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tv   Today  WRAL  November 12, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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up that tree, quick! they were going to kill meme well, what makes you think they were trying to kill you, miss... ms. diana russell. they were trying to kill me.
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i'm a feature writer for corporate news agency. you're here to cover the e ee elections of the tribes, is that right? i thought it would be safe to travel the 20 miles from wambusi to kimini's headquarters. i guess i was wrong. yes, ma'am. well, thanks very much for your help. now who are you? tarzan! up here, jai. why i guess that answers my question. and your friends? well my friends are jai and cheetah. jai the one with the bikini?
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the newspaper woman. tarzan. yes. there was no way to keep him from coming, mr. brooks. he and kimini haveveeen friends since they were children. yes, i know. kimini wants to make him an advisor kimini, kimini! jai! tarzan said i gotta cut this out, and just shake hands when you're the new president. well, i'm not the new president yet, so for right now, this will be just fine, huh? my newspaper thought that putting these tribes
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was worth telling the world about. ms. russell, you're going to have a fine story about a free nation carved out of a jungle. ms. russell, may i present kimini, who i'm sure is going to be the next president. how do you do? my pleasure, ms. russell. kimini, it's been four years. yes, it has been a long time. i thought about you often in school. did you learn anything? oh well, i have a degree in political science, and a degree in psychology. well that's splendid. if you can't lead your people as a politician... i can put them on the couch and analyze them, right? y. mr. kimini, would you mind if i ask you a few questions before you hit the political trail? i mean, you do know why i'm hehe? oh yes, the corporate news association. that's right. yes, and i'll do anything that i canano help the rest of the world understand what we are trying to do here in the jujule. thank you. now, mr. brooks, he sent you to school, right? yes, that's s ght. it's rather expensive. well i'm sure you know my family is in planes, ships...
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yes, munitions. that's why i feel the best thing i can do is to promote peace. this is a big, restless country, ms. russell, and the sooner they learn the democratic way with the schools and medicine, the sooner this restless country will pull together. that sounds good to me, and kimini here is just the man to do that job. ms. russell, do you know that we'e' going on foot from here into deep jungle? it's pretty rough. yes, i know. alright, i'll provide you with tents and bearers for your persosol belongings. i always travel light. alright, we'll start in an hour. first election stop: wambusi. it's very good to have both of you here. thank you. kimini, those two men there with brooks, who are they? his secretaries. secretaries? yes.
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n, these men have all been trained by mr. brooks for the past two years. he flew them in special. they're to be my bodyguards. i see. well, i have much to do, but i want to extend my personal welcome to you, ms. russell. if there is anything... i'll call on you, thank you. yes, and thank you for coming. i need you. anytime, my friend, anytime. o you mean? i'm slugging it fraud. it's newspaper jargon. a slug is a line of type used for identification. fraud is my headline for this whole operation. so young and so cynical. not cynical, just that i've been around long enough to know that no one does anything for anyone unless there's a pay-off.
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i think i shall put kimini on the top of my list. i'm afraid you're going to be disappointed, young lady. i've known kimini for a lot of years. i trust him. i'm m ugging it fraud. did you hear what she said? she's slugging it fraud. do you think the girl knows? i don't think so, but if she stays around long enough... no, we've all been to the same school, the same indoctrination course. our training tells us clearly that it's too dangerous for her to come along. what about tarzan? we've already had our instructions about him.
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in the ring before, but... ? twenty-three twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine. thirty seconds.
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the election is important to all of you. when our tribes are joined together, mr. brooks will give us the financial assistance and equipment, we so desperately need. for schools and books, and hospitals, and good doctors. money for cattle. each tribe will pick a man that they feel would make a good president over all the tribes. your boy certainly has a gift of gab. then you will... kimini is a fine man. he's honest, he's dedicated... mentally and physically. he's well prepared to be a good president. yes, i'm sure when there's a general election, he'll win. i will campaign with these men in open debate. then a general election will take place, me too, cheetah. ...casting their ballots as they see fit. let's go, come on.
