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tv   Today  NBC  November 19, 2016 8:00am-9:29am EST

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cheetah, that's mymypelling book! ? cheetah!
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cheetah! cheetah, cheetah, come back here! it's all right, jai. it's all right. stay with cheetah. steady, steady. easy boy, easy, easy.
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i never saw an elephant act that nervous, before. never saw cheetah act like that either. come on down here, cheetah. i guess it's the thunder. we're sure going to get wet pretty quick. look like that's already started. just the beginning, jai. the animals know it. by tomorrow night, it'll be a full scale hurricane. here comes some more thunder.
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sounds like an airplane. i'm sure glad i'm not up there. hank, come in, hank. can you read me? hank! i know i've gone too far south, man. but listen to me. there's a fork two rivers. i'm turning now. gonna try to make it. no, you can still reach the hotel. now swing north again, i'll keep talkin'.
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strip. now, you listen to me like i told you. i'm going in for that hill. do like i say, you land on top of the hotel if you want to, but bring the plane in! you know what you're carrying for us, this time? you bring that plane in or we'll break every bone in your body. we want that plane here and in one piece.
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ms. lora, we're back. ? jai, jai, darling? goodness, go on, shoo! saved by a snake charmer, huh? tarzan.
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it didn't do anything. some day you'll learn, sonny. either it's you or them. well, what's that all about? i'm so glad to see you. i i ke it you are. i got your message, came as fast as i could. what's it for? well, tataan, i got these fishermen off a yacht staying here and, well last night they... what about last night? s the man we heard about? yes. tarzan, this is mr. bonacci. -hello. -hello. and this is ononof the men off their boat. name's hank, hiya, buddy. hello, hank. and this is mr., mr. john turner. -pleasure. -mr. turner. tarzan, do you know where there's a fork of two rivers aroundndere? yeah, with a big, bald hill? well, yes i do, it sounds like it's ambuga, a few miles south of here. good, maybe you can take us there. a plane apparently crashed there last night, tarzan. yeah, we were in our boat, see, last nigig i heard
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night, about dark. yeah, it was just a little after dark. this guy was screamin' he was gonna go d dn. he was gonna hit this big, bald hill. lora, did you know to give him a rescue? no, my p pne has been out of order all week. yeah, well, we tried on the yacht's radio, but we got trouble with the transmissioio like this poor pilot, i could hear him, but he couldn't hear... that's enough h that. hank and i will go with you, tarzan. that'll be the search party. i've been able to put together some first aid just a moment, gentlemenen now, you have a boat in the harbor. and i'm sure you've been watching the barometer. i can guarantee you a a rricane will hit here tonight. now, i can do this alone, it's no problem. well, the weather report says the hurricane won't hit for another 12 hours. i can always get another boat, tarzan. but that poor pilot out there, if he's still alive, well it's been bothering us all. we'd like to help get him out. i see.
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we can keep in touch with the hotel. wait, sonny, i think we'd better stay behind. you'd slow 'em down almost as much as i would. no i wouldn't, huh, tarzan? well, i don't know, maybe he's right. mamae you had better stay here. besides, lora here was just saying she'd like to have a visit with the boy. now, you'll have a chancnc to have a good one. be back before dark. good luck. ? jai, darling. there's some fresh cookies in the kitchen. go get some. i'll be there in a minute. can't i just send the boy back to the village? isn't it bad enough you're sending tarzan out there with those two? baby, get a hold of yourself. don't call me baby. why did you have to come here in the first place? what is that airplane all about? why is it here, and what's on it? freddy.
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what is he doing? take it easy, lora. you know how this outfit operates. the mobster mind. you'll just keep an eye ononhe boy, that's all. ?
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hank! well, what was it? relax, bonnie, you're bein' tailed by a guy in a black coat, that's all. hey, where's the jungle boy? where'd he go this time? jump a tree, thought he saw something ahead, maybe. i don't notice y y messin' up your nail polish in any side trips. hank, you're not bein' funny. now, if you want to live to work for the syndicate tarzan. tarzan. hey, part of a parachute. you find the plane? ? parachute didn't fully open?
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i wouldn't go back over there, if i were you. there's been some animals sniffing around. any sign of a plane? hank. take your machete there and cut some poles so we can carry the body back in a litter. hey, what t out the plane? hey, wait! don't shoot!
