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tv   Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ooh oh-oh-oh!
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banks i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's f fr and happy land where my possessions lie ? ? i am bound for the promised land ? ? oh lord, i'm bound for the promised land ?
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? i am bound for the promised land ? ? and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land where my possessions lie ? ? am bound for the promised land ? ? oh lord, i am bound for the promised lanan?
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? i am bound for ththpromised land ?? ? chigger! there's a waterhole up ahead! ? ha-ha-ha! ? oh! ha-ha-ha! ? don't anybody move. don't let them know we're afraid. hey man, cool it! can't you read that sign?
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? this man is your leader, and he's dead if you don't throw down your guns! now, listen to me, you have a c cice! you can either go and leave these people alone that way can lead to death and maybe return to prison, you understand? now, fight or go!
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hallelujah! quick, pick up those guns! yeah, chigger. -thank you, thank you! -who are you? we're the followers of the prophet mcleod and we've come all the e y across the desert. what are you doing? those guys might come back! no, no, no, those men won't come back. they're convicts. they'll run till they hit the border. but if you people don't have guns, you'll be in trouble. who on earth are you people? where are you going? to the promised land. to the where? didn't the prophet tell you? aren't you the guide he went looking for? i'm sorry, miss, but i haven't the vaguest
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where we're going to build our homes. mr. mcleod, the prophet, he's leading us there. he's bought some land. aw, skip it, millie. the trouble is, mister, we're lost. mcleod d dve on ahead yesterday to look for this guide and he hasn't come back yet. we don't really know what to do or even how to find him. plplse, please could... could you help us? please, mister. well, who are you? i'm hank. who do you belong to? we adopted him. we all love him. don't know if you believe much in love, mister, but we sure could use some help. alright, i'll find your leader for you. you camp here. i'll be back for you.
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hello! anybody here? mcleod! mr. mcleod, i'm a friend! if you're a friend, what are you sneaking around here for? prophet, mcleod. i'm mrs. mcleod. and if you're that guide mr. whitehead was supposed to send for us. you better start running before i shoot again. no. my name's tarzan. i came looking for that prophet 'cause i said i'd help your party. but they didn't warn me about you or this thing.
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in case we ran out of food. but it wouldn't kill that rhino. ? he went out looking for a wooden pole to get the truck out t the mud. i shot and i shot and i shot. but the lord wouldn't even listen. my husband is our second loss. juayva's husband died on the trail. juayvava she's one of our women; about to have a child.
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i'm sorry. well, people should stay in calgary where they belong. where there's wheat fields all the way to heaven. and a nice bridge club, and a golf course close by. i followed this crazy galoot half way around the world three times! not once did i argue with him. "i got a vision, rosie," he said. "i see a promised land." "we'll leadd all other, others like us who believe in love." well, you've seen the bunch of kooks andndreamers, and failures that he collected. you bet i've got a prayer.
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just get us all back safe home where we belong. he must have been quite a man. ? mrs. mcleod, those trucks of yours don't have enough gasoline in them to get you across oh, i know all about that. there are supposed to be some supplies for us about 50 miles this side of the town of sunrise. mr. whitehead's guide is supposed to meet us there. there's some pretty rough cocotry between here and there. i don't even think there's anyone at sunrise anymore. it's a deserted town, ya know? oh, yes there is. my husband at least had the good sense to get government approval for buying the land. you know, they're so anxious to have settlers
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who is this mr. whitehead? he's a government trader to the bawallas. he's the one who arranged for my husband to buy the land from them for less than $1000 a square mile. from the bawallas, huh? aren't they in the mountains of the moon? i've never been there myself, of course, but from all i can understand they're practically extinct! what difference does it make? we're never gonna see them. ?
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hiya rosie! where's fred? what's happening? is anything wrong? why are...why aren't you packed? get going! where's the prophet? well, he...he's waiting for you, of course! he...he's with the guide. he's gone on ahead. and this man here, tarzan, he's gonna help us catch up, aren't you? come on now, get going! ? on jordan's stormy banks i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land ord ? where my possessions lie ? ? yes, i'm bound for the promised land ? ? oh, won't'tou come and go with me ?