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will be set up. and each tribe will have an equal number of delegates in a common congress. hooray! we've been well-trained. we've practiced it many times. the feeling is fear. they said it should be.
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the words kimini has spoken to you today should live forever in the archives of your country as a constant reminder of the beginning of the united democracy you are about to form. a democracy that will grow by leaps... you know, cheetah, i bet i could mama a good collar for you. ? where'd you get this thing? back at the village. he just walked off and left it there.
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so i'm gonna make a necklace for myself. did you see that the bombb ? he did a professional job. he remembered every dedeil. that's only his first. yes, it's a pity it's to be his last. itit set for 30 seconds. and the monitor? when he activates it, he can hear it. you know, these new time bombs with the voice on the tape, you know exactly when to make your move. yes, it's a great improvement. i think i'm going totopeak to him. bombi?
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the place is the next rest stop. we're only five miles away from the village. yes, i know that. the girl and tarzan are enemies to our cause, bombi. they seek to destroy the time that we need. i won't forget. go on, mr. brooks. call a rest period. i'm ready. i will not fail. good. ? rest, rere! rest! come on, let's ask tarzan where
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where dodoou think we could make camp tonight? well, i think we better decide that a little later. mrmrbrooks, one of your secretaries named bombi... yes? which one is he? he's right there, sitting next to o . russell.
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bombi? jai said he found this in the village. he said you dropped it there. is that a grenade handle? grenade handle? yes, it's a grenade handle. well, where did you get it? come and get her, tarzan. come on,n,on't you wanna know where the handles come from? from the grenade right here on my back. this is a count... 29, 28, 27... clear out, it's a time bomb! comemen, do you want her? come get her! twenty-two, twenty-one... come get her. nineteen, eighteen... come on. you wanna get her?
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ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one... do you still think i'm crying wolf? from this you're not, that's why you're leaving. ah, not till i get my story. what you're about to get is dead.
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rzan. under the circumstances, ms. russell, i think it would be much safer if you headed back he was a fanatic. for civilization. well, you saw the look on his face before he died. he may have been sent by another tribe to kill kimini, and he was sitting next to you when the bomb went off. i have no enemies. even if i did, they would kill with the weapons they know best. a poison dart, an arrow, and these people are not cowards. actually, mr. brooks, this is a decision press would be most unhappy for ms. russell to make, but, well i'm sure that people if anything should happen to her. alright, i'll go, it's obvious i won't be able to find my way back alone, could you go with me?
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i'm sure. could weweet started before dark? -i'm not leaving. -yes, you are. no, you know somomhing and i want to know what you know and how you know it. we'll talk later when we're alone. no, wewere going to talk now. i'm not leaving until you level with me. you are leaving, young lady, if i have to carry you, is that understood? as soon as i find cheetah and jai. but you drop these little innuendos, drag me away from my story, and then expect me to play nursemaid to some... jai! i found this where you dropped it. i couldn't find the other one. can i keep it? sure you can, jai. so i'm going to pound it out i was going to make a necklace, and mama a belt buckle.
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jai, i'll help you. it'll make a beautiful buckle. really, a beautiful one, and i do need a bracelet for good luck. kimini! be back in two days. yes, w wwill wait for you in umbala. let's go, nursemaid. come on, cheetah. ? there yoyogo, jai, find yourself a strong reed and you'll have a belt with a fancy buckle. it's beautiful.
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piranha. don't worry, we already saw that. piranha? yes, a school of them will turn this water white. they could pick an elephant to the bone in a matter of five hours. people? they prefer them. now what? i'm not going to make a belt buckle. i'm going to chip this off here, and find a piece of wood for a handle and i'll have a dandy little knife. sit down, we'll talk. how do you know about universal amalgamated press? it's a aode name, you know it. i know it. we have a mutual friend.