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hey, thanks buddy, i won't forget that. ? mr. turner, come in, mr. turner. yeah, we found the pilot, he's dead. we're gonna go out now and find the plane.. no, we're not. i told you there's a hurricane coming. we'll go back to the hotel now. tarzan, i don't want to seem ungrateful. it's not the pilot we wanted. it's his cargo. turner still have the kid? either you help us find the cargo, or your l ltle friend jai won't ever leave that hotel.
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? i guess everybody gets hungry when the storm comes. boy,y,hat's the best apple pie i've ever tasted in my whole life. well, there's plenty more where that came from, jai.i. you just sit tight, darling, and i'll get you another piece. okay, okay. ? you mean i have to eat with a knife and fork? oh, no, of course you don't, darling.
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sonny, any, any woman who invites snakes out to a porch and monkeys into a garbage can... she has helped you chased them away. haven't you, ma'am? that's right, jai. here. where are they? where's miko and tuana? well i had to send them away last night, jai. why? well, they were worried about the families in the village with the storms coming. g, darling, eat your pie. she does all her own cooking, now, too. you know, sonny, what i wonder is how a woman like her came to live in a place like this in the first place. ms. dunfee came here because her husband died. oh? tarzan says we shouldn't talk about it.
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how he died. tarzan says people shouldn't ask questions. jai, darling, you've had enough pie. now, you run along to the living room, okay? you can read some of my magazines. can't you keep your big mouth shut? i'm just curious about what you've told people, that's all. oh, lora, if you could just see yourself now. i i an from furs and sequence to... and your silly hat? oh, i'll never stay with the syndicate, baby. i just wanna let 'em use my trucks, that's all. tell me something, john, tell me. how many years ago was that? n just walk out of. you don't quit 'em that easy, baby. oh, no. no, of course not. just one more year.
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? you're such a big man with the company. why, you're even afraid of your own bodyguard. i just keep up the act, that's all, baby.. freddy's a blockhead. i know what they've done to my life, and now they're gonna pay for it. you think i just met this plane here by accident? i got three men on that boat. and hank out there with your friend tarzan, he's my man, t t. what are you talking about? i'm talking about a promise i made to my wife. to you. i will get out, darling, don't you understand that? i'm gonna beat the system this time. we're gonna win. yeah, freddy?
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turner here, come in. come in! good boy, hank. right, good work. let me know. they found parts of the plane. don't look so scared, lora. they're finding it, this will all be over pretty quick, and nonody gets hurt, right freddy? ? it's a wing. part of a seat. hey, hank, put that walkie talkie down and get over here. ? i was just tryin' to tell mr. turner, that's all. i think i saw a piece e the engine down there. hey, tarzan, wouldn't hurt you to help. all right. but suppose e u men tell me what you're looking for first. why?
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something you planned to smuggle out of africa on your boat, right? no, itit strictly a business proposition. we're transporting some of our profits from one pararof the world to another. hey! i think i saw somebody up there, but i don't know whether i hit 'em or not. who was it? it's just a native. trying to steal from the wreckage, huh? no, he was just curious about it, that's all. all right. come on, chase him away. en to that kid back in the hotel if you don't come right back, huh? ? now, listen to me. you must leave this place. you must go tell everyone, do you understand that?
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you think i really trusted you? what was that lingo? what was the message you were trying to give him? you'll never know, bonacci. you'll never know. and i'll tell you something else. you also might find your rules don't work here. hey, i found it! i found it! come on, get movin'! come on, move! ? found 'em both. that one isn't even burnt. man, that was lucky, was really lucky it wasn't burnt. ? it was supposed to be wrapped. tinfoil. yeah, thatatinfoil doesn't burn. you see, now, you see why we don't take any chances?
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? now do you see what i mean, bonacci?
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? come on, hank, get down here and finish this. come on, get that stuff in the rucksack, and then fix the box. yeah, i wawajust tellin' mr. turner... oh, we're gonna be starting back in a few minutes.
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? tarzan! tarzan! i didn't see anything. there could be one native out there, there could be 50. -i'll circle behind... -oh, no. from now on, you're staying in our sight, understand? now, you get down there and help fix that box so... wouldn't you rather have that happen up here than o othat jungle below? hey, come on, buddy, just do like you're told and step on it. you heard him. all right. ? will you quit tryin' to scare him?
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you do as you're told, the kid won't get hurt. turner won't hurt the kid, he's all right. you get us back fast enough, and i see you don't get hurt, either. don't worry about bonacci. i'll take care of bonacci. hey, look out! ? you pick up the rucksack, lead the way. hey, wait a minute, don't you think we'd better wait? there may be some natives here still. like i told 'em, i took care of it. yeah, well maybe i'd better call mr. turner. why, tell him it's time for his double cross? ?