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? ha-ha-ha-ha. ? well, i'll be a monkey's uncle. ? drop it. who said that? who... huh? don't bother looking for me. put it down. well, who are you?! i'm a friend of those p pple. who are you? i'm o'keefe.
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i'm a friend too. i was sent here by mr. whitehead to meet these good people. then put down the gun. okay. alright. ? this way, folks! this way! only 50 miles to go. this way to the country store. you know, for two weeks i've been waiting on the river for you people. who's...who's that? tarzan. oh, well, come on. i've got your supplies. your gasoline.
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ya see? got everything here you need.
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help me out with the boat. ? sed. well, mr. o'keefe. i have no doubt about that. how many are there? i'm afraid that there's nobody missing excece the prophet for himself. he's the one who's killed by that rhino yesterday. well, i know all about that, but there's no credit to you, it was only an act of god. no, no, but i'll tell you this, them poor pilgrims don't even know that he's dead. well, that's very, very interesting. you know, it's just too bad that your jaililrd friends didn't do their part. all i can do is tell them jailbirds
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y did, to help themselves. well, i'll remember that, mr. o'keefe, when i add up your bill. just a ainute. you might not be so gutsy if you saw who was with them now. maybe you never heard of tarzan in these parts. -tarzan. -mm-hmm. i'll see you later. not so fast, not so fast. suppose you tell me what it's all about? ya know, first i hear tell how you fixed it up ignorant savage friends? well, that crazy mcleod went right straight to the government. they're even sending troops up to a place that's been deserted for years just to o lp out those poor pilgrims. now you know why i hired you to deliver those supplies like i promised. you bet i understand, you...even when everything done looked just okay,
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did you swindle somebody maybe? like them bawallas who don't even know what they're putting their "x" on! ? or is it mcleod himself you cheated! i never thought those pilgrims would ever get this far. i tell you this, o'keefe, they've got to be stopped. and stopped for good. or we'll all be dead. all of us. well, i did my part. i put plenty of sand in their gasoline, and iron filings in their oil! ? threw a rod right through the plug just like the others. guess we start walking.
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and sort out this load, leave the heavy stuff behind. but what about our food? oh, don't worry about that, millie. chigger, directly ahead of us across that ridge you'll find a place with some mana root. why don't you go ahead and start digging? alright. hank! lend a hand. esau, you go ahead with the women, i'll catch up with you later, alright? okay. here we go again. ? here, give me that. i will not. you want to have that baby under a tree? well, there'd be shade. let us do the work. you've got enough to carry. oh, rosie, don't be silly. if the prophet could walk through this wilderness, then we're going to run.
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i thought i'd have to keep cheering them up, pushing them along. what do you expect? kooks, dreamers, failures, hmm? ? okay, hank, let's go. s go over here! ? hank, come on back, we've got enough! i just want to see, that's all! ?
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it's the mountains of the moon. it's gotta be. it's gotta be. it's just like the prophet said. you mean we're gonna walk all the way up there? hank, i'd crawl on my hands and knees to get there. once in my life i'm gonna make it. i'm gonna do it. do what? make that trip! we're here for so many reasons, from religion to lousy jobs. but i'm gonna make the real trip. e in. i'm gonna finally shh shh, look! i've never seen a colt that beautiful. dutch farmers brought 'em here about 100 years ago.
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d. the prophet says that even ththnatives are afraid of them. you know why? no! they can't c cch 'em. he's beautiful. can you imagine?! even in a place like this! wild horors! i'm gonna catch him! ? hank! you can't!
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? you alright? who is it? i don't know who it is, hank. there might be some more of them. we better move outta here. i would've killed him. but you didn't. now, let's go.