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that's right, andre machon. he asked me to take care of you, said to give you a hand if you needed it. i figured you needed it. did andre tell you what to do if anything happened... give you any instructions? he gave me this. you see that "x"? can you u t me there? i'll have to know more than that. can you find it? yes, i can find it, it's right up the river here. well i'm to meet two interpol agents there. o show them my story before i released it to the paper. anything for a story, huh? no, please, bear with me, now figure it out. kimini's four year education, the bearers all trained soldiers, this democracy pitch... very well and good, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with kimini. i hope kimini's clean, and even if he is, after the elections are held, he's bound to feel a sense of gratitude towards brooks, obligated. brooks is crafty, he's smart,
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means the same thing as president. mmm. is what you're saying, that all of brooks' money is from foreign instruct, huh? that's right. when were you susuosed to meet these interpol men? they've been waiting for me for two days. let's go. hey, look, i've got a carved knife. let's see. hey, how about that? rather looks like a sickle. it didn't come out the way i planned. oh, it's much better than that old belt buckle. you want it as a present? i'd love it as a present, thank yoyo well, should we get going? i don't think i'd like to cross there. me neither. you can count me in on that. let's go.
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get down here, keep still and wait for me. ? i don't like it. something's happened here... no birds, no noise.
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n. see, this is a lagoon, the tide empties in here. jai, i want you to stay here, and i mean stay here, son, until i come back. and watch that, i'll find out what this is all about. alright.
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quite a fight. fight? looks more like a war. drag marks. ?
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john levitt. it's one of the men i was supposed to meet. how did brooks find out? in the shack, quick!
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go back, go back! follow me!
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the tide will come soon and cover them up, and the piranha will take care of the rest. ms. russell, why couldn't you just have gone home? i'm thinking about that right now. brooks, tell me something, why go to all this trouble? why don't you just tie us up and throw us in the water? the girl, yes, you? no.
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the water might sweep you past those little fishes and we'd never know for sure. ? the two of us against one, two, too many. we're going to need help. i don't see kimini out there.
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i can't leave tarzan like that, they'll kiki him. it should take about 30 minutes. mm-hmm. do you think we should leave? let's go. here lies the indestructible ms. russell. ?
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little knife of jai's, do you still have it? -yeah. -where is it? it's in my right pocket. can you get it? i'll try. with your mouth. that's it... keep trying. come on, you can get it. that's it, you've got it! now throw it to me over here, 's good. i've got it. under my s sulder...
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in a nice, small bank, where it's quiet, lots of policemen, safes, alarm b bls. i'll bet. i've got it. that's good. under the shoulder... wait a minute, i lost it. ? kimini! kimini! kimini! what is it, jai? it's mr. brookssand tar. slow down, slow down. mr. brooks, and all the men
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that's why he took the men and left me. come, jai, we're going to need help. under my elbow, there it is. down in the water... od on these ropes, what are you doing? way the piranha will go for the ropes, maybe get them before they get my hand.
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looks like it... free! now, listen, i'm going to cut you free. i want you to watch them, ananif you see them start to move this way or turn this way, yell "stop!" okay. stop. tarzan is in trouble. do we stand here and argue whether i have been right or wrong? or do we move out and help him?
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okayayyou're free. lie still. -keep watching. -stop. okay, go. alright, now listen, we're both free. lie very still. when i give the word, undo the rope on your feet and run across that inlet over there. understand? okayaywhat about the piranha? don't worry about the piranha. you have on boots, we'll make it. we'll let brooks and his bearers
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okay, get ready. go! mr. brooks. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. they can only head for the beach. you take half the men, cut to the other side. we'l'lbeat the brush, if we scare up a lion, a jaguar, maybe they'll do the job for us.
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it's the beaters. this is where i came in. wait a minute. they split. i hope this encounter with them turns out as well as the first one. me, too.
8:52 am
they wererright there. i know because i saw them there. piranha! this way! ? they couldn't have gotttt through our side. a rabbit couldn't have gotten through ours. we've got them trapped with their backs to the ocean. let's go.
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move in! kimini. let's go!
8:55 am
ahhh, oh, help!
8:56 am
take them to the village.
