take those orr samples...
9:45 am
y're stashed safely away, right here. all right, that's fine, i want you to take those orr samples down to the government assay office. tell them you want a speedy report on it, okay? got ya, hey, mate? i wonder what happened to your new partner. did you hear those drums stop a little while ago? just about that time, i became sole owner of the mcveigh patent, let's go. ? what is it, m'bolo? whoa, what's going on? m'bolo, what is it? n'gota wants to see you. go, go! what is this n'gota, why'd you send your spearmen after me, am i not a friend of the hebu? well, this is a surprise. i can't say it's a pleasant one. i suppose you're responsible for my being here?
9:46 am
about mcveigh. i paid no one to lie. and i may add, i resent being called a hyena even in swahili. the name fits you. this man is my enemy, n'gota, he tells lies about me. he will even say i killed the maguma. why would burnett lie, he's always been a friend of the hebu? perhaps he wanted mcveigh dead so he could steal his property, for one thing. that is another lie. then perhaps you and i should take the test of truth, find out who's really lying? i accept the tests, n'gota.
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the snake's bite is deadly. there are two stones in this basket. each man must reach in and take out a stone. the great god, ungai, will protect all who speak truth. ungai, ungai, ungai. ? tarzan?
9:50 am
as long as the hand is steady, snake won't bite. ? burnett?
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? ?
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? truly, i see no wonder, as the last leaf of the maguma fell. so did the man who committed the sacrilege. then the payment of blood has been mad in full.
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well, i guess i'll go back again and, uh, sing for my supper. wait a minute. nobody said that mine of yours wasn't valuable. oh, c'mon, tarzan... i said there weren't any diamonds. there aren't diamonds in it. you never find diamonds in a cinnabar deposit. what is a cinnabar deposit? cinnabar is mercury. one of the rarest, and most valuable metals in the world. you're sitting on top of a mountain of it. you're about to be a very rich, young lady. me? -nah. -yes! oh, well, that's my old man for ya. drill for oil and hit water and dig for diamonds and strike mercury. ah! oh, he never did get what he went after, did he? danial, you take care of this little girl. she just might turn into something exceptional,
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? look at what's happened to me ? ? i can't believe it myself ? ? suddenly i'm up on top of the world ? ? it should have been somebody else ? ? believe it or not i'm walking on air ? ? i never thought i could feel so free ? ? flying away on a wing and a prayer ? ? who could it be ? ? believe it or not it's just me ?


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