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? oh well, i want to be in that number ? ? when the saints go marching in ? ? oh, when ththband begins to play ? ? oh, when the band begins to play ? ? oh well, i want to be in that number ? ? when the band begins to play ? ? oh, when the saints go marching in ? here we are. this is sunrise! this used to be sunrise a long time ago, i guess. it's over. it's all over. mrs. mcleod. first of all, mrs. mcleod, may i extend my deepest sympathy.y. i'm sure my government joins me in expressing
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at? well yes, of course, whitehead here. we just got the news, mrs. mcleod, some navy friends of mine brought the report in. they seemed to think it was a rhino. dreadful beast, just dreadful. your husband was such a fine man, and it's a terrible shock. it's a personal shock to me too. uh, would you care to sit down? oh, i'm alright, thank you. some of the others are so exhausted. don't worry about that, mrs. mcleod. my soldiers will take care of your people. husband will affect this plan to e eablish this little colony? that's all over. all i care about now is getting these poor people back to their homes. oh, good, of course i knew you'd be reconsidering. i tried to explain the hardships to your husband... whitehead and i were just discussing it. he feels that there is a way that we can persuade these natives to cancel this sale of land. well, i'm going back into the mountains to see chief mcchuey, and i think i can convince
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and get most of your cash back. the sooner the better, whitehead. of course, sir. and mrs. mcleod, i'll be back in a couple of days. and if your party's rested by then, i'm sure i can find canoes to get you back to the coast. and one thing, don't worry. don't you worry about a single thing. mrs. mcleod, i consider my government insane ever to have approved of this entire venture. captain, excuse me please. in this outlandish remote area. you can see for yourself what happened, ththvery people who established the place here couldn't make a go of it. and for immigrants without the proper equipment, without knowledge of the wilderness, well, good heavens, without even sense enough to leave their women at home! ?
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en't'tou whitehead? what...what's that? let's have it. tell me about it. why are you making trouble for these people? that gasoline, the convicts, was that your idea? i don't know what you're talking about. i think you do. yes, indeed, i think you do. as a matter of fact, i think you're on your way to the bawallas right now with some pretty fancy presents for your friends. look, i'm a trader, buddy. i deal in flour, bees, and a few nails. the bawallas are n n much anymore, the army killed most of them off quite a few years ago. the only ones left are just a few harmless tribesmen. and a chief that likes to make some pretty fancy real estate deals with your connivance. i want the truth, whitehead, and i want it now. ? now, you keep your nose out of this. you want those people to get home safe? well, so do i. and this is my final warning.g. just keep your big mouth shut.
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just don't rock the boat. alright? ? he's dead. the prophet is dead. i'm sorry. i'm terribly sorry. and now it's all over.. well, i still have some of the land money left. nearly $40,000. if we divide it, there's plenty to take us all back to start over, somewhere. i'll get it for you.
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?r r r r r r r r r rr?r r r r r r r r rrr r ? i'm alright, i'm alright. tarzan! tarzan!
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you okay? ye. hank, just sit here and take care of her. ? alright, alright! i'll send every one of my men back out again, and i'll keep them there all night. now, will thatatmake yo? please, captain, don't you understand how important it is? quite, i do have the security of this town to maintain, you know? besides which, finding anyone in this area is impossible. but i thought you said there would be no danger!? certainly not from the natives. of course not. there is a proper way to go about these things, you know? ladies and gentlemen, as you have just heard, i have been reassuring your leader that everything possible is being done to recover
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and as for your friend tarzan, i can assure you he will return safely in his own good time. now, i suggest that all of you get as much rest as possible. of the town. since i am in charge here, i ask that all of you no one may either come or go without my permission. ? please, i know tarzan will get the money back for us. rosanna, we don't care about ththmoney. but you'll need it for the plane tickets when we reach the coast! tickets to where, rosanna? you want me to join another army and kill some more people? and what are you gonna do? join another bridge club? -chigger! -rosie. have yououoticed those army wagons?
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and the captain has a few horses here. what? stop this! what are you talking abobo? rosanna... you still have the deed to that land. haven't you? i'i'like my baby to be born over there, in the promised land.