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? you just gonna leave him there? he's dead. he's dead, i said! now, get moving.g.
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answer me, answer me, you hear me hank, just come in. -john. -answer me, hank. john, john, you have to tell that freddy... he's not gonna hurt anybody, i told y y that. just keep out of this! hank, hello hank. and just run away with it. listen, will you, will you please try to understand just a minute. it's bonacci i'm worried about. he's been sent here to watch me, i know he has. that's the way they alwaysys. and it's such nice work. that's why i have to keep up the act, until l know he's out of the way. my boys on the boat can take care of freddy in two seconds. but bonacci is tough. let me tell you something, john. i don't wanna hear about it, ever again. you better hear about it.
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this time, i'm gonna show you. yeah, freddy? yeye, i know, it's past their half hour check in. either that, or itit bad reception. maybe i better try outside again. freddy, i want you to come out with me for a a nute. now, it's all right, she'll watch the kid. ? hank.
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jai, where are you? hank, you hear me? hank, hank, you hear me? answer me. hank. ? jai, no. ? i'm still not worried, freddy. they've got the money. there's been any trouble with the native tribes,
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tell the boys on the boat to be patient. we'll l ill be headed for safe water by dark. jai. i said i was not worried. now, go on. hank. ? what was that for? we didn't come along the top of this ridge before. you forgetting what can happen to that kid back at the hotel? no, bonacci, i'm not. now, just take it easy, this ground's getting too soft to carry this stuff down the slope. besides, our trail's on the other side of this region, remember? maybe, we'll see. sure. and you can kill me too, can't you bonacci? i mean, that is your plan, isn't it? soon as you recognize the scenery,
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hank! hank!! jai. jai. look out, jai, look out. ? john, wait, don't... i told you t tstay out of this. i told you to trust me. oh, jai,i,ome. you're scaringnghe kid, huh, freddy? you scared me for a minute there, too.
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and tie her up too, if you want to. i'm warning you, lora, one more word d t of you and you both get it. hey, bonacci, look out, a snake! the money! bonacci, no! yes, yes, come in, turner here. this is tarzan, turner. both your friends s e dead.
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they're coming in. they'll be here soon. ? now listen to me, turner. i i nt that boy back safe. yes, don't worry. he'll be safe. we'll all be safe, tarzan.
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could i have a drink of water? what was it, well, what was it? was it the wind?
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eet her jungle boyfriend, freddy. stop staring at me. just lay of off me. just lay off of me right now! i don't believe she's your wife. no? no, i don't. i heard her tell tarzan about her dead husbaba. well, what was he like, sonny? e said he was big and happy, sort of f ke tarzan 'cause he was always his own boss. go on, sonny. i don't really know. i guess she didn't say much. it made her cry. well, she'll find out, sonny, i'm still the same guy.
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okay, cheetah. get up in that tree. yes, yes, tarzan, is that you? well, you sound very clear, where are you? i'm approaching the hotel now, turner. if you want your $5 million, this is what i want you to do. yes, yes, i understand, tarzan. there won't be any tricks. just hang on a minute. he's, he's out in front of the hotel someplace. he wants me to meet him out there with the boy, alone. this is it, lora, this is it. in a few minutes, we'll be headed for the boat. freddy, take her in the kitchen. stay there with her.
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all right, sonny, it's okay now. everything's gonna be all right. come on, come on. tarzan, tarzan, can you see us? can you see the boy? yes, turner. yes, i can see you. now, listen, turner. i wanna talk to jai. all right, all right now, he wants to hear you talk. put this in your ear. that's right, and hold it there. now, push that button. just push in and talk to tarzan, he wants to know you're all right, just t tk. go on, talk, pretty soon you'll see him out there. but what do i say? just talk, jai.
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she's afraid of freddy. tell him mr. turner says lora is gonna be all right. tell him i promise that. tarzan, mr. turner say, lora's'sonna be okay. he said he promise. lora cooked us a reall goo. and you know what else? mean it was delicicus. -that's right. i'm going to have some more before i go to bed. ms. lora said i could. boy, tarzan, you gotta have some of that pie. you never tasted anyththg so good. tell him how many pieces you had. i had... three pieces, tarzan. and it was... tarzan! get back in the kitchen, go on.