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brooks is dead, the piranha got him. it's just as well. i've been a fool. i thought that money and words could easily solve that a nation with unity and fairness cannot be given, but must be earned by hard work and sacrifice, not by just a few, but by all. well, i've got to get this story goioi. wait a minute. i thought you gave up reporting for a nice, safe bank job? first this story to the world. i slug it, "democracy built
8:58 am
pardon me, intestinal fortitude. i missed the fight. you missed it. i was ready, too. i found this where you and ms. russell were tied up. jai, it was you who brought kimini. yes, h hcame to me as straight as an arrow. i gave this to you as a present, don't you want it? do i want it? of course i want it. it's the most beautiful present in the whole world. jai, that little knife of yours saved our lives.
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? four dead, a young man, two women, a child.
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m'kono. ? that's m'kono's wife and child. who did thisis two men, foreigners. they came looking for information. information? years agag i guided a man and his son. they wanted to know where. did they find out? yes, to the o o trading post. the woman and the child became frightened. they tried to run. where are the young men of your tribe? for the men, life goes on.. they hunt, take care of the cattle. your drums tell a different story. those are angry drums. your young men seek revenge. call your young men back.. let the authorities take care of this. my warriors will not listen until they find the murderers.
9:03 am
those men are looking for steuer. yes. yes, of course. time and the past do have a way of catching up, don't they? is steuer's son with him? yes. i better go directly to the trading post. i'll go through the jungle. they've got guns. i know theheve got guns. steuer could hardly defend himself against them e and a bible, now could he? radio for patrol. ? father! my father will be right with you. ah, the lion cup.
9:04 am
's done very well with you. name is helmut, sir. my guide and associate, kurt yager. i'm von wolvner. helmut... please go away from here and leave me alone. the roar has become a whimper. the legend of courage, a reality of fear. is this steuer, the leader of men, the will of steel who refused to admit defeat? what do you want here? you were the custodian of a trust, $1,000,000 in negotiable bonds, to keep alive the ideals we fought and died for.
9:05 am
wowoner, i beg of you, please. let the madness of the past remain buried, please. father! -why, helmut, listen to... -stop it! helmut! the swiss bonds, $1,000,000, give them to me. but i don't have them. many years, many miles, i've no time for lies and games. but i don't have them. where are they? they're gone. i swear to you... all gone, i don't have them. father! i swear to you, on the holy bible.
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? get in the car. ? kurt!
9:09 am
start the car. ? m'kono, tarzan's coming.
9:10 am
tarzan, you have come from my village. yes m'kono, i'm sorry. the police are on their way. it is my affair. it was my wife and my son who were shot down. we understand your grief, m'kono, believe me, we do, but this is a matter for the police. go back to your village. when i can stop my tears with the blood of the murderers, then i will go back to my village.
9:11 am
helmut, where's your father? ? helmut? ? something happen to your father? ? wolvner, now you've managed to make murderers of us all. that's not quite true.
9:12 am
always hiding, never sure when the force of justice would track him down. you call what you did justice? no, my dear, i never delude myself. you, your brother, myself, we want things, things that cost. you didn't really expect that $1,000,000 would fall into our laps. you were supposed to get the boy! all over this jungle. we must get out of here. with steuer dead, only the boy can tell us where the bonds are hidden. i saw the boy. he went with tarzan, after they buried steuer. there must be a place, somewhere near here, where tarzan would take the boy. yes, doctor faris.
9:13 am
in the morning, the e ys attend classes. some afternoons, we work on projects. it may take you a little time to get used to our r rtine, but we shan't hurry you. may i go now? here, helmut, good luck. tarzan, what am i going to do? teach him how to cry, doctor faris.
9:14 am
attention. after all, we are comrades. you are going to make a contribution
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sit, sit right there, sit.
9:19 am
you serve. ? our point.
9:20 am
your point. ? good shot. very good shot, your team's good, but i think you lose by default. why? well, i can't answer why, but i rather think that three of your players are ineligible. who are you? my name is jai. i'm looking for my friend, tarzan. how do you know he was here? the drums, they said he brought a boy to your school. and didn't the drums report that tarzan left here.