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i got him, i got him! ?
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? ah!
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? oh no! uh, yeah, thanks. uh, yeah. i'm keepepg you alive until i get you back to sunrise. ? i got him, i got him! ? it's a bawalla. oh, no mate. they live in the mountains 50 miles from here. i'll tell you one thing, i've never seen a spear like that except in a museum. well... well, anyway, bawallas ain't nothing. that's what whitehead said. -whitehead's a liar. -he what? he sells g gs to the bawallas. now, listen mate. i got nothing to do with whitehead, see? he's no friend of mine. sure, sure, sure.
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ven split the money. so that's how the bawallas get here 50 miles from the mountains. horses? horses. oh, no mate. there's wild ones around, sure, but them stupid savages are afraid of horses. well, they never even learned how to... ? must be a hundred of them. ? keep quiet. and stay here. ? hear me! i am tarzan!
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if you are still alive, hear me. here decree! tell your soldiers to go! tell everyone to go! this is the land of my people! the land of the bawawaas. from here to our mountains, from here to our skies! or everyone will be killed!
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hello! hello! you are under arrest. this is your fault, sir. you brought them here. what are you talking about? where is everybody around here? as if you didn't know. pretty clever ofofou, getting all my men out of town looking for you. "hallelujah!" they all cried. that creature said to me when i refused to sell her army property, when i refused to put a price on my horses? "charge it!" she said. yeah, "charge it! " against the money that was stolen. they kept me locked in that room there for six hours until my men came back. i'll charge her alright. i'll charge her with stealing three wagons, six horses... just hold it, captain, all i want to know is where they've gone. must be half way there by now. they must be 20 miles on the way. where?!?
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to claim their land! their stupid promised land. ? on jordan's stormy banks i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land where my possessions lie ? ? i am bound for the promised land ? ? oh lord, i'm bound for the promised land ? ? ohh, who will come and go with me ? ? i am bound for the promised land ??
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well, it's your fault, i said you brought t ose people here, you u lped that woman... what do you think i should've done, captain? leave them out there to starve to death, is that it? oh, of course not. you didn't have to encourage them all that much though, did you? oh, those are good people, captain. you don't understand them. they think in terms of love, not hate and violence. "hallelujah!" they all shouted and away they went! you could've stopped them yourself very well yesterday, and you know it. and tell me something, captain bates. why didn't you go after them? on foot?! tarzan, if i had any idea there was any real danger, if i'd even suspected that those bawallas might have learned how to useseorses... why didn't you know that captain bates?! that you should've known! tarzan, i haven't been in this country eitherer until a few days ago! for years, no one has except that trader fellow and that agent mr. whitehead. and you let him get away from here pretty fast too, didn't you? sosoe wouldn't have to answer any questions about why he sold bawalla land to the mcleods. well, how was i to know there was anything wrong with that?
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! what is that horse there? is that a wild one? yes, my men rounded him up the first day we got here. if those bawawlas ever saw my hand full of men coming on foot, there'd be even worse killing. well, someone e s to go after those wagons now. there'll be several horses here soon. out for them. ahh! get him out of here!
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get the blindfold on him! tell me, do you know why mr. whitehead... what kind of supplies he was taking to the bawallas? well, he simply said flour... stored in... in long heavy boxes. flour, captain bates? i'll send the sergeant and two men. oh, no you won't. you wait here for your horses. and come in one piece. you help me out with this, will you fellow? tarzan, no.. this is not the jungle, you know? you don't know what you're doing. captain bates, m mbe i've never been in the cavalry, but that's an animal, isn't it?
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? on jordan's stormy banks ? ? i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land ? ? where my possessions lie ? oh, lord i'm bound for the promised land ? i followed this crazy galoot halfway around the world three times. not once did i argue with him. "i got a vision, rosie," he said. "i see a promised land. we'll lead all others there. others like us who believe in love." you bet i've got a prayer.


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