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freddy! freddy, wait! freddy! ? -jai. -tarzan! oh, there you are, boy. there you are, son. how are you, boy? i feel fine. where's ms. lora? she's tied up. i'm untying her now. go ahead and finish untying her. now wait, wait, tarzan. i tied lora and jai for their own protection. i know that freddy's capable of anything, but i didn't expect this.
8:53 am
your time for tricks is over. your boy freddy's tied up himself. now, he's not my boy, don't you understand? he's one of them. bubuhe's the last one of them. the boys on the boat, they're my boys. sure they are. lora, , ra, we could go now, lora? let go of me. lora, i did this for you, don't you understand? lora, i'm gonna take freddy to the village. why don't you go with us? no, lora, please. here's your money. i hope you enjoy it. ? lora! i don't care about the money. lora!
8:54 am
i'll take that knife. that's where bonacci probably made his mistake. take him back there. then go back in there and bring out the cash. that money belongs to the syndicate. no! not until you let them go, all of them. ? here's your money, freddy. can you see it? go get him. here's your syndicate money. can you see it? here it is!
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? come on, get out of there, get out. just keep away from the paint! ? hey, why, excuse me. you know, lora, i'll tell you one thing for you. you have got a mess. maybe you think we're foolish trying to fix
8:58 am
e commissioner. he told me they released a story that your boat was lost in that hurricane. it'll be all right. but, you don't understand, tarzan. someday, sooner or later, the syndicate will find outt what really happened. so what, what can they do? the money's lost, it was burned, they must knkn that. lora's right. she's crazy letting me stay around here. they'll come after me someday, just wait and see. you don't quit their jungle and get away with it. maybe i was crazier when i left you in the first place. i'm not afraid. you know, john, there are all kinds of jungles. maybe we just have to take our chances. but how do you get out? how dodoou get smart enough when you're young enough to get out? maybe you don't. maybe you just learn to live in your jungle like a man, instead of an animal.
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? do not interfere, tarzan. this child is dying. i'm taking him to the doctor. i am the doctor of the umbgambi people. i haven't time to argue with you, zwengi. tarzan. kanzuma, this child is dying. why do you still allow your people to go to that juju man? even now there are some who do not believe in dr. wilson. -where's dr. wilson? -in there. ?
9:04 am
that is my patient. get out of here. you have no right. i give him that right. do n interfere with the god's chief, kanzuma. you do not speak for the gods, zwengi. i've got to have quiet. for this act of f fiance, the gods will strike you down. the mamasaid out. ? we will see who speaks for the gods, chief kanzuma.
9:05 am
grangma, the child'll be all right. put him to bed and keep a careful watch on him. yes, doctor. i'll take care of this. ?
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? excuse me, could you tell me where i could hire a car? no english. oh, thank you. do you speak english? ?
9:09 am
may i help you, i speak english. oh, thank you, yes, my name's wilson, dr. wilson. any relation to dr. wilson of the umbgambi village? yes, my father. well, how do you do, my name's tarzan, i was a good friend of your father's. very nice to meet you. i've come to pick up his research notes on various jungle diseases he was working on, and i was trying to find out how to hire a car. i'm afraid you're a little out of luck there. just a minute, i'm taking some animals up there. you along if you want. fine, how soon can we start? how 'bout now? who's your friend?
9:10 am
i have taken the evil spirits from your body. now, go. what payment have e u brought? i am poor, i have nothing to give. the gods can not be appeased by beggars. no, no, you must help me, you must! er. tarzan is in our village with another man. what man? i have never seen him before. go find out what brings him here. i was chief of the umbgambi people when you were born here. this way, please.
9:11 am
then your mother took you away. does she still live? yes, in new york. when you return, tell her that kanzuma thinks of her. i'm sure she will. ? they must've thought well of my father. yes they did.
9:12 am
it's an honor reserved for chiefsfs these people, richard, are his patients. most of themwe their lives to him. what becomes of them now? well, there's a local witch doctor they can go to. they need real medicine. look at that man, he shouldn't be walking around, he should be in bed. the clinic? ? fill the hypo with 20 cc's of adrenaline. bring the respirator. she says we have no respirator. you've got to, how can you run a clinic without the basic necessities?
9:13 am
this is impossible. no one can run a place like this. no one? anytime you're ready, doctor, i'll take you back. train your bodies. one of these days, we'll fight in earnest. perhaps soon. shenga! shenga! he takes his things and goes?
9:14 am
he could not save the life of the old man. he's not like his father. ? ready to go? when a m m knows what he wants, richard, he can do a lot of things. your father knew what he wanted. life of work that meansssom. i wonder how many city doctors have their graves decorated by their patients? but the conditions here-- your father was enough of a man to live with it.