9:21 am
9:22 am
will you help me track the murderers who killed my wife and son? i can't do that. take my word for it, they'll be punished. there are wounds that call for instant remedies. ? the boy has gone off to the east with the foreigners. m'kono, wait. we've heard the drums, we don't need your help anymore. i was at the wedding feast when you married your wife. i was also there when your son was born. i know they wouldn't want you to do this. you cannot know my pain.
9:23 am
i'm your friend. because you are my friend, i leave you here. if i find you on the trail between me and those murderers, i'll kill you.
9:24 am
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9:27 am
they know we've got him. ? yesterday, i killed your father and had you abducted. does that make you hate me? i can't imagine that it makes him love you. keep quiet, helge. well, if we're playing 20 questions, he might as well know that i hate him, almost as much as i hate myself for being here. em. i asked you a question, helmut. he was weak, what you did was strong. and you, helmut, you are strong? i am. excellent, boy, excellent.
9:28 am
when your father brought you to this country a long time ago? hard to remember. but you weren't just another boy. no, no, no. yours was a blood of giants, the brain of a leader, the courage given only to those born to command. yes, sir. such a boy, you helmut, would d member when others forgot. you would will yourself to remember. you're strength would bring it back, bring it all back. i don't, i don't remember. yes, you do, of course e u do. try it, boy, try it. the two of you, father and son, and a guide, wasn't there a guide? yes, yes, there was a guide? but on yououway to the trading post, you stopped someplace.
9:29 am
everybody, away from everything, hidden. yes, i remember. your father had a package. a package? a briefcase, an attached case, a box? yes, a box, a metal box. where, helmut? strength boy, strength, remember! a lake, a lake. where? past a high mountain. near the land of theheacani.
9:30 am
say, i'm thirsty. do you think i can have some o othat water there? i'm sure m'kono has better things planned for me than dying of thirst.
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
are right behind you. one guguhot and they'll know exactly where you are. listen to him. now listen, i can lead you out of here, or you can stay here and fight m'kono and his men. why should you help us? you might deserve to die, but that's not my decision. that's up to the authorities. will you take us to the land of the jacani? it's as good a trail as any to get us away from these tribesmen. you believe all lives, even our lives, are important? yes, they are, you know. well, it's a very rough trail. much safer than the one we've been taking.
9:34 am
i'll ask you the same question, why? if what i do takes you to what you want, what difference dodo it make? if it's the boy you want, you can take him now, this minute, and walk out of here to safety. what would happen to that boy if i take him back now, the way he's feeling? he would be safe, you would both be safe. began beating the drums, started that boy marching again. do you see, that boy's sick. i'm hoping this trek will cure him. and when will you know that?t? when he cries. cries? you mean when he substitutes love for hate, humility for arrogance? when he learns that man is created
9:35 am
you know, i could love a man like you. there's something else i wish you could do. that's run. we're about to be attacked, go.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
what you hurt? okay, hold still. get her on her feet. it's badly sprained, she can't walk. here, kurt, put that boot in your backpack. no, von wolvner! she can't move. it's dangerous for all of us if we leave her here.
9:39 am
we are heading. no, i swear i wouldn't. i do wish i could believe you, but at certain timim, even i have to be a realist. we all go or no one goes. she'll hold us back. no. okay, von wolvner, you set the pace. we'll keep up. don't exexct me to make it easy for you. the direction's that way. just hold on tight. ? there is an easier path. it will take longer, but we will catch them. we cannot go further, we have people at the forest.
9:40 am
i will go with you. ? this is the place. that box. you must remember, where did your father hide it? i think it's this way. there's a cave a few hundred feet up the shore. show me, look after your sister. von wolvner, i want to be there when you find those bonds. don't try to cheat me out of my share.
9:41 am
why don't you tell him the truth? why don't you tell him that the greater glory of the super race means the greater glory of a thief, a thief named von wolvner? if you're going to that lake you better get started. it gets dark early here. you'll accompany us, that will reassure our brave hunter.. kurt, rerex, no one will cheat you out of your just reward. you've got a stake in this too. that's what i've been trying to live
9:42 am
a million dollars, our last chance. i am stuck here. don't worry about me, go and protect your interests, if you think you can handle von wolvner. yes, i can. kurt, can you? there it is! the entrance is blocked. i remember my father did that with dynamite when he hid the box. yoyoknew all along.
9:43 am
i can get both of you and the boy before you can move a muscle. you came after all. i have my own interests to protect. you shouldn't be surprised he hit you. that's what he's been preaching to you ever since he found you. you never even gave me a chance to tell you there's another entrance into the cave. how? i've plotted and schemed for 20 years. it took me all that time to track your father down, i won't be cheateded there's an underwater passage about 20 feet down. it's too late to find out now. first thing tomorrow morning. why don't you tell helmut the truth? why don't you tell him you never had any intention of using those bonds for any cause other than your own personal enrichment. you lied to me.
9:44 am
he'll murder. a man like that will do anything to get what he wants. this kind of strong man always does. i have survived admirably all that time. so did your father, in the old days. back to the girl. ? you know me well enough now, kurt. as soon as we get the bonds, tarzan and the boy will die.
9:45 am
9:46 am
? you haven't slept at all. i've been thinking. well, that never hurt anyone. about my father. you know, when i was... when i was younger, he gave me books to read and study. later on, he took those books away.
9:47 am
a life without room in it could be tiring for a growing boy. it was just the two of us, you know. i wanted so much to be strong, like it said in those books. and i wanted him to be strong, too. but he changed. he became something that i didn't like. he was different, what von wolvner calls my father's weakness. what do you call it, helmut? i don't know. he wanted me to change, but i couldn't. that's when i stopped listening to him. i laughed at him. or him. and now? i can't.
9:48 am
i just don't know. ? i'm not sure but i think it's here. ? where? right...right down in there somewhere. ? find out.
9:49 am
did you find it? no, that e erance is blocked too. morereecrets. please, i know nothing. i think it's... big rock
9:50 am
i'll see for myself. ? it's blocked, all right. then move it, get it out of the way. i tried. get down there and move that rock. i'm not interested in those bonds. i am.
9:51 am
you're still of some value to me. -hold still! -stop it! helge, get out of this. don't make this a difficult choice for me. tarzan, i think you may be interested in those bonds after all. ? my brother, i feel they are near. i must hurry.
9:52 am
? did you move it? it has to be moved. if not, i promise you, you, the boy, and the girl will all die. kurt, are those your words too? it's $1,000,000. , tarzan.
9:53 am
? there's nothing down there. nothing? you are lying, it must be there. no bonds, no box, no nothing. a lot of loose rocks and empty rubble. don't go down there, it's dangerous.
9:54 am
me. you think i believe you? ? he's lying, isn't he? i would have all those years wasted.
9:55 am
kurt, be careful! help m m ? got to stop them... -no, no, no... -it's dangerous...
9:56 am
they're dead. ? i'm sorry your brother had to go out that way. i tried to warn them. today, next week, next year, it was inevitable. it had to happen. what about you, what are you going to do? i will find someplace, something, somebody, and i will learn how to cry. m'kono, where are your men? they've gone back to the village. i gave no thought to yours. now i too shall return. we shall miss your father. we love him, we respect him.
9:57 am
? helmut, come here, i want to talk to you. ? sit down. ? a long time ago, before you were born, your father and a lot of men just like him got involved in something that was very bad. your father was sorry, he was genuinely sorry he was involved. his books, the ones he took away from me, they're part of it, weren't they? yes, those books, those bonds.
9:58 am
can we look for them? and if we do, what do we do with them? give them back. try to help them, say we're sorry. helmut, even before i led you here, before i dived in that water, i knew there was no box, no bonds down there. ck, try to help. what? i hahato hear you say that, because that's what your father said. his life someday, but he had the strength to notify the authorities, tell them where that box was. asked them to give the bonds to the international reparation. strength of goodness.
9:59 am
you go ahead and cry. ?
10:00 am
? look at what's happened to me ? ? i can't believe it myself ? ? suddenly i'm up on top the world ?


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