9:15 am
and so the young doctor will stay. and i ask you to show him the same faith you showed his father. i promise you. he will work with the same spirit as that man whom we all loved so well. it is not the will of the gods that another doctor come among us. l strike him down.
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? my name is jai, i'll help you with your suitcase if you want me to. i'm not sure you're strong enough. now, just a minute, young man. this is not my first visit here. i've some experience in these dealings. before we go any further, how much are you going to charge me for this service?
9:21 am
no money. i just want to help you. no money? esentative's office. well, thank you. sure, this way. there's worthington, williams, ah, wilson, here we are. but, i don't understand, mrs. wilson. mr. harrington, i have no intention of going back came to see you. me? i mean, that is, we-- i want you to have my son deported. deported from africa. i say, that is a rather unusual request. you do have the authority. well, that's not exactly the point, mrs. . lson. frankly, i'd, i'd rather not get involved in matters like this.
9:22 am
and the natives, you know how they are with higher authorities. all that paper work and red tape. i say that this is a lot of money. yes, isn't it? you might notice the date on that check, mr. harrington. the date? oh, yes, two days. if my son is gone in two days, and no harm done to him of course, you may cash that check. yes, yes, of course. in two days, mr. harrington. and no harm done to him. good day, mrs. wilson.
9:23 am
i think without the supplies he expect, he'll give up and go. i think that if we-- look it, look! they've been here for centuries, you'd think they'd cut out a decent path by now and done something about these bugs. welcome to our village, mr. harrington. please tell me what we can do-- yes, yes, yes, what's your name? kanzuma. oh, yes, of course, right on the tip of my tongue. no ceremony, please, no ceremony. hey, you, wilson. wilson, i hereby serve you with this deportation order. you are to leave this country within two days. deportation order, why? sort of thing. well now, you're a law abiding fellow, i'm sure. it's an official order, you know.
9:24 am
is does not concern you, tarzan. anything which affects my friends concerns me, sir. what's it all about? i'm not sure, richard. the first thing i'd like to know is what you ththk about it. i'd rather you stayed out of this, tarzan. yes, i'm sure you would. well, richard? i don't know what to say. do you want to leave? of course not. all right, here's your deportation notice, mr. harrington. dr. wilson will stay here. you're not making yourself clear. i asked you a simple question. is my son leaving this country or notot it's not quite that simple, mrs. wilson. there are factors, there are other factors. i mean, you don't understand. what factors, mr. harrington? -well for one, there's tarzan. -tarzan? yes, he's the sort of fellow who makes everything his business, a very irregular type. well tarzan, whoever he is, is your problem, mr. harrington.
9:25 am
i don't want to get involved in-- i assume that you would like to cash that check. well, i did not say that your son would not be deported. it's merely a question of time. you don't have any time. you have 'till tomorrow night. then, i shall take other steps. good day, mr. harrington. but-- ?
9:26 am
a'am, i am. i'm mrs. w wson. well, how do you do, mrs., wil-- i want to talk to you. it appears that you've encouraged my son to remain in africa. yes, ma'am, i have. a doctor's needed here. can't you see that richard is not equipped to live in this insufferable place? he's leaeaing, mrs. wilson. i, of course, understand your feelings about it. do you? do you understand that f f 30 years this country has deprived me of my right to be a wife? i will not be deprived of my right to be a mother. mrs. wilson, a lionessss l. and she fights for them fiercely. but there comes a time when she knows they must survive on their own. i'm not a lioness, tarzan. i'm a civilized woman. richard is nothing more thth an impulsive young man trying to follow in his father's footsteps. my powers of persuasion have no effect on him at all. but i want my son back, tarzan.
9:27 am
you don't, mrs. wilson.
9:28 am
quiet, quiet, mr. harrington. we mean you no harm. what is this, what do you want? who are you? i am one who can be of service to you. i don't know w wt you're talking about. i am talking about the order for the deportation of dr. w wson. what do you know about that? i know it means much to you, mr. harrington. i know that you would not take the trail to the village of the umbgambian unless it means much to you. no, mr. harrington, we have business to do. i'm not going to deal with the likes of you. enough, mr. harrington.
9:29 am
you alone, mr. harrington, authorize me to cacay the order for the deportation, and it will be done. he must be unharmed. otherwise, you don't get paid. now see here, there might be complications. tarzan is-- i am legally authorized to carry the order. and if tarzan stands in my way, whatever happens to tarzan is legal